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Abduction and induction

by arbordaboss

Chapter 1

It was a normal night just like every other night. I was at Big Sam’s Exotic Dancers bar enjoying myself after a long day of work. The dancers were OK. There were a few that had caught my eye. But I was in the need of something more that night.I was walking home, because I only lived a few blocks away and it was a nice warm night. I noticed this van swerving and heading towards me. I thought it was a drunk driver so I jumped out of the way and landed hard on the sidewalk. The van came to a screeching halt in front of me. I saw someone get out of the van but it was too dark to see the person’s face. I had gotten up to confront this ass hole for almost killing me. Suddenly the person sprayed something in my face. I started coughing and choking as I fell to my knees. I looked up at the individual but everything was blurry and I suddenly fell unconscious on the sidewalk. I awoke with the worse headache you could imagine. I was strapped spread eagle on this large table. I was blindfolded and noticed I had a ball gag in my mouth and had this horrible pain in my ass like it was ripping apart. I started to try and free myself but it was no use. I then heard this voice in my ear whisper, “Don’t try and fight it you can’t escape.” I struggled some more, but realized the voice was right, there was no escape. I laid there motionless wondering what was going to happen next. If you promise to keep quiet I will take the gag and blindfold off,” the voice said. I nodded yes figuring what choice did I have. IT was obvious I wasn’t going where. The person took off the ball gag and I thanked them. Man my jaw really hurt from having that in my mouth. I was trying to guess how long I had been there. Then the moment of truth I would now get to see who my abductor was. As the blindfold came off I was expecting a large man. But what I saw was the complete opposite. It was a dancer from the bar. She stood about 5′10 and had a knock out body. She was tone and had wonderful breasts. I am guessing they had more silicone than a Pentium computer, but they were very nice. She must have noticed I was staring at them cause she slapped my face. “Did I give you permission to look at me you little bastard?,” she screamed. I shook my head “no” and quickly looked down. “What are you going to do to me?,” I asked. “Oh my dear I have lots of plans for you, for your life is now over. I saw the way you looked at me at the bar. You wanted me; you wanted to fuck me right on that stage. You wanted me to be your slut. Well now things are changed. You are going to be my slut. I am going to totally break you and make you mine. When I am done with you, you won’t want to breathe without my permission and your only thought will be to make me happy.” I looked at her. I was wondering to myself how she was going to do this. I mean I am a good size man, and she is a smaller woman. I looked down and saw my cock was in total bondage and stretched out. She got out a long needle and walked towards me. “When I poke you with this, you are going to remain totally awake. However you are going to have no control of your body. You will have total feeling but unable to move. It is a new drug me and my friends have been working on, and you my little slut are going to be our guinea pig.” I was wondering to myself, “we” how many were there and what were going to do to me. All of a sudden I felt this sting as she poked me with the needle. My whole body got warm all over as my head dropped down. I was unable to keep it up. The next thing I know this large man enters the room and picks me up and flips me over on my stomach. They laid me on pillows so my ass was raised in the air. The man walked round and stood before me. He unzipped his pants. My god he had to be 12 inches and an inch and a half thick. This wasn’t a man, but it was some kind of beast. Then he walked away. “Damn look at this nice tight virgin ass,” I heard him say. I wanted to cry out. But my jaw wouldn’t move. I could see the woman. She was naked now sitting in a chair playing with her cunt. She was laughing and enjoying this. I felt the tearing of my ass as this giant violated my ass hole with his huge cock. I wanted to scream in pain, but all I could feel was his cock ripping open my ass. Tears started rolling down my face, as he rammed me over and over. The woman was just laughing and fucking herself with a large dildo. Suddenly I blacked out from the pain.............

I awoke after a while finding myself tied down, unable to move. There was a large bright light in my eyes. It was blinding and I couldn’t see what or who was in the room. My body was wet and sticky. My ass was in such pain. It felt like I had a asshole 4 inches wide. I suddenly felt this sharp pain in my stomach as a whip cracked across it. I let out a loud scream, but it only got me another crack of the whip. “Silence you little shithead,” I heard her scream. I could then see a shadowy figure walk towards me. It was that beautiful dancer from the bar. She ran the whip up and down my body. Oh it scared me so, but the excitement made me hard as a rock. Then she her nails and dug them into my hard cock and balls. She screamed, “Did I give you permission to get hard you little slut?” I shook my head no and did everything I could to get myself soft again. I laid there shaking wondering what was going to happen to me. Wondering where I was and if I would ever get out. “Where am I?” I asked. She looked down at me. “You are safe,” she answered as she ran her sharp fingernails down my chest. “You are in a place where no one will ever find you. You no longer exist in the world out there. You now belong to this world. You belong to me, and I will do with you whatever I please. You only live to serve me and my friends. You live only to make me happy,” she explained. “What kind of freak are you? Who do you think you are keeping me prisoner like a dog? I am a person and individual with rights you can’t do this to me. I will never serve you! Never do you hear me? I will never serve you!” I barley got the last words from my mouth when she slapped my face. She grabbed my throat and looked deep into my eyes. I could feel her claws dig deep into my neck as the blood trickled down my neck . I then felt this terrible pain in my nipples as she put on a pair of nipple clamps. I screamed in pain as she tighten them. I could feel the blood trickle from my nipples down my chest, and down my stomach. I cried out in pain. But she didn’t care. I could see them smile on her face as she saw me scream. I could feel her hot wet tongue on my neck and chest as she licked up the blood. She then grabbed my cock and jerked on it. She pulled hard on it up and down stroking hard. My hips started to buck with the motion. She then pulled on the chain connecting my nipple clamps. Oh it hurt so bad. My back arched from the pain as I screamed out. She then played with my balls squeezing them as she jerked me off faster. Oh god I wanted to cum so bad. Then all of the sudden she stopped.. I let out a soft moan. I was so disappointed. My body was going nuts it wanted to explode. She then placed some wires on my nipples, balls and cock. She then looked at me and activated some kind of timer. I watched closely as it went from ten to zero. When it hit zero a giant wave of electricity ran through my body. My body jerked as the current rushed through my body. I screamed out and jerked around like a fish out of water for what seemed to be forever. Then it stopped and I laid there motionless. I could feel the sweat pouring down my face. “Every 30 minutes this timer is going to go off and you are going to feel that pain over and over again,” she whispered into my ear. My body shook from head to toe. What kind of person got off on the pain of others? Tears formed in my eyes as the timer was working its way down to zero.............

10...9....8...7...6... The timer was going down. I laid there with tears falling down my cheeks. This had been going on for hours, days, or was it weeks. I don’t know time has no meaning to me anymore. ZAP!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! My body flopped around like a fish on the dry land. I laid there in a pool of my own sweat. I was so exhausted. All I wanted to do was sleep. But with the timer going off it was impossible. My body was in such pain as I laid there almost praying to die. Then I heard footsteps. The door opened and she stood over me smiling with the evil smile of hers. “So how is my little slut feeling today?” I wanted so to just spit in her face but I had no energy. I strained some more trying to free myself. I had to escape. I couldn’t let this bitch control me and make me her slave. “That is it dear. Fight...fight me that is what I want. Then when you break you will be completely mine. Your mind, body, spirit, and soul will belong to me.” Fear overran my mind. To be the total mindless slave of a woman was something I always joked about with my friends, but never took it seriously. Now this woman wants to make it real. I was so tired. I had no idea how long I had been held hostage. I was hungry, naked and thirsty. “Please give me a drink,” I begged. She looked at me and smiled. “No, you are a bad boy and bad boys don’t get treats like water and food. When you are good you will be rewarded.” I then felt a prick in my arm and then she placed some headphones on my head. The music was so soothing. I felt my brain wondering off. The lights went off in the room except for a strobe light. Everything was so peaceful. I forgot all about the fact that I was bound and held captive. After about what I thought was only a few minutes she returned and took off the headphones. She looked at me smiling. “How do you feel slut?” “I am well Goddess April,” I responded. I couldn’t believe what I just said. What had just happened to me? I felt a large rope go over my neck. Then the restraints were taken off my arms and legs. I tried to run then I felt my feet leave the ground as the rope lifted my body up. I was choking, gasping for air. I felt her grab my arms and tie them behind my back. I felt the rope loosen as I fell in to a heap on the floor. I got up and she leaned me over the table. She then shackled my feet and then untied my hands and tied them together in front of me. I laid the wondering what was going to happen next. SWAT!!!!! A incredible pain shot through my back as she hit me with some kind of leather whip. I screamed in pain as my body shook. She then grabbed me by the back of my head. “Listen I don’t want to hear you whine and cry. The more you cry the more you get beaten. You are my slut now and you will enjoy this because it makes me happy.” With that she rammed my ass with a large dildo and left it in there. I felt the added pressure when she secured it with duct tape. She then swatted my ass. “Relax hon we are just getting started with all the fun.”

“My name is Goddess April and I am now the one who owns and controls you.” With that i felt a sharp pain in my ass as she beat me with her whip. She looked over and smiled as she looked at her handy work. She then took me over and sat me in a chair and strapped me down. She then turned off all the lights except a strobe light. She then flicked on a spiral program on a monitor in front of me. The spiral moved around and around….. i tried hard not to look… then from behind I felt her reach around and cover my mouth with a cloth. The cloth was wet and i could feel myself slipping away. Before i blacked out she lifted the cloth and propped my head up. i was now locked in on the spiral as it spun around and around. The strobe lights making me blink over and over… catching my attention as well.

“That is it my slut, watch the spiral… lose yourself in the spiral. It feels so good to look at the spiral. You can’t look away from the spiral. All you can do is watch and listen to my voice guide and direct you. All you want to do is give up control to me. You want to be my mindless, obedient slut. Feel your mind drain of thoughts with each word that I speak. With each word I speak you lose more and more control, and give more and more control to me. Feel the my control flood your body. Feel the Goddess control you, feel your Goddess rule you.”

i could feel my will and desires fade with each word she spoke. i don’t know how long I was sitting there. Had i had lost track, or was it that i no longer cared anymore? i awoke to find myself no longer in the dark dreary room. i was laying on the floor of the most beautiful room one can imagine. As I tried to get up i saw my beautiful Goddess sitting in a chair. “Come to me my slut.” i crawled over to her and kissed her feet. “Very good my slut, your Goddess is happy.” i knew then i had found my place and it would be at the feet of my Goddess forever. i don’t know how long I have been a slave. Time no longer matters to me, as i live everyday to make my Goddess happy and to be the best slave i can to her. She in return conditions me and programs me to be the best slut i can be, i don’t remember how my life used to be, but i can’t imagine it being better then it is now…. At the feet of my Goddess.


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