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Diaper Diner

by garysalty

Chapter 1

I know I must be crazy, why else do I take on so many dares from my friends? I guess I can't really help it; I just love to shock my friends. I love listening to them tell me that I wouldn't be game enough to do something and then see the look on their faces when I go and do whatever the challenge might be.

I'm also a bit kinky, I love to do things that are unusual and out of the ordinary. God forbid that I should ever become a boring old woman. In fact the older I get the kinkier I seem to become so in another 40 years, when I'm 60, you should be seeing me on the front page of every cheap grocery store magazine on the planet.

The latest dare that David, my best friend's boyfriend gave me wasn't much at all but it's what happened afterwards that was rather special. One a couple of weeks ago David and my friend arrived at my apartment without calling first. Luckily I was at home but I certainly wasn't expecting visitors.

When they knocked at the door I didn't stop to think about what I had up on the computer monitor, I just jumped up and answered the door. I let them in and the first thing David saw was the site I had been looking at on the Internet. It happened to be a site that dealt with the diaper fetish and no sooner had he seen it than he issued the challenge.

"I bet you wouldn't wear anything like that to work," he laughed.

"I bet you I would!" and instantly I regretted it.

"Fifty bucks says you wouldn't."

"Make it a hundred and I'll do it."

Even I couldn't believe what I was saying. I was betting a guy a hundred dollars that I would wear a diaper to work. I instantly swore off all caffeine products because I was sure something was driving me crazy and I had just drunk a cup of coffee so that must have been the cause.

"You're on!" he said pulling out his wallet.

Two days later I went to work wearing a diaper. Now if I worked in an office there wouldn't be a problem, no one would know what I was wearing under my skirt or knee lengthy business suit but I don't work in an office. It's much worse than that, I'm a waitress in a rather exclusive French restaurant and all the waitresses wear short frilly French maid's outfits.

For a while I wondered how I was going to get away with it but I finally came up with a plan. I wouldn't wear a disposable diaper because they made too much noise. Instead I would wear a normal cloth diaper but make sure that it was really thin so that I might have a hope of hiding it under my frilly uniform.

I even thought about ironing the diaper flat just to make sure that it didn't look bulky under my uniform but that didn't seem to be in the spirit of the wager so I didn't. I just figured that all would be well if I didn't bend over.

Well that was pretty silly wasn't it? I mean how can waitresses not bend over and the fact was that the management and the tipping system encouraged us to bend over. There were even some diners who liked to be very cheeky and play with our tushies. Some of the girls didn't like that much but hey, I'm kinky . . . I enjoyed it and the extra tips were good too.

Still, I figured that for one night I might just be able to get by without bending over and avoiding those guys who liked to let their hands wander. Of course that was the one night that Mr. Pappigoglou had to come in with his wife. Mr Pappigoglou was a Wall Street broker and his hands just had to wander.

He was a nice man and he really tipped well so I always made sure that he had plenty of opportunities to play. I even spread a little wider sometimes so that he had some special places to play. Tonight though I tried very hard to avoid him but it was not to be.

I got called to the table next to his and was taking an order when I felt the hem at the back of my short skirt move. It was undoubtedly Mr. Pappigoglou. I took a quick peek over my shoulder at him and nearly burst out laughing. His hand seemed frozen under my skirt and his face was also frozen. He looked stunned, amazed, his mouth was open and his eyes were wide.

My face went bright red and I scuttled away before he could say anything.

When I had recovered my composure I went back to serving tables and took a number of dishes over to one of my tables. I got them all set in front of the correct people and was about to turn away when one of the diners at the table dropped their napkin.

Without thinking I bent down to pick it up and suddenly remembered my diaper. I hurriedly stood up and hoped that no one had noticed. Nothing was said; I heard no exclamations of surprise so I figured I was home free.

About half an hour later I found that I had been noticed. I was back at the same table serving another course and when I went to leave, a woman at an adjoining table beckoned me over.

I had noticed her when she first came in because she was one of those women who, although well into their fifties, still looks young and fresh and is just a magnet for the eyes of anyone who appreciates a fine looking woman.

"Excuse me," she said in a low voice. "Would you show me the way to the ladies room please?"

"Certainly madam, just follow me." I may be wild and kinky but my parents always taught me to be courteous too.

I led her out of the dining area and down the short corridor to the ladies room. I opened the door and looked inside and it was empty so I went to stand aside to allow her to enter but before I could move two firm hands grasped my waist and propelled me through the door. I was half carried and half pushed into a cubicle and the woman came in and closed the door behind her.

"Shhh," she said holding one finger up to her gently curving lips. "I'm sorry, I have no right to do this but I just couldn't resist the wild urge when I saw you wearing a diaper."

I went bright red, right down to the roots of my blonde hair.

The older woman smiled and touched my cheek.

"There's no need to be embarrassed, I'm wearing one too. It's something I do often because it feels so kinky and makes me feel horny."

I looked at her in amazement; this beautiful mature woman wore a diaper?

"No way!" I exclaimed.

"Yes I am, just feel it."

And she took my hand, slid it up under her dress and placed my fingers firmly between her thighs. There was the unmistakable feel of a disposable diaper. I let my fingers touch it and press against it. It was a thin line high absorption diaper and I could feel her pussy beneath the soft plastic coating.

I pressed a little harder and I heard her catch her breath and then her lips were on mine and it all became a fast moving blur. I pressed harder still and she moaned into my mouth and her tongue touched mine.

I moved my fingers up to the waistband of the diaper and then pushed the down in between her soft skin and the subtle texture of the diaper. I slid one finger between her pussy lips and her body began to shake and her breathing came in short gasps.

When I found the hard nut of her clit she sagged against me and began to moan softly as I gently rubbed the tender surface. I felt her pussy juice leak out into the diaper and the warm wetness made my own clit begin to throb and demand attention. Her moans changed to little sobs and her body began to stiffen. I could feel the orgasm rise in her body and when it hit her brain her head went back and her eyes went wide.

Her moan changed to a long drawn out groan that sank into her throat and ended with a growl of satisfaction. Her body shuddered and twitched and then relaxed and she leaned against me for support. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her while I held her.

Within just a few moments she had recovered and her fingers where exploring my diaper. They slipped up the insides of my thighs and then burrowed under the thin edge of my diaper. With the experience that comes from many lesbian encounters she parted my pussy lips and I almost doubled up as her fingers probed deep into my vagina.

The pleasure hit me like a hammer blow and with a wail I too exploded into orgasm. Every nerve and fibre in my body screamed as the orgasm ripped through me like a bolt of lightning. I looked down fully expecting to see lightning arcing from my fingers and nipples but they were normal.

My head was far from normal though. It pounded as the waves of pleasure burst inside my brain and every time her fingers thrust deep into me my body went wild again. Every thrust almost lifted me off my feet and when the ultimate orgasm hit me I squirted.

I soaked my diaper and flooded her hand and she looked at it in amazement. She supported me while my body jerked and twitched and when I had calmed down she gently lowered me down to sit on the pedestal. She leaned down and kissed me once more and then left me.

Somehow I pulled myself together and managed to walk out of there as if nothing had happened. The rest of the evening seemed to pass without incident and as we tidied up after the restaurant closed the cashier approached me.

"You must have been popular tonight, I've never seen old Pappigoglou do this before."

The cashier handed me a sealed envelope and a business card and then went back to counting his receipts.

I found a quiet corner and took a moment to look at what he had given me. The card was from Eleanor Van Der Kelt and written across the back in a neat feminine script was a note that simply said: 'Thank you, please call me soon.'

I quietly tore open the envelope. Inside were a piece of notepaper; a business card and two crisp one hundred dollar bills. I smiled to myself and slowly shook my head in amazement. I had just earned a big tip for giving a guy the shock of his life.

Then I took the notepaper out and got the shock of my life. The scrawled note stunned me.

'That was the biggest turn on of my life. My wife and I sat there and wet our disposable diapers just thinking about your cute ass wrapped up in your cotton diaper. We would love to get together with you for some fun. Before you leave work tonight stop and call the number on the card.

We'll stay up and wait for your call. 


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