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Making plans for Nigel

by EMG

Making plans for Nigel

Nigel was all man; he knew that, he had never had a problem with the ladies despite being only 5 foot 4 inches tall and of a slim build. He was clean shaven with collar length hair, in fact he was inwardly proud of the fact at 21 he still only had to shave twice a week rather then the once to twice a day like other men. Yes Nigel could admit to himself he was a little vein at times.
Nigel was not really a social person he would spend hours surfing the internet (His one vice and the one that was to change his life forever over the coming months) and would have an occasional drink in a bar near to where he worked. He was in his final year at University and had held a part time job in an office to help pay his tuition fees.

One day while sitting at the bar he noticed little piles of business cards sat along the bar, he picked one up and started to read.
Trans – Formers website Visit our site today and see if we can make you become the person you really should be. We will make you more confident. If you meet our criteria we could even offer you a career in our organisation. It then invited the reader to go to their site and take a little test.

Nigel read this a few times and chuckles to himself. What a load of baloney he thought. But pocketed a card anyway, it would be another site he could take a look at on a dull night that would give him a laugh.. He drank up and headed for home.
A few days later that dull night arrived there was not much happening on his usual sites so he picked up the card he had discarded onto his workstation 3 days earlier and typed in the web address
As it loaded some pleasant new age music started to play. Nigel listened to it as he browsed the site. The site to him, seemed a run of the mill build your confidence site. But he was bored so decided to fill in the questionnaire at the bottom. He clicked on the link and another page came up, still playing the music from the first page. Nigel set about answering the questions initially they seemed straight forward then on page three Nigel hesitated the questions were getting more and more personal He hadn’t minded the ones about height build colour of hair eyes etc, but these were getting to down right personal things like where did he like to eat and drink out how often he had sex and what fantasies did he have. But somehow he felt a compulsion to answer them much against his better judgement. This web session was to change things forever for Nigel but he was not to know it at the time.

The next day Crystal sat in her plush office with Dr Williams she popped the vitamins the good doctor had just given her as a daily top up. they were sifting through the correspondence that had arrived on the desk and sorting through the on line questionnaires to their behaviour study. But they could not find what they were looking for, that one form that would allow them to proceed. They had gone through this routine for a month now with no successes Just as they were about to quit for the day one questionnaire caught the eye of Dr Williams.
“Crystal I do believe we have found what we are looking for’
They sat and read through the 4 pages of answers. Yes the subliminal trigger they had embedded in the website had worked on this person they had all the information from them they needed to activate phase two and the prospect from their description could not meet their requirements more perfectly, this was a God send Surely their labours could not have born fruit this spectacularly.
There was no getting around it having read the questionnaire back several times that it seemed so. Crystal said “I am going to have to go and visually check this subject out …Now lets see aah they drink in a bar about 2 blocks away after work every day I’ll pay a visit tonight”
Nigel was sat at the bar as usual his drink in hand, It was wine tonight but sometimes it was A Vodka and Coke his mind was starting to drift, then he saw her. She was stunning vary high class, He had never seen her in this Bar before but instantly realised she was well out of his league.
She strolled up to the bar next to him and ordered a drink. While she was being served Peter could see she was giving him a visual once over. She paid for her drink and then went and sat at a nearby table
Crystal was worried that she had given herself away with that glance but so far everything seemed to match the questionnaire. She could hardly contain her excitement Her plan might just come off.
Crystal composed herself then set about a way to engineer snaring her soon to be willing victim. She crossed to the bar and smiled at Nigel, it worked he offered to buy her a drink she drew up a bar stool next to his and they started some small talk with her inserting disguised questions to find out more about him. This was beyond her wildest expectations. After talking for an hour she suggested exchanging phone numbers and e mail addresses making sure he only had her business ones but making sure that she got his personal ones that was important. She pecked him on the cheek and said “I really want to see you again….maybe next time we will go for a meal”
Nigel sat there dumbfounded what had just happened it can’t be real he had just met a real sexy high class woman in a run down bar and what’s more she had….. hit on him.
That night he slept soundly with vary lucid dreams of the woman he was happy.

Next day an event happened that was to make the forthcoming events easier to slot into place. He was called into his bosses office to be told the company was in trouble and would have to downsize His position had been identified as one that would have to go. He would get a favourable pay off for his services. Plus a bit of owed holiday pay. Nigel returned to his desk and cleared it out then returned to his apartment He dumped the cardboard box on the sofa and slumped into a chair in despair. Where was he going to get the money to finish off his degree course?
In a bad mood he turned on the computer and found two e mails one from Crystal and one from Trans – Formers. He opened the second first (Lets get that out the way) It told him he had scored highly in their test and they felt they could help him they would contact him soon with more info.
He turned to the one from Crystal His heart leapt she wanted to meet him again tomorrow. She would treat him to a meal at the swankiest Restaurant in town if he wanted and didn’t mind a woman taking the lead in these things. No he didn’t but was still intrigued as to why she had chosen him over anyone else. He then noticed an attachment within the mail labelled ‘A little gift for you – play it whenever you think of me ’ He opened it with trepidation, he didn’t really know this woman, what if it was a virus he then chuckled and said why would she and there is no real info here on this computer that anyone could want. It opened and he heard the same music he had heard on the Trans – Formers site but this time there were pictures of women flashing up on the screen with some barely readable comments. He sat there listening to the music and watching the screen suddenly everything stopped he looked at the clock on the shelf the last 45minutes had just disappeared.
Little did Nigel know this programme had dumped a vary sophisticated virus onto his machine. One that would remain undetectable even to the appropriate anti virus software. It was there not to take anything but for the hacker to watch and control everything Nigel now did when online. Crystal watched the images beaming back to her from Nigel’s webcam and licked her lips. This is going to be fun she thought and before long I will be able to get what I want.

The next day the pair of them got ready for their date and set off. When they both arrived at the restaurant they had a wonderful 4 course meal and Crystal noticed that Nigel didn’t eat like most men he picked at his food and only took small bites. This was going to make life easier as he won’t have to be taught to eat this way. One less bit of programming Dr Williams will not have to do. During the meal the talk had been general small talk Crystal had learnt Nigel was quite an open minded type of guy and also he had just lost his job (though she knew that already she had engineered it She had headhunted him but did not want him to know it so had concocted the scenario with Nigel’s boss and had put up compensation to the small company for the loss of their staff member and the ‘redundancy’ money) but now over the coffee it was time to get down to the nitty gritty. She asked him what he was going to do for work and Nigel had to confess he had no idea she inwardly smiled she then changed the subject and steered it around to Hypnotism she asked him if he had ever been put into a trance
He laughed and said “No“
She said “would you”
Nigel replied “I don’t think it would work on me”
Crystal replied,” Never, say never”

And they both giggled
What Nigel was unaware of was he had already been put under twice already and ideas were being planted in his subconscious, though they would remain latent until he was given the trigger. She had to make sure he kept listening to the files she would send him but he must not get an inkling of what was happening hence her line of questioning.

He brought her back to the here and now by asking her if she had “She said well yes but only that stage stuff” and they again laughed.

They finished up and went to the Cinema She cuddled up to him and said I really like you Nigel I would like to see more of you. Nigel’s heart leapt.

They met every day for the next week Peter was in Heaven then one night Crystal said instead of going out why not come back to my place for the evening. Nigel agreed and she said she would pick him up.
After driving for half an hour they arrived over the other side of town where all the rich people lived ‘This has to be a dream surely thought Nigel’. But no it was real. The apartment was massive and vary tastefully decorated. They chatted and drank fine wine. Crystal then said to Peter. What are you going to do about getting another position and he replied I have not really had time to think about it. There was this one site on line he said that said I may be suitable but they have not got back since so I guess they are not interested.
Crystal replied You never know don’t give up hope yet they may have lots of people to interview. She smiled and poured more wine.
Nigel realised he was starting to feel a bit strange, not drugged as such but warm and vary calm, he had never felt like this from Alcohol but put it down to the type of wine they had been drinking. Crystal looked fine so must be used to it.
Crystal seeing his predicament told him to just relax she then put on the large flat screen TV and suggested he watch while she went and took a shower.
In fact she had no intention of taking a shower she went to her home office and selected the programme she wanted and hit enter. Nigel would soon be no more and a new girl would soon start to emerge.
An hour later she returned to find him rubbing his eyes and said Ooh sorry I must have dozed off from the wine.
She said “well maybe it is time for you to go home I will get James to drop you off.”
Nigel returned to his apartment undressed and fell into bed. That night he again dreamt about Crystal and making love to her but tonight his dream was different he was making love to Crystal as another woman he felt appalled but again another part of him felt excited. How could this be?
The thoughts subsided and he was dead to the world until his alarm rang the next morning.

Damn he thought I did not need to set that. But out of force of habit got up and started to shower. He took a long hard look at himself in the mirror at the back of the cubicle and then picked up his razor. He shaved his face as usual but then looked at the rest of his body and decided it’s all going to have to go it looks ugly so he started to shave off all his body hair. Over an hour later he emerged de-nuded of hair he was amazed how good his body looked without it He resolved to body shave every day from now on. Next he cleaned his teeth and while looking in the medicine cabinet mirror noticed his eye brows and for the first time ever thought they look far too bushy so he grabbed his razor and shaved them into two thin arches. When finished he blew himself a kiss and said you look vary sexy now. Hope Crystal likes the new look. Then blushed at his actions, he dressed and had breakfast then as he had nothing else to do switched on the computer, as usual he checked his mail and again found e mails from Crystal and Trans-Formers. Crystals was brief thanked him for last night and had another attachment which she asked him to listen to. She even suggested that he create a little playlist with this one and the previous one. So he did. This file would make him forget about his genitals he would not want to touch them or even think about them, he would just sit like a woman if he needed a rest room as if he had always done it this way .The second was to make his day he had been short listed to the interview stages and could he attend on the 15th.

For the next 5 days he sat updating his Resume while listening to Crystals music files, It was strange the dream he had a few days kept returning, but he was not reviled by it anymore in fact he was getting turned on by it. He had continued to body shave and had decided plucking rather the shaving was better for his eyebrows, he had also taken to moisturising his skin and it was looking vary smooth.

On the 15th Crystal and Dr Williams sat in the office awaiting their subject with anticipation. ‘

‘If all went well within a year we will have a new High class Debutant to unveil and no man would ever know they were dating an ex man’ said Crystal
Dr Williams just nodded she was going along with the femination as that suited her needs but she had other ideas about the outcome of the experiment, ideas she was keeping vary much to herself.

Nigel had arrived at the reception area on the 11th floor of the Downtown office block; it had taken him an hour to find the right one. He thanked God that he had allowed plenty of time he handed the letter to the clerk who phoned Dr Williams to inform her that the interviewee had arrived.

He was shown to the Doctors office ‘It was her that was going to conduct everything as they couldn’t have Nigel connecting Crystal to the company as that could ruin everything.
The interview was a typical straightforward affair and Nigel felt he had done well, He was given a slip and was told to go to the Restaurant across the road to eat and return in two hours where he would be informed of their decision. So he left to have his meal.
Dr Williams turned to Crystal and said you have done vary well he is going to be perfect. And I see the taster files you gave him to test his susceptibility worked a treat, did you see how perfectly he had done his eyebrows. He will love what the electrolysis will do to him. Both girls nodded approval and smiled

Nigel returned as requested well fed on the companies behalf and sat waiting in the outer office waiting to be called the moments ticked away and self doubt started to creep in but then he was called. The Doctor told him that he had got the job and would start next Monday He was to arrive at 9:00am where he would undergo a company Medical and be assigned his role.
Nigel couldn’t wait to tell Crystal his good fortune. He returned home and immediately sent her an
E-mail. She suggested that they should go out and celebrate. He was happy about this he was going to meet her again, it had been a while, she had claimed to be busy and couldn’t see him, but Nigel had thought she was going off him.

This couldn’t have been further from the truth; she had been busy recording new files to put the next stage into effect the first of which she would use tonight after their date. She picked him up at 8:00pm as arranged and they went to the same restaurant as the other week they chatted and Nigel told her of his good fortune, she told him she was pleased for him.
After the meal they went to the Cinema again then back to Crystals where again they drank the Fine wine. As it had last time it made Nigel feel drowsy and relaxed as last time crystal suggested he sit and watch the TV while she had a shower and changed. Again she went and selected the file she wanted to use on him, he was too under the influence of her sedative to realise it was her manipulating what he watched. This file again showed the images of girls but this time the subliminal would tell Nigel he was a girl and would accept anything that happened to him to make more so without question After 2 hours of watching this file Crystal again brought him round and he again apologised for dozing off. This time though Crystal suggested he should stay the night as it was late

Nigel was placed in the guest bedroom, through bleary eyes he could see it was decorated in pink but he was just too tired to notice anything else. He was too tired to notice Crystal strip him naked and place him in a baby doll nightdress and panties or that she had placed a set of headphones on his head he lay there with tat new age music all around him.
As he slept he dreamt he was a woman again but was not happy with the way he looked he would need to do something about it or Crystal would not love her anymore.

The next morning Nigel rose showered then looked for his clothes but they did not appear to be there He called out to Crystal who told him the maid had taken them for cleaning. It was only at this moment it had dawned on him he had stepped out of a nightdress to have his shower he blushed and asked Crystal why he had been wearing that.
She replied “well you had to wear something and there are no male clothes in this house”
“ you kinda looked cute in them” she teased
She threw him a towelling housecoat and said put this on while I find you something to wear, he did so without question It fell right on him
She returned a few minutes later with a pile of clothes and said hey lets have a bit of fun. Lets see if I can pass you off as a woman for the day. Nigel froze, the masculine side of him was steadfastly saying no but the part of his brain that had already undergone training wanted it badly. Crystal whispered something in his ear and all resistance just melted away. He could hear the music again
She sat him down and helped him to apply hair removal cream all over his body she did his back then led him back to the shower to remove everything he felt so smooth and he loved it next he showed him how to put on a matching set of lacy panties bra garter belt and panties he felt right.
Next he was led to the dressing table where she told him to wait. After about 15 minutes two beautiful young ladies came into the room took one look at Nigel and knew what was needed.
First up they set to work on his hair, they took ages and as per their instructions gave him a totally feminine cut he looked in the mirror and could not believe the transformation that was underway
Nest they started on his makeup showing him how they were applying the foundation eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. He just sat there in a trance taking it in.
Suddenly he was brought to his senses by a couple of sharp pains. One of the girls whispered in his ear and he returned to his trance like state.
In fact the girls had used an ear piercing gun on him and had inserted a pair of dangly diamond earrings they placed a satin choker around his neck with a single matching diamond hanging from it
They placed a matching watch on one wrist and a bracelet on the other. Nest they gave him a manicure and painted his nails cherry plum red to match his lipstick. They placed 3 diamond rings on appropriate fingers they stood him up and padded out his bar until he had a DD cup they then helped him into a red velvet dress with a material wide belt. They then placed him in 5inch high heels and helped him to learn to balance and walk in them until he had acquired a feminine wiggle.
All of this had taken most of the day but now Nigel was ready Crystal liked what she saw and coo’d to herself
She whispered in Nigel’s ear and the again came out of trance, she turned him to face a full length mirror and his jaw dropped as he looked at the stunning woman that stared back at him. Crystal said I think you are going to knock them dead with those looks. Nigel was speechless but did not complain. He couldn’t the programming had seen to that as it was pumped into his mind as he was gotten ready. A few more days of this level of Intensity and the old Nigel would be gone for good.

That Afternoon Crystal took Nigel out shopping at the top female stores to stat buying him clothes ( In a matter of months this would be second nature to him she thought as they shopped).
They purchased a range of leisure Casual and Evening wear, jewellery bag s and shoes with no problems but Crystals plans took a knock back when she had tried to persuade him to buy feminine clothes for work he had point blank refused saying he could not go dressed as a woman to his new job so for today they had left it at that. They went for a meal where Nigel received plenty of compliments and had doors opened for him all the time he never spoke a word as per his training that would give the game away until it was dealt with if he did.

That evening Crystal suggested to Nigel that he should move in with her, after all she had plenty of room it would save him on rent (That made sense as he had not been told what his salary for the new job was yet, he had asked a couple of time but had been told he would be looked after well) so didn’t know how long he could keep up the repayments on his existing place so after thinking it over he agreed
On the Saturday he prepared himself the way the beauticians had shown him how to Today it just seemed normal and right somehow He and Crystal enjoyed Breakfast together then they went out shopping again for him to female items Strangely this was stating to feel second nature to Nigel yesterday it had been daunting scary but fun but today it just felt like something he had always done Crystal Smiled and thought to herself he is a lot calmer today we shall try again as he needs to be right for work. Having had a light lunch, the waiter left Nigel his number under the check. Nigel blushed (female behaviour was becoming normal to him too) he showed Crystal it she took it off him and placed it in her purse, that will come in useful for testing the last stage she thought.
Back to the job in hand she to Nigel to the outfitters that did clothes for all the big company’s in town this time she managed to get him inside and they started looking at the skirts and suits eventually she managed to persuade him to buy the uniform worn by the entire woman at Trans- Formers and they left. They were sat having a coffee when Nigel suddenly realised what he had done.
He panicked and said what would Dr Williams think, she interviewed a man last week and suddenly a woman turns up. Crystal admitted it would seem strange but could not say anymore or she might give the game away. Tonight she would run the programme that would ensure Nigel would not utter another word unless commanded to

They spent the rest of the day and all of Sunday moving all of Nigel’s stuff out of his apartment.
She had used hypno suggestion; she was good at this and knew it. To get him to do what she wanted.
Crystal persuaded him to dump all his male clothing except for few t shirts and a pair of jeans and most of his masculine possessions into a dumpster. He was allowed to keep his computer, in fact that would be an essential tool for her desires, His music and most of his video library, she could doctor the last two items to get the programming into him without him even having an inkling
He was moved into the Pink Room he had used the last couple of nights

Nigel was subjected to embedded subliminal’s all the time he was alone via the new age music that was always playing to re-enforce his desires to feminize and he had been an easy subject, it was only three days of intensive programming and he was already becoming more accepting Crystal thought to herself, I ‘ve done all I can now it is up to Dr Williams

Monday morning arrived and the alarm went off at 7:00am almost without thinking Nigel showered then applied his make up dressed in lingerie and put on a modern but feminine business suit picked out some understated jewellery he took a look in the mirror and thought wow what a sexy girl you are, His hair had grown six inches since that fatal first meeting and was starting to creep down his back. Quite early on Crystal had persuaded him to dye it a vary light Blonde.
He went down for breakfast, Crystal was in the kitchen, she smiled at him and said you will really wow them at the office today, she pecked him on the cheek and whispered something in his ear (This was a trigger that would be activated later) then patted him on the rear before
Ushering out to the car

He arrived at the office 30 minutes later and was sent straight to Dr William’s Office, Dr William sat at her big Mahogany desk and smiled as she eyed the woman in front of her up and down, Crystal had done a good job, but she needed to know if it was enough to start the next phase she pented her fingers and gave a slight smile
“Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life you will be vary happy here”, this was not a suggestion but a command Nigel smiled yes that had worked hmm lets see if this has.
“What is your name?”
Pandora said Nigel without hesitation
Good did you bring all your personnel documentation as requested, Nigel nodded and gave them to Dr Williams she looked them over and said you will not require these ever again so I am going to destroy them do you understand Nigel nodded and Dr Williams proceeded to destroy them all
She then passé over an envelop to Nigel He took it and looked at the name on it


That contains your new identity, you will be known by that name from now on do you understand ?
Nigel nodded
You will never answer to your old name infect it won’t mean anything to you understand
Again Nigel nodded
Good that envelope contains everything you will need. ID, Bank account, ATM Cards and all other essential documents you will need. You will never want for anything you will always be looked after, though we have had to make one insistence, you will do anything you are told to do without question and accept anything that happens to you
Just to let you know we have seconded all the money that was in your old account to pay for your training but don’t worry your credit cards will be paid off every month by the company.
Now you will work in the Data entry room for the mornings and will undergo training and tests until you are ready but for the rest of this week you will be in the hands of the Medical Team. “If we are taking responsibility for your life we need to know that you are in peak condition.

An hour later Pandora found herself in a hospital gown sat in a typical treatment room she was subjected to series of rigorous checks including one that was internal that had been uncomfortable in fact it had hurt, but somehow it felt good too. She had been measured prodded poked had X-Rays all to a chorus of tutting and, this just wont do

Late that afternoon she returned to Dr Williams Office and was told to sit, The Doictor looked stern and said “you have not looked after yourself we have found some problems, but never mind we can treat them There is a problem with your prostate for starters which is far too overactive and you are going to need a course of shots just to start with. I can administer the shots here on a weekly basis but I will have to send you to a private clinic to sort out the other problems
Pandora nodded
She was instructed to lean over the Desk and Dr Williams produced two hypo’s from the drawer and proceed to inject the contents into each of Pandora’s hips having done this she gave her a large box containing pills you will have to take these from now on until the treatment has been completed and maybe even for a while after, Take four of the Blue ones daily and 8 of the yellow ones as I said I will give you a weekly booster to re-enforce the effects
She then handed Pandora an MP3 player and told her to listen to its contents befor sleeping evey night
The concluded her first day.
The next day she was shown to her cubicle was shown what she had to do, it came easy, her mind seemed to be a bit fuzzy and she could not remember anything of her past but she knew she wanted sex and that seemed to be all, it did not matter who with.
That afternoon she was taken to the Clinic where she was taken to a treatment room like no other

In it was a reclining arm chair but it only had a small area aound the edge to sit on next to it was a multitude of electronic and mechanical equipment with leads and tubes coming from it. She was sat in the seat and strapped tightly at the wrists ankles and neck a gag was placed in her mouth the shape of a penis. And locked in place two suction style cups were placed where her breasts should be and another tube over her genitals. She was given an injection and became vary relaxed and uncaring suddenly the penile gag started to throb in her mouth and she felt the skin in her breast area being sucked into the cups the tube over her genitals started to milk her but she did not feel this, it kept milking her every hour or so for the rest of the afternoon just as she was getting used to this she felt something rise into her, wow this felt great, she wanted this more and more
As she sat there she heard a recorded voice repeating something but could not make out what
She was in ecstasy

This daily routine carried on for 18 month by which time she had grown breasts gained a totally feminine body with lushes curves her mind had been altered to the extent she would obey commends without question she new just enough to do her job but overwise could think of nothing but sex
She had become expert at giving oral sex to both men and women but it was when she was receiving that she was happiest.
In the intervening time she had grown closer to Crystal and was now sharing the bed with her and living as a couple

On this day though a change was to happen she was told that she would have to spend the next 3 months at the clinic as a complication had been found. So she went home gathered her nightdress and other bits she might need for an extended hospital stay then went to the clinic she was shown to a private room and settled in she was given a shot to make her sleep

She woke an indeterminate time later, strapped to the chair in the treatment room she was gagged but this time her legs were splayed wide apart

Doctor Williams was there and said, “Aah Pandora you are awake, good you will witness the first stage of forever”
I am afraid the gag is necessary as you will soon see but soon things will start to seem right Dr Williams came to the front a syringe in hand the next thing Pandora knew was a sharp pain the area between her legs go numb. Suddenly she felt a pain in that area like she had never felt before, she wanted to scream but couldn’t but her mind began to unfog Oh my God no Nigel thought but his thoughts were interrupted by another blistering pain he knew for that brief second who he was and what was going to happen, but as the pain subsided and numbness took its place so Pandora re asserted control and the empty blissfulness that she enjoyed returned. She felt a little something between her legs but did not care.
Dr Williams lifted a kidney dish containing to bloody testis and tipped them into the bio hazard waste bin. Pandora felt a sharp pain in her arm and slept

In fact she slept a long time woke and felt vary sore between her legs but was restrained to the bed so could not investigate it was a month later she had been kept sedated all the time until Dr Williams decided that the time was right to complete the reconstructive surgery, it had been a long operation with complications to get things right and there were still at least three more before the work was done
Don’t try to move Pandora dear we have had to restrain you for your own safety as you were trying to tamper with the dressings and the intravenous feeds you have needed we hope to have you up and about next week and back to work you have healed quicker then expected Crystal will be pleased to see you but not as much as when we are finished.

Six months later Pandora is back in the clinic bed after the third of her operations and it was time to remove the dressings for the last time the nurse did this then Doctor Williams appeared at the end of the bed holding a mirror she held it so Pandora could see, her mouth dropped in the mirror was a perfectly formed vigina with labia and clit it looked a bit raw and you could still see where the surgery was done but Dr Williams assured her that the appearance of scarring would reduce in time but sadly would not totally disappear. She told Pandora that her new pussy would be totally functional with a full range of feeling Crystal was there too and told her she would show her how the exercise and stretch it to make it function properly then smiled

Several months later back at the apartment Pandora was indeed being shown how to use her new asset and Pandora loved it, the way Crystal touched her made her tingle all over and what Crystal did to her asset with her tongue was nobodies business it was electric. She had shown her how to use toys to strech it and on this particular evening they were laid in bed using a double ended vibrator when the door opened and in walked Dr Williams she spoke and both girls just froze looked at each other panicked covered themselves up an just stared, Nigel was back and saw himself naked in the mirror and screamed Crystal did the same

Yes boys this is the rest of your life, Sorry Nigel but you were always part of my plan, a reasonably intelligent student that had the build and looks I needed for this plan sorry but as I promised you, you will be taken care of and will be happy she spoke another phrase and Pandora returned
She the turned to the other Girl
Now as for you Kevin you should never have cheated on me with at woman, you will now have a woman that looks like her forever but deep down you will always know you are screwing a man but wont be able to stop, she will be blissfully unaware of any of what I have just told you but you won’t you will bare it forever you will love Pandora and pay for everything she desires without question You will still receive your percentages from the Company, but I have already got you to sign it and the house over to me But I have bought you this apartment and furnished it as I am not totally heartless I
You should have known better then to cheat on an expert hypnotist, it was easy to put you under, Once I did I even had you search out a victim, A man that would be easily transformed to look like that slut you cheated on me with. I was so good better then even I expected you did not suspect anything I even feminized you by the exact same process I got you to lead him into. I fed you with hormones throughout convincing you they were vitamins.
Well honey she kissed the stunned person on the lips it is now time for you to return to Crystal, she clicked her fingers turned and walked to the exit, as the front door clicked shut Crystal returned forever enslaved to love Pandora but always knowing she was once a man


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