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Fishing Buddies part IV (conclusion)

by ElSupremo

Chapter 1

It's been two months since I returned from my wonderful fishing trip where I experienced the wonders of sucking cock.  My girlfriend knew almost immediately that I had changed and my buddy Robert didn't help matters by telling her everything.  As I look back and realise that as soon as we had arrived at the motel with the indian hot spring I had thoughts as to wheather I was gay or not.  Sure I was sucking cock and boy did I get to suck cock, I got to suck cock at least 3-4 times a day and all the cocks were big and I really enjoyed sucking and swallowing cum.  The natural spring water was freaking fantastic and we all stopped drinking beer to drink the water.  We all were getting hardon's over and over again.  The place had oldies music (loaded with sublimerals) playing in the back ground all the time, both in the rooms and in the spa.  We fished, soaked in the spa, BBQ'd the fish, soaked and drank the water and usually I got to suck more cock.  Robert and I started after the first night when he caught me eating my cum and offered me his cock for a dessert.  We met our neighbor and yep I ended up sucking his cock.  The motel owner was young and nice with the largest cock I had ever seen and yep, I got to suck him too.  The park ranger was well known at the motel and I ended up sucking his cock too.  All the time I was sucking cock I kept wondering if I was gay and I didn't think so because I was only sucking cock because I loved eating cum.  

After the first week a new guy came and he was much older, actually he was really old and I got put in his room and our neighbor ended up in Robert's room which was okay with me and ole Charlie was really nice to me and introduced me to being a submissive bitch.  He cuddled me, sucked on my nipples and neck giving me sucker bite marks all around my neck.  I really liked the way he took charge of me and dominated me.  He fucked my ass the first night and the way he did it was so gentle and fulfilling, he took extreme measures not to hurt me and still ravage my bitch hole, I was so impressed and I think maybe in love too.  Once my buddy Robert figured that Charlie was fucking me that opened the floodgates for me being treated like the bitch I was.  Our neighbor who I was sucking off decided if Charlie could fuck me then he could too and he did.  He and Robert started to fuck me quite regularly and I became the groups bitch.  Since everyone had a much larger cock then me I was made to endure a whole bunch of name calling and weenie seemed to stick because they said I didn't have a man's cock I had a weenie.  I had never thought of my dick being a weenie, but now I did.

My girl friend realize I wasn't interersted in sex and said I must be gay now because gays don't have a interest in pussy, they only get excited by cock.  I am now sure that I am gay because try as she may I remain limp or semihard when she plays with me.  I get hard if she teases me about big hard cocks or when she rubs me with her lifelike super big dildo.  It's like magic and I get a boner and she will get on top of me and rub my face with her cock and start talking dirty about what and how she's going to do nasty things to me with that monster cock of her.  It works and she will get my weenie in all it's glory into her pussy and as long as she teases me with that rubber cock she fucks me good and proper.  This is now how we have love making, me, her and the monster cock named Ken (as in Barbies Ken).  

Robert would come over about once a week now and I get to suck him and he fucks my ass all the while my girl friend watches and talks dirty to both of us.  She took me to her beauty shop and I got my hair streaked blonde and my toenails a pretty bright red.  She has decided if I want to be a cock sucking bitch then i need to look the part.  Each week when Robert stops by she now has me dressed for the visit.  The last time she had me wearing makeup and a really bright red lipstick, trimmed my eyebrows and matching extended fingernails.  I felt so out of place and disjointed, but was sexually excited to see and experience Roberts reaction. He couldn't get enough of me and I found out later about all the pictures that had been taken.  Robert told my girl friend that she was doing a wonderjul job of making me into the sissy he knew I was.  She said she had plans for me and that he would always be welcome to stop by and make use of my services.

I live everyday knowing that I'm gay and I dress like a sissy and am called Sally instead of Weenie.  It's funny because now I may dress and look like a sissy, but I am overly proud of my small weenie and it's mine and I guess it feels just as good for me as a large cock feels for those with big cocks.  I still masturbate and eat my cum, I cum pretty fast and it's called premature ejaculation to which I don't care because it feels so good.  I now get to watch and occasionally suck and prepare guys for fucking, and if i'm really pretty and do my job well I get fucked too.

This Friday I'm going back to the motel for a load of water for Robert and me and Eddy says he's looking forward to seeing me and my new improved look, I guess Robert told him of my transformation.  I have all of Roberts emply 5gal containers and mine for refills and can't wait to soak in the spa a couple of times because I reserved a room for the weekend.  I also received a call from Charlie and he wants me to visit him in New York for a week or two and I will have to drive there with a load of water for him too. I was afraid  for a while, but now I am accepting my gayness and am quite happy with my transformation and situation.


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