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by IeuH

Chapter 1

21 year old Shultz Cutler waved to his father as he passed through the security detail at the Airport. When he could no longer see his son, Shultz’s father, breathed a sigh of relief. Shultz’s father had always discouraged him from traveling out of the country. But after that little problem that Shultz had caused a while back, something had to be done quickly. So when Shultz’s father heard that the Parents of two of Shultz’s friends had arranged a month-long trip to Italy; for their sons Barclay and Dyson. Shultz’s father had finally relented, and said that Shultz could travel out of the country.

The next day having arrived in Italy Shultz stood on the balcony of the room he shared with his two friends at the hotel, and looked out upon the Italian shoreline, and the beach, where the locals and tourists alike soaked up the Mediterranean sun and swum in the Mediterranean Sea. Even thou this vacation was meant to keep Shultz in some sort of line; Shultz had vowed that while here his bed would not be empty, and he would take whatever steps were necessary, so that he would have as much pussy as he wanted. Shultz turned and walked back into the hotel room.

Later that morning, after Shultz, Barclay and Dyson had busted a nut while taking a shower: the three friends’ donned pairs of speedos, tight body hugging T-shirts, shades and flip-flops, and then headed for the beach. As Shultz and his two friends walked onto the beach, locals and tourists alike ogled the three young studs. The three jock’s junk filled the baskets of their speedos to bursting point. After walking along the beach for a few minutes, Shultz found some empty beach chairs; Shultz, Barclay and Dyson stripped off their tight T-shirts and reclined on the chairs soaking up the Mediterranean sun.

After a couple of hours, Dyson looked round, both Shultz and Barclay were gone from their beach chairs. Looking around some more Dyson saw Barclay swimming in the sea; and leading away from the beach chairs were some footprints. Getting up Dyson followed the footprints; after a few minutes’ walk Dyson came upon a sort or rocky cove. In which stood Shultz, a woman knelt in front of Shultz; as Dyson watched the woman reached up and pulled Shultz’s speedos down.

Shultz’s erection popped out before the kneeling woman’s mouth. Without being told, the woman smiled and then she wrapped her lips around Shultz’s thick, bulbous head and sucked upon Shultz’s cock. Shultz leaned his head back on the rock behind him as he enjoyed the woman’s warm, wet mouth. It wasn’t long before Shultz fed the woman his Man-juice. Shultz moaned, as he blew his wad down the woman’s throat. Cum spilled from the sides of the woman’s mouth. Dyson smiled at what he saw; he turned and moved quietly away as the woman started her second blow-job on Shultz.

The day draw on; Shultz returned a smile on his face, his semi-hard cock could clearly be seen through his tight speedos. In the late afternoon the three friends decided to return to their room, shower, and get ready for a night of drinking and pussy pounding! As the three friends made their way back to their hotel none of them were a where that during the whole time on the beach; they had been watch.

Shultz came out of his room into the living area of their room: he could hear the shower running in his friends bathrooms. One of the showers stopped and a few moments later, Barclay came out of his room, wet and naked, his cock semi-hard. He stopped and looked at Shultz, who was dressed in a tight T-shirt, a pair of cut down shorts and flip-flops; his shades were pushed up on his head. “I see Mr. Pussy man is ready to go!” Barclay said. Shultz gave Barclay the finger as he moved towards the door.

“When you two losers are ready.” He said loudly so Dyson could hear over his shower, “I’ll be in the bar down stair. But don’t take too long, if some pussy comes my way, I won’t be there waiting for you!” Shultz left the room slamming the door behind him. Dyson came out of his room, with a towel around his waist. Barclay did not say anything he turned and walked back into his room. Dyson was about to return to his room when there was a knock on the door.

Thinking that it was Shultz, Dyson opened the door; “Who … the …fuck.” Dyson never finished his sentence, Barclay step out of his room, “What…the.” Like Dyson, Barclay never finished his sentence, either.

Shultz stumbled along the silent, empty street back to his hotel; it was still early in the morning, the sun was not above the roofs of any of the building. Shultz had had more pussy in the last night than he would have had in a month back home. As he neared his hotel, Shultz wondered where his friends were, they had not shown up in the bar before he had left. Thinking that they must have got lucky before they reached the bar Shultz entered the hotel.

But, the guy on the desk had told Shultz that his friends had not left their room. Thinking that this was odd, Shultz stumbled into the dining room to have some Bacon & Eggs for Breakfast; before returning to his room to find out what had happed to his friends.

After having Breakfast, Shultz went up to the room he shared with his two friends. Shultz opened the door of his hotel room. As he entered the room, he found a naked man sitting on the couch in the living area. The white couch accented the man’s dark, lean, athletic body, the man’s posture highlighted his smooth, ripped physique. ‘This naked man looked Italian, a local, but I haven’t seen him on the beach.’ Thought Shultz, ‘But that wasn’t the point, this guy should not be here. Naked in my Hotel room’ Shultz walked into the room closing the door behind him.

“Who the fuck are you?” Shultz demanded loudly. The naked Italian did not move. Shultz stood there seething at the arrogance of the naked Italian. “Did you hear me, asshole? I said who the fuck are you. And also where are my friends?” The naked Italian turned to face Shultz from behind his back the man pulled out one of his hands, in it was a crystal on a leather cord. The man half rose from the couch, he smiled at Shultz, and set the crystal spinning and swinging on its leather cord. At once Shultz’s eyes were locked on the crystal; his free-will slowly slipped from his mind.

“What . . . the . . .fuck . . .?”, Shultz slurred after several minutes of looking at the crystal. “Shut the fuck up.” The naked Italian said.

Shultz’s voice cut off. He tried to speak, but could not. “Damn! You jocks are obnoxious.” Said the naked Italian as he rose from the couch, still spinning and swinging the crystal. Shultz could not help himself, he moved towards the man. The naked Italian snapped his finger, Shultz frozen in place.

The naked Italian stood in front of Shultz. “My name is not important.” The naked Italian said, “But, now let’s see your goods!” Still watching the crystal, Shultz stripped out of his clothes. Shultz suddenly found himself naked and frozen. “Nice.” The naked Italian said, walking around Shultz. “Look at the T.V. Boy!” He said Shultz turned slightly so he could look at the wide screen T.V. The naked Italian picked up the T.V remote, and pushed a button.

The T.V sprung to life, a loop recording of the crystal appeared on the screen, Shultz’s eyes locked onto the screen, the naked Italian stopped the crystal on the leather cord, and put it on a table to one side of the T.V. The naked Italian moved nearer to Shultz and caressed his taut, lean frame. “I saw you on the beach.” The naked Italian traced his finger between Shultz’s ass crack. “I’ve seen that tight ass of ours in those tailored speedos of yours.” The naked Italian slid his finger into Shultz’s whole, Shultz’s eyes popped wide open.

“You were asking about your two friend, well I took care of your friends. I fucked the two of them silly. Taught them some things for they continued stay in my country.” The naked Italian wet two of his fingers and shoved the two fingers into Shultz’s hole. The anger and pain in Shultz’s eyes exploded. The naked Italian pulled his fingers out of Shultz’s ass, he then stood, but to one side, in front of Shultz so he could still kook at the screen, and he said, “Take your hand and stroke my cock.” Shultz’s hand moved towards the naked Italian’s cock, but then stopped, Shultz was not going to budge another inch

“Really, Shultz?” The naked Italian said as he moved behind Shultz.

“What the fuck?” Shultz shouted. “It’s called a penis vibrating butt plug. The ridges of the butt plug will tickle your insides, and rub your Prostate.” After a few second Shultz lifted his hand, and started stroking the naked Italian’s cock. The naked Italian enjoyed Shultz’s touch. Soon, the naked Italian’s cock had reached its full potential, 10 inches. The naked Italian clicked his finger. Shultz fell to his knees, his mouth directly facing the naked Italian’s 10 inch hard cock.

“Suck it.” The naked Italian ordered, Shultz shook his head, “Oh, Shultz, really?” The naked Italian said, as he pushed a button on another remote that was now in his hand. Shultz’s screamed, as the butt plug grew and wiggled into his ass, it awakened Shultz’s prostate. As Shultz screamed, the naked Italian shoved his cock down Shultz’s throat and said, “Suck it. I’m sure you can learn the skills of cock-sucking.” Shultz kept his lips on the naked Italian’s cock, bobbing his head back and forth upon the monster, veined and gnarly cock.

“Keep sucking, Shultz. Make me happy.” Shultz had no choice, the crystal control him. The naked Italian made sure that Shultz’s thick lips, and velvet tongue and warm, wet mouth massaged his cock to climax. When the naked Italian felt his surge of cum ready to explode, he pulled his cock out of Shultz’s mouth and sprayed white creamy Cum upon Shultz’s chest, and face. “Good boy.” The naked Italian said, as he wiped some drips of cum off Shultz’s face and fed the cum to the stunned stud. The naked Italian was now sure that Shultz was now totally his control, he turned off the T.V.

“Right let’s get things moving.” The naked Italian said, “Follow me to the bedroom!” He said to Shultz, leading him to one of the three double bedrooms. When Shultz entered the bedroom, he found his two friends, Barclay and Dyson lying on the double bed, dazed, stunned expression upon their faces. “They’d had a good time. Several good times in fact. The two of them have been fucked senseless.” Shultz looked at his two friends, and saw the dry cum around their mouths, and between the ass checks. Shultz so wanted to attack the arrogant young man, but could not move, he was totally under the crystals power.

“How boy, bend over the bed, next to your friends. Shultz turned and bent over the bed, between Barclay and Dyson. The naked Italian stood behind Shultz and slipped his cum covered fingers into Shultz’s ass. “You like that boy?” The naked Italian asked. “No.”, Shultz moaned.

“How’s that feel?”, the naked Italian asked. “It hurts . . .” Shultz moaned, the naked Italian fingered Shultz’s ass faster and faster. “How’s that feel, boy?” “Ah, fuck yes!” Shultz responded enthusiastically. “Feels great, boy.” The naked Italian asked. “You want cock up your ass?”

“Yesses!”, Shultz answered, the entranced stud could only mumble in reply. The naked Italian walked around the bed and waved his monster cock near Shultz’s mouth. The now cock hungry Shultz swallowed the naked Italian’s cock. “Lick slowly, from the head to my balls. Got that!” “Fuck yes!”, Shultz replied, as he slid his tongue about the naked Italian’s bulbous dick head, and then down to the naked Italian’s oversized ball sack, then Shultz sucked the naked Italian’s huge testicles. As Shultz made his way back to the naked Italian’s cock head, the naked Italian shoved his cock down Shultz’s throat came and said, “Swallow!” The naked Italian cum again, “Swallow.” The naked Italian said.

Shultz swallowed both wads of Cum. The naked Italian pulled his cock out of Shultz’s mouth and walked around the bed and positioned himself near Shultz’s buttocks. Slowly the naked Italian pulled the plug out of Shultz’s whole, Shultz felt the pressure in his ass suddenly dissipated. Shultz then felt a new pressure, as the naked Italian penetrated his virgin whole with his beer-can thick, monster cock. “Feel good boy?”

“Yes, sir.” Shultz replied, as the tip of the naked Italian’s cock massaged his p-spot. Shultz felt his cock grew hard and rubbed against his chest as he lay on the bed. Shultz so wanted to stroke his cock, but could not, he had not been told he could, and also he could not at the moment move to grab his cock. The naked Italian smiled as he pounded his cock in and out of Shultz’s ass. The naked Italian enjoyed Shultz’s tight ass. After fifteen minutes, the naked Italian said, “Cum” Shultz felt his cock explode, ounces of his cum oozed from his cock, onto the bed under him.

“Good.” The naked Italian said, as he pulled his cock out of Shultz’s ass, “Turn around, and sit on the bed!” Shultz turned round and sat on the edge of the bed; he now faced the naked Italian’s cock. The naked Italian shoved his cock down Shultz’s throat and cum, “swallow.” The naked Italian said as he blast his goo down Shultz’s throat. “Taste good boy?” “Yes, sir!” Shultz answered.

The naked pushed Shultz back onto the bed on his front, and fucking him in the ass a second time; this time the naked Italian shot several wads deep into Shultz’s guts. The naked Italian pulled out of Shultz, and rolled the zonked-out stud onto his back. The naked Italian held the crystal on its leather corn in front of Shultz’s face. A flash of light burst from the crystal, and the confused stud moaned and blacked out.

Several hours later, Shultz lay on the bed next to Barclay and Dyson, in a similar state, as to that that he had seem his two friends in when he had come into the bedroom with the naked Italian. However changes had been made to all three of them. The three of them had had their heads completely shaved bald. And the naked Italian had outfitted Shultz and his two friends with some new gear. Leather and metal cock rings now fitted snuggly around Shultz, Barclay and Dyson’s cock and balls. And penis vibrating butt-plugs had been reinserted into the guy’s ravished wholes.

“You look hot, boys.” the naked Italian said as he came back into the bedroom. Shultz and his two friends just mumbled in reply. The naked Italian looked at a clock on the table by the bed, “Time to get you three ready for shipment. But before that I think my visitor is just about due!” As if on cue a marine walked into the room. Then when the marine saw Shultz on the bed, the marine smiled. The naked Italian walked over to the marine and asked, “Are you satisfied with the result, Dudley?”

“Yeah. Did you make sure?” Dudley questioned “Yes. I made sure that he won’t be fucking other guy’s girlfriend just before their wedding anymore!” The naked Italian replied. “But why take the other two?” Dudley asked. “Because they not a Marine bitch like you boy.” The naked Italian replied. Dudley began to remove his uniform jacket, then his trousers and then his underwear. Finally, Dudley stood in the centre of the room, naked, cock-caged, dazed and still. “Now, Dudley, you wanted your brother out of the way after he fucked your ex-girlfriend just before your planned Wedding, which I have arranged. But there’s a price to pay: you join Shultz and his friends in their new life as fuck-slaves. Now act like the little marine bitch you are!”

Dudley Cutler, an officer in the Marines for ten years, and Shultz’s older brother moved over to the bed knelt before Shultz and sucked his semi-hard cock. Dudley slobbered his spit on Shultz’s cock, Dudley rubbed it until it was rock hard and then he swallowed Shultz’s cock to the base of its shaft. Dudley then deep throated his brother’s cock and massaged the shaft of the cock with his tongue, a skill he had been taught in his many times of lust with the naked Italian.

The naked Italian sat in a chair and watched Dudley suck Shultz’s cock. It had been so easy for the naked Italian to take control of Dudley: Dudley had been stationed at the local U.S Marine base about six months ago. The Marine had come across the naked Italian in a cove on the beach; while Dudley had been off base. Dudley had fallen under the naked Italian’s power very quickly. The naked Italian had always planned to sell Dudley, just like he did with all the jock he caught. But then Dudley had got the news of what Shultz had done to his girlfriend.

So, instead the naked Italian had cock-caged the Marine, and allowed him to return home; but with orders that somehow he would suggest that Shultz should leave the country for some time to let things quieten down. Dudley not knowing why had done just that: their father had only been too pleased at the suggestion that Dudley should take a vacation in Italy.

“Marine bitch wants that cock!” The naked Italian said, Dudley rose to his feet turned around and sat down on his brother’s erect cock. He bounced on Shultz’s cock, taking every inch of the diamond-hard cock in his pussy. “Good, marine bitch.” The naked Italian rose from his seat and moved in front of Dudley, he whipped out his cock and shoving it into Dudley’s mouth. “Suck it, marine bitch.” Dudley swallowed the naked Italian’s hard cock. The naked Italian smiled as Dudley employed his skills on the naked Italian’s rod.

After many, many minutes of action, Shultz could not hold out, and he blew his wad, into his brother; Shultz’s jizz spilled from the crack of Dudley’s whole. The naked Italian grabbed Dudley’s head, forced his cock down Dudley’s mouth and busted a double nut down Dudley’s throat. “Swallow” the naked Italian ordered, Dudley swallowed all of the naked Italian’s Cum. “Good, marine bitch!” the naked Italian said as he pulled his cock out of Dudley’s mouth.

Four large black metal crates, like the ones used for carrying large pieces of sound equipment, had been brought into the bedroom. Four young men naked, but for the cock-cages encasing their cock, stood entranced by the crates. On the bed Dudley had joined his brother Shultz; and his two friends, Barclay and Dyson. Dudley’s head had been shaved bald, and now a leather and metal cock ring fitted snuggly round his cock and balls, the cock-cage having been removed, a penis vibrating butt-plug had been inserted into the guy’s ravished whole. All four guys now had a tattoo like a Bar Code at the base of their neck.

The naked Italian came into the bedroom, he was carrying a Bar Code scanner in his hand, he walked over to the bed and scanned the tattoo Bar Code on Shultz’s neck; as the red light run over the Bar Code; the scanner pinged and information flashed across the screen of the scanner. Happy with this result the naked Italian scanned the other three guys.

With a click of the naked Italian’s finger, the four nude, entranced your men sprung to life, and started loading, Shultz, Dyson, Barclay and Dudley, one at a time into the large black metal crate. Once a person was in a crate, soft protective foam as padded around them on all sides. As he watched the entranced young men pack Shultz and the other guys ready for shipment, the Italian naked guy wished Shultz, Dyson, Barclay and Dudley all the best in their extended Vacation?


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