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by hypnotrout

Chapter 1

Hello. You've decided to return, hmm? Are you tired...tense? I want you to relax. Just let your body lie in my capable hands... your geek hypnotist. Well, I've been holding myself a whole week, just so I can get off at this moment. Not now of course... but soon. We're gonna get off together. So...I've taken my clothes off, I'm totally naked, as I sit in front of my Mac on my desk. I'm almost finished writing my fantasy. My chair, your usual comfy, desk chair....got the picture? As you listen to me, I want you to remember: you don't get off, until I get off....ok? Repeat it then. Very good! Your eyelids are getting very heavy. Now, your eyes are closed, so relaxed. Your body, anxious to be touched. You will obey my every command.

Stand behind me now...make sure you're totally naked...watch me as I fantasize for you ...I can see you behind me, your chest pressed against my shoulders, your thighs against the back of the chair...you lean forward a little, your hands reaching over my shoulders...I whisper in your ear, "touch me"... you can hear my voice, the beat echoes through your head, over and over again..."touch me".... Remember, to relax.

And, as you hear me say it, wanting it for you, ....leaning over me... you yearn to touch my nipples. ...press your hands hard against my back and shoulders...lean into me...pull me back towards you and touch my hard nipples...I dunno maybe I have too many female hormones in me, but I'll bet that yours react in a similar way....as I feel your fingers stroke gently little shocks course through me, God, it's hard to keep my fingers pressing the right buttons on the keyboard, but I try so hard as you just play...and watch......I glimpse your cock feeling it get even harder...as though having you there wasn't enough of a turn on....but I know it's so hard...so eager, so wanting, desperate for the touch that teases my nipples. I soooo want to touch you....so much. I just want to take your cock in my hands and stroke it...up and down....I want to play with it ...just as YOU are playing with me...but I know I must wait.... Are you waiting?

I want to wait...want to wait until you are ready too...want to wait until the words that I see on the screen in front of me make me so wet that I can't hold back...in reality, as I sit here, I want to wait until, listening, you can take no more, until you turn my chair around, and have me in front of you...not just words, but a warm body with a wet pussy just for you.... 

...I feel you push on the back of my chair....it turns and you stand in front of me, your cock hard, standing at attention, eager to embrace the wetness that you have cultivated, that is there only for you...you pull me against you, your fingers now digging sharply into my sides in their eagerness and frustration... mmmmm. My eyes quickly glimpse your naked chest, peppered with hair. You lean down and suckle at my buttons, licking gently, sucking deep, biting at their hardness. Ohhhhhh.... You may begin stroking ... stroke it slowly.

At last, at long, long last, I lower myself onto your shaft...the warmth and wetness of my pussy envelopes you....not just your cock...it's as though you were inside me, sliding into my wetness, searching, sliding, plunging deep inside me. You hold me close to you, your mouth moving from one breast to the other, enticing, licking, kissing so tenderly and biting so sharply...my hands are on your hips and you press down as your cock thrusts, hard and deep inside me...in my head I hear myself moan, aching for more, loving the feeling, and you slide, soft and tender, back into me.... Continue stroking, Relax. Doesn't that feel good?

In one thrust, you thrust hard into me, making me gasp and begging to be fucked, and then you slide slowly upwards, pushing your length gently between my pussy lips, slowly, teasing, making me ache for more, then once more you push my ass up and push my hips down, so that my pussy is impaled upon your cock....your hand slips under my ass, between our thighs and slips into my pussy and you push your finger between your cock and my wet, wet walls... You are not to come now. Not yet. Continue stroking...

Suddenly your finger is gone, I find you probing my tight ass hole....you don't ask, don't wait, don't check with me...your finger just pushes in, wet from my own juices. I gasp, and you grip me tighter...tighter with your body against mine, tighter with my pussy around your cock...tighter as my ass muscles grip your finger as it starts to fuck me...harder and harder, matching your rhythm as your cock pushes up into me. It's almost time for us to cum....for us to cry out as your cock fucks my cunt...for us to cry as I ready myself to... 

Sigh. I've finished typing ... Are you still with me? Is your cock soooo hard you want to burst? So, so stiff it hurts? Mmmm, are your balls just aching for release? I want you to cum now.... as your hard, cock inside my soaked pussy gushes its spunk inside me....fills me with its cum....thickens, hardens and convulses inside me making me cum! My fantasy... your fantasy... is over now... and I can lie here in the afterglow.... you can too! When you awake, you will feel sooo refreshed, you'll feel good enough to fold sheets (giggle). If you wish to return to this fantasy, you have but to read or listen to it once more. When you hear me count three, you will open your eyes and say: the force is with me. 1....2....3!


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