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Padded Prisoner

by Henderson

Padded Prisoner, contains diapers, hypnosis, and digimon. 


“Stupid village, I am not a runt,” Veemon grumbled, kicking what rocks he found along his path to vent his frustration as he exited the outward bounds of his home village, a motley collection of huts and houses for the other digimon, many of whom liked to tease him about his small size, and, like now, frequently resulted in him being sent on the most menial of errands, usually reserved for the smallest and weakest of the digimon, even though, for all intents and purposes, he was an intermediate power level. But, as much as he resented the treatment, Veemon couldn’t disobey or leave – odds were good that anywhere he went would be just the same – and a solitary existence didn’t sound fun at all.

He spent an hour walking around the valley, gathering fruit and vegetables in a hilariously undersized basket that he’d been given only to drive home the mockery. “Is that too big for you? We wouldn’t want our cute little veemon to strain himself!” One of the bigger digimon in the village had teased him before sending him on the task. Veemon hated being coddled, it was unbelievably demeaning and yet there was nothing he could do about it… Or was there?

A faint thought crept into the blue digimon’s head as he crested a hill, and saw the red circle painted on a tree that marked where the smaller digimon were supposed to turn back to the village. The marked trees encircled a ruined, stone village that had been abandoned for who knows how long, and was vaguely visible in the distance, but distances in the digital world were deceptive. Supposedly it was only a half hour’s walk from where he was, but it was a rare digimon that braved the ruins and returned, and all who did came back telling stories of different horrors, and rumors persisted about what haunted it.

More than once, Veemon had imagined making the trek and returning with a piece of the ruined cobblestone to prove he’d gone there and returned. With such an achievement under his belt, the other villagers would have no choice but to show him some respect. Or, at least, that’s how Veemon imagined it anyway. He crested the hill, looking out toward the ruins once again and blinking… There was something moving out there, and, all of a sudden, curiosity was pulling him forward as powerfully as the desire for achievement.

Without more than a moment’s hesitation, Veemon started walking down the hill towards the stone village, and, faster than even he’d imagined, he past the tree-line and was looking out at the towers and other structures, not fifty paces away.

“Woah…” the blue digimon said, staring straight up at a massive stone arch… But it wasn’t just stone. Out of the top of each pillar, a glowing, red metal rod was sticking out and glinting with the sunlight. It wasn’t anything Veemon could place, and he doubted anyone else In his village could, either. He continued to walk on, looking inquisitively up at a huge archway that showed the entrance of the structure, and red light swirled in alien shapes and letters all over the stone walls. This wasn’t normal, and, if he had any sense at all, Veemon probably would have turned back… But he still didn’t have any proof of his accomplishment, and who knows what treasures could be hidden inside of a place like this?

As he past deeper, Veemon saw long decrepit machines, clearly once upon a time intended to build something, but so ancient that they likely did nothing now but collect dust. Light was provided by the glowing walls, but it was still dark, so Veemon didn’t catch the flicker of movement until it was literally right in front of him.

“H-hey! Who’s there?” Veemon squeaked, taking a few steps back as a vertical line of light lanced out from a point five paces in front of him and scanned his entire body, bottom to top, then back down to his feet again. He backed up against the wall anxiously, seeing a floating object of some kind as the source of the light, once his eyes adjusted, but it only blinked its camera lens and flew away. Veemon looked around, hearing a groaning course through the factory, and the glowing walls brightened… “Okay, I’ve had my fun, time to go…” The blue and white digimon said to himself, starting to walk back towards the entrance, and very nearly walked into a wall where the door had been moments before…

He wasn’t trapped for long, though. Before Veemon could even process what was going on, a pair of robotic cuffs attached to long, elbowed arms snapped closed around his wrists and picked him up off the ground with as little effort as he might pick up an ear of corn or a fruit from a tree. He squealed, trying to kick his legs as he was dragged up and off the ground, but it did no good. He’d been scanned, and the factory knew exactly where to aim another pair of arms to snap closed around his ankles, then force him down against a factory belt, legs spread as the lighting increased, giving Veemon a view of a huge, densely padded diaper being brought down and unfolded in front of him.

In the factory’s power as Veemon was, he could only squirm his torso uselessly, unable to move any of his limbs against the cuff’s iron and hydraulic grip. His legs were suddenly lifted off the ground, then spread as he was lowered back down to the assembly belt, this time with a diaper beneath him as thick as his fist.

“Hey! What gives? I don’t need those!” Veemon whined, about all he could do under the circumstances, and blushed tremendously as the diaper was powdered before being pulled up between his legs and taped up around his waist with no apparent concern for Veemon’s dignity. He’d more than once been teased about being a baby by his village, and that was the common mode when they were interacting with him. It was humiliating, and Veemon couldn’t keep the blush off of his face as he fought the bindings for all he was worth, but, alas, was unable to break them, but his ordeal was far from over, yet. Another of the cursed hand-arms descended from on high and began gently patting, rubbing and squeezing his diaper, seemingly for no other reason but to distract him and drive home the undeniable fact that he was now stuck in a diaper, something fit only for the smallest and most helpless of digimon. “Let go, I’ll leave, just let me go!”

His demands ignored, the blue and white digimon’s arms and legs were forced together at the wrists and ankles with inexplicable force despite the apparent thin arms that were restraining him, the bulk of his diaper making Veemon spread his knees uncomfortably to compensate for it, and the cries and complaints continued, but, if it heard him, the factory paid no attention, as it surely hadn’t to any of the other digimon who’d been lost here.

The second wave of diapers were different from the first. They had larger, wider, and longer tapes, but were otherwise smaller than the one around his waist, like they were intended for a smaller digimon. For all Veemon’s complaining, he watched in dismay as these secondary diapers were set down lengthwise under his ankles, then wrapped around in a tight spiral before being taped in place very securely. Had they just been normal adhesive tapes, Veemon would have been able to tear them easily, but, by whatever technology was available to whomever or whatever had built this factory, they had made it so snug that he could barely wiggle his bound up ankles, and was as far from breaking the seal between plastic and tape as he was from the moon.

Seconds later, the process was repeated on Veenmon’s squirming hands, except that this time, instead of a ring, his hands were wrapped in more of a circular ball of diaper that was taped up the sides, and at his wrists with the same unbreakable adhesive as before. Now nearly as restrained as he had been with the arms holding him in place, Veemon could only complain and wriggle his limbs as they retreated, the diapers feeling heavy and strong, able to resist his every attempt to escape them, sure as steel.

Again he was pinned, this time with a hand-shaped palm pressing his chest against the belt. He opened his mouth to yell, but was silenced as a spherical ball of diaper was pressed between his jaws and then wrapped around his short snout, sealing it shut around the gag and leaving Veemon literally speechless. Then the arms left him alone, the blue digimon wriggling as best as he could, kicking with both feet and hopping down off the derelict conveyer belt to the floor a few feet below. His padded and restrained feet slipped as they hit the cool, smooth ground, and Veemon fell unceremoniously on one side, still trying to bite through the plastic, padded gag in his mouth, in total futility, of course.

Veemon tried to crawl, but only managed to worm his way across the floor on all fours, inch by inch, but he was still trapped in the factory’s room, his only known exit having closed up when the building roared to life and did… well, this to him.

“Mmmmnphhhh…” Veemon groaned uselessly as he inched his way around, so frustrated and anxious that he didn’t notice the obstruction to his path until he had literally bumped his nose into the blue, pillowy bulk of a giant foot. Incredulous, he looked up slowly, and, if he wasn’t gagged and muzzled, he would have gaped up at what he saw. A giant veemon, much like himself, was towering over the blue digimon. It was almost four times the height of a normal veemon, and the vastly smaller Veemon had never heard of one so big… But, he realized, this was no ordinary veemon.

For one, the giant faux-digimon wasn’t data… Or anything else Veemon recognized, for that matter. It was a synthetic, not alive in the traditional sense, and only animated by some force he couldn’t understand, and had been molded into the shape and form of a veemon. Then he saw the tapes and seams along its white underbelly and along the outside of its legs, and knew right away that it was, like his restraints and the padding between his legs, some sort of living diaper creature…

The giant diaper veemon knelt down in front of the little blue digimon, reaching over and opening its chest wide with a hand, ever so slowly and enticingly, and could easily have scooped Veemon inside of it, but didn’t. Inside there was an indentation about the size of him, actually, even with his current restraints. Obviously it wanted Veemon to crawl in, but the terrified little digimon had no intention of doing anything like, and started to frantically crawl back away, huffing and shaking his head despite the diaper wrapped around his face and gagging him. It looked unhappy about this, and turned its head upward as something akin to an electrically sparking headband lowered down towards the crawling, wiggling veemon, who had started to turn away and thus didn’t see what was coming, suspended between two of the multi-purpose black arms until it was too late.

Veemon squeaked in shock as the device snapped around his head and delivered a light electric jolt to him. His hands immediately went upward to grasp at it, but any attempt to remove the electric ring was fruitless, and other sensations flooded in, distracting the little digimon from any desire to struggle or fight.

Suddenly, the thick, comfortable padding against his rump felt… Good. It was cozy and snug, totally relaxing to Veemon, and he promptly sat down on his diapered posterior just to feel the padding press closer against his skin, and to hear the crinkling dance across his ears, anxiety totally forgotten as the factory modified his programming to fit with what it wanted, what the proper mode of thought towards diapers were.

Veemon preened and giggled past his gag, going droopy eyed suddenly and wiggling his fingers and toes around in their diaper prisons, enjoying every little touch of the plastic backing and silky interior. It was safety. Safety and comfort that he’d never known at his village, constantly jived at and mocked by the other digimon, and given the most degrading and unimportant chores as though he were nothing more than a helpless child. But here he was wanted. He didn’t know why, but, on a deep, personal level, this place wanted him here, needed him even, and it was liberating to know someone, even something, needed him. And, when they made such comfortable provisions for him, how could he refuse?

His reprogramming complete, Veemon’s headband was removed, and he just laid there on the floor of the factory for a few minutes, wiggling around in his padded restraints and diapered rear, enjoying every crinkle and rustle of the plastic, every soft touch of the silky interior against his body, just as the hypnotic ring had instructed him to. But, snapping back into the present somewhat, Veemon realized that there was someone waiting on him. The giant, smiling diaper critter was still waiting with the front of its body open to him, invitingly kneeling and laying down a hand for him to crawl onto, and, faintly, smiling across its rustling, synthetic face.

Veemon obeyed the welcome, and would have smiled in return if he hadn’t been muzzled, inching his way across the floor towards the great figure, and purred with satisfaction at this turn of events. He wasn’t being held captive, but being taken into a warmer, cozier, more comforted existence where he would be free to indulge himself in the otherworldly pleasures that his diapers provided him forever. The blue digimon put his balled up hands onto the shiny, synthetic arm, and started crawling up into the yawning void of the giant veemon’s chest. It raised up slightly, rumbling with whatever energy kept it animated, and wrapped both giant arms around Veemon, hugging him close to its enormously thick padding, then, without concern, pulled him inside.

Within the giant veemon, there was a vaguely cylindrical spot that Veemon fit quite nicely into, looking out at the factory as his new diaper prison rose and started to walk forward, through the same door that Veemon had entered through, but which had closed to prevent his escape before the reprogramming. Between the huge, lumbering steps, it reached over and, one at a time, took the tapes from its opened chest compartment and taped them up on the other side, blocking Veemon’s vision bit by bit. It took a good five minutes to complete, the blue digimon wriggling what little he could inside the silky soft padding, pressing inward on him from every direction and from the shoulders down, resisting him strongly when he tried to squirm, total encasement. And yet Veemon felt no anxiety at all, only the sincerest form of flattery and comfort that, of all the digimon in his village, he’d been chosen to receive this gift. And he even forgave his fellow villagers for their jests and teasing at his expense, too, because, without them, he never would have come here to prove himself.

Veemon purred with satisfaction, relaxing totally and letting his mind go blank, immersing his entire being into the warm, infinitely soft padding as it gently kneaded him with the great diaper golem’s movements, and, as the second before last tape was done up, leaving only a thin strip of light and vision at eye level for Veemon to see through, all the rest of him thoroughly encased from the neck down, he saw not the red and grey interior of the factory, but the green fields and forests of his home valley, his village off in the distance, but perfectly visible from the vantage point he’d been brought to, and, as the final tape sealed Veemon into his eternal, crinkly prison, he purred with contentment, happy to spend the rest of forever wriggling and enjoying his great companion.

The kneading stopped as the giant diaper suit went still, both hands rising to squeeze and press on Veemon’s diapered crotch, despite the two feet of padding that separated it from him, and it felt so good that he wanted nothing more than to crawl his way back to the village and invite the rest of them to come and enjoy a diapered existence with him, too, and, if they wouldn’t come, he’d find a way to bring them… for their own good.

As his mind faded slowly, Veemon got a sort of clarity, the permanence of his entrapment settling on him as light as a feather. The only thing that could possibly be better, would be if the others could come and enjoy this fate with him. They could still be a village, together, all diapered and trapped contentedly inside giant diaper critters like his. Wasn’t this so much better than searching day in and day out for food? Foraging for a living and running daily from some of the nastier digimon that were out there? He pondered this, relaxing entirely as his last thoughts passed through him, then went silent. Maybe they would come after him, figuring where he’d gone, and he could expect them any day now. With that final loose end tied up in his mind, Veemon drifted off into insensibility, the soft padding between his legs being pleasantly rubbed, back and forth, up and down by the giant suit he was encased by, and everything perfectly right with the world.



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