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by akemikaneko

Chapter 1

To put it simply, Ethan was your slightly above average guy. Decent looking, with a nice toned but not overly muscular body. A little body hair, a slightly above average cock, and a good job as a nurse at a local Hospital.

At 29 years old, he was very happy with his life. He had a good wage, a few close friends and no major cares in the world.


He had decided to spend his weekend away from work in a casual, relaxed way. So Saturday lunchtime was spent in a small cafe in London St James's Park, followed by a walk whilst playing Pokemon Go.


Ethan had not been paying much attention to where he was walking, the sound of the fountains and crowds of people had faded a while ago, and now he walked a path which was less well kept, cans and packets littered the poorly kept hedges, and the pavement was cracked with weeds poking through. This was fine, he felt he was perfectly safe, he occasional jogger passed him, and a group of teenage girls had just walked passed as well, it was a quieter, but still frequently used area. 


"Oh, fuck" he gasped, his phone falling to the floor as he stumbled backwards, having walked into something tall and firm, his forehead smacking into the mans chin hard.. He looked up and saw a man standing before him, a foot taller than he was, and broader but only by a little. The man looked to be in his mid-forties, and was well dressed in black trousers and a white shirt. "Sorry! Sorry that was me, distracted" Ethan apologised, picking up his phone and groaned a little.


"It's quite alright, is your phone okay Ethan?" the man asked, looking politely concerned. "Nah...Screen is smashed to pieces and the buttons don't....how do you know my name?" Ethan asked, looking up at the man suddenly, his damaged phone all but forgotten.


The man grinned "Conrad Version...you assisted me with a vasectomy last week...oh but you only ever see me with scrubs and a mask" He chuckled. Ethans fear faded away "Oh! Yes I didn't recognise you, I am so sorry!" he laughed as well.


"No problem, sorry about your phone, and it seems that bump on the head was a bit hard too, come sit" he said, taking Ethans shoulder and directed him to a weak looking park bench."I think I am...okay" Ethan said, allowing himself to be steered towards the bench and sat.


"Best to be safe...Old habit from my days as a Nurse, much like yourself!" The Doctor smiled and crouched down, looking at the small red bump "Seems my chin is harder than your head" he chuckled, "Shouldn't bruise though" he noted, then moved his gaze down to Ethans eye level.


"Blink three times for me...look left, right, up...and down...good, very good, look straight ahead...over my left shoulder...no left shoulder...that's it...good" The Doctor said, smiling the whole time. "Any pain? And strange sensations?" he asked.


Ethan frowned, he followed all the usual checks for concussion, which he felt was unnecessary, it was a mild bump on the head "No, I'm fine" he said, blinking to clear his vision. "uh...I think" he added, using his hand to rub his eyes.


"Hmm, blurred vision? It's alright, lay back on the bench for me...there we go. Close your eyes for a moment...yes good" The Doctor said soothingly. "now, just let me feel around, see if I missed anything" came Dr Versions soothing voice. Ethan flinched briefly as fingers began to gently caress his forehead, checking for bumps or cuts no doubt. 


Ethan lay there, embarrassed that someone from work was having to do this for him. Still, he answered all of the questions put to him. "Really..I'm okay, I'm 29 years old...just a bump on the head, No I live alone....It'll pass in a moment, I've not drank anything for a while and it is hot out, No girlfriend, we broke up six months ago....its Saturday...Pokemon Go...Phone broke" he murmured.


Doctor Version smiled to himself, he was standing now, no longer touching Ethan, just asking questions. "Good, Ethan, you have a sever concussion, you know this to be true, your medical training tells you that you need my assistance" He said soothingly. "You will stand and follow me, I am a friend from work, I am here to help you, do as I say and you will be perfectly fine"


Ethan slowly sat up, trembling all over, looking pale "I...so sorry, my head....Can...Can you help me home?" he asked, his words filled with effort. Ethan found himself being helped to his feet. The Doctor said that his car was not far away, and that Ethan would accompany him back to The Doctors home first.


After that, things were very fuzzy. Ethan was pretty sure he remembered being in the car, sat in the front seat whilst the Doctor spoke and the radio played some unknown music. 


Ethan sat upright, sweating and pale, looking around himself. He was wearing only the shorts he had on earlier that day, and was in an unknown bed, in an unknown room. "H..Hello? Hello?!" he called, his voice shaking with confusion and fear.  The memories of what had happened earlier that day began to filter through his mind, just as the bedroom door opened.


"Ethan! It's okay, calm...Remember me? It's alright, you passed out for a few minutes...nice and easy, you had a nasty bump on the head" The Doctor said soothingly, walking over to the bed.


"I...I ran into you...my head hurt a little but...I...Yea I am fine now...Perhaps heat stroke? I do not think it was a concussion" Ethan said slowly, pulling the covered up over his chest as he sat up right. 


The Doctor smiled down at Ethan, standing next to the bed. "No, you are quite right Ethan, you did not have a Concussion" the Doctor nodded. "It was a very simple, rather crude form of Hypnotic Suggestion, I simply needed to get you to agree to come back to my house" he gestured around him. "Now you are here, there is no need for me to lie. You see, ever since you joined the Hospital, I have wanted you. Now, do not get a big head, you are attractive enough yes, but I wanted you for your potential!" The Doctor grinned, leaning closer. "I have arranged for a death certificate to be issued in your name, your body was left to medical science, how generous of you"


Ethan stared up at the Doctor, a horrible, gut wrenching sensation coming over him. "W..What? What are you...I don't understand....I need to get home" he said, swiftly standing up and pushed past the Doctor, heading quickly for the door. 


"Ethan, you are paralysed from the waist down." Doctor Version said with a cold smile.


Ethan instantly fell to the floor, his legs would not move, he couldn't feel anything below his waist! "What the...no...no how..how have you...Doctor please! What are you doing?!" He yelled, turning onto his back and pushed himself into a sitting position, tears streaking his cheeks. 


"I have spent three days programming you...oh yes, three days...we met in the past three days ago, since then you have been here and now...now you are ready....I have full and total control over your mind and body....and I have so much planned..." The Doctor smirked darkly, walking over to Ethan.


"Don't believe me?" he asked, the friendly tone replaced with a cold, mocking one. "Hm, Ethan, you are unable to breath"


It felt as though an invisible hand had clamped over his mouth and nose. Despite how hard he tried, he was unable to draw breath. Ethans hand groped at his mouth and throat, searching for the cause of his asphyxiation, to no avail. 

In desperation, he rolled over and pulled himself with his arms towards the Doctor, his eyes red, his face a light shade of purple.


"Oh, you believe me now? Very well, Ethan, your breathing returns to normal." The Doctor chuckled lightly.


Ethan lay on the floor, panting harshly, drool running down his chin, his useless legs splayed out behind him. He felt a hand on his chin as his head was tilted up.


"I can do that when ever I wish...I can do anything at all...I can even command your heart to stop...so, you had better behave..." The Doctor smirked, looking down at the man on the floor, still gasping for breath, legs currently useless.



Chapter 2

Ethan was laid in his bed, staring up at the ceiling as the early morning sunlight began to lighten the room.It had been two weeks since The Doctor had brought him here. Two weeks of mental training and abuse. He had to admit, The Doctor was smart, very smart. He covered every possible scenario. If Ethan tried to leave the house, he would freeze in possition. If Ethan attempted to contact the outside world, he would be instantly knocked unconsious by some unseen force.Ethan had once thought to kill The Doctor, two days ago, using the fire poker. The thought had only just crossed his mind, when suddenly he found himself standing and walking towards the fire. He picked up the poker and let the tip rest on his throat. Inside of his head, he was screaming, willing his hand to let go of the poker. He had remaind standing in that possition for twenty minutes, by which time The Doctor had woken and entered the room with a chuckle. Ethan was told that this was a warning, and the next time he wanted to cause The Doctor harm, Ethan would complete his act, and not freeze.So, there he lay, staring at the ceiling. The Doctor had told him that today was the day. His training was complete, and that finally The Doctor had the toy he ahd dreamed of.At that moment, the door opened and in walked The Doctor. "Ethan, you will stand before me and smile as though seeing me is the most wonderful thing" Same that smooth voice. Ethan pushed back his covers and stood, wearing only a pair of knee length shorts. He stood before The Doctor, beaming a huge smile."Good lad...yes good....lets see now..." Said The Doctor, circling Ethan slowly. "I've already got what I need...your mind is now perfect, but the body...well...we shall soon improve on it" He muttered, more to himself than to Ethan. The Doctor looked up into Ethans eyes, then smirked "You are going to be stunning...utter perfection..." He purred, running a hand down Ethans cheek tenderly. "Ethan...undress me with care"Ethan stepped forward, his smile gone, replaced with an expression of horror, fear and disgust. Slowly and tenderly he undressed The Doctor, folding each item of clothing and setting them aside. Ethan stepped back, cheeks slightly pink. "Ethan, describe my body in relation to yours..." Came The Doctors voice."You are about one foot taller than me. You are broad and muscular, where as I am slender but toned...you have a lot of dark body hair, I have a small amount of brown body hair..." Ethan began saying, looking The Doctor over. "Your cock is about...six inches long flaccid, where mine is four and a half flaccid, and six hard" He turned bright red at that point."Ethan, be silent" The Doctor smiled, "Yes, good...Ethan, get onto all fours now....from thsi point on, you will only walk on all fours unless otherwise commanded" The Doctor said sternly. Ethen fell to all fours, "But...no..please stop this!" He struggled to stand up, but found himself unable to balance on two legs, and fell back onto all fours. "You can't do this! This is inhumane!" he yelled.The Doctor grinned, enjoying watching the boy struggle. "It is, but that is fine, you are hardly human anymore...Ethan, remove your underwear"Ethan reached down whilst on his knees and pulled his boxers off, letting them fall to the floor. "Fuck you...you won't get way with this! I'll stop you, someone will..""Ethan, unless my cock is in your mouth, it will feel as though you are being fucked by a horse" Came the Doctors voice.Ethan screamed, intense, explosive paid suddenly splintering up his spine. It felt as though his pelcis woudl break any second. He swiftly crawled forward and latched onto The Doctors soft cock. The pain vanished, tears streaked his cheeks, his eyes closed."Better? Good boy...See, I can cause pain, but I can stop it as well" The Doctor slowly began pulling away from Ethan, then grinned as the boy crawled forward, desperate to keep the mans cock inside his mouth. The doctor began growing hard, watching this desperate display of dependance. Ethans lips were slowly forced apart by the growing cock, which must have measured just over eight inches in length, and very thick. "Good boy Ethan...see, my cock is good, it helps you, helps you to feel safe and secure, no pain...." The Doctor said, then quickly stepped back, laughing as Ethan screamed once again in agony, writhing on the floor, desperate to get The Doctors cock back in his mouth."Please!!! No oh fuck, please help! Please!" Came Ethans screamed, loud and filled with agony. It was a benefical thing that The Doctor lived so far from another, his closest neighbor being almost fifteen miles away.Ethan crawled forward, groaping out with one hand and finally found The Doctors leg. He moved closer and whilst screaming, blindly searched for that thick, hard cock. Upon locating it, he swiftly slid The Doctors manhood into his mouth and remained there, on all fours, sobbing intently around the dick lodged between his lips."Ethan, the pain is no more, you will not feel the agony if you remove my cock from your mouth, but you find that your lips have fused to the base of my cock" Smirked The Doctor, sitting down on the edge of the bed with Ethans head between his legs.Of course, Ethans lips had not fused to The Doctors cock, but his mind believed that they had.Ethan tugged his head backwards, eyes widening in horror. His lips were stuck! He couldn't get away. He struggled more, pulling his head back as hard as he could, desperate to get the dick out of his mouth.The Doctor groaned softly, the pitiful attempts by Ethan giving him great pleasure. "Ethan...continue to try...good boy...you believe that massaging my balls gently might help...."Ethans hands gently cupped The Doctors massive balls, carefully massaging them whilst trying to remove his mouth from the cock.The Doctor was panting now, his hips gently rolling, trusting his Cock deeper into Ethans mouth. "Ethan...mmm...You will swallow my cum..." he grunted, then groaned loudly, emptying his balls into the poor boys mouth.A vile, hot, salty liquid filled his mouth, he wanted to vomic but found himself swallowing every drop, sucking until no more spurted from the thick cock head pressed against the back of his throat."Ethan...you can remove yourself from my cock, and upon doing so, you will cum on the floor, until I tell you to stop. The Doctor panted lightly, looking down.Ethan felt the cock slide from his lips. The moment it was free, he yelled loudly, spurting his own load from a flaccid cock onto the floor. Sat on all fours, he continued cumming."Ethan, you will howl like a pup whilst you cum..."Ethan howled loudly, throwing back his head, squirting load after load, the longer this went on, the weaker and more painful the orgasm became."Ethan, you still stop cumming....good boy..." The Dotor grinned. "Ethan...clean up your mess with your tongue, I do not want a single drop of your pathetic cum on my wooden floor!" The Doctor yelled, slapping Ethan across the face.Ethan crouched down on all fours and began lapping at his large puddle of cum. "No..oh fuck, I hate...please, Doctor please why?! Its..." he gagged and heaved the entire time, spending almost five minutes licking the wooden floor."Ethan, sit." The Doctor said, smiling as Ethan sat like a Puppy. "Ethan, you have no human voice, only the voice of a dog." The Doctor stood up and smirked as Ethan began barking, lookign desperate once more, groaping at his throat whilst yelping and whimpering. "Ethan, quiet!" The Doctor snapped, slapping the boy once more. "You should be greatful for me letting you cum...it will be the last time you get to use that pathetic excuse of a manhood...." The Doctor grinned darkly. "Ethan, follow."The Doctor walked out of the room, follwoed by Ethan on all fours, trembling all over, tears once more streaking his cheeks.Ethan was lead down the hallway and through a door he had not been in before. It was difficult, crawling down the staircase on all fours.When he reached the bottom of the steps, he looked up and saw the only thing that could make his situation worse. He was in the Basement, the floors, walls and ceiling were all white tiles, there were stainless steel cabints and shelves, and in the center of the room, a large, cold looking, stainless steel operating table. Ethan began backing away, whimpering loudly, shaking his head, looking in desperation up at The Doctor."Whats that? I'm sorry Ethan, I do not speak dog...if you can tell me that you want freedom, in English, then I will allow you to leave, jsut as you were when I took you" The Doctor grinned, looking down at Ethan.Barks and yelps and whimpers came from Ethans lips, but not a single word. He screamed in his head that he wanted freedom, but he was unable to voice it. "No? Okay then, I will take that as concent...Ethan, you will stand and lay on the operating table......."

Chapter 3

The hard, cold metal stung his naked skin as Ethan lay down on the steel slab like table in the centre of the room. His voice was still that of a dogs, and pathetic whimpers were all that came from his lips.The Doctor strapped Ethan's wrists and ankles to the table using thick leather straps. "You've no idea just how lucky you are, Ethan, being born to look so average, you are the perfect candidate" he said in an almost affectionate tone. "Ethan, you may speak English again" He added as an after thought."Please...don't do this, I have a life, this isn't fair!" He half sobbed, half whispered. "I'll do anything, just...What are you going to do to me?" he asked. It was very clear that the Doctor had no intention on letting Ethan go. The Doctor was now with his back to Ethan, taking bottles from a steel cabinet and placing them on a small table. "You're life is mine now, Ethan, and as for what I am going to do to you...."He turned around with a fairly large syringe, and a very large grin. "I think I will leave that as a surprise for you" He approached Ethan and used a small Alcohol wipe to clean the boys neck. Ethan lay there on the bed, trembling all over, his eyes closed tightly. There was a sudden sharp pain in his neck, followed by the sensation of something cold trickling down his throat.The next thing he was aware of, was a very bright light, right above him. Slowly the blurred light came into focus, and he could see the fluorescent lights and white tiled ceiling of....his heart sank as he realised just where he was. "You certainly took your time to wake up" Came the Doctors voice. "No no, remain still until the effects of the drugs are mostly gone" he said, coming over and leaned over Ethan, smiling down at him.The Doctor was wearing surgical gear. His hair covered, a mouth mask pulled down around his throat, an apron with a small amount of blood.Ethan's eyes widened at the sight of that. "What...did you do?" he asked, his throat rough and dry. He was still strapped down, and his entire body felt heavy and weak."Firstly, how many fingers am I holding up?" The Doctor asked, then sighed "Ethan, you will answer every question I ask you. How many fingers am I holding up?" Ethan answered each question he was asked. Once the Doctor was satisfied that Ethan's mental abilities were back to normal, he gently poured a little water into Ethan's mouth."I have implanted you with...a number...of microscopic robots. They are located within your skull, at each of your vertebrae, within your genitals and your heart. As we speak, they are spreading throughout your entire body and will soon be attached to every single cell you have" he grinned a rather disturbing grin. "They duplicate themselves you see, I implanted them at strategic locations to minimise the time they would need to fully...infest you I suppose would be the correct term" he laughed.Ethan listened with wide eyes. His body was full of tiny robots?! "But, what? Why would you..." He was cut off by the Doctor"Ethan, silence." The Doctor said, unstrapping the boy. "They completed their first objective, to infest you, half an hour ago. I then commanded you, whilst unconscious, to heal yourself." He grinned, "All of your wounds are healed, not so much as a scratch on you"Ethan remained silent. It was far too much to think that the Doctor simply wanted to make him heal fast. "You have still not figured it out?" The Doctor asked, raising an eyebrow and smiled. "Your mind is mine, and now so is your body. Ethan, stand, keep your eyes on me..."Ethan found himself standing, his eyes remained fixed on the Doctor. He was now stood by the operating table, fully naked. "I have programmed them with a few DNA strains, I will be sure to increase their range at a future date" The Doctor informed Ethan, slowly walking over to him, dragging a large object covered with a cloth."These are just a few...tester improvement, do not worry, we will get far more creative..."The Doctor pulled back the covered, revealing a mirror.His reflection stared back at him, mouth hanging open slightly, his expression one of utter confusion and horror. His hair, once fairly short and messy, was now dirty blond, long on top with buzzed sides and back and pushed back into a modern style.Ethan's face was more angular, with a strong jaw, straight nose and more stubble than he had ever had before. His shoulders, arms and torso were bulging with tight, firm muscle, and a dusting of body hair, enough to be manly, but not so much that he was bear like.His legs, too were muscular and well shaped. He had to be 6"5 now, at least.Behind him an ample bubble butt jutted out, complete with its own light hair coating.All of these changes would have been great, any man would have done anything to look like this. He was handsome, well built, the perfect man, almost.Ethan's eyes were fixed on his crotch. Where once hung an average, but perfectly acceptable cock and balls, was now neatly trimmed pubic hair, surrounding two plump, vertical lips.https://78.media.tumblr.com/a5c52e572f196ee572e0cbaff355a0d3/tumblr_p6qcwptp0e1x6mpaao1_540.jpg (Too see Ethan's new body, follow the link)"Yes, yes quite amazing" The Doctor said, coming over and stood next to Ethan "So handsome, so masculine, and yet not a Man at all!" He grinned enthusiastically. "In all other areas you are male, but your genitalia and reproductive system is female...Stunning" he sighed contently, running a hand down Ethan's thick, muscular arm.Tears were streaming down Ethan's face, he silently stared at his reflections pussy, praying that when he looked down between his legs, he would till have a cock. That didn't happen, of course. He looked down and let out a mortified cry."Oh, Ethan, It can be reversed, I can give you a cock again, I can give you two, or perhaps a horses cock? How about a literal third leg?" The Doctor smirked, that dark look back in his eyes."Ethan, Touch your pussy, play with it, explore it" The Doctor commanded softly.Ethan felt his right hand move to between his legs. An entirely new, alien sensation washed over him. Pleasure, oh yes it was pleasurable. His middle finger gently slid between his velvety soft lips, gently exploring his new body part.He gasped lightly and panted, wanting not to enjoy it as much as he was. Just as the wonderful sensation began to over take his humiliation and disgust, The Doctor spoke."Ethan, on all fours, good boy!" The Doctor said, grinning as Ethan dropped to all fours. "There's a good boy! Lets see...Ethan, you will now grow a canine tail, that of a...German Shepherd" He said, having taken a moment to consider his choice.Ethan screamed suddenly. A burst of white hot pain pulsated from the area just above his ass. Along with his pain filled cries, the sound of cracking bone could be heard as the new appendage was formed. "Ethan, your ears will reshape into the form of a German Shepherds ears." He added, biting his lip as Ethan rolled over in pain.The Doctor watched the poor boy changing, his ears lengthening and turning pointed, dark hairs beginning to grow on them, as well as his newly grown tail. The Doctor reached down and began stroking his growing bulge, watching his boy in blissful agony as he did.Ethan was unsure how long he had been quiet now. The pain had faded away, but he was still trembling all over, sweaty and scared to move from fear of another burst of agony. There was something behind him, he could feel it and knew full well that it was his new tail. His ears too felt alien. Larger, furry and more sensitive. "Ethan, sit!" Came the Doctors voice. Ethan moved quickly, sitting just like a Dog would when commanded. "Ethan, once again you are unable to speak any human language, you have the voice of a dog" The Doctor said, taking something from a cabinet.The Doctor lent down and fastened a heavy leather collar around Ethan's neck, chuckling as Ethan began barking and growling, no doubt cursing The Doctors name, threatening him and the like."Ethan, just so you know, I can command your heart to stop, I could Have your body fully reform into a pig, or simply melt away into semen" The Doctor said, smiling as Ethan fell silent and whimpered softly, his tail between his legs. "Good boy...accept your fate Ethan" He smiled, pointing to the stairs "Follow" The Doctor left the basement, Ethan following on all fours behind him.


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