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Stacy's Mom and the secret of the white wedding

by EMG

Stacy's Mom and the secret of the white wedding

Stacy’s Mother was so proud, the tears welled up in her eyes, Her Daughter looked stunningly beautiful in the white Wedding Dress with its long flowing train and pink trim bits the satin tie back finished it off a treat.
The Florist had done a fabulous job with the bouquets, White roses and Pink Roses made up the centre piece of the bouquets they set her Daughter off a treat. The beautician and Hairdresser could not have done a better job it was a perfect sight to Alison It was a Mothers Dream and Stacy’s Mom was no different to any one else’s in that respect the only difference was Alison bore a dark secret that only she knew about..
The Groom was pleased as punch he had a stunning lady to be his lovely wife, he was so happy. The Organ sounded and the couple made their way to the Alter and stood in front of the Priest, they exchanged vows, People were asked if there was any reason why the marriage should not go ahead but no-one replied, Alison trembled inside but gave a little sigh of relief that the hardest part was now over.
Rings were exchanged then the Priest uttered the words “I now pronounce you man and wife* Alison relaxed She had seen her lifetime dream of seeing her daughter married to a man with a good income that would raise both Stacy’s and her social status. Those last 7 words had been a final trigger that would ensure nobody ever knew the truth as it ensured and remained deep memories Stacy had were obliterated forever. As she pondered these thoughts she could her Priest utter “You may kiss the Bride’ the tears increased in flow on Alison’s face but they were tears of abject joy. She walked out of the church next to Stacy into bright sunlight and a hail of rice and confetti. She chatted with the guests and posed for the usual photos then saw Stacy off in the Bridal Carriage; she would catch up with her at the Reception
Stacy a pretty petit girl of 5ft 5in with Platinum blond hair she had a figure to die for and only an 18inch waist She had been dating Thomas for about a year now, he was charming, Debonair and everything you could want, Amusing witty, and vary romantic and to Alison most important totally loaded. Though as yet there had been no sex between the pair of them.
Both had been brought up with the old fashioned attitude of no sex before Marriage Alison had, had a hand in the choice of Thomas as suitor, she had to make sure he was the right man or her plans could be unravelled neither he or Stacy could ever have an inkling of what she had done in the past or that she was now controlling the entire event totally. She smiled their was the fabulous reception to attend then she would see the happy couple off on their Honeymoon She had ensured that they took her little gift, it was an MP3 player with some special tune she had selected for them she had left a note with it to ensure they played it before sleeping it would ensure when they woke from the trance it would put them into that the two of them would engage in the wildest sex they had ever engaged in, but also it would make both of them her slaves for ever and she had plans for the two of them they would return and invite her to live in Thomas’s old house with them there she would use her hypnosis powers to turn them into her totally obedient household staff Thomas would have to be totally feminized of course too, It just would not do to have a man around, but that was for another time first let them have some time together and have their fun. and there would be time a plenty for that She would have to sure Thomas signed over the power access to his Company and therefore his vast fortune to her. But first she would get him to get her a job in his company like he had done for Stacy, then she could bring him down from within.
Alison was not pure evil but had been scheming for a day like this for as long as she could remember, she knew what needed to be done but she needed a daughter, a son just would not do, it would not be the same but Alison hated men so had never married, this was a fly in the ointment of her plan IVF was going to be just to expensive.
Having pondered on this she decided she would just have to bite the bullet and this is where our journey starts
It was a hot July night in 1988 Alison had done herself up checked her calendar and doubled checked to make sure it was the right time of the month, she was going to hate every minute of the next few days but she was not going to keep trying it would have to be this time.
She went to a bar in town where she had heard she would have no trouble. getting what she wanted, she walked in ordered a drink and sat and waited, sure enough it only took 30 minutes for a man to come on to her. She went with him to the cab of his Rig and mechanically went through the motions with this man hating every moment; she did this with up to 5 men each night until her Colander told her it was no longer the right time.
That’s it she said to herself after the last session lets hope it worded, She had been vary careful, she had made sure she never knew who they were and most importantly they never knew who she was either, they had all been from well out of town too. If and more importantly when Stacy asked about his father she would make up some hog wash story about her throwing him out for being a drunkard
A few weeks later she realised that she had been successful she had taken the test regularly and it now said she was pregnant, she was overjoyed. She went out shopping buying lots of baby girl stuff ready for the big day. She wanted a daughter badly and she was going to have a daughter, a little thing like nature was not going to stand in her way.
She furnished the Nursery in Pink and bought girly baby toys to fill it she was in her element
Finally she was taken into hospital to have the baby delivered, no one attended with her, and she went through a long and painful labour vowing never to go through this again. Eventually totally wracked with pain and exhausted she gave birth to a 5 pound 11oz baby Boy
Although Alison was crestfallen, her mind was already scheming, this is what she had always been good at, coming up with cunning plans, and more importantly implementing them. She decides that as she had not given birth to a girl the baby boy would have to become one. She would start by giving him a girl’s name. But she realised that while to child was young she would have to visit various Doctors Child welfare officers and then there would be the tricky situation of school. She would have to deal with those one at a time as they arose, but for now she could dress the baby in pink, without too many questions being asked and he could wear the really frilly baby dress in doors.
The time came to register the baby’s name she chose the name Stacy she deliberately spelt it that way omitting the ‘e’ usually used in the male spelling. But would claim there was a mix up if it was ever queried. As it happened no one did mainly because as Stacy grew as a toddler he was always seen in the most feminine girl’s dresses, he was never ever allowed to wear trousers or anything that could be miss construed as male. He always had pretty bows in his long hair and wore Mary Jane Shoes; He played with Dolls and other girl toddler stuff. He had never seen any boy stuff ever and his mother chose his friends carefully so that he never came into contact with brothers each girl selected for him had to be an only child or have sisters only.
On they days where he had to go see healthcare professionals or other officials he was dressed in one of only a few sets of male clothes this ploy worked fine up until it was time for Stacy to go to Kindergarten.
There had been problems then, Alison had to get Stacy’s hair cut she chose a style that could be either boy or girl but he dressed as a boy. Initially an introduction to a world with males in it was a bit of a shock to Stacy but he soon adapted
Alison knew she would have to put her plans on hold until he left school but she would keep him under s strict regime, He could dress as a boy, but boy toys and games were strictly out. This regime was kept going by the threat that he would be forced to wear girls clothes at home if he didn’t follow the rules. Being a typical boy this punishment was frequently applied.
As he grew and became more outspoken the more he had to wear the clothes, On one occasion he had ripped them off so his mother had made him wear the frilliest dresses she could buy but had made him special padded mittens which soon put an end to this.
Alison though did have restraints; she had and would never ever hit Stacy. In most ways she was a good and loving mom; it was just in respect to gender that she would not be altered
When Stacy reached the age of 10 Alison realised Stacy would start to hit puberty, This was going to be a problem but Alison would have to ride it until Stacy was old enough for he to take the actions for her to regain control.
Stacy’s Adolescence was a difficult one, he had been given more freedom by Alison (She was already working on how she was going to regain control and letting Stacy have a normal teen life would actually make her plans easier,
She had educated Stacy well, she had told him all about the ‘Facts of life’ but also about having moral standard, treat girls well, no sex before marriage, she had also installed impeccable manners in him.
As Stacy went through High school he gained an interest in music and in matters of the mind, as he called them. One day while cleaning up in his room Alison came across a book on hypnotism and a sheet of paper sticking out of a page, she opened it to a page on teach yourself hypnotism, the bit of paper had a web address on it. Alison went to the site it was a site with various types of hypnosis ideas on it. Alison read through the Headers and found one that excited her no end
She read the files and got more excited, she could use his own interest against him, that would make things a lot easier She bought an MP3 player and found some instructions on making files She learnt fast, she made a file that would control his sexual feelings and embedded it under his favourite music she then put it on the MP3 player, then gave it to him as a present. He loved the new toy and played it all the time, not ever realising that the more he listened to the music the more it was instructing him to do so. And in doing so it was programming to think the way Alison wanted him too.
He never showed much interest in Girls they just never interested him, he was actually smaller and thinner then most he went to school with, but he did have more then an interest in men especially the Athletic types
Having chatted to his friends at school, (he was still not allowed any at home) for several weeks he had decided to come out Gay. He agonised about telling his mom, but when he finally did he was surprised how calm and receptive to it she was.
Alison chuckled inwardly, it had worked and better then she could ever have expected Stacy would be 16 in a few days, old enough Alison thought for me to reclaim control.
For his birthday she made him a file that made him never want to wear male clothes again ever
She spent a few weeks creating a play list to put on the MP3 player this one would have Stacy becoming hooked on make up and feminising his hair style, he had always worn it long even once he had been given more freedoms, he listened and over the next few months had started wearing make up out of the house and had acquired an androgynous visual look, he had started to wear feminine clothes he would regularly dress as a Goth Girl or in leather.
One day she told him he was looking a bit peaky but knew some pills that would help, she ordered the strongest strength of those she wanted from a no questions asked online supplier
Another file would tell his mind these tablets were working wonders and made him addicted to taking them he took them every day in the dosage his mom had suggested without question
As he approached his 17th birthday his chest was beginning to prelude and was getting more sensitive Alison increased the dosage. Alison had to have Stacy ready for her 18th Birthday, that was when she would receive the present that would make Alison’s day, and if things have gone to plan Stacy’s too.
Stacy was now at college and was attracting a lot of attention, both good and bad, he was a victim of cruel teasing, but had also caught the eyes of several other lads, most of them were Gay but one Thomas seemed infatuated by Stacy, Thomas was 4 years older then Stacy and had recently inherited the family home after his parents had died inn an Air Crash whilst on a business trip, Thomas grieving and alone had latched onto Stacy within a week of the start of College. They were hardly ever seen apart, Thomas did not seem to be worried by Stacy who was becoming more and more feminine each day.
As the year went on they grew closer still, and Stacy decided to take him home to his house, he had never had a male friend at home so was unsure how his mother would react, he knew she had issues with men but had just accepted this. Having made up his mind he had told his mom of his intentions, his mom then decided to interrogate her son about this man, as Stacy told her what he knew she smiled to herself, this lad could turn out to be the ideal foil for her plan She said much to Stacy’s surprise “of course you can bring your friend home. So on this Wednesday they headed back to Stacy’s home Stacy introduced Thomas to his mom and they spent most of this first night cordially chatting, Alison was fishing for the information that would let her proceed with her plan.
The talk had started small about what Thomas was studying and how he and her son had met, she was careful not to mention the events of his parent’s death until he brought up the subject himself. Thomas had explained he was doing courses in finance, and Business studies, then he would ultimately join and finally take over the running of his fathers brokering company.
Alison was engrossed, this guy was perfect he was she could see (though he tried to hide it) more then interested in Stacy. This would make things a lot easier, He knew Stacy was male but he could not suppress how he reacted to what was in front of him every time he saw Stacy, it just made something flip in his head. Alison had been carefully plying him with alcohol all night and by then end of the evening he had blurted this out. Stacy had gone bright red, not realising the full extent of Thomas’s interest, but was frilled and flattered none the less, he looked at his mom to see what her reaction was but she sat there with a serine smile on her face she was not going to give away what she intended to do next.. As it was late they all bid their goodnights and went to their separate rooms Stacy as usual put his headphones on and listened to his ‘music’ until he nodded off
The next day after College Stacy was at home when Alison started chatting to him about Thomas and if Stacy had reciprocal feelings, he blushed at that line of questioning but admitted Thomas’s comments the night before had caught him by surprise He had only considered Thomas as a friend though secretly within his mind he had fancied Thomas too.
Alison decided that was that then, Stacy would marry Thomas, then they would all three live together she left Stacy to do his own thing in his room while she set about making two new files, a new one for Stacy and one for Thomas.
Stacy’s would be the one that finalised her plans for him, it would give him the overwhelming desire to be a woman and the desire SRS.
The other for Thomas would be a lot easier; it would just reinforce his desires for Stacy and implant the idea that he would want them to marry. She would encourage Stacy to invite him over on a regular basis where she would make sure the file was embedded under music she would have playing in Thomas’s room, Stacy had already told her what sort of music he liked. She would make him a file of the music to take home too
They would not be allowed to share a room until after the Wedding. She had to ensure she could control their programming without any complications.
It was now the Fall and Stacy’s 18th was fast approaching, Stacy had all but lost any visual trace of masculinity, though he had not yet said anything, she had found info stored on his laptop that showed he had looked seriously at SRS she smiled but would act surprised, it was important that the idea had to be seen to be coming from his own mind, that would be a necessity for him to pass any medical and psychological tests he may have to undergo, she had done her research too
She was less sure how Thomas’s programming was going, but she was confident all would be ok, she was good at making her files and it was only reinforcing what was already there so it should be a cinch.
On the day of Stacy’s birthday, two things happened, first Stacy announced that he want to undertake SRS and should be known as a girl from now on, the second was that She and Thomas were going to go steady. Alison beamed, she was finally so close to her dream, She just needed the final bits to slip into place.
Stacy had arranged to see a surgeon about having her operation, he felt she was a good candidate having already lived as a woman (more or less – As Stacy had considered herself a woman for nearly a year now, Though she still had to undergo tests, The Specialist was sure she would only need the minimum to prove herself
On hearing this good news Alison had set about her final set of files these would be put to use as soon as Stacy had her operation,
Six months passed the operation had been undertaken successfully Stacy was home with Alison, Planning her Wedding, this had been due to another one of Alison’s files The second she had got off the net but had modified it that one was Ultra thin waist but Alison had modified it down to 18 inches due to Stacy’s petite size.
Meanwhile Thomas’s programming had gone better then planned, with in weeks of Stacy coming out of hospital he had popped the question, I t was decided by Alison a lie was necessary to get them married in Church there would only be the three of them and a few friends there so not to many people to spill the beans
They went to the church of their choice spoke to the priest and a date was set. The marriage would happen in 4 month just after Stacy’s 19th Birthday

Stacy was slowly losing her puppy fat, her mom had gotten her a corset and showed her how to fit it, it was vary tight, but Alison assured her it would be fine after Stacy had learnt to change her posture and learnt to breathe differently. She was gaining a vary sexy curvy body.
Alison had one final file to make, So she set about this. It would erase Stacy’s male memories forever, she would have no memory of ever having been male, she had been programmed to believe she had always wanted to be a secretary from the time she started at college and had taken the appropriate exams She now needed a job, This had been organised by Thomas she would work in his parents Firm though she would have to start at the bottom
That arranged it was now time for mother and ‘Daughter’ to go shopping, there was that dress to buy, they searched high and low until they found the right one. They were vary excited over the next few weeks as the fittings took place, they clucked like hens,
There was no trace of male left at all in Stacy by time they reached the week leading up to the big day itself, Stacy was taken to the Beauty Salon where she was given a full facial body wrap the works. Then the day before the Wedding she returned they worked wonders with her hair, though one of the girls would fit the flowers tomorrow just before she set off for the Church. They did her nails and showed her how to do the perfect eye make up tomorrow morning; she was going to look stunning, she was so happy.
The next morning Alison rushed around making sure Stacy was ready, As Stacy was vary nervous Alison did her make up, the stylist came fitted the flowers and tidied up her hair she was ready. In the room next door two girls Stacy had made friends with about a year ago were to be her bridesmaids they were dressing in Pink and giggling excitedly
Alison was so pleased with her work, there had been no questions she had explained her son had moved away to seek work, and now she was giving away his twin sister.
At 1:30pm the Cars arrived everyone gathered themselves together and set off to the church, in 30 minutes the Service would start And their new life would begin a broad grin spread over Alison’s face


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