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Penis Shrinking Cream

by shrinksarah

Chapter 1


"Omg!" she exclaimed, "Heehehe sorry." She covered her mouth and tried to hold in her laughter as she shut the door. I was so embarrassed.

It all started at my house. I had finally got her to come over. Her name was Shelly, and she was the most beautiful woman in the neighborhood. She just moved in across the street and I had invited her over for dinner. She said "no" the first couple of times, but I eventually got a yes out of her.

"Hang on a one second, I have to go to the bathroom," I said. I then went upstairs to urinate.

What I didn't know was that she followed me. I unzipped my pants and as soon as my urine hit the water the door flew open, revealing Shelly. I'm sure she did this on purpose. Why? Maybe it was to see how big I was in case our dinner was to lead to sex later.

"Omg!" she exclaimed, "Heehehe sorry." She covered her mouth and tried to hold in her laughter as she shut the door. I was so embarrassed. I looked down at my little penis. It's 2 1/2 inches HARD and less than an inch long when soft. It's only slightly thicker than a pencil and my testicles are about the size of peas.

I was now very nervous. I zipped up and approached the door, then paused. I wasn't sure if I could face her after what just happened. I then gulped and walked back downstairs, only to see Shelly putting on her coat.

"Sorry," she said, "I just realized that I have things to do. *giggle* gotta go!"

"Oh, I see..." I said as I put my head down.

I think she realized that I knew what was going on. (That she was leaving because of how small I was 'down there') I think that made her feel bad.

The next day, I got a call. It was Shelly! She wanted me to come down, right away! I got so excited and quickly ran out of the house and across the street without thinking. I knocked on the door and she came. She then grabbed me and pulled me into her, ramming her mouth into mine, locking tongues with me.

After releasing me, I immediately said "Why?"

"I felt bad for leaving on such short notice yesterday... I wanted to make it up to you."

I was very confused but I stupidly didn't question it. I just went along with it like the fool that I was, playing right into her trap.

"Let's go to the bedroom...." said. I gulped as she grabbed my hand and pulled me up the stairs. We both ended up in the bedroom and she picked up where she left off, making out with me. I was in a trance. She slowing began to take off my shirt. I was getting so excited.

The suddenly, after completely removing my shirt she took out a pair of hand cuffs and cuffed my right arm to the bed. She then took out another set of cuffs and cuffed my other hand to the other side of the bed.

"What are you doing?" I said like a little girl.

She then began to giggle. I was in complete shock. I had no idea what was going on. I just went from being in complete heaven, making out with one of the hottest girl I've ever seen to being hand cuffed to a bed with no shirt on.

Shelly just stood there in silence for a few seconds. She then waved her pinky at me and smiled. She then removed my shoes and socks, and then pulled down my pants.

"Wha wha Whats g-going on!?" I stuttered. I was now almost completely naked except for my boxers, which Shelly was now starting to slowly pull down on, revealing my little 2 1/2 inch erection.

"OMG, ITS SOO LITTLLE!" she screamed. She then started laughing very hard. I turned bright red.

"Was this the whole reason she brought me up here?" I thought. I was scared. There I lay on the bed, completely naked with my tiny penis in the air.

"That's the smallest penis I've ever seen in my life!" said Shelly. She then took out a camera and began taking pictures. I was so embarrassed I started to cry. I was terrible.

"Why are you doing this to me?" I asked.

"Because," said Shelly, "I'm fascinated by how TINY you are! It's incredible! Your peepee is smaller than my 4 year old son's! And I'm NOT exaggerating!"

"Please stop!" I said. But she didn't. It only kept getting worse and worse.

"Sorry, but I can't. Your penis is just too little to ignore! I have to play around with it for a little while."

She left the room. I wanted nothing more than to get out of here, but I couldn't. I was locked in place. She then returned with a razor.

"What's that for?" I asked.

"Just hold still!" Shelly said, "I don't wanna make a mistake and accidentally cut off that little shrimp of yours!"

She then started to shave away my pubic hair until I was completely hairless down there.

"Awwwwww! It's soooo cute!" she said, "It looks just like my son's, only smaller! HAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!"

This was terrible. She then took out a pink ribbon and tied it around my penis. It only gets worse after that...

"So how does it feel, having such a teeny weeny?" asked Shelly.

"Terrible," I whimpered. "Girls always laugh at me. They always change their mind at the last minute..."

"You mean, before sex?" asked Shelly.

"yes..." I replied.

"Are you a virgin?" she asked.

"...yes..." escaped my mouth. I can't believe I just told her that. I could have lied, but I wasn't thinking clearly. I think she was starting to feel sorry for me.

"OMG," said, "How old are you?"

"36" I said.

"Wow, your penis really is like a toddler's!" she said, "Its inexperienced, has no hair, and it's about as small as a penis can get! I think my last boyfriend's penis was at least 4 times bigger."

She then took out a tube of pink lip stick and used it to write "Little baby penis" on my chest, then an arrow pointing down to my puny wee wee. She then wrote on my thigh "littlest balls in the world" and had an arrow pointing to my tiny nuts.

"It's time I get some second opinions!" said Shelly.

"Oh no..." I thought as she opened up her phone. I knew exactly what she was doing...

"You GOT to come over her, girl! He has the smallest penis you'll ever see!!"

After she said those words, I wanted to die. After about fifteen minutes, a group of ten girls came to the house. They were all beautiful. Much to my horror, one of them was my sister, Heather. It turns out that Heather and Shelly were good friends, little did I know.

All ten girls came into the room making eleven, including Shelly. All you could here in that room for a good ten minutes was female laughter. It was the most humiliating experience you could imagine.

After the laughter died down, which seemed like an eternity, my sister Heather finally spoke up.

"Hey Shelly, guess what?" asked Heather.

"What?" asked Shelly.

"That's my big brother!"

"No way!"

"I'm dead serious!" said Heather, "Well.. he's not really my big brother, Since it seems that there's nothing "big" about him. He's more like my baby brother now..."

All the girls in the room began laughing again, and I began crying again.

"Awww, poor baby brother," said Heather, "I never knew how small you were! I mean, when I saw you naked when we were kids, you did seem unusually small, but I assumed you grew out of it. Guess I was wrong!"

"Oh my god!" said Shelly, "That's hilarious!"

"I got a nick name for that little penis!" said one of the girls in the room.

"What?" asked Shelly.

"LITTLE COCKTAIL WEENIE!" the girl screamed. Yet again, each and every woman in the room pointed at my itty bitty penis, and began howling at it.

"Everyone," said Shelly, the girl who put me in this situation to begin with, "If this is the smallest penis you've ever seen in your life, raise your hand!"

All eleven girls raised their hand. Did I mention that this was the worst moment of my life?

"Hey girls, I did I happen to mention that this guy is a virgin?"

"No shock here!" said one of the girls in the crowd, who happened to be Asian, "I've dated all Asian guys and this white guy is smaller than ALL of them!"

"Not only does he have the smallest dick I've ever seen," said another one of the girls, but he also has the tiniest balls! I mean look at those things, they're like peanuts!"

Yet again, every girl in the room cracked up.

"Now," said Shelly, "There's a reason I brought you all here. I wanted to test a new product, and I wanted to test it with and audience."

I wondered what she could have been talking about. Shelly worked for a company that sells various creams and lotions. Shelly went into a purse and pulled out a tube of cream labeled "penis shrining ointment."

"This product," said Shelly, "was designed to shrink the male penis, and today, I'm gonna test it out on this little one right now..."

"No!" I screamed in horror, "Why mee???"

"Well," said Shelly, "Your penis is already almost non-existent, so I figured why not finish the job completely?"

"NO!" I screamed as I tried to resist. I continued to fight back using my legs, but two of the girls in the room held them down.

"Now," said Shelly as she squeezed the tube and cream fell onto her hand, "Your little penis is gonna get even little-er!"

Shelly rubbed the cream all around my little cocktail weenie. She then rinsed off her hands and returned, letting the cream sit there on my mini penis, letting it do its thing. Nothing happened for a few moments, but after a while, you could see my penis slowly get shorter and shorter, and thinner and thinner.

Each and every girl in the room was now laughing harder than they ever had before in their lives. You could hear the laughter about five blocks down. It didn't physically hurt at all, the shrinking was seamless. It didn't, however, hurt mentally. My penis was now half and inch long and as thick as a tooth pick. The shrinking stopped there.

"That's about as small as its gonna get." said Shelly. I was in tears. I no longer had a penis. Well I did, but barely. My balls had shrunk along with it, proportionality.

"You gals know what the sad thing is?" said Shelly, "He's fully hard! If he ever goes into cold water, that thing is shrinkin down to nothin!"

Once again, the women were laughing uncontrollably. After that they released me. And as the grand finally, I had to clean Shelly's whole house naked for her amusement. For some reason, I did not object. Maybe it was because I had no balls.




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