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Diaper Confession

by wolfnchains

I'm not sure how exactly it got started.  I hated age play, so the idea of using diapers in a bdsm scene seemed really disgusting.  The few guys I knew who did wear diapers, well, I just didn't care to be around them.  Especially when they would just take a dump right there in front of you with a big old goofy grin across their faces.

Then one night I was bored.  I listened to a diaper hypnosis file. I don't even know which one.  Afterwards I laughed it off.  Never listened to it again.  And never tried on a diaper.  That was probably a few years ago.  Then I tried Sarnoga's bed wetting bastard file.  I had a lot of fun with it.  Sarnoga has one of those evil tist vibes that just does it for me.  Still, I never wet my bed or desired to wear a diaper.  Though that file doesn't really suggest diapers.  It just dances around the subject a bit.

I would occasionally flirt with the curse files.  Wear diapers for a day.  Wear a diaper for an hour.  Be forced to use a diaper.  Be humiliated in your diaper.  Etc.  I would listen to them once, walk away, and never go back.  Over time, I'm not sure how many times I listened to various files like this, as I didn't do it often.  But I did seem to keep coming back.

Then I went thought a break up.  It was really bad.  To get over the guy, I threw myself into solo bdsm.  I bought time locks, chains, and also really got into the hypnosis again.

So I tied myself up.  Listened to a few random files.  Major Pixels and his slow files.  I believe he has a pair of files called Diaper wearing Faggot which were fun.  I mixed them with other files of his and played them for hours.  I listened to more files, all random. 

Then one day, I found a file called Diaper Trap by Vive.  I thought, this file sounds like a lot of fun.  So I finally got it in me to buy a package of diapers.  I locked on some chastity, put on a diaper, and listened to a few chastity lock files followed by Vive's Diaper Trap file.
I found myself committed to wearing the diaper throughout the day.  Even pissed in it once, at home when it was safe.

I did this a few times, and found myself wearing diapers instead of underwear for a whole week.  I continued to listen to the various files.  And it got worse.  I started shitting in the files.  At first it was a complete accident.  I was out driving through town after a meal and the food just went right through me.  I happened to be in a diaper then.  I raced to get to a gas station but couldn't make it.  So I just let it rip right there.  And strangely enough, it felt freeing.  I quickly went home to change.

I tried a new humiliation diaper file by Vive.  This file was especially evil.  It takes you down for about an hour and while you are there it revs you up and makes you want to pee.  But it doesn't let you.  Not for a long time.  And then when you do go, you have to stay in it, waddle in it and in your humiliation.

I struggled for quite a while, even after the file ended, even after he gave permission.  I pushed and pushed, and really felt I had to go.  But nothing would come out.  All the while, the pressure just kept building.

I was bound in place, couldn't move.  And I started thrusting involunterily.  Once, then nothing, then another thrust.  A few times.  It would start, then stop again.

Finally I pissed.  And it felt so good to finally let it out.  And I was soaked.  It ran down up my back toward my neck.  And I just laid there, and the warmth of it.  And I didn't care.  It felt euphoric.

I laid in it for a few hours. That was how effective this file was.

I few weeks later, I tried the file again to see if it was a fluke.  But no, very similar result.

I am in a diaper right now as I right this.  Locked in chains, and chastity.  About to listen to that file again.  What a horny twisted piggy I have become.


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