My Brother Ritchie

by Tommy

Authors Note:
Dear Friends, It’s March 17, 1997, St. Patrick’s Day, and, as promised, I’m uploading The Best AB Story Ever Written as a gift for all my wonderful, diapered friends – to show my appreciation for all the support and kind works I have received over the years. How do I know this is the best story every written? Well, a little history may shed some light- – –

It’s 1985 and I’m sitting in front of my my “powerful” AppleII computer with 128K and working with Appleworks, the most popular software ever written (in terms of market share). For the past few years I’ve been publishing great AB stories written by other DPF members, but now I have decided to write one of my own called, “My Brother Ritchie”. My plan is to publish it in four sections, about one section every year of so. All DPF stories are distributed by snail mail, and anyone who returns a “Story Rating” gets a 10% discount on future purchases.

Now it’s 1990 and my Apple II has grown into an Apple IIGS with a lot more memory and an external hard disk. My latest software is AppleworksGS. I decide to publish a complete version “My Brother Ritchie” as part of DPF’s first dozen “Novelettes”. The “Story Ratings” have been coming in by the hundreds during the past five years, and “My Brother Ritchie” has become the highest rated story out of almost 200 published. I am amazed, and this little kid’s ego is also somewhat elevated (so what’t new?).

Now it’s March 27, 1997 and “My Brother Ritchie” is still the highest rated story we have ever published – and now it has become the first DPF copyrighted© story to be available FREE on the Internet (other than those stolen), and including the original illustrations. By the way, I’m sitting in front of my MAC9500 and using Pagemaker and PageMill to prepare this page. I’m sure you will enjoy this story, as 86% rate it as Excellent or Good. Tommy

Chapter 1 – The Problem

DAMN! It was happening again. At the age of fourteen he was only two years younger than his brother Ritchie, and you would think that he’d be treated like the maturing adult he felt he was most of the time. Yet, time and time again he found himself being treated like a little kid, sometimes almost like a baby. And, damn it! It seemed to him that his older brother, Ritchie, was always being treated almost like a real grown-up even though he was only sixteen. It just wasn’t fair. Damn it, it wasn’t.

For months now he had been complaining to his parents about the way they treated him. He had tried and tried to prove how mature he was, how smart he was, how responsible he was. After all, wasn’t he a genius? How many kids his age had mastered the secrets of computers the way he had. He remembered the time the FBI had contacted his parents because he had been able to gain access to some of their secret files. They said that he had done the impossible. And although they warned him never to do that again, they also offered him an opportunity to join the FBI after college.

But his mother, and to some degree his dad, seemed to have some sort of hang-up about him that was reflected in the way they treated him. For example, just today he and Ritchie had approached his parents about a school sponsored back-pack trip into the high Sierra for grades 9 through 12. And while his parents said Ritchie could go, they nixed any possibility of him joining the group. Dad had said that he thought the hike would be to strenuous for him. But mom’s reason made him madder and madder the more he thought about it. She was worried that he’d fall and hurt himself, that he might get lost, that he couldn’t keep up. Finally, after his pleading she came right out and said that he was just too little.

Hell, at 5′ 3″ he knew he was average for his age. Average weight too. With light brown hair, smooth skin and hazel eyes, he knew he was just as capable as any of the other kids in his class who were going. And just because Ritchie was 5′ 8″, athletic build and a star on the school football team, why did that always mean he could do anything he wanted to do. But that is just exactly the way things were. Ritchie could do anything he wanted, and Steven was still treated like a kid. Damn! Damn! Damn!

That was it! Suddenly he decided to start the ‘plan’ he had been working on for the past few weeks. He knew it would work. In a way he felt sorry that he had to use it, but talking to his parents was just not going to work. With the determination he could always muster up when he needed it, he walked over to the computer. He started up his ‘secret’ program, then lightly hit the keys ‘BW’. That was all he had to do. In a few short hours his plan would start to work. All at once he started to grin. “What a gas this will be”, he thought, and started to relax.

Chapter 2 – The Plan

About a month ago Steven had seen an ad in one of the computer magazines about a series of Hypnotic Tapes which promised to help you stop smoking, lose weight or gain confidence. He had sent for one of the tapes, and when it arrived had been able to analyze how it worked. The hypnotic suggestions appeared on the screen, worded in a special way based on the theories of Milton Erickson, the world renowned hypnotist who had died only a few years ago. To help him understand Erickson’s techniques he had gone to the library and read all of his books.

To Milton Erickson’s theories he added one of his own, based on his knowledge of subliminal advertising which he had recently learned about. It seems that a few years ago it was thought that an ‘ad’ could be placed on a movie screen in a series of short flashes, so short in fact that the audience would not see them. Yet their sub-conscious minds would receive the message. Many tests were done, and the results were inconclusive. To this theory Steve added one of his own. He thought that each person had their own “threshold”. That is the time interval that the message was on the screen would have to be customized for each person.

Now, one thing for sure was that Ritchie was a computer game freak. Although he did not like to write programs the way Steven did, he sure loved the games, and had a big collection of everything from Q-BERT to Flight Simulator. For weeks Steven had experimented with messages which would flash at varying durations and intervals while Ritchie played his games. Yesterday the subliminal message was:


And it had worked. At about five in the afternoon Ritchie was sitting at the computer playing a game called “Capture The Flag”. As Steven watched, Ritchie suddenly got up, went into the kitchen and came back drinking a Coke. IT HAD WORKED! You see, Ritchie hated Cokes. This was Ritchie’s first Coke in many years. With a great sense of satisfaction, Steven watched as Ritchie drank the whole thing down. “Hey Ritchie”, asked Steven, “How come you’re drinking a Coke”. “I thought you hated them”.

“I don’t know, it’s weird”, said Ritchie. “I just suddenly got this urge for a Coke and just had to have one. Crazy, isn’t it?”

“Sure is”, replied Steve. “Sure is!”

Now Steven thought about what he had set into motion a few hours ago when he pressed the keys ‘BW’. He thought about the subliminal message that would begin to flash every time Ritchie played his games. He grinned again and again every time he envisioned the results. Later that night he had a real hard time going to sleep, thinking about it again. Again he pictured the results in his mind, the results of the message that read:


Chapter 3 – Ritchie Tries To Hide It

Buzzzzzzzzz! What! Time to get up already? It sometimes seems to Ritchie that on school days the alarm buzzes just a few seconds after his head touches the pillow. Groggily he reaches over and turns off the alarm, then suddenly pulls back his hand as he senses something strange. For a moment it feels like he is lying in a cold and clammy bed as if he had been sweating. He moves his body slightly in an effort to get rid of this uncomfortable feeling. And as he puts his hand under the sheets to get a better feel, his heart almost jumps into his throat.

“What the?”, he thinks. “What the hell. Shit. I can’t believe this”. Lifting the sheet, the unmistakable odor of pee hits his nose. “Damn, I don’t believed this. I’ve pissed the bed”. In a mild state of panic he tries to understand what has happened. But as hard as he tries he simply can not remember anything except that he has had a sound night’s sleep. He tries to think of some reason for this to happen. Did he have a lot to drink before he went to bed? No. Does he feel sick; does he have a fever? Everything feels normal to him, except the wet, soaky feeling from his legs way up to his chest. Whew! What a mess.

Finally he realizes he has to do something about his wet clothes and bedding. A sick feeling of threatening embarrassment starts to grow as he tries to figure how he will hide it from his family. After all, what would his Dad think of his tough football playing son if he saw this. And Steven, he’d probably laugh his head off.

That’s it. He’ll hide all the wet stuff in his closet and put clean sheets on his bed. Then, this afternoon after school he’ll come home and launder the evidence. Gingerly he gets out of bed, removes his soaked pajamas and the drenched sheets, rolls them up and stuffs them in the closet. Quickly he sneaks into the hallway closet and grabs some clean sheets. Suddenly Steven’s bedroom door opens and Steven heads towards the bathroom. “What are you doing”, asks Steven as he notices the sheets in Ritchie’s arms. “Oh, I just needed some clean towels”, is the response. “Then how come you’ve got sheets there”. “Oh, yeah, thanks, what I wanted was towels”. “Right” says Steven.

Ritchie puts back the sheets and grabs some towels. As soon as Steven goes into the bathroom he trades them back for sheets, goes to his room, flips over the mattress to the dry side and makes his bed. Later that afternoon he manages to return and launder the wet stuff without too much problem. At one point Steven asks Ritchie why he is doing laundry and Ritchie replies that he just wants to help Mom. Fortunately Steven doesn’t probe any further so Ritchie feels a sense of relief. That night as he goes to bed he thinks back on the crazy thing that happened that morning and thanks God that he was able to cover up the evidence.

Buzzzzzzzz! As Ritchie shuts off the alarm he can’t believe what he feels. Impossible as it seems, it has happened again. “Damn! What is happening to me? It doesn’t seem real. How can a grown guy like me start to do such a damn babyish thing”. As he rolls up the wet sheets he suddenly realizes that he can’t keep it completely secret any more because he can’t keep turning over the mattress. So he goes downstairs and asks his Mom to come into his room. There he tries to explain what is happening and with slightly teary eyes asks for her help. Putting her arms around him, his Mother tells him that it will most likely rapidly pass, and that she will take care of his bed while he is in school. In a weak voice he thanks her and goes down to breakfast.

That night he finds the bed made. He spends the evening doing his homework, playing a computer game and watching a little television. As he gets into bed later that night he feels something’s different. The sheets have a strange slightly slippery action–no, it’s not the sheets. He lifts the corner of the sheets and feels the smooth plastic sheet under him. “Damn, does Mom think I’m going to keep wetting the bed. No way! I’m going to stop”. As he lies in bed he concentrates all his mental effort and says over and over again, “I won’t wet the bed, I won’t wet the bed again, I won’t”. Soon he is deeply asleep, calm, relaxed, comfortable, serene, and WET.

Chapter 4 – When You’re Wet You’re Wet

The following week Mom makes an appointment with the boy’s doctor. That Tuesday after school Ritchie and Mom go to the doctor, where he is given a fairly complete physical. The doctor tells them both that he simply can not find anything wrong with the healthy young man, and suggests that they consult with a psychiatrist. At first Ritchie rebels saying that he is not crazy. But after a few more days of soaking beds, he decides that he’s got to find out why he is acting so strangely. After just a few sessions, the shrink announces that he finds Ritchie devoid of any serious mental problems. He is quite at a loss to explain what is causing the bedwetting, and suggests that until it stops that Ritchie consider wearing an incontinent garment to bed. “Lots of people your age or older with incontinence wear them”, he explains, “and that is a good temporary solution”. “GOOD”? “SOLUTION”? Ritchie is mortified, but shamefully admits that under the circumstances the doctor is right.

That night when Ritchie is ready to go to bed he gingerly approaches his mother and asks her for one of the “incontinent garments” that she purchased that afternoon at the drug store. He hesitates when she hands him the package, and stands there for a moment reading the instructions. Then he takes the package to the bedroom and lays one of the “garments” on the bed. Ritchie’s heart sinks. He doesn’t want to admit it even to himself but they sure look like large “baby” diapers. He’s not sure how they go on, and decides to ask mom to give him a hand.

“Let me help you with your diaper”, says Mom. “Why don’t you take off your clothes and lie down on the bed”, she suggests. He feels a flood of embarrassment especially after his mother calls it a diaper. But he doesn’t want to say no because Mom is being so understanding and helpful. “Raise your legs up in the air a little”, she says as she gently slides the soft, thick disposable “diaper” under Ritchie’s bottom. “I can do that”, he stammers. “Don’t be silly, dear, it is so much easier and better if I put it on you”. So Ritchie lies there, feeling embarrassed and sort of babyish, as his mother gently pulls the diaper up between his legs and tapes it snugly into place. “There”, she say, “that’ll keep you nice and dry and comfy in bed tonight, won’t it”? Ritchie is ready to die.

In the morning Ritchie is pleased that only his ‘diaper’ is wet. At least the bed and his bedclothes are dry. Instead of feeling cold and clammy he notices that his diaper feels warm and a lot more comfortable than wet sheets. “Besides”, he tells himself, “it’s going to stop soon anyway.”

In the meantime Steven is not totally pleased with what has been happening. Ritchie has been getting lots of attention because of his bedwetting, but the situation has not helped Steve at all. His parents still refuse to let him go on the Sierra pack trip, although he is encouraged by the fact that Ritchie has dropped out of the trip (diapers or wet sleeping bags are a no-no when camping with your friends). He decides to put the second part of his plan into effect, goes over to the computer and loads his secret program. Gently he depresses the keys ‘PW’ and then retires to his bedroom to do some home work. But he keeps thinking about the results of the next subliminal message that is going to flash invisibly when Ritchie plays his usual evening computer games. Besides, for some reason, thinking about it gives him a hard-on. He gently rubs himself as he fantasizes about the result of the message that will reads:


At about ten after seven Ritchie sits down at the computer and loads one of his favorite games, “SPACE WARS”. He getting real good at it and feels he is almost ready to score over 100,000 points and enter the game’s ‘hall of fame’. In the first two games he scores 91,000 and 86,000 respectively, not bad at all. Then in the third game he rapidly crosses through the critical ‘winged falcon defenses’ and is on his way to the ‘Victory Sector’. Higher and higher goes his score: 92,000, 94,000, 96,400, 97,800. His heart is beating fast as he his score approaches the magic number. Almost there. He’s getting very very excited.

Suddenly he stops cold with his hand frozen on the joy-stick. A strange weak feeling grows in his groin and a warm wetness starts to flood his jockey shorts and his pants. Then a moment later a little trickle spills over the side of the chair on to the carpet. Finally realizing what is happening Ritchie leaps from the chair and makes a mad dash for the bathroom, not noticing Steven grinning from ear to ear from his bedroom. Grabbing for his fly he zips open his pants, grabs his penis and shoves it over the bowl. A few drops manage to end up in the toilet but to his chagrin the great majority is in his pants. Slowly he sits down on the toilet and tries to understand what has just happened. “Something must be seriously wrong with me”, he thinks. “Guys my age just don’t wet the bed or their pants.”

In the bedroom he puts on some dry underwear and pants and rolls up the wet clothes which he plans to air out tomorrow before dumping them in the laundry. “It must have been some freak thing that happened to me, maybe I wasn’t paying attention because that score was so high. On the other hand I better be sure”. In the bathroom he drinks 1 1/2 glasses of water.

By 10:30 he is ready for bed and breathing a sign of relief. His bladder feels full but he is having no problem holding it. Just to be sure he goes into the bathroom and lets a stream go. Boy, it sure feels good to have normal control. Then he calls his mother to help on with his nightly diaper. “Thank God”, he thinks. “What happened was obviously just a freak; maybe I was so excited at scoring over 100,000 that I just forgot what I was doing”. And so to sleep.

Chapter 5 – The Big Football Game

As the days pass, Ritchie becomes more and more convinced that his pants wetting accident was truly just a strange but obviously freak accident. Except for his nightly diapering by his mom before bedtime his life is basically unchanged. Thursday, after football practice, he spends the evening with his girlfriend. She helps him with his homework and afterwards they both go down to the coffee shop to meet some of their friends. Laura is in love with Ritchie and considers herself very lucky to be going with the most popular boy in school. On Friday, Ritchie goes to bed early in preparation for the big game tomorrow. He is still slightly embarrassed when his mom diapers him while talking to him about tomorrow’s game. The contrast makes him feel a little uneasy about himself. He pictures himself in his football uniform in an effort to blot out the image of the diaper that is being pulled snugly up between his legs.

Saturday dawns bright and sunny. This is the day of the big game. The Oakwood Demons are only one game away from the championship. Belmont is a good team and Ritchie knows it is going to be a fight to the end. But he is confident that Oakwood will win. He removes his wet diaper and showers to wash off the damn baby smell that accompanies him every morning. Then, shortly before noon he goes down to the field for warm- up time.

Their opponents, the Belmont Tigers, are in real good form. They apparently have scouted well, and have developed a few new offensive plays that catch the Demons off guard. At the end of the first half the score is Oakwood 13, Belmont 17. Back in the locker room the coach gives the team a good pep talk. Telling Ritchie that he expects a super effort in the second half, the coach pats his star player on the rear end sends the team out to ‘give em hell’.

Belmont’s defenses seem stronger than ever, although their offense is having a much harder time breaking through Oakmont’s line. Late in the fourth quarter Oakwood kicks a field-goal out of sheer desperation and the score is Oakwood 16, Belmont 17. With less than one minute to play, Ritchie grabs the ball out of the air on the 31 yard line. He runs to the 40, then the 50. Mustering all the inner strength he has, he dodges Belmont players one by one as he runs steadily for the victory.

Finally only two opponents remain in his way. His excitement is rising. One makes a flying tackle, but Ritchie dodges just in time. His heart is pounding. Only one man remains in his way as he passes the 30 yard line…25, 20, 15. He can almost feel the breath of the Tiger behind him about to throw a tackle. In an unbelievable burst of speed and excitement he plunges towards the goal line. He’s done it. Oakwood’s Demons are the champs. As he crosses the goal line he feels his excitement rise to a peak.

He also feels a strange weakness between his legs. OH NO! Ritchie can’t believe it. He feels that same warm wetness flooding his athletic supporter, spreading, spreading. Instead of turning to greet his fellow team-mates he continues to run, run, run, ruuuuuuuun for the locker room. His team-mates are following. Still he runs. In panic! Into the shower room. He turns on the shower full blast. All over himself with his clothes on. His team-mates are laughing. They think it is just the funniest thing they have ever seen. But they don’t really care. They’re the champs.

In the shower Ritchie has only one thought. “Get home. What’s happening? I must be sick. I’ve got to see the doctor again. This has got to stop. Night time bedwetting is bad enough, but these daytime accidents are another story. Oh, please help me. I don’t want to be a bedwetter. I don’t want to be a pants wetter.” And so a very shocked and scared boy starts home, the excitement of the whole episode now dulled by the realization that Ritchie must confront his folks, tell them the whole truth, the truth that he is losing control of his bladder and sometimes wets his pants. He can’t bear to think what they will think but he has to tell them.

Ritchie spends most of the rest of the afternoon in his room trying to figure out what he is going to tell his folks. After dinner he goes back to his room and tries to get the subject off his mind by playing some computer games. But he can’t really get his mind into the games. Finally he decides he just has to tell them so he goes into the living room. But only his Dad is there.

“Where’s Mom”?, he asks. Dad answers, “Mom went to her bridge club. She in the big tournament tonight so I don’t expect her home until really late”. You can almost hear Ritchie’s sign of relief, as it gives him a good reason for waiting until tomorrow to broach this unpleasant subject. “I guess I’ll go to bed”, he says, “I’m real tired after today’s big game”.

Back in his room he realizes that he is going to have to put his own diaper on for the first time since this all began. He spreads it out on the bed and is just about to lie down on it when the door suddenly opens and in walks his Dad. Up until this time Ritchie wasn’t even sure that his Dad even knew about his problems, and now here he was sitting on the bed about to pull a disposable diaper between his legs.

“Mom made me promise I would help you get ready for bed”, Dad offers in a slightly embarrassed voice. “I tried to tell her that it really wasn’t necessary but she insisted, and I didn’t want to disturb her just as she was about to play her last important games.”

“God, Dad, you really don’t have to. I can manage OK”, pleads Ritchie as a feeling of painful humiliation grows in his stomach as he fully realizes that his Dad knows all about his bedwetting.

“I hope I remember how to do this”, his Dad says. “I don’t think I have done anything like this since Steven was about four years old”.

“You really don’t have to, Dad. Really, I can do it”

“Now, lie down there and raise your hips up so I can slide this, er, diaper between your legs. That’s good”

Ritchie feels so embarrassed he can hardly look at his Dad. He also feels something else, something so strange and unexpected that he is completely taken by surprise. He feels himself starting to get an erection and a growing feeling of excitement that he struggles in vain to control. Fortunately for him, his Dad has the diaper pulled up over his stomach and doesn’t notice anything. Or if he does he doesn’t say anything. By the time his Dad is attaching the tapes around his waist, Ritchie’s erection is total and he is as hard as a rock. As soon as his Dad leaves the room he feels all funny inside and starts to rub himself through the diaper. It feels so good he finds himself climaxing in just a few moments. He can’t believe that it all has happened so fast, but a feeling of relaxation comes over him and he is soon drifting off to sleep-another wet night for our super football hero.

What Ritchie does not know is that tonight, when he played his computer games, he received a new set of subliminal hypnotic messages which Steven had put in the computer just this afternoon:


Chapter 6 – Steven Sets A Plan

Steven lay in his bed thinking about the effects of the last subliminal suggestion he had put on the computer. That was days ago, and by now it must be well impressed into Ritchie’s mind. He wonders what Ritchie feels every night, whether he is able to hide his sexual excitement when his mother diapers him before he goes to bed. And he wonders what his mother thinks. Or maybe it is his Dad who now has that duty?

Steven tries to picture the scene as the thick night diaper is being pulled up between Ritchie’s legs. As he does, he almost unconsciously places his hand on the fly of his jeans and slowly starts to rub himself excitedly. As the visual images move slowly through his mind, he is suddenly racked by the pulses of an orgasm which sends hot sticky stuff squirting into his jockey shorts. “Oh, hell”, he thinks, “that sure felt good.

Suddenly he gets an idea. If he can make Ritchie feel more like a real baby when being diapered, then that would give him a feeling of even greater power over his big brother. Going over to the computer he places a new subliminal hypnotic message into the memory, ready to invisibly pound itself into Ritchie’s mind every time he plays his beloved computer games. It reads:


Chapter 7 – The Baby Feelings Erupt

Three days later Steven is doing his homework in his room when there is a knock on his door. “Steven, are you busy”?, asks his mother. “No, come on in”, he replies. His mom explains that she and his dad are going to be out late that night as they are playing bridge with the Coletti’s. “Please do me a favor and see that Ritchie is well diapered before bedtime. The doctor says it is important that someone help him get to bed because he feels that is what your brother really needs”.

“OK, mom. I’ll do me best”, he says as his minds reels with expectation. “Thanks, hon, see you in the morning”, his mother says lovingly as she kisses him on the forehead and closes the door. Steven prances around the room, his gathering excitement making him breathe faster. Watching the clock, he waits impatiently to be sure that his folks are gone.

As Steven enters Ritchie’s room, his finds himself strangely excited. He finds Ritchie seated at his computer playing one of his games. “Good”, thinking to himself, “the suggestion will be fresh and strong”. Going over to the bed he spreads a double thick diaper on the bed.

“Come on, Ritchie, it’s time for bed”, he says in a pleasant tone. “Wha?”, says Ritchie nervously, “you don’t have to do that”. Steven tells Ritchie that Mom and Dad have set the whole thing up so he better not make any trouble. “Oh, well, get it over with fast, damn it. I really hate this whole shit”.

Ritchie takes off his clothes and lies down on the bed and quickly tries to pull the diaper up between his legs to hide his rising excitement. “Not so fast”, says Steven as he gently pulls the diapers out of Ritchie’s hands. Trying not to do anything that might upset Ritchie, he starts to gently apply the baby lotion all around Ritchie’s crotch in the manner usually reserved for babies. “It’s working”, he thinks to himself as he notices a gradual look of pleasure and satisfaction come over Ritchie’s face. Very gently and very slowly he massages the lotion into the creases between Ritchie’s legs.

Wow! What strange emotions are now clashing in Ritchie’s mind as he becomes more and more aware of what Steven is doing to him. One moment he feels humiliated, ashamed and not just a little upset. It seems so incongruous in light of his past success as an athlete and his popularity in school with the ‘in crowd’. But in the next moment he is also aware of the pleasure of having warm hands softly moving over all the sensitive areas between his legs, so nice and so comforting. He feels almost as if he is floating up into a cloud, a feeling that somehow seems so right. He can’t quite place this new-old feeling, but he is strongly aware of visions from the long ago past. Like that of a soft cuddly Teddy Bear in his arms and his thumb in his mouth.

“Is Steven reading my mind”, he thinks as he feels his hand being picked up and his fingers gently curled and pressed into a fist. Then he watches as his hand is slowly moved toward his mouth, and his thumb gently placed against his lips. “Oh, I can’t”, he thinks, “I can’t do this”. But he feels himself opening his mouth and engulfing the round firmness of his thumb. In a moment he begins a sucking motion that he thought he had forgotten many years ago. “What am I doing? Why am I doing this?” His mind struggles with questions that he simply can not answer in any way that makes sense.

Ritchie continues to suck his thumb as the sensations between his legs continue to grow more wonderful all the time. Sensations, in fact, which are threatening to reach a traumatic peak, and suddenly Ritchie feels the spasms of an orgasm. Although he knows what has really happened, he is easily convinced when Steven wipes up the mess while gently teasing him for “wetting all over himself like a baby”. Ritchie feels somehow mellow and relaxed as Steven pulls up the diaper and pins it securely. “Maybe I’ll understand all of this better tomorrow”, he thinks as Steven waves “bye-bye”, turns out the light and closes the door.

Chapter 8 – Ritchie Tells Linda

Saturday morning, and Ritchie wakes up wet as usual. Then he remembers his experience with Steven the previous night. It seems like a strange, disturbing dream to him, yet he also remembers the pleasant feelings he had, feelings of being a-. “Nah! Can’t be!” He also remembers what Steven did to him when he put him to bed. “No! I don’t want that”, he thinks. “I’m not going to let that happen again, no way!”

Remembering that he has a date with Linda, he suddenly feels relieved. It will be good for his bruised ego to spend time with his girlfriend. That sure seems like to good way to get these troubling thoughts out of his mind.

Some hours later he is in his car driving with Linda. She notices that Ritchie seems a little quiet and not his usual self. They soon park in an unused parking lot behind a closed building. Ritchie puts his arm around Linda and tells her how much he loves her; and Linda responds by giving him a passionate kiss. Ritchie excitedly moves his hand up along Linda’s thigh toward her panties. No! Suddenly he senses the beginning of that awful feeling again. He is losing control of his bladder, and he is afraid that he is about to wet his pants. In panic he opens the door and runs out of the car, with Linda calling after him, “What’s the matter, what is wrong, where are you going?”

He turns a corner and stops. Is it happening? No, he is relieved to find that somehow he has regained control of himself. His pants are still dry and the weakness seems to have faded away. Slowly he walks back to the car, gets in sheepishly and slinks down into the seat.

“What the hell happened”, asks Linda. “Are you all right? What happened? Please tell me what is wrong? I love you and want to help you.”

Ritchie meekly starts to tell Linda that he has some problems but he just can’t tell her about them. Linda replies that she loves him so much and wants to spend her whole life with him. “What are good friends for if not to share our problems in life”, she pleads. Putting her arms around Ritchie she holds the frightened boy tightly. Slowly he relaxes a little and decides he just has to tell her something about his problems. In his mind he prays that she will understand.

“I’ve developed some-er-serious medical problem which has seemed to effect my-er-er-bladder. I’m becoming-incontinent-I mean I have trouble controlling myself at night-er- you know what I mean? And I have had to wear-er-er-an incontinent pad-er-‘thing’ at night”. Then he tells her that a few times it has happened during the day.

“I’m really scared of that. That’s what started to happen a little while ago. But, thank God, it didn’t. I just don’t know what to do”, he says as his voice begins to crack with the first feeling of tears welling up in his eyes.

(As Ritchie is talking, Linda is thinking, “This is the boy I truly love. And he’s got a seriously problem. I’ve got to help him in any way I can”). Finally she suggests, “Why don’t we go back to your house and you can put on one of those ‘pad things’ and we can go to a movie. You can relax for a while and then you’ll feel a lot better”. Ritchie agrees, starts the car and they head back to his house.

Back at the house Linda feels more and more like she wants to help Ritchie in any way she can. After going to the bathroom, Ritchie shows Linda the ‘pads’, knowing in his mind that they look an awful lot like diapers. When Linda suggests that she wants to help him put them on, Ritchie blushes with embarrassment, But when she gives him a loving kiss on the cheek, his hesitatingly says “OK”..

Lying down on the bed, she helps him off with his pants and underpants, then gently starts to assist him with the ‘pad’. Ritchie tries to help her so that he won’t feel completely helpless. But, as he feels the diaper being placed under his bottom, he starts to get excited. What is worse is he is starting to get that same strange feeling that came over him when Steven diapered him the night before. More than anything else he wants to tell Linda to stop, but it is too late.

Linda decides that a little ‘caressing’ would help him feel more relaxed and forget about his problems. She had no idea what she is starting. Sitting down on the bed she puts Ritchie’s head in her lap and kisses him on the forehead.

Ritchie moans with pleasure as he looks up at Linda. He is terribly confused by the contradictory feelings pouring through his mind, and suddenly feels an uncontrollable urge to suck him thumb. “No, I can’t do that”, he thinks. “Wouldn’t that indicate that my wetting is more than just a medical problem”? He tries to fight it, but it is a losing battle. Finally, with a little sigh of relief and frustration, he puts the thumb in his mouth and starts to suck it.

Linda is a bright girl. She is not completely surprised by this babyish reaction. Somehow in her mind she is starting to realize that, for some strange psychological reason, ‘babying’ is what Ritchie needs at this time in his life, and she is ready to give it to him. Ever so gently and smoothly she starts to apply baby lotion in Richie’s diaper area. “Just like a baby”, she thinks.

The feeling that comes over Ritchie is almost impossible to describe. He is pleasantly aware of his thumb in his mouth. But he is even more aware of the way that Linda in applying baby lotion to him. It is so gentle, so soft, so loving. He feels every movement of her fingers and warm hand. He realizes that he is feeling just like a baby, and that seems weird. But he can’t seem to help it, and it feels so damn GOOD! Linda bends over and whispers in his ear, “My baby, my baby, my little baby feels so good”. Suddenly he erupts in a powerful orgasm Linda continues to coo baby talk to him. “It’s happened again”, he ponders, as he nestles his head into Linda’s soft breasts. As he lies there wondering what this all means, he watches Linda as she finishes putting the fresh diaper on him. He realizes now for sure that it is a ‘diaper’ and not an ‘incontinent pad’.

Shortly after that he and Linda are on the way to the movie. For the first time in his life (well first time in a long time anyway), he is wearing diapers under his daytime clothes. He feels very embarrassed and is sure that everyone will notice. But no one does, none of his friends and classmates whom he runs into at the movie. Very slowly his feeling of embarrassment is joined by a feeling of security. He realizes now that even if that strange weak feeling should happen to him, at least he would not wet his pants. And that sort of makes him feel good.

After a hamburger he takes Linda home. Before they part, Linda gives him a very passionate kiss and tells him how much she loves him, wants to be with him and understands his current problems. As she talks, he is getting very excited and soon feels a warm wetness spreading between his legs. He knows he is wetting his diaper uncontrollably like a baby. It is also the first time this weak feeling has occurred without any real panic, just a strange feeling of embarrassment and humiliation even though only he knows what is happening. But he finds this quite preferable to doing it in his pants.

Chapter 9 – The Psychologist’s Recommendations

Later that night Ritchie’s mother takes him to his room for his nightly diapering. He is in a state of panic because he does not want his mother to discover that he is wearing a wet diaper. But she insists on going with him to his bedroom. Ritchie tries to explain that he put the diaper on because he was afraid he would wet his pants and he wanted to go to the movies with Linda. “Well, by the look of things I would say that that was a very wise move”, his mother says in surprise. “I think that things seem to be moving in new directions. It’s time that we had another visit to the psychologist to discuss these new developments. I’ll call him tomorrow for an appointment”, she says as she pulls his night diapers over his now rigid penis. She kisses him good night and leaves the room.

Ritchie is worried as he accompanies his mother to the psychologist’s office. “What was wrong with me? Wetting the bed is bad enough, but why do I get these strange ‘baby-like’ feelings?

The doctor first talks to his mother, and for a long time, too. Finally the doctor calls him alone into his office. He wants to know what it feels like when he wets his pants. “It’s, like, well I can’t seem to hold it. I try to stop it, but it’s like my muscles don’t want to do what I want them to do”. Then the doctor asks him what he fells when his mother diapers him. At first he is very embarrassed to tell the doctor, but finally admits that, “It feels sort of nice and for some reason it also excites me. And then I get a, er, er, erection. I don’t want to, I think, but it happens when she does it, or Linda does it, and even when Dad or Steven does it. I don’t like that.”

“Tell me more”, insists the doctor. “Well”, says Ritchie hesitatingly, “I feel excited, yet sort of relaxed at the same time — with a real strange feeling – like I was ‘thankful’ that someone is taking care of me”.

“Your mother said that during the last few times you started to suck your thumb”. Ritchie turns beet red. “Why does that bother you?”, asks the doctor. “Because it is so babyish”, admits Ritchie. “Like you’re acting like a real baby, is that it?”, asks the doctor. “Yes”, he answers.

The doctor then tries to explain to Ritchie that he thinks that deep down inside of him he wants to be a baby again. He doesn’t understand it, but until this ‘need’ can be resolved he has instructed his mother that he should be treated accordingly.

Ritchie’s mind reels with disbelief. He doesn’t think he wants to be a baby. That’s impossible! He wants to be a regular guy, to play football, to spend time with Linda and his friends. “No”, he thinks, “I don’t want to be a baby, and I’m going to fight this stuff ’til it stops for good”.

Chapter 10 – Nap time for Baby Ritchie

On the way back to the car Ritchie feels his mother grab his hand as they cross the street. He tries to pull away, but to no avail. His mother tightens her grip and leads him across the street like a little boy. Not wanting to make a scene in case his friends are around, he complies and follows her just like he used to.

Once home, Ritchie goes to his room to get ready to meet his friends at the school athletic practice field. He is about to pull on his athletic sweat pants when his mother comes into the room with a couple of cloth diapers in her hands.

“Oh, no, you’re not going out to play. You’re going in for a short nap. You’ve had a very trying morning”.

With that she gently pushes him down on the bed and starts to remove his underwear. “I’m not going to let her do this”, Ritchie thinks. “I’ve got to stop this NOW. I’m not going to be treated like a baby. I’ll show Mom that I don’t need this”. But, it’s too late. Mom has already placed the cloth diaper under Ritchie’s bottom, and the feel of that soft cloth under him is already causing its inevita


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