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What Happened to me (II)

by ElSupremo

Chapter 2

Chapter 2


My girl friend said that Robert was coming over for supper and a game of poker friday night so make sure I was home early.  All week long I kept thinkiing about Robert and sucking cock.  We were still playing background music, but I didn't pay much attention to it, I was just used to it.  All week I kept thinking about sucking cock and by thursday night I was wondering what i could do to prepare for the big night.  My girlfriend asked me if I would mind if she got the chance to suck Roberts cock would I get mad.  I had the silliest reply and said only if I didn't get to suck it too.  she started to tease me with her dildo and somewhere between the two of us we wondered if Roberts cock would match the dildo.  All we could do was giggle and laugh.  


My girl friend suggested that I should probably make myself pretty for him and she wanted to put some highlights in my hair.  I didn't say no and she had me wet my hair and sit in the kitchenette and proceeded to do things to my hair.  When it was all over and she blow dried it and combed it I was actually pleased with the overall look.  She had slightly darkened my dirty blonde hair and made highlights that due to the darkening really stand out.  I said the guys at work would be in shock when they saw it tomorrow at work.  My girlfriend said she didn't give one hoot what the guys at work thought, she just didn't want Robert to fall in love with it and ignore her.  We giggled and laughed and she was telling me that maybe she should add makeup and make me really pretty and even though the idea excited me and made my dick hard I thought it was too much for one night.


The next day at work the guys all laughed and giggled at my hair and I just said that my girlfriend got a little carried away, but hell, gotta keep the little lady happy if you want any, right?  Most of the responses where yeah, right, and whatever.  One guy a newer guy  Harold seemed to look at me differently and our eyes met and he knew and I knew that he knew.   I liked the sissy side and probably liked cocks too, I was a closet gay.  He smiled and made a point of running his fingers through my hair and whispered that he thought it was a professional hair job and and overall improvement for me.  He also said that we could talk about it anytime I wanted and he patted my shoulder.  I got chills, goosebumps and blushed I think I actually smiled at him all the while glancing down at his crotch to which he gave a quick little scratch.  I was out of breath and had to sit down.  The work got relly busy and before I knew it was lunch time and Harold was inviting me to lunch.  


We only had an hour and the food court was packed.  We exchanged a little chit chat sat down a table and right about the time we sat down the table started to clear and we had a bit of privatcy.  We ate and Harold seemed like a really nice guy and he was nice to me and he talked about how nice my hair was and he stroked my hair which kinda excited me and he told me he live alone and would like if we could go out for drinks and maybe watch a movie or to at his place.  I told him I would love too (where did that come from?  I never dated a guy before)  I told him I was going to have a friend over for supper and poker and if he wanted to join us I didn't see any problem.  He gave me a funny look and I told him my girlfriend liked the other guy.  He smiled and then I realized that I had in a way promised myself to him.  Oh shit, what had I done?  Time was up and we had to be back at work, Harold was all excited and was a bit touchy with me as he danced around asking all kinds of silly questions about tonight.


All afternoon I kept thinking 'what have I gotten myself into?".  I called my girlfriend and told her about Harold and she laughed and said more the merrier.  When I got home she announced that Robert was bringing a friend too so there would be five for poker.  The place looked nice and she had a table set up for poker and she said we all could snack and eat pizza while we played.  


Harold was first to arrive and my girlfriend was nice to him and then she turned around and with wide eyes mouthed to me "he's GAY", I just shrugged my shoulders and looked stupid.  Robert showed up and he had two guys with him and said he didn't think a extra body would hurt.  Luke and Roy were as different as night and day where Luke was as big as Robert and chiseled from rock and Roy was smaller, more my size.  They both looked at my hair and Luke quickly turned his attention to my girl friend and Roy smiled and had a strange smirk.  Then Roy saw Harold and they knew each other and gave each other a really friendly hug.  


I didn't know it or realize it but the music was playing and I kept hearing or thinking that Alpha's need to be Alpha's and submissives need to be submissive and Obedient.   We all sat down after a little jockeying for positions at the table and Robert and Luke had my girl friend  between them and she seemed to be happy having the two of them kinda fighting for the rights to her and she loved the attention and kept checking out the bulges in their pants.  Me on the other hand had Roy on one side and Harold on the other and I soon figured out that Roy liked both guys and girls, but he knew he didn't have a chance with both luke and Robert via'ing for the only bitch in the room.  Then I figgered out that she wasn't the only bitch and these two were looking at me like i was a bitch.  Then I was thinking that An Alpha is an Alpha and a Submissive is submissive and obedient and I began to feel so submissive, so obedient, so meek, and so cock hungry.  I kept feeling hands on my hair an neck, and it was good.  I felt a hand on my thigh and it kept knuckling my dick and I liked it and opened my legs just a bit more without trying to be noticed.  I think Roy noticed and made a few comments to Harold and he gave him a snippy comment how he was invited and Roy was an extra that better behave himself.  I think that started a war over who was going to get me and all of a sudden I had two hands fighting over my dick all the while i sat there trying to act like nothing was happening.


I quickly lost all my chips and and was told by Luke that the first to lose was to shuffle the cards for everyone so the game moved faster, i was the shuffle bitch.  All that did was to free up the two hands rubbing and fighting over my dick.  I had a boner and the two hands seemed to have come up with an agreement to take turns playing with me and i had accepted the fact that I liked having my dick played with and wondered if I was going to get to suck a cock tonight.  I was in a daze and suffled and suffled some more.  The next thing I knew was that Harold had lost his chips and he had move closer to me so he could help with the shuffling.  My girlfriend was telling me to go get some drinks and Harold told Roy it was his turn to do some shuffling and got up with a big show and announced that he was going to help make the drinks.  


We got into the little apartment kitchen and with a lot of clinking of glasses he grabbed me and was sticking his tongue into my mouth and I let him and very quickly was kissing him back.  I had never kissed a guy before but this was different and I loved the feel of a guy dominating my face and the scraping of his beard stubble.  He very quickly moved to my neck and had locked in on a sucker bite.  I could feel his cock rubbing my dick and I bent my head so he had full access to my neck. I was in a different world and I heard the clinking of a spoon or fork on a glass and a deep voice saying to stop the bullshit and bring in the drinks.  We broke apart and we picked the the drinks and chips and went back into the other room.  


I saw where my girlfriend had lost her chips and was now a loser,  The two big guys were heads up and they were saying now they would see who gets my girlfriend for the night, they ignored me like I didn't count.  Roy and Harold were giving each other competitive looks and I was the prize.  Luke got up and had to pee and he soon came back laughing had our dildo saying who would have such a tiny dick.  My girlfriend sat there and actually pointed at me and they all laughed and said what the hell was I doing with a dildo.  Comments all around the table where he must suck it or he probably sticks it up his butt.  Harold just said I just guess we will need to see after the poke game is settled.  I was so embarassed I lost my boner and thought I would cry.  Then I started thinking that these guys intended to fuck my girlfriend and I knew she wanted to suck cock.  I then thought that these other two guys wanted to fuck me and for me to suck their cocks.  I then started to think that I wanted to suck their cocks and with all the practice I have had with the dildo I should be able to handle the cocks. I heard  "all In" and Luke was pushing in a very large pile of chips.  Robert looked scared and said "all in"  and pushed in a pile about half that of Lukes.  As it turned out Luke won and told me to get more drinks, which I did and when I came back they all drank down the shots and announce that Luke was going to collect a side bet and took my girlfriend into the bed room and Robert went with them stating that this is something he had wanted for a long time.  Harold and Roy pulled me to the couch and turned down the bright lights.


They were explaing to me that they knew I was new to this and between the two of them they would make this a night to remember.  The only thing I could think was Night, they must mean all night,  Oh my, what can happen in a whole night.  I heard a lot of giggling from the bed room and a lot of grunts and squeeking of the bed.

Roy was saying that this was my first time with guys and by the time they were finished with me I will never be able to go back to het sex again.  Hearing that I moaned and let my head go back and I felt my pants sliding down and I was exposed in my sissy panties and both Harold and Roy were saying look at what we got here.  So you like the girly stuff do you?  I dreamily just nodded my head and figured how much worse could this get.  I couldn't say no, and I wanted to please both of these guys so I decided to just go along with eveything they could come up with.  Roy got up and said "let's make his lips pretty too" and he went into the bed room saying something about making up their sissy pretty boy.  I heard a deep voice laugh and say I knew he was queer and couldn't figure out why you kept him around.


Roy came with a handful of stuff and they started to do my lips, first with some kind of lipstick and then they powed my face and rubbed in something and they did my eyes and eye lashes saying that some girls would kill for eyelashes like mine.  Then the took a rubber qtip thing a applied a glossy red to my lips.   Both Harold and Roy were so happy with their handy work and they started to take pictures of me.  There I was standing there in my lacy sissy panties and fully madeup with two guys when Roy went back into the bedroom and they all came out to look at me.  My girlfriend stood there naked, looking like she was well fucked and dripping from her pussy.  Her mouth was open and said she had no idea I would look so girly.  Luke and Robert both also naked with huge cocks hanging said with my lips I could suck their cocks any time all the time laughing.  Then they got pulled around and went back into the bedroom.


Harold kept taking pictures and they had me stand this way and that,  Roy had his cock out and put my hand on it.  My first real cock and I loved holding it and began to stroke him.  I was told told kneel down and I knew what was coming next.  I opened my mouthe and started to suck on the fairly large head all the while Harold took pictures of me all madeup and sliding a cock into my bright red slick lips.  Harold handed the camera to Roy and said he want picture of me sucking his cock before my pretty lips got all messed up.  They took pictures of me bending over with each of them posing like they were fucking my butt with me blowing kisses to the camera.  I was so turned on with all this attention, I was weak all over and I didn't want it to stop, I had found my calling.  I sucked Harold off and he came in my mouth, it was delicous and Harold said that because this was my first cum I was now his, no matter how many cocks I sucked his would always be my favorite and I believed him and would be forever linked to him.  I Sucked Roy off and his cum was delicous too, but a think Harold was right, his was the best so far and I couldn't wait to suck him off again.


They took my panties off and Roy said "what's this bullshit, he has hair".  Harold said we can do something about that and he came back with a razor and shave cream and a little trimmer.  They buzzed my pube hair and added the shave cream and made me completely bald down there.  My legs followed and Harold said "might as well do his chest too". I must have been an hour at least and here I was all made up and hairless like a sissy.  Naked and completely hairless I once again had a boner and I hadn't cum yet tonight.  Both Roy and Harald had shot their loads down my throat and by the looks of everything they were ready for another round.  I had them on both sides of me and they where kissing me and sucking on my neck. All I could do was moan and enjoy.  They were teasing my bald dick and Harold was telling me that from now on Ii was his and that I shouldn't worry about what other people thought.  I told him that I loved him and his wonderful cock.


I was horney as hell, they wouldn't let me cum and and I was sucking cock, loving it and wanting more.  Harold was hard again and he told me now I would be the bitch I was destined to be,  he put cream on my butt hole and slathered up his cock and I felt him at my asshole, nudging it slightly entering and sliding back out.  All I could do is moan and say more, more and do it to me.  he finally slid his cock head past my hole and he let it settle in and I instinctly started to move to get him to fuck me, and fuck me he did and he was banging the shit out of my hole and I was meeting each thrust to getting the biggest bang for each thrust.  I loved each thrust and I thought Harold had the best fucking cock ever and didn't want to let it go.  Harold came in me and before I knew what had happened or recovered Roy had replaced Harold with his slightly bigger cock and was fucking me and telling me, no, asking me "who was my daddy"  He came in me and I felt so satisfied and drained.  My dick was soft and dripping precum or cum I don't know, I was just completely used up and had my head in Harolds lap.  I guess I fell asleep because the next thing I knew dawn was breaking and Harold's cock was hard again and I for what ever reason directed it into my mouth and begain to suck.  I knew this is what I wanted to do.


Harold came and I sucked him dry and turned to Roy and slowly   stroked him hard and I sucked him off too.  I was thinking how much I loved sucking cock and how good both of these cocks tasted.  I heard the shower running and the bedroom door opened and my girlfriend came out and sat in the lazyboy and waved me over to her and she just shoved my head down and I automatically  started to slurp up all the slimy goo that her pussy had to offer, I  figured she was full of cum  and I know she was right.  She told me to go put on my panties and make breakfast for her and my studs.


Everyone was saying it was a terriffic night and wanted to do it next Friday night again.  My girlfriend said why not she had a ball and it looked like I had fun too, judging from my smeared makeup.  She also mentioned that Someone had forgotten to do my nails.  Howard stayed the rest of weekend with us and between him and my girlfriend I was cleaned up and made pretty and had to wear a little skirt outfit that made my newly painted fingernail and toenails standout like my bright red lips and gloss.  I got to suck off Harold a whole bunch more times and I got to eat out my girlfriend several times because that's what she wanted.


I called into work sick on Monday morning because I was still fully dressed and made up and wanted to spend the day as a sissy.  Both Harold and my girl friend went to work and I ended up mastrubating and cuming for the first time.  I knew that I was helplessly stuck as gay and sissyfied and this is what I wanted more then anything in the world, all I had to do was get the balls to come out to the world.



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