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Miss Nadia's Foursome part one

by wetbabypeepants

Miss Nadia's Foursome part one

Miss Nadia's foursome

One night my mistress Nadia takes me to her flat where she's arranged an evening - a whole night actually - of entertainment. Invited are just three people - me her devoted sub, and two of her very sexy young sub women friends. Mistress N has always loved to see her subs play with each other and entertain her before getting directly involved in play herself. The evening is going to be very wet with lots of pee play so first up we have heaps to drink all round - a litre or so of water followed by a glass of very nice wine all round, and then the same again. While we're all getting acquainted and having a chat over the wine, Mistress is going around the room taking an item of clothing from each of us and encouraging us to drink plenty. The lights are low and soft music is playing. There's a large and low double bed, more like a futon, with a wood frame in the middle of the room, with velcro fitted straps for arms and legs so that the sub may be strapped to the bed arms and legs spread wide. The bed is fitted with one of those soft waterproof sheets and there are some towels and pillows scattered around, A couple of sofas are around the sides.

Mistress is enjoying circulating the room and introducing us all. And stripping us as she goes. Each removed item of clothing is taken away, we dont see where. We haven't all met before - each of the women has been a sub for Mistress before, but this is our first group meeting. We're all excited and not a little nervous, especially me because it's my first real time meeting with Miss Nadia. She's controlled me online in cam submission sessions which have been very hot, and I must have pleased her because here I am an invited guest at her home for a total submission session of play. We all know what we may experience tonight and need the wine to settle us a little. Another chat and Miss N comes over and asks me how I am feeling, If I want to pull out and leave or want to stay and experience something quite intense amazing and sexual. As she took my shirt on the last trip around the room, this time it's my trousers to come off. My companions, Anne and Kathy, are on the sofas with me - Anne on mine and Kathy is on the other, where Miss N stops for a little every now and again. This time Kathy's bra is to come off and her medium breasts are firm and nipples hard. Miss N gives them a firm pinch each and puts nipple clamps on her. Miss N is dressed in a black silk full length split wrap, which is pretty revealing. We can see she's chosen to wear just bra and panties underneath. She's told us that whoever wins her favour by pleasing her the most will have the privilege of removing those later.

Anne was not wearing as much as the rest of us and she's now down to just panties. Miss N has a tray of toys and she's choosing one for Anne but for now brings us all another glass of wine. My turn on the sofa and my panties have to go - Miss N makes me wear lacey panties - and I am naked before the three women. Miss N tells me to finish stripping Anne, clamp a tiny clamp on her labia and have her give my cock just a tease with her lips to help its rapid stiffening.

Miss N goes to Kathy now and has her lay on her back on the bed and she's only wearing her black panties now. Fitting her into the straps, Miss N pulls her wide apart at the crotch and fastens down the velcro on her ankles, and then repeats on the arms. She tells her to watch quietly as she moves over to sit by Anne and me on the sofa. Anne's naked and wearing a labia clamp but now Miss N hands me a pair of nipple clamps and tells me to put them on Anne's now quite hard nipples -just firmly to start with. And then Anne is given another set of nipple clamps which she fits on me. The cold stainless steel feels like ice on them and a thrill goes through me as she tightens the screws. There's some discomfort. It makes my penis harder.

Miss N says she wants us to entertain her for a while and we can start by some strapon play. Bringing her toybox over she fits Anne with a very lifelike strapon, tells me to lie on my face on the sofa kneeling on the floor and spread my legs. Passing over some lube she tells Anne to spread my ass cheeks and rub the lube around my anus. And then to insert a finger inside and curl it around a little massaging me friom inside. This makes me feel a bit embarrassed as I am starting to feel the effects of the drinks now and feel a bit of need to pee. But I can hold it. Now two fingers in my ass and Anne is getting playful She spreads me wide and teases me with the strapon tip earning a strong rebuke from Miss N who tells her to ask before fucking my arse.
Her punishment is a turn on the nipple clamps.

But Miss N relents as she want to see Anne enter me and tells her to go for it an d fuck me on the edge of the sofa. I have never been in any kind of threesome since I was an experimenting adolescent and this is all new. Anne pushes into me with her warm feeling strapon and I feel her presence deep inside me pushing into me and touching my prostate and the neck of the bladder. Anne moves in and out for a while before Miss N pulls her away and then directs her to the bed and towards Kathy's spread genitals which are pretty wet and dripping with natural excitement. She pushes her into position and tells her to start fucking her slowly. Anne presses in with her strapon and Kathy is slick and loose for her, It slides in all the way with a big sigh from Kathy.

Now Miss N wants me in action. She has me sit on the bed over Kathy and so that she can suck my cock. As she takes me into her mouth, Miss N says you're all going to start pee sex for me now. Anne will fuck Kathy teasingly slowly, as Kathy sucks my cock, but Kathy also has to press on my lower abdomen where my well swollen bladder is very visible now. "Milk some pee from him" Miss N commands - "press into him, make him pee in your mouth and drink every drop". She obeys and starts pressing me. Im so hard it's not easy to pee but I am so full now it won't be long especially with the pushing. "You too Anne - squeeze some pee from him. It's OK Kathy you will be able to have your turn on him soon... Just drink up when he pees, dont spill a drop darling."

The sensation in my bladder is overwhelming - despite the embarrasment and the fact that I have never played like this before, it's too late for second thoughts now. The wine helps as I succumb to one of the girls pushing their fingers into my abdomen and the pee starts in a gush. I can tell Kathy's swallowing hard to get it down but she does and starts getting into the game, pushing harder and harder on me to milk big spurts of pee. Miss N pulls me off her at this point though which results in a stream of pee all over Kathy's breasts.

"You too now Anne - suck some of Michael's pee from his cock to get his taste"

We all need a bit of break now and Miss N cracks open another bottle of red and pours four glasses. "Let's toast to a long night of fun".

Things are getting hot in the room now, the two sub girls Anne and Kathy are well warmed up. Kathy's had to drink all my pee, and not been allowed to pee at all herself yet. Anne hasn't had as much to drink as Kathy as she didn't drink any pee (yet), and of course Miss Nadia is getting pretty full herself. She come over to me and suggests that as I had the pleasure to relieve my bladder in Kathy's mouth as she was being fucked by Anne with the strap on, it would be only fair if I suck Kathy's pee now.

So I am strapped to the bed, changing places with Kathy, and the girls help Miss Nadia to strap me arms and legs spread wide onto the bed. Kathy is soaked in my pee still. I can see from her eyes that she's looking forward to making me drink her full bladder of pee. Miss N tells Anne that as Kathy gets into position straddling me, she is to help her lose control by squeezing her till she pees. Miss N pushes Kathy's crotch down onto my face now and pulls my mouth open and makes me wrap my lips around the soft wetness of her mound. She's dripping with juices - this is turning her on in a big way. Now Miss N starts work on her belly, massaging her gently but firmly and every now and then given a sudden unexpected push, each of which sends a big spurt of pee into my mouth. Miss N is watching me really carefully to see I swallow it all. After a few pushes she loses all resistance and lets go totally. I can't swallow fast enough and some of her pee spills from my mouth. Miss N sees and punishes me with a good strong tweak on my nipple clamps.

Having drunk all Kathy's pee, now Miss N fits me with a blindfold. Another female crotch is pressed to my lips and I am forced to repeat the same thing. I go through the same submission with her. She spurts her pee into my mouth in small amounts, bit by bit, over several minutes. She makes sure I don't spill any this time. I don't know which of the women this is, but it could be Mistress herself this time because this cunt pressed on me feels different from the others - and Miss N had said if I was a promising sub I would be given the honour of drinking her pee directly from her body. I am doing my best to please her.

I struggle to take down every drop this time as I have just swallowed a large amount of liquid. My bladder is already getting really full again and I feel a need to pee growing. Yet I do manage to swallow all the pee this time too, it flows into my mouth in strong spurts on spicy slightly alcoholic warmth. I am beginning to feel slightly less afraid of what may happen and to enjoy it more - I think my true submission is happening tonight. Playing at sub on webcam for mistress was just training, I begin to realise, to make me ready for this point where I begin to learn the meaning of submission and of handing all control to her. All control, of the most intimate acts of my body. I have never felt like this before, it is the most amazing sensation. I struggle in my bonds a bit because I am starting to get desperate to pee now. I hear Miss Nadia planning the next stage of my initiation into the group in the next room in lowered voices.

I can't catch all the words but I hear the odd snatch "and then push two of your fingers in his arse and spread him wide" ... "masturbating him till he's hard and begging to come then stop and leave him for five minutes in the dark" ... "you could have first go and then Kathy" ... "what would you girls like to do to him next?" you can imagine my feelings. My bladder is swollen now and I really feel like I will burst.

(part 2 to follow) - please send some comments via PM on this website - I do want your feedback on my stories


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