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What Happened to me (III)

by ElSupremo

Chapter 3

Chapter III


Monday night my girlfriend came home from work and I could see that she was very concerned over something.  We ate in silence and she then said we have to talk.  I thought here it comes I'm in deep shit and we are going to breakup and I'll have to move out of our apartment.  I went into the living room and sat on the couch where I had been sucking cock and getting my butt pounded by not one, but two guys this past weekend.  As I sat there with bright red lipstick and gloss, my eyes made up and looking like a complete sissy I couldn't help it and started to cry.  My girlfriend came over and sat next to me and started to talk.  She told me that she understood that i was confused and wanted to help me to decide what was best for me  She started by telling me to relax and close my eyes and relax some more.


I have never felt so relax or went so deep into myself, I had strange feelings and emotions.  She had me so deep and open to her.  She asked if I liked cock, if I liked sucking cock, if I like being fucked like a girl.   She asked if I was gay and I told her I really didn't know, but I really, really had a great time with Harold and Roy.  She gently told me to relax, to go deeper and deeper.  To give up and submit to her, to be so obedient, I actually totally relaxed and felt my self open and give myselt to her.  She started to explain that I  needed to make some decisions and I would be held to and bound to these decisions.  I didn't have to worry because I would be doing t the deciding and all would be right for me.  I was so relaxed, so deep, she asked if I was happy being so relaxed and deep and if I was to smile for her.  I smiled.  


She had me lift my skirt and she told me to pull down my sissy panties to expose my weenie.  I did and she had me hold it all the time telling me how much I loved having a weenie and that I never should be jealous of men with cocks bigger then my weenie.  I continued to smile and she told me to stroke my weenie and it was good.  She kept telling me how much i enjoyed wearing the girlie sissy clothes and I smiled.  I continured to go deeper and deeper, she told me to sleep and snapped her fingers. an electric charge surged through my body.  I was so deep and I smiled, I smiled for her because she was my angel and she knew me better then I knew me.  she kept telling me how content and happy I was to be so sissyfied, I smiled.  She told me about cock, she told me the difference of a cock and a weenie, I definitely had a weenie.  She told me that to have a weenie was to be blessed and i felt blessed, proud, and I smiled.  I was so happy and smiled so hard I thought my face would crack.  I went deeper and deeper, my breathing was slower and deeper. I kept smiling and was content with the world.


Being so deep and being so happy was what I wanted, She told me to continue to stroke myself and everything was so right, I smiled and smiled.  she kept talking and I listened to her obervations of me this past weekend and encouraged me to be happy with myself and I was.  I was happy Harold had been there and I was happy Harold had introduced me the world of gay's.  I was happy he was my first cock to suck and stroke and swallow his cum.  I was happy Roy was there and I was happy I had sucked his cock too.  I was so happy and I was looking forward to more cock sucking and fucking.  I stroked myself and I was so deep and feeling so good.  I wanted to cum, but I was told to hold off until the right moment and to just stroke slowly and with control, I smiled.


I was asked if I knew what being gay was and I said that I sucking cock was to be gay.  Just sucking cock doesn't make one gay, being gay is a complete and total submission to cock.  Cock is sex, cock is life, cock is the only sex for a gay person.  To be gay is to only have sex with men, No women, No pussy.  A gay man's cock or in my case weenie doesn't responde to a women, it get hard for men not women, no excitement for pussy, just for cocks.  having a women touch and play doesn't work on a gay man,  think about cock and bam instant excitement and a hard cock.  Sex with women isn't even considered, no boner's for women, just for men.  she asked me if I was gay,  I smiled and said I didn't know anymore.  She said let's find out if you're gay or not.  I kept thinking I was gay, I love holding and sucking cock.  I wanted cock more then anything, I could taste cock in my mouth, I figured I was gay.  I kept going deeper and deeper, I smile more and more, I wanted to be totally and completely gay.  I was told that as I stroked my weenie and repeated "I want to be gay" as I stroked I would be be gay when I came.  I kept stroking and saying "I want to be gay, I want to be gay".  I stroked and and stroked I kept repeating over and over.  she kept asking what do I want and I would answer "I want to be gay"  she kept saying that once I blew my wad I would be totally and completely gay so if I had any misgivings I better stop stroking. I knew I was getting close to cumming and I still had chance to stop, but I wanted to be gay, I knew if I came I would be gay.  So deep, so happy, so gay.  I felt a warm glow come over me and my weenie was rock hard and I wanted to cum so badly and to cum was to be forevery gay. I wanted to be gay, I was so deep, so happy, so gay. and then I knew I was going to cum, it was cumming I yelled out " I AM GAY, I AM GAY"  all of a sudden my weenie was on fire, I was engulfed in heat and I came, I came and came, I want cum all over the place.  I kept saying that "I AM GAY" and I now know without a doubt I'm gay.  I was so deep, so happy, so gay.  My weenie felt so alive, so hot and warm, I felt a weight being lifted off my crotch, my weenie felt a cool breeze, I was starting to come up and was waking up, and I smiled and smiled and said wow, I feel so gay, so happy.   I opened my eyes I was holding my girlfriends hand, my weenie was soaking wet, my girlfriend was naked and her bald pussy was wet too.  Without a word she pulled my head down to her pussy and I started to do my job.  I ate and cleaned her sopping pussy, I could taste my cum and her cum too.  I was confused, and happy, I licked and sucked her pussy untill there was nothing left.  


She was sitting there with a satisfied look and told me that I may be gay, but I still had duties to perform and keeping her pussy clean would be one of them.  I figured why not the best of both worlds.  She asked if I felt gay and I said I think so and she said we'll find out later after I was all rested up, but for now I should take a shower, shave my weenie clean and get made up and then come back to wash dishes and if I behaved myself she would help me with my gayness.  I smiled.


great story - poof

please post some more there is so much to come

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