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Cardcaptor diaper by the unthinker

by dank_m3m3

Chapter 1

“Please can I wear panties?” Sakura begged Tomoyo, tugging at her pull-up

“Sakura, I know you don’t like them but remember this is the BABY card you’re facing.” Tomoyo said “Are you really sure you want to chance it?”

Sakura had fought the BABY card three times before. The first time she had underestimated the card badly and was sent toddling back to Tomoyo in a wet pull-up. Tomoyo had helped her repotty train and two days later Sakura had tried again. Again she had been put back in pull-ups, this time for a week. The third time had been almost two weeks ago and she was still wetting the bed. With each subsequent encounter the BABY card’s magic seemed to stick on her more and more.

Tomoyo had happily taken on the role of being Sakura’s caretaker, even documenting Sakura’s second potty training with her camera. Sakura was less than enthusiastic but even she had to admit she needed the help. She’d had enough accidents in her pull-ups to know that it was a bad idea to go to school or sleep without one on. When she was at home and near her training potty was the only time Tomoyo let her wear panties.

“But I don’t need diapers!” Sakura insisted again “Come on, it’s been two days since my last daytime accident, please can’t you just let me wear panties now?”

Tomoyo sighed “Fine.”

She handed Sakura a pair of panties and a magic girl outfit to change into.

“Release!” Shouted Sakura, the sealing wand lengthening in her hand

“Let’s go Sakura!” Kero shouted next to Tomoyo

“Perfect.” Tomoyo said, staring at Sakura through her camera

It was night outside and the bright pink BABY card was sitting on some playground equipment. Sakura ran at it. The BABY card noticed her and laughed.

“Pway!” It said, happily throwing some balls of sparkles at her. Sakura jumped out of the way. They broke against a wall behind her and made an alphabet mural. 

“Pway!” The card toddled behind a tree. Sakura ran around the tree, sealing wand extended.

“Return to- huh?” 

There was nothing there.

“Where’d it go?” Sakura asked, turning around in a circle. Just then there was a flash of pink behind her.

“Behind you Sakura!” Tomoyo shouted but it was too late. Sakura got hit dead on with a shower of glitter.

“Ah!” Sakura stumbled forwards, an audible crinkling coming from underneath her skirt. She crossed her legs and pressed her hand against the front of her skirt, doing the potty dance.

“Pway! Pway!” The BABY card laughed, turning and toddling away into the night

“The clow card’s getting away Sakura!” Kero said

“Yeah…” Sakura said, not moving. She had a bigger problem. The card disappeared. Tomoyo lowered her camera.

“Well I guess we’d better get you to a training potty before you have an accident.” She said

“I actually don’t need to go anymore…” Sakura blushed. Tomoyo raised an eyebrow.

“Wetting yourself after just one attack? That’s never happened before.”

“Yeah…” Sakura said. Tomoyo held up a pull-up.

“Let’s just change you here.” She said “We don’t want you getting a rash.”

“Um…” Sakura looked around to see if anyone was watching but the place was completely deserted.

“Make it quick.” She said. She didn’t want a rash.

Tomoyo pulled down Sakura’s wet pull-up and tossed it in a trash can. Then she held out the clean pull-up for Sakura to step into. The entire process took less than a minute, they both had a lot of experience changing Sakura’s pull-ups.

“Now let’s get you home.”

“This isn’t fair.” Sakura pouted a little later in her room, crossing her arms in a very baby-like fashion while Tomoyo checked her pull-up “How come you never seem to get hit with that attack? How come no one else ends up losing their potty training except me?”

“Because I’m not waving around a magic wand and shouting at the thing?” Tomoyo suggested “You’ve wet yourself again.”

“What? But I just went!” Sakura said

“And you seem to have gone again.” Tomoyo said “We should diaper you tonight to sleep, at the very least we know you’re a heavy wetter so a pull-up would probably leak.”

“At the very least?”

“Well you know there was that one time you had a messy accident.”

Sakura blushed indignantly “Tomoyo look I’m ten years old and I-”

She stopped after Tomoyo patted her wet pull-up look and hung her head “Fine.”

Tomoyo was right. When Sakura woke up the next morning she was thoroughly soaked.

“You sure peed a lot in your sleep Sakura!” Kero commented, flying around her padding “But you didn’t poop yourself at least!”

“Thanks.” Sakura groaned, tossing her soggy diaper into a diaper pail next to her training potty. Tomoyo had bought both of them for her along with a couple packages of pull-ups and diapers after the first night she had encountered the BABY card. Sakura had needed all of it, especially the pull-ups, a lot more often than she wanted to admit. 

She took a pull-up out of her drawer and noticed she was getting low. She’d need to ask Tomoyo for some more, the encounter the night before had probably sent her back to pull-ups for the next few weeks. 

Sakura walked to school in the morning. She would have liked to skate, but the BABY clow card’s effect wasn’t just limited to her potty training. Her motor skills in general were down so the few times she skated right after being put in pull-ups she ended up wiping out on the grass, usually with her skirt riding up and her padding exposed.

She was about halfway to school when the urge to pee hit her. Inwardly Sakura kicked herself for not taking an extra potty break before she left her house. 

“Already?” Sakura said, looking around frantically for a toilet. But she was halfway in between her house and school and the only public building nearby was a daycare. Hiss! Suddenly her bladder let loose and as much as Sakura tried to regain control she just couldn’t.

“What’s happening to me!?!” She groaned, lifting up her skirt to see her wet pull-up. At this rate she’d have to start wearing diapers during the day! 

Sakura was only able to take one or two steps before she noticed something else strange. Her outfit seemed a little tight on her.

“Huh?” Sakura asked. She looked down and watched her school uniform bleach pink and smooth out into a short pink dress in her hands. And that wasn’t the only thing. Her pull up had felt droopy and heavy after she had wet it, but now her it just felt a little swollen, like it was meant to absorb heavier wettings instead of little accidents.

Sakura pushed her legs together. Her padding definitely felt a lot thicker than before. She quickly pulled up her skirt. Sure enough, her pull-up was now a baby diaper complete with tapes and letters on the front.


Sakura heard a little grunt behind her. She quickly pushed her skirt down and looked behind her. It was one of the preschoolers from the daycare. She blushed as she realized she had just shown her what she was wearing.

The preschooler looked at her in confusion. Sakura couldn’t help but notice that the preschooler was wearing a pink dress with pockets just like hers. 

“Are you a baby?” The preschooler asked

“No!” Sakura said quickly, looking around. What was happening? Something had changed her outfit to make her match the preschoolers! Then it clicked.

“Where are you…” She asked, scanning the area. She saw the BABY clow card looking at her and laughing around the edge of the fence around the daycare. It threw another ball of glitter at her, which Sakura dodged. It hit a trash can behind her and turned it into a diaper pail.

“Grrr!” Sakura growled in annoyance, chasing the clow card straight into the playground “You won’t get away from me this time!”

The clow card laughed and led Sakura on a chase around the playground. Sakura stumbled and tripped but in the end managed to get the BABY card in a corner of the fence.

“Got you now!” Sakura said triumphantly, grabbing her key and prepared for the capture. She took one step forwards before the hands closed around her from behind.

“Huh? Hey let me go!” She said, kicking as she was lifted up into the air

“Are you lost sweetie? Where’s your Mommy?”

“Mommy?” Sakura craned her neck and saw one of the daycare workers holding her “No there must be some mistake, I’m not a baby!”

The daycare worker ignored her and felt her diaper. Sakura eeped.

“Uh oh, someone went pee-pee in her pants. Let’s get you changed.”

“Changed!?!” Sakura asked “No, I just said I’m not a baby! Can’t you understand me!?!”

“Of course I know you’re not a baby.” The daycare worker said with a voice that said otherwise “But even big girls sometimes have accidents in their pants. We need to change you before you get a rash.”

Sakura was carried inside and laid back on a changing mat. 

“I don’t belong here!” Sakura said, trying to avoid eye contract with the other preschoolers while the daycare worker went to work changing her without any regard for her privacy.

“Then why were you on the playground?” The daycare worker asked “No one under five is allowed into or out of the daycare without an adult.”

“I’m ten!” Sakura said

“Of course you are.” 

The daycare worker clearly didn’t believe her, taping a clean diaper on her.

“And I’m supposed to be wearing pull-ups!” Sakura said

“Well then if you can stay dry for a day, then we’ll let you move up.”

She let Sakura up and sent her toddling into the crowd of preschoolers.

“Umm…” Sakura said, staring at them awkwardly.


Shimmering glitter rained down on Sakura from behind. She was caught off guard and stumbled and fell hard on her padded rear. She’d completely forgotten about the clow card and was defenseless against it now.

“Pway! Pway!” The BABY card laughed, throwing its magic sparkles all over Sakura. Sakura groaned and tried to resist the regression, suddenly feeling the need to poop really badly. She was painfully aware that her


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