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Discovering hypnosis

by bbmichael

Chapter 1

I've always knew I was a compulsive masturbator. Since the first time I masturbated, I knew that I would never have enough of that feeling. 

I immediately started to look for porn, masturbating easily every weekend, and when normal sex wasn't working anymore I quickly move on into fetish stuff. "Rape", BDSM, orgies, leather, rubber, etc. Name it I was on it, and yet I noticed, I couldn't imagine myself doing any of it, I wasn't finding my real pleassure.

By that time I also noticed how much attention I was putting to the men in all the videos I watched, how they moved, how they acted, and how dominant they were. It was then that I started to feel the need to watch those dominant man become submissive, to watch them reverse thier rolls with another dominant part. This was a start and it escalated quickly.

I started looking videos where the man was forced to have sex by the woman, the man wearing dresses, man waearing dog masks, acted like a sissy,  and even wear diapers. But the women simply didn't do it, so I wasn't slow into turn to gay porn.

It certainly was an improvement. The apparently dominant ones bottoming because someone forced them to weren't uncommon so I was pleased for a while. By that time my masturbation had become a daily thing and I was getting out of oriiginal videos to see. 

I remember it clearly, it was a typical search in a porn site: "Dominant man forced to act like a bottom". And I found it, a video titled "bulk man hypnotized to be a sissy". And I finally got my answer. I wasn't aroused by the men being fucked or how much they liked it. I WAS aroused by the idea of men becoming something completely diferentt of what they used to be, and I realised this was possible through hypnosis. It was the answer to everything.

Videos, stories, captions, hypnosis was on everything. And the possibilities were simply endless. Diapers, weight gain, muscle gain, sissification, dumbification, transformation, etc. The spectrum was and is endless.

By now I masturbated at least twice a day, and get hard by the simple idea of controlling anyones, even if it's a close friend. So I'm just waiting for the day i find someone to use al the glorious files on this website. 


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