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Chapter 1

'm looking forward to seeing Charles coming back every day.

He would pull his shirt off his now-wider shoulders, almost immediately – like he couldn't bear the idea of wearing a shirt anymore. His beautiful back tapers down to his 25-inch waist, learnt the hard way, trying to borrow his jeans one day. He's lean, to begin with, so the definition of muscles are definitely more apparent. You can almost see every muscle bulges and moves under his skin, especially when he's removing his shirt. He turns to reveal a complete 360 view of his torso - he has pecs now! Followed closely with luscious symmetrical six-pack abs that are finer than all the other fitness models out there. 

Words were beyond me at that point. Day after day, I was fixated with the idea of jocking up my roommate more and more. It felt like there’s this craving inside of me, wanting to manipulate my perfect subject here. But, I felt equally bad as well, to actually subjecting my roommate to this, without his consent, let alone – awareness. One night, when he was at work, I was sitting in front of my computer and went through the subliminal script I hooked up in his room. I remember seeing exhibitionistic tendencies, extrovert, relax and ease at home on the initial portion of the script, then I realise I included muscle growth and adoption of new hobby like going to the gym.

But, I can’t get myself to turn off the script.

When I hear the keys clanking, which signals the return of my roommate. I took a deep breath and minimise everything on my desktop. It isn’t anything he would be able to make sense to, anyway. But, I guess I’m doing it out of subconsciously feeling bad about this. Like every other day, he plopped his bag on the side of the sofa and took his shirt off in a swift movement. I used to really enjoy this, but not today – not after this moral dilemma. It has definitely wears me down a little. 

He told me that he signed up for the local gym down the road. I smiled back at him, and excused myself to the washroom. Through the mirror, I barely even recognise myself anymore. I was so caught up in the process of jocking up my roommate and didn’t pay much attention to myself for a good two weeks or so. I would begin researching more into the hypnosis subject on the computer and resign to bed day after day. I would anticipate for my roommate’s return from work. And the morning after. I lost track of time, and most importantly myself.

When I really look at myself in the mirror, a scream accidentally left my mouth – I was shocked at my own reflection. I was not wearing a shirt, so I could have a good look on my body. My body is looking great – like I’ve been working out for a year or so – despite the lack of exercise at home. But, something is definitely not right. This couldn’t be happening to me, as well. Did the sound system has some form of leakage?

Charles must have heard me, and came over to check on me. I yelled back from behind the door, telling him I just saw a cockroach under the blinds. “Okay then, I thought something happened to you,” he replied and then went into his room. 

I fumbled towards my computer. I need to rectify this, immediately.


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