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The Visitor

by ElSupremo

Chapter 1

My excitement started to when I received an email from my old best army buddy James. He was still in the army and was traveling across the country and wanted to stop and visit me in Albuquerque, NM. He said he could stay a week or two if I didn't mind. I told him I not only didn't mind but I could be on vacation at the same time and we could have a really great time, just like in the olden days. He said he was also excited that we could hook up again and watch out world here we come.


The only problem I could see was that since we were last together I have started to like guys better then girls, in fact I think I'm completely and totally gay. I have a friend here that started seeing me because he was doing landscaping work for me and we just kind of hit it off and I found out that I really liked sucking him off. The way it happened was that he was cute and he talked about listening to self improvement files and how they could really change a person and he had listened and loved a playlist of gay files. I laughed and told him that it was just fiction because if you don't want something listening to a file can't make you do something. He just shrugged his shoulders and said he thought I was wrong and it had changed him and he now enjoyed sucking cock. After hearing him admit to sucking cock I could feel my dick get hard and he notice my shorts tenting up. He said that if I didn't believe hypno files could make a person gay then to prove my point I should listen to the files for a week. I could feel my dick get really hard and I got a sick feeling in my throat and stomach and said boldly okay, bring on the best you got. He just smiled and said he would email me the files and all I had to do was download them and play the playlist on a loop, go to bed and just relax and be ready to suck cock. He even asked me if I wanted to suck his cock or for him to suck my dick. I said that I though it would be him sucking my dick because I'm straight and he said okay and reached for my pants. He caught me completely by surprised and before I knew it he had pulled my shorts out and over and down to my knees. My already hard dick was out and he wrapped his hand around me and started to stroke my dick. I think I was just slow to react because somewhere inside of me I wanted him to take my dick and suck it. I even had mild thoughts of returning the favor.


Little did I know that Jose had been playing mexican music with subliminal's about being submissive and cock sucking for a long time. I was happy he was stroking and sucking my dick and between sucking and stroking he told me to download the files and I did and he told me to choose a playlist to use. I chose Number 3 because it would make me submissive and love cock sucking. I would end up gay and only have sexual interest in male cock and pussy wouldn't do anything for me beside making me feel sick. Jose continued to play with my dick talking to me and making suggestions and telling me my dick was a little small and that when compared to a real cock I would know I had a weenie and wasn't a real man in the equipment area. He took off his pants and showed me his cock and it was bigger then me, it was thicker and and a little longer, but I knew he had a cock and I had a shorter thinner weenie. He told me that I had to remove all my body hair from the neck down and that would make him happy. About this time I had the files downloaded and hit play on the player. All I remember from then on was Jose stroking and sucking my weenie and I just lost all sense of reality until the next morning when Jose was shaking me awake and telling me to wake up and enjoy my new beginnings as a cock sucking gay fagot. I just rubbed my eyes and took his hard cock and began to stroke and feel the strength in it. The more I stroked him the more I wanted to suck him off. He was talking and telling how much he liked me and I liked him and he was right. What I really liked was the cock and I was so happy he was helping me discover and love his man meat.


I found that I was in love with cock sucking and couldn't get enough cock. I could now suck without hurting him with my teeth. I was a cock sucking machine, I was born to suck cock and that's exactly what we did the entire weekend. If we weren't naked and I was napping and listening to the files, I love listening to those file would find myself wanting to listen all the time. Jose said I needed to give it a rest and get back to normal with some control over my need to please him.


When Jose came back after his Monday and Tuesday off I was so ready to rip off his shorts and get that wonderful cock into my mouth. Jose pushed me off and I was puzzled and he said just relax and wait to see what he had inline for me next. He had a tube of lubricant and started to massage my butt hole and I loved it. He got a finger in and then two and he started to fuck me with his fingers. This was something different and I loved it. He lubed his cock and put me on my knees and I could feel the head of his cock and I thought it was too big and I also wanted it in me. He told me to relax my butt hole and I did as much as I could and he just kept adding pressure and I wanted more. He kept putting pressure and then he would back off a bit and then give a bigger push. The head of his cock broke through and I though I was ripped apart. He rested and then slowly began pushing in and out slowly and a bit deeper each time. I got to like it and then I was on fire and he began to really fuck me all the while telling me he was my master and his cock owned me. I told him I loved his cock and wanted more and more. He told me I was a real cock bitch and that's exactly what he wanted out of me. He came in me and I was now completely his, I was like a broken horse and he was my complete master, his cock was everything to me, all I wanted was his cock.


Jose is a tough master, but a fair master. He has me sucking and stroking his cock and he gives my weenie an occasional stroking and sucking, but I must earn it first. I am so connected to his cock and that's the way I want it. While in the house he has me wearing a tiny g-string and I now go to the neighborhood beauty shop to have my longer hair taken care of and currently I look normal, but that's going to change because Jose saw a guy with a boy friend with flaming pink hair and nails and he thinks I will look good in pink.


James was on the way and I could see him making progress across the western US. He was in Kingman, Az I was so excited and I had plans to get James to listen to my files and get to suck his cock. James had a large cock from what I remember in the days in the army in Afghanistan. James had been considerate of me and never teased me about penis size. I had never touched his cock and neither did he ever touch mine. We were straight and that was that. Jose was gone to see his mother in El Paso for a couple of weeks and had helped me to prepare for the big event. He had made a bunch of oldies music tapes that had subliminal's embedded that would help him except cock sucking and he also had the files ready for him to listen to. I planned to have him listen to number 4 that did exactly the same as number 3 had done to me except it would make him a alpha top dominate and I figured a man with a cock like James it was only right he be in charge of a weenie wimp like me.


James kept getting closer and closer on the google map, I kept revising how I would react to seeing him at my front door. Do I smile and shake hands, do I smile and grab him and grab his cock, do I nod and gesture for him to enter? I just couldn't get it straight in my mind what to do and the next thing I knew the doorbell rang. I threw open the door and their he stood like a mangod. He was still good looking maybe even better looking than I remembered. He was well built with a thin waist and muscled arms. I lost it and just exclaimed OMG and threw myself at him and hugged him and he hugged me back. I could feel his cock and I settled down and told him to enter and take a seat while I got a beer all the while babbling about getting him a beer. He just smiled and took a seat and I returned with a frosted mug of beer, explaining it was a craft beer from a little brewery in town. We sat and drank our beers all the while looking and checking each other out. James said I hadn't changed much and that he would have recognized me on the street and I said likewise.


After several beers and the initial shock and surprise had worn off James said I had a nice place and added that he liked the background music. I nodded and asked him how he like the army now that he was a lifer. He said that now that he had made the decision to stay and now he worked on his career and promotions he really enjoyed it. I broke out the tequila and we did a couple of shots for old times and James said he really liked the craft beer and I hold him it was a mineral based beer which was really healthy. I didn't tell him I had added some viagra and ginsing to it and was hoping he would get loose and horny. I told him there was a really cool neighborhood bar that had pool and darts and I wanted to challenge him to some darts to see if I could still whip is butt with darts. He agreed and laughed saying he didn't think I could beat him at anything. We decided to grab a bite to eat at the bar to save not making a mess at my place. I told him we would walk to the bar because it was only a few minutes on foot and the police around here were quick to stop people coming out of the bar.


On the way James said that he was taking a lot of college courses to improve himself and for promotion points to keep his career going. I mentioned self improvement hyno files and he agreed that they would probably help with motivating and setting good patterns for a person. By the time we sat down and ordered we were in a deep conversation about motivation tapes and the benefits. I ordered beer and tequila shots for us. We enjoyed the food had several more beers and shots and somehow we mentioned files that couldn't make a person do what they didn't want do. James was just like me and laughed and said that some old file couldn't make a straight person into a cock sucker. I was stunned and studdered and got all embarrassed. James was laughing ordered another round of beer and shots. I couldn't believe what I was hearing from James he was setting both of us up for an experiment on hyno files. I went along with him and made a bet that if I won the dart game then he would listen to the files I wanted for him and if he won then he would pick the files for me. I couldn't believe how this had all happened and said the beer and tequila must be fucking with our brains to think of something so radical as listening to hypnosis files.


We played and I won and James put his hands on my shoulder and squeezed I responded by squeezing him back and from that point on we were constantly putting our hands on each other like we were best of friends and lovers. We played a game of pool and James was winning and I accidentally backed into him and I felt his hard cock on my butt. I indistinctly reached back and grabbed it. It was a huge cock and I didn't let go, I just stood their with my hand on his hard cock and squeezed it several times and finally let go. We left the bar talking about the files and how exciting it was that James was going to listen to files I selected and James said how would he know if the files had worked. I said that I would write down the expected results and we could check it out before James left in two weeks. James put his arm on my shoulder and we slowly walked back to my place.


At my place I got two beers and sat next to each other and James asked me about my grabbing his cock in the bar. I said he bumped me in the butt with it and I reacted out of surprise. He said he understood that, but I had held on a little too long because I must have liked it. I studdered and said that I was caught off guard and I had never held such a large cock in my hand before. He laughed and asked if I wanted to hold it again. I just nodded and he just pulled down his shorts and out sprang his glorious cock. I just slowly reached out and took hold of it and he used his hands to slide his shorts off to the floors. I started to stroke him and he started talking to me and he said that he could see that I was into cocks and possibly gay from the first moment he saw me at the door and he was right, I am gay and I want him to let me stroke and suck his cock. I moved my head over the cock I was stroking and lowered my head and wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and began sucking. James was talking and saying things like it was a shame we didn't do this while in Afghanistan. I just moaned and continued suck drawing his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. I woke the next morning kneeling with my head still between his legs. I started to squeeze his cock and suck on his soft cockhead. He began to get harder and harder and I got more and more excited. I stroked him, I held his balls, I sucked and sucked and then I felt a hand on my weenie. James had woke up and was playing with my weenie, I slid my shorts all the way off and positioned myself so James could take full advantage of me. He stroked me with his thumb and two fingers. I got hard and then he bent over and sucked my whole dick into his mouth and I exploded and he just swallowed and sucked some more. When he was finished I restarted sucking him off and with some vigorous stroking I got him to cum into my mouth and I swallowed and swallowed not wasting a drop. We went into the bathroom and got into the shower together and we soaped ourselves down and I made sure James was really clean and he soaped my butt hole and fingered me promising me to fill me up with a much bigger finger next time.


We spent the whole day without mentioning our cock sucking and we went to the casino and I lost and James won. He treated me to the buffet and we got to talk about the food and James said that the casino buffet food didn't come close to having a little weenie. I must have sat there with my mouth hanging open because James said I needed to close my mouth or he had something big to put in it again. I stared at him and said I was getting the feeling this wasn't his first roundup. He smiled and said that after coming back and getting reassigned he met a guy named Tony and introduced him to hypno tapes that helped straight people into accepting cock sucking and for a guy to suck off his buddy was a great sign of friendship and privilege. After a while it had become normal to take care of his new buddies cock.


I was in shock and James just sat there smiling and then broke the silence by saying he now wished he had started taking care of each other way back when. I said that I never thought that way because it was strictly against the regulations and I didn't want to get into trouble. James said that under Obama gays were let loose on the armed services and now it was hard not to have a cock sucker next to you. A horny cock doesn't care who or what is sucking on it, it just likes being sucked off. I was shocked and glad that my old buddy didn't have any problems with my gayness. I said that when we got back to my place I would be extra nice to him and see what I could do to please his wonderfully large piece of man meat. James said that he would show me some new tricks and make me squeal like a little sissy girl. I got all red in the face and said I was looking forward to his expertise in making sissy's squeal. We left the casino and drove up the mountain to my place and laughed and giggled all the way there.


We got in and my music was playing softly in the background and James said he liked the touch and it made my place so much more comfortable. He said that the PX had the same background music too. I wondered if the music had the same subliminal suggestions as mine. I downloaded the #4 playlist for James and reminded him that he was to listen to it because he lost the dart game. He said a bet was a bet and no problem. He said if I lost the next bet I would be listening to that #6 playlist which was full of sissy making files and that he was going to enjoy his new sissified buddy. I gave him a nervous chuckle and said if I lose.


We stripped down and got into my hot tub and soaked and relaxed all the while we sucked down another of my craft beer specials. Then we got out and laid down for a nap and started to listen to our play lists.


We woke up really late and James wanted to go to the neighborhood bar for chicken wings, beer and a game of pool. I felt so horny and wanted to play around and James took charge and told me that we were going and that's that. I felt so good with him in charge. We walked to the bar and James was walking so talL and strong and when he put his arm around my shoulder I felt safe and comfortable.

We got to the bar ordered our beer with a side of tequila shots. James asked me how I felt and I told him I felt so relaxed and comfortable with him and he said 'no, did I feel girly'. I said no, but I like the way that girl over there did her makeup. James said okay and that I owed him a game of pool. I said he was right and since the table was open we got up and started to rack up the balls when this guy came over and told us the table wasn't free and that he and his buddies still were using the table. James just said that it was time they took a break and we were only going to play one game so be a nice boy and sit down with his little friends. The guy got all red in the face and went to punch James when all of a sudden the guys hand was in James hand and was twisted in a weird way and the guy was on his toes doing a little dance. James told him to go sit with his buddies or he was going to take him over there and not only sit him down but to have him sucking his buddies cocks. The guy nodded vigorously and James let him go. We played and I lost and James said my fate was sealed and for the next 2 to 3 weeks and maybe forever I would be reinforcing with the #6 playlist.


We had a few more beers and another tequila and decided to leave. I think the wiseguy was happy we were leaving and didn't want anything to do with us. The walk back was uneventful and I told James I was impressed with the way he had handled the wiseguy and James just said he didn't like it when idiots acted like he did so he fixed it. Still I was impressed and I had seen that guy give other people a hard time before and it wasn't pretty. James was my hero and I just hugged him a bit tighter all the way home.


We weren't too tired and we hopped into the hot tub and then went into the living room where I asked James about my losing the pool game. He said it wasn't fair to me because I was so distracted because of the wiseguy trying to pull his crap on us. I said no and that a bet was a bet. James said that all he wanted was for me to be stuck listening to #6 every night, I nodded and then he said we should get some make up, but maybe a makeover at the beauty shop would the the best way to satisfy my sissy tendency's. I told him I thought he was right and tomorrow we could look into the makeover. I went to bed thinking of all the possibilities. When James got in the bed naked with me and I snuggled up to him and said 'thanks for such a wonderful day, then I reached down and found a very hard cock. I started to stroke and suck and then James took over and showed me why he was the alpha and I was the beta. My butt hole was sore and stretched to the breaking limits, but Jame had me squealing and begging for everything he could give me. My man really knew how to dominate and conquer. I immediately fell asleep with my files playing and me going deeper and deeper.


I woke in the morning feeling so happy and gay. I found what I was looking for and began to suck it off as gently as possible. I didn't want to wake him up I wanted him to be dreaming about me sucking him off and then have him cum for me. His cock slowly got bigger and bigger and stiffer and stiffer and just when I though he was going to cum he did and I got a early morning protein breakfast. I sucked and licked him clean and we showered nicely together and I got dressed and went to make bacon and eggs for my guy. James came in and smiled and reminded me that today I was going to get a makeover. James made some telephone calls to local salons and finally found one that knew exactly what to do with me. I was scared and excited at the same time and James told me that I had no choice and I had to live up to my end of the bet, besides I would look great when they finished with me.


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