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Training An Obedient Diaper Dog Chapter 1

by Fafnir789

Chapter 1

Mike had been wanting to get a dog for a while but he and his wife could never come to a decision. Rachel had always expressed concerns with how untrained a young puppy would be.

Recently, however, Rachel had informed him of a new company that specialized in packaging dog obedience training and adoptions, Compliance Canine Academy. The idea was to have a two week stay at their training facility. The new owner would get introduced to a dog and then spend two weeks in training sessions with them.

Rachel had set everything up and they had even found a husky that both of them liked. Mike was set to take a two week vacation from work, while Rachel stayed home. Originally they were both going to go but Rachel had been unable to get two weeks of vacation.

Mike arrived at the academy building with his belongings at about noon. Walking inside he approached the receptionist, “My name is Mike. I am here for the two week training session,” he said. The receptionist looked up and smiled at him. She quickly checked her computer and found Mike's reservation.
“Of course, Mike. We have your room ready. However, your introductory training session will start in about fifteen minutes. If you would like, I can have your bags taken to your room so you can head to your session.”

“That would be great. Thank you.” Mike replied. Handing his suitcase to a staff member, he followed a young women down the hall. Soon they arrive at a small room with a few chairs, headphones and a large TV screen.

“Today is just an introduction session. We have all of our clients watch a video that outlines what will be expected of them in the training sessions.” The receptionist replied noticing his confusion.
Mike thanked the guide for her help as he took a seat and slipped on the headphones. The lights turned off and the young employee left the room, closing the door behind her. There was a quiet hiss throughout the room, but Mike couldn’t hear it through his headphones. Credits began to appear on the screen, but Mike felt odd. It felt hard to think. With each breath he seemed to relax even more. Suddenly the video started, flashes of lights spiraling across the screen. Flickering text could be seen, so quick Mike was unable to read it. Mike felt his mind slipping. It was so easy to relax. Just breathe and relax.
Relaxing was comfortable and easy. No need to think. Empty your mind.
You are a good boy. Just relax and obey.

Suddenly the screen turned black and the lights faded on but Mike simply sat there with the same blank, obedient look on his face.

The door then creaked open and a middle aged women stepped into the room, carrying a small bag. She was wearing a basic uniform, with the word Trainer printed on her shirt. A small name-tag showed that her name was Diana.
“Mike, please remove your headphones and stand up.”
Mike complied without a hint of resistance, completely obedient to any command he was given.
“Now, remove all of your clothing and belongings. Place them in the bag attached to the back of your chair.”
While Mike stripped, the trainer pulled out a diaper and a bottle of powder. The bottle was labeled ‘Obedience & Comfort. Makes subjects extremely susceptible to suggestion.' She sprinkled the powder on the inside of the diaper.
She also removed a bottle of clear liquid. The label read, ‘Super Bowel Enhancer. Fast acting. Adds nutrients needed to pee and poo. Causes a rapid production of waste to develop over 15 minutes and guarantees that the next bowel movement will be able to fill a diaper. Warning: Constant use can make the user experience these larger bowel movements without use of the enhancer.’
Turning to the now naked Mike she instructed him to put on the diaper. Once it was in place, she gave him a pair of grey sweatpants, a matching shirt with the word ‘student’ printed on the front. She told Mike to drink the entire bottle of Super Bowel Enhancer and put on the new clothes. Once he was dressed, she began to speak.

“You are completely obedient and will do whatever I say. You will only obey me and anyone I tell you to obey. You will refer to me a ‘Trainer’ or ‘Ma’am’, even when awake. You are a good boy. If you ever hear the phrase, ‘Mike 7 Obey 9 Time 2 Husky’ you will return to this state of complete obedience, but only if it is said by myself, a digital recording, or someone who you have been told can give you commands. Every time you obey or do what you are told you will return to this state more easily. Even if you are not in this state and do what someone tells you to, it will still make it easier for you to return to this obedient state. When you wake up you will not remember anything, unless you are told to. However even though, the awake version of you won’t remember, he will follow out any commands I told you to do while awake. Repeat what I just said ten times.”

Mike spoke in a happy voice, as he repeated Diana’s words. He was happy to obey her. He was a good boy and good boys obey.

“You wear a diaper because good boys can’t use toilets unless they are told to. You will always wear a diaper. You will change them before you go to bed and when you wake up. In your bathroom you will find a machine instead of a toilet. When you sit in it with a diaper on it will remove your diaper. Afterwards you will take a shower and clean yourself completely. You will then sit in the machine again and it will place a new diaper on you. You will not notice your diaper or the machine when you are awake. The diaper will appear as a pair of normal underwear and the changing machine will simply be a normal toilet. You will remember putting on underwear. You will not remember using the machine. Repeat what I said back to me 10 times.”

Mike obeyed instantly. Once again, he changed Diana’s orders back to her.

“Do you need to shit, Mike?” Diana asked.

“Yes, Ma’am. I need to shit.” Mike replied.

“You cannot release your bowels until after you finish repeating the following words 10 times. Good boys shit and piss themselves whenever they need to go. That’s what your diaper is for. Every time you piss yourself you are admitting that you will obey. Every time you shit you are pushing out your ability to resist your commands. When you are awake you will not remember using your diaper, nor will you notice when you use it. Instead if you try to remember using the diaper, you will instead remember using a toilet. However subconsciously you will know that you are filling a diaper like a good boy. Every time you try to remember releasing your bowels, whether you are awake or in trance, you will feel happy because you obeyed. Every time this happens, every command you have been given will become 10 times easier to obey. If you are in a public place, you will not show any sign that you are using your diaper. Your body will continue acting without any outward signs. If you are not in a public area you will get down on all fours like a dog. You will shit like a dog, squaring down on all fours. You will piss like a dog. On all fours, with one leg lifted up. You will always treat anywhere you are during training as a private area. If you are told by me, a digital recording, or anyone I give command of you to the phrase ‘Everywhere 3 Is 9 Private’, you will treat everywhere as a private are until you hear the phrase ‘Someplace 8 Is 4 Public’. Every time you shit or piss like a dog it will reinforce the idea that you are a dog to be 10 times stronger in addition to the reinforcement of other commands. In contrast, whenever you use your diaper in public, you will feel guilty about it. This is because you want to be a good boy and relieve yourself like a good dog. This will occur even when you aren't consciously aware of your diaper. It will be odd when you first think about shitting in a diaper like a dog, because you consciously don't know you are even wearing a diaper. But somehow it will feel right. These thoughts will eventually make you want to try and relieve yourself like a dog in private, consciously. Once you do so, you will experience an overwhelming rush of pleasure so great that you will cum on the spot. When you cum, you are finally accepting the previous commands on a conscious level. The commands will become absolute fact. Once you consciously relieve yourself like a dog, you will realize you are wearing a diaper. This will not surprise you, because you have accepted that you are a good boy. It feels good to release your bowels like a dog, because you are a good boy. You are a good dog.’ Now repeat the commands and once you are finished release you bowels like a proper dog.”

Mike repeated the phrase back to Trainer. Each time he repeated his commands he felt a wave of pleasure wash over him. He was a good dog. When he repeated the commands for the tenth time, he suddenly felt a great pressure. Dropping down on to all fours like a good dog, he let go of any control and released his bowels. His diaper swelled as an insane amount of sit and piss filled it. Not a drop escaped the diaper, but Mike’s butt had inflated by nearly two inches. It felt good to release his bowels. It felt good to release control. It felt good to obey. He was a good dog. Mike smiled as the smell of waste filled the air, evidence of his obedience.

“Your diapers have an electronic seal that can be remotely activated whenever you are in a public area. However, even if no one else can smell your piss and shit, you will smell it. And the more you smell it the easier it is to obey. The effect will be ten times more potent when you can really smell the scent. Repeat this back to me 10 times.”

Once Mike was finished, Diana looked at her watch. It was about 6:00 pm. Time to wake him up for today.

“Stand up and follow me.”

Diana led Mike down the hall. Turning left, down a hall labeled Housing A. They then went into an elevator and Diana pressed floor 2A. After exiting the elevator she led Mike toward the single door labeled 2A. This was the only door other than the elevator. She then gave Mike his final commands for the Session.

“When I close the door, you will repeat the following 10 times and then you will wake up. ‘When you wake up you will remember watching a generic dog training video and talking with me shortly afterwards, before heading to your room. You will remember changing into these clothes. You will always shower for at least 15 minutes. You will not remember bringing any belongings with you. You will not find anything strange about your room. You will be staying in this room until you are told otherwise. Dinner will be brought to you at 6:30 pm and you will eat whatever it is. You will be ready for bed by 7:15 pm and asleep by 7:30 pm. You are a good boy and good boys sleep with only their diaper. You will wake up when your alarm goes off and eat the food that will be out on the table. You will be ready for training by 7:30 am. You will not leave this room until I come to get you unless ordered otherwise. You do not need any toiletries besides a toothbrush and toothpaste. The shower already has soap and shampoo. You do not need deodorant. You are a good boy. You are a good dog. Good boys obey commands. Good dogs obey commands.”

Diana then left the apartment. Closing the door behind her. Mike repeated his orders ten times before waking up.


Great story - mike112

Great story, it is fun to imagine myself being forced to poop myself!

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