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Please don't make me a baby too

by sissyheather124

Chapter 1

Alex Feathering begged to be allowed to return home. "Frances, please, I'm imploring you. Don't let this nurse do anything to me. I'll do things your way. I'll never go out. Never speak to other women. I'll be completely faithful to Tara - always and forever!"


His mother-in-law turned a deaf ear and held out the erring husband's bare upper arm so that Nurse Harding could swab it with anaesthetic before applying the injection. It was a big one, on and on, making sure that he was weak and suggestible to a worrying degree. In other words, he was now a very vulnerable, unfaithful husband, in the power of his vengeful mother-in-law.


"Six o-clock," said Nurse Harding. "I'll have him in a buggy ready to wheel him home."


"Oh no, I can't stand up, Frances. My legs! What has she do - ? I want to go home, Frances. I'm beg - , I'm be- , ooohhhh!"


Frances turned to see him from the door, not so much with triumph as with her burden of revenge lifted from her heart. To have her newly married daughter betrayed by her husband within three days of their wedding was too much. He had to suffer, and suffer he will.


"Get in here!" said Nurse Harding with a snarl. "You're a pathetic little wimp, a cheat and a prick, all rolled into one. You deserve what's coming."


The weakened form of Alex Feathering clung to her arm for fear of falling flat on his face, but in spite of the deepest pity he felt for himself, he was aware that his was not the only misery in the nursery room in which he found himself.


"Please nurse, please let me go home," he heard from the other side of Nurse Harding's blue nursing dress and thick white rubber apron. She pulled him towards a low baby chair and turned him so that he could sit in it. When his plastic pants settled on the seat, a belt passed round his hips beneath his dress and petticoats, and was attached to the back of his chair. He peered nervously across the room to see the other victim of this terrible nursery.


"I want to go home - I want to go home." It was a constant refrain of the guy sitting opposite. It was certainly a male since he was dressed in such a ridiculous parody of a baby girl outfit that it had to be some kind of punishment. The sorry baby wriggled and struggled, but was well enough fastened to prevent any hope of escape.


Then Alex realized that he too had been fastened. The nurse had secured his hands down the back of his chair, tied with white ribbons so that no matter how he pulled, he couldn't pull his hands free. Then his chair started to rise as she pumped a lever from the back of the seat. Higher and higher, until he too was in a wriggle-free baby high chair. Nurse Harding left him for a time and turned her attention back to the noisy neighbour.


"You're here because your wife and Mother-In-Law want you babified," she said, her voice as hard as her name would suggest, "so you're going to drink this. Open your mouth - wider - right." She inserted a pacifier into the fellow's mouth, then pulled two ribbons round his bonnet, fastening it in place. The noise of begging became mumbles of frustration and it was as if he had been given a shot of powerful activity. Luckily his chair-legs had a wide spread so that it remained stable. Alex watched the matronly nurse securing his face with fat hands in front of her big bust. Not only was the other baby's face filled with a fat pacifier teat, but it was also surrounded with baby girl fabrics in a deep bonnet. She stood back and picked a control console out of her apron pocket.


"Snug as a kitten in cotton," she said, her lips curled in a smile of superiority. "Can Baby Anton guess what Nurse Harding is going to control now with her nice hand set? Her fingers moved this way and that, and a muffled squeal escaped the bonnet. "That's right, she is turning on the smoothing vibrator in his diapers, and filling his baby parts with girly feelings and utterly helpless dependence." She giggled out loud and moved the controls again, sending wriggles through his whole body. "Think of your wife and her mother caring for baby's parts from now on, Anton dear. Because that's the way it's going to be."


Alex watched with horror on his face, which the nurse saw as she turned and stepped towards him with a bitter smile. "And now it's your turn," she said.


The penny dropped immediately. For God's sake, save him, someone. "Oh no, please no, you can't do anything like that to me. I'll get the police onto you."


"Ha, no point doing that, as you well know - you have been committed to me for babyfication by the courts, for attempted rape!"


Her captive blanched for a moment, thinking back, then he faced her with the truth. "But let me explain. I've apologized, deeply apologized, for trying to press a kiss onto the police commissioner's daughter at the office party. That's all it was, honestly, so take no notice of her report saying how I had fingered her panty gusset."


"Yeah-yeah," and she collected a second pacifier, large and in yellow baby plastic. She pulled at the teat and it opened from the saucer, so that she could pour into it a menacing white mixture. "You can claim your innocence til your face turns strawberry pink, little boy, but you were incarcerated at the sexual re-definement centre, and sentenced to sexual regression."


Alex watched her as she closed the pacifier. He mustn't let it into his mouth, not when he saw what was happening to Anton. The vibrator stirred again in that guy's diaper and his wriggles showed the sexual struggle he was suffering. He found his own cock erecting at her approach - for heaven's sake - he was going to be a girl baby!


His hands were fastened, his legs wouldn't close, he tried to turn his head but Nurse Harding held his bonnet and she was strong. He clenched his jaws like iron, but she held his nose until he had to open, then she inserted his pacifier and pulled his ribbons round his bonnet, securing him at the back of his neck.


His mouth filled with juice and he tried to avoid swallowing, but the thing sprayed more and more into his mouth so that he had to swallow. Then his vibrator started, his bonnet seemed to close round him, and his feelings of babyness become more powerful. He heard baby words in his ears: petticoats, baby dress, plastic panties, pacifier, bonnet, mittens, baby bib - all of them so exciting to him. All things that he wanted more and more. He felt his resistance weakening, and all he wanted was to be surrounded in petticoats, with diapers and rubber panties so that he could do all his jobbies right there inside his baby panties. He knew that it was going to be Tara and Frances who would be changing his panties and diapers from now on.


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