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Fantasy about my mistress

by mystic-wolf

Chapter 1

So, to describe my fantasy while including my mistress in it, it would start with her voice bringing my down into a deep trance. My eyes glazed and my naked body completely limp, putting me completely in her power. She is in her usual appearance as a white tigress, wearing rubber or latex. Personally, I fantasize her wearing long boots with fishnet stockings. Wearing a corset and some gloves that reach her elbows, of course it's all rubber or latex. It makes her look shiny while we are in a bedroom that is dimly lit. The light reflecting on her clothes, she has a mischievious smile while she comes slowly closer to me, crawling on to the bed that I sit on. She whispers words into my head that make me go so deep that I am barely concious as she approaches me like a predator about to catch her prey. She's so close to me as she pulls me close to her, my face against her chest as she keeps whispering her sweet words into my ear. She then make me lay down as she says. No... Orders my body to become more feminine as she teases what she's going to do once my body is fully female, my body slowly transforming as the first that happens is that my genitalia goes from male to female. Emptying whatever was left in my balls. Mistress begins to tease my female sex as she uses a vibrator to tease my clit, keeping me on edge as my voice becomes higher. She looks pleased as she squeezes my chest with her free hand, while my new breasts grow big to whatever cup size she likes. The rest of my body catches up as well, becoming curvier as my body and face becomes feminine as well. My blonde hair becoming longer, to a length that would go down until the upper parts of my back. As I almost reach orgasm, she lays the vibrator away. I moan and she sees in my expression I want to orgasm badly but she keeps me on the edge for now. She orders me to stand on all fours, while keeping my butt high and my face on the covers of the bed.
My body just follows whatever command mistress gives me, as she calls me a good pet. A surge of arousal goes through my body, making come very close to that orgasm I wish for, but again I am denied. My mind is completely clouded by arousal and lust and at the same time a desire to obey my mistress. Mistress then inserts a butt plug into my body and attached to it is a multitude of fox tails that caress my butt and legs. As I moan from the insertion, a strange feeling washes over me as the tails attached to the butt plug seem to travel towards my tailbone and grow in size and length. From my tails, fur that is the same color as my hair, spreads along my body, overtaking the soft skin I had. My feet and hands begin to look like a mix of fox paws and my regular human appendages. parts of my face extend and turn into my new fox muzzle, while my ears travel up my head and get a more triangular shape, turning into fox ears. Mistress caresses my new form, giving a quick slap on my butt cheeks making me yelp. Then she goes along my waist to my chest and gropes them a bit, saying she loves how I turned out. She then whispers into my vulpine ears and says I am allowed to orgasm, a loud moan escapes from my muzzle as I fall flat on the bed. Both the bed and my legs covered by the cum from my new genitalia. My mistress tells me that it's my turn to service her as I lift myself up in a sitting position I see my mistress with her sex revealed, laying down on the bed. I don't need to know more as I crawl towards her and begin to service her, licking her clit first and then making my tongue penetrate her vagina. I hear her sweet moans and purrs, making me double my efforts as finally after a certain amount of time she orgasms. I clean up whatever of her sweet honey is on my muzzle and on her sex. She says she wants me to come to her face to face as we embrace each other and share a kiss, as we both fall asleep in each others arms.



Nice - FrozenTrance

A very fun fantasy. Hypnosis, transformation, gender-bending, it\'s all there.

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