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2 Charless and the Slave Unit

by Casey

Chapter 2

Charless and the Slave Unit

by Charless X Stain :

2 Charless Receives a gift

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::knock knock knock::

A Man Yells, "Delivery! For Charles sex stain~


Charless: hisses and yells for who! 


.. I am Char Less X Stain!


::delivery man is taken back, says,


 "Sorry, Master"..


"Special delivery for you, a new slave inside this sleep deprivation tank.

His mistress locked him into this tank then was a victim of a shooting, orders were the tank to be sent to you immediately."


Here is the letter:


Dear Charless,


By the time you recieve this delivery I will be dead.

I was working this slave under the guidance of your programming style, and railroad offering mind control.


I found the slave one day in a Paltalk chatroom, begging for a Handler or controller. I had taken over the task and he was under my handling for almost three years.


The files and details are in the package under the tank. 

My Slave "Casey" or "system 382" is contained within the tank.


I know you enjoy being harsh and sadistic in your handling, but do not forget my slave I leave to you also needs nourishment, care, and suffers to progress, grow, and improve all knowledge and traits.


My Slave does not even know I am dead yet, do to a self destruct program, I recommend you take over the program, and continue to imprint our slave to the rails and tracks, for possible future release.


However, my death may have damaged the slave so badly, he may have to be permantly under your care, or another Handling owner to meet this slaves specific needs.


Oh, and this slave has extraordinary abilities.


This is the last text I sent him to his tank:



<< (11/30/13 3:59 AM EST) 

>> darling i would never leave you like this i am sorry for the time that has seperated us i was out of comission this is a huge one you will probly freak at the news but i was shot two weeks ago and have been recovering in the hospitle i got home earlier tonight but have been out cold on the medications they put me on i miss you and i love you i am not dead i am recovering well now i am home and i am safe i hope you are physicaly ok i know mentaly you have been struggleing but all iswell now

°   << (11/30/13 3:59 AM EST) >> if it ate that long post

°   << (11/30/13 3:59 AM EST) >> im home

°   << (11/30/13 3:59 AM EST) >> im safwe

°   << (11/30/13 3:59 AM EST) >> i was shot two weeks ago

°   << (11/30/13 3:59 AM EST) >> i love you

°   << (11/30/13 3:59 AM EST) >> i miss oyu

°   << (11/30/13 4:00 AM EST) >> ok heavy news if you got only the short version sorry


Thank you,


Mistress Valkyrie.



2013! and I am just recieving this package Now! ..

It is 2016!


Take the tank to the Dungeon immediately! ..


::pushes button on wrist: 


Emergency doctors team to the dungeon immediately!



The Delivery man has him sign the normal delivery papers, 

and tell him he owes nothing money wise,

but he must sign a NDA disclosure form. 


Charless thinks this is sort of strange.. 


but signs it anyhow..


The form reads as follows:


It is understood and agreed between Mistress Val, and the signing party, (collectively referred to as “the Parties”) that the Parties herein would each like to provide the other with certain information that may be considered confidential and/or proprietary. To ensure the protection of such information and in consideration of the agreement to exchange said information, the parties agree as follows:


1. The confidential information to be disclosed under this Agreement (“Confidential Information”) can be described as and includes:


Technical and business information relating to proprietary ideas, patentable ideas and/or trade secrets, existing and/or contemplated products and services, research and development, production, projections, customers, clients, marketing, and current or future business plans and models, regardless of whether such information is designated as “Confidential Information” at the time of its disclosure.


In addition to the above, Confidential Information shall also include, and the parties shall have a duty to protect, other confidential and/or sensitive


The Material being ownership of this slave, and opening and reading the manuel. 


Charless signs, "CSX".


And the delivery man leaves as fast as he had arrived.


::Charless rushes to the dungeon through his secret corridors::



Charless: first grabs the maneual to the sensory deprivation tank, and is relieved to realise it had a feeding and other devices hooked up to keep the slave comfortable in acoma, but was delighted to see it reads the slaves vitals as well as some other interesting information.


Charless: Has the doctors and nurses reach in special opening to make sure the machines were reading pulse etc right, and that the slave looked healthy and alive, He was slightly malnourished but appeared to be a female with a male body.. 


This intrigued Charless...


He always enjoyed challenging slaves.


He then asked the doctors and nurses to step away, as he carefully unwrapped the manuel.


First Was a small story called Exist to Suffer, 

and said the basis if this slaves programming was around this, and train and railroad symbolism. 


He had thought,




Why Trains and railroads? 


This is sort of strange."


Then he discovered the slave was part of another mind control programming, that neither slave or Mistress Val knew who had programmed or ran the slave before.


All they knew is the slave was found in a chatroom begging for a new owner or handler. The Manuel warned there was many programs yet undisovered about this slave.


Charless paged through the maneul but was disgusted to discover that many pages were missing..


The manuel was water damaged in delivery.


Charless: the last version of his contract agreement.. 


Charless: looks it over and says interesting. 


Just about anything other than normal human sexual intercourse..


Charless: This is a bit unusual most slaves are programmed into  particular group.


Charless reads on: 


The form reads as follows:




Casey, Tracks, Ogun, AND Designated Workers, water smeared, Mistress_Valkyrie


Ogun and Tracks hereinafter referred to as "Owner" Workers water smeared, and mistress valkyrie "Co-Owners", hereby binds this contract with [his/her] signature and the signature of.....


Charless notices all the signatures had been wiped off...

other than the slaves.


Charless Reads on..... 

A lot of damage to this but it also appears some previous workers names were deliberately erased... 


That is rather odd...


Charless: Hmm... So many mysteries to explore about this new slave...And so much has been washed or wiped away in the maneul.


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