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3 Charless and the Slave unit

by Casey

Chapter 3 The Programs

Charless and the Slave unit

Chapter 3

The programs

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The Programs

As the new slave gift is placed into physical therapy and rehab of normal human Style..




Charless takes delight into diving into old transcript Sessions about his new slave and his former Mistress Valkyrie.... 




He is delighted to be familiar with the Exist to Suffer programming that he designed put into place.. 




But he wondered how outsiders got a hold of his secret program...




He was ultra curious about the Railroad programming he is not familiar With...




He sorts and digs to find the earliest possible transcript he can... 




Quite a bit of history and transcripts are totally missing... 




He starts to suspect this might have been possible sabatoge, as well as the very very late arrival of his new slave.. 




But, who? 




No, mind... 




He has more important things to do..


Charless Read Session Transcripts....


Then Reacts...




Charless: Sarcastically States: 








hmm one with the tracks and iron.. 


Feeling them as if they are their own.. 


This slave is to easy to break and torture.. 


I was hoping for a challenge... 






Why in the hell trains of all things.... 


and an Assexual slave that requires Sexual work.. 


The slave must require a lot of violation in its programming... And Mortose? 


Who in the hell is this Mortose they wanted to impress.. 


and What is the name of this Controller? 


And how does this Controller know the limits of the slave above its workings.... 


So many unanswered questions....


Submitting to the Tracks as Master.. 


that is a very ..


different concept... .. 


Talk about a Subway training .. 


hahahahaha ....


I might actually come to enjoy this train thing.. 


It does fit nicely into the suffering.. 


The symbolism of the forging and hardening process.. 


And Track Current concept..


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