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snail tf

by lillylittle

Chapter 1

This is Kurozucho where i grew up. My name is Katsura and i attend Kurozucho High Shool.
At least that how i was use to be...
Since serval weeks ago our town suffers under the curse of the spiral.
And exact this curse  brought  madness and death to many people.
It manifests itself in small ways: seashells, ferns, whirlpools in water, whirlwinds in air.
And now into all kinds of deadly and spiral related supernatural events.
One of these events is,that some humans are turning into  big snails.

And right these Snail People caught my attention.
You see,since there is no way to escape and the people around me getting obsessed by the spiral,i thought about the most comfortable way through it.
So in my opinion this was by becoming  a huge mindless mollusk.
To make that even possible i had to draw this kind of curse to me.
I tried that by plundering a snail peoples scrim and eating one of their eggs.
After that,i was wandering farther into the hills until i found i cave, where planed  to wait for the first changes.
I fell asleep and woke up the next morning,covered in my own sweat.
Without realizing that this was the first step of my changes,i went away to find some food.
After a few minutes i got an odd feeling. To the fact that i was sweating as hell,i wasn´t able to walk normally.Somehow ...slow.
To make sure that  was really the curse,i checked my body for more changes.
And there was it.When my hand reached my back i felt a raw spiral formed marking.
I was shocked and my heart throbbed like hell.
So this this it.No turning back. I will become a snail!
When i woke up at the second day,my body felt really dried out and my sweat became more and more  thicker.Thicker?Wait,instead of sweat my body produced  slime now!
In order to do something agains my dehydration,i went to the  nearby river.
On my way,i recognized an itching feeling on my back. But when tried to scratch it,i realized that the spiral marking already grown halfway into a shell. I was quite excited,but also worried,if it was really a good idea to let my self cursed by the spiral.
At the third day my movements slowed down even more and ,,my shell´´ grew even bigger .
So big that it  ripped my shirt. 
At the end of that day,my legs felt pretty numb and my remaning cloths were wet from my own slime.So i took off my cloths and took a last time advantage of the lotion-like slime,before i fell asleep.
That turns out to be a wise choice.
In the following morning i wasn´t able to stand up.
During the night my legs fused into one and my face was so swollen,that i couldn´t see a thing.
I crawled outta the cave and tried to see by opening my eyes as for as i could.
Suddenly,it worked.Followed by a creepy feeling,because my eyeballs where not in their eyecorners anymore!
But there i felt a strange pulsing pressure.Thick,meaty antennas were pushing my eyes out of my face in the air.
The perfect oppurtunity to see how far i changed.
First down to my face.
Yep,ugly and swollen as i suspected.
Slimy Scales began to grow on my fore head and i lost lots of hair.
My nose was really flat and almost vanished.
In the opposite,my mouth got big and wide lips with thick atennas on each side.
I pushed my chin to the ground to try them out and was really suprised how sensitive they are.
My shell got really big.At the moment i wasn´t  plaient enoght to retreat in it,but i was fascinated that actually this huge snail house grew out of my body and stored now the most of my internal organs in it.
The rest of my body looked exactly like a snails body.Light brown and full of scales covered in slime.
It was also the last day,when i could use my arms and hands before they vanished.
But they felt really heavy and my movements were dull and slow.
I began to touch my body.
It was  quite a weird feeling.So squishy and without bones.
Then i reached my neck´s left side.
There was a scaleless circle.The place where now my mating organs sits.
Wait so that´s means that my penis is in my neck? ...Holy crap...
Since there was pretty much nothing to eat in the hills,i fed myself with snail peoples
eggs during my transformation.
But now i was so slow that it was futile to search for their nest´s.
So i begun to eat leaves and plants for the rest of the day.
At the fifth day my arms disappeard completely and my face became that of a snail.
The curse of the spiral transformed me completely into a human sized snail.
But besides on that i also realized that i still got my human mind.
So my plan turning into a naive mollusk failed. Exept for my appearance...

With that in my mind,i crawled away from my cave to somewhere into the cloudy day.
My thinking adapted quite well to my slow pace and so,still with a kinda dumb feeling,
i devoured many kinds of plants,which crossed my slimy trail.
Maybe four days after i became a snail i found another one,one of my kind. 
He/She or rather It was another victim of the spirals curse and probertly not voluntary transformed into a snail,like me.
It looked pretty much like me in my fourth day of transformation : A snail with a human like face and arms.
I decided to glide right into it´s direction ´cause i couldn´t stand the urge to mate with this fellow. My first  hermaphrodite sex expierience.
Finally i reached my partner and made contact by touching him with my feelers.
Even thought our voices were gone,we understand very well each other and he used his feelers on me.
Now we startet push our undersides on each others and standing tall in horizontal position.
We both stopped to making contact with our feelers and i moved my left side of my neck to his,so we could finally beginn.
So i pressed my so called ,,love darts´´ out of my formerly neck into his and after a few seconds he did the same to me.
The two of us began to pump our fertilizing fluids into  our mate´s neck.
Out of joy of so many orgasms,i snaked my left eye at his and to my suprise he took me in his arms.
Our mating took serval hours while he was petting my soft and slimy body.
After a while,we both got tired and we bowed our body to the ground and left.
My next goal was to find a good place where i could lay my eggs.
After that day i was more than certain that becoming a snail was my best choice ever!


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