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18 and 19 Charless and the Slave Unit Virtual program

by Casey

Chapter 18 and 19

Charless and the Slave Unit

Chapter 18 Virtual Program by Casey

Charless: I am pleased to see you have a new tool there slave. It seems to do well with you. Other than you have the amount of times to type items set way to high... I suggest you lower that to 3-5... and 10 at the most.

Slave: Yes. Sir.

Charless: You however did not.. do your how people can help you file. Is Jones's stubbornness of not wanting to help influencing this, or are you confused on what to ask for help on?...

Slave: I am not sure what is even safe for me to ask for help on. I need financial help for sure, but the government thing is not the route. I need work. My work sites i was doing was doing pretty good then at the new year change seemed to all suddenly fall off the earn well list.

Charless: I see Jones has been grumpy again, but at least he is behaving and not abusing the controls. You however at times appear you are attempting to do things with your arm controls you should not do. If I see one more sign of this.. You will be disciplined.  You are to raise your T-S levels, and you need to start taking breaks from that music room. it is good it works your Track energy flow, but you can over do it easily as strongly as that music does it. Track burn is not good...leads to more maintenance.

Slave: Yes, Sir.

Charless: You need to come up with a list of assignments for your new program.  You need to think of disciplines that will help you, like the old affirmations, and other things you can even use parts of your subliminal programs in them to help reinforce it. This program working is all about positive change, transformation, and reforging improvements.  You can make multiple files for this to work on. You however need to figure out how to get it to change the files...

Charless if this works well this may help you cut out the need for a handler and controller entirely. I hope it does.. a team will still be needed though. You need to write about this. What you need in a team, and about what kind of phrases anyone can do or use to help empower and encourage you, and learn about building and resolving anchors more.. putting in self made controls may help you override the harmful things. Get some more rest you and Jones need to rest right. I do not mean sleeping either. I mean meditation and awaking rest state. Work on powering down that racy train of thought, and stabilizing that mood drop you have at times... Your mood drop is being dropped when you feel overwhelmed it dips.. so learn to recognized this and calm yourself. And remove the items you can not do, on the program you have.  Your dismissed.

Slave: Yes, Sir. Dismissed?

Charless: Would you like to protest?

Slave: No, Sir. I just thought you were going to do things with Jones and I.

Charless: it is coming...Now, Go.


Authors Note: This is the virtual program Slave modified to work his programming. The program itself is not affliated with slave, charless or me.. Casey at all. Just one we enjoy. This is a fun little program to program your post hypnotic triggers and cues into as well.



Charless and the Slave Unit

Chapter 19 It's Time It's Time

By Casey

Charless: It is TIME it's time!

Slave: asks, time for what, Sir?

Charless: Yells, "Jones it is 2:42!".

Jones: Sir, Cut the bloody crap....

Charless: Good, Jones you did not even flinch...

Charless: hmm but slave here did...

Charless: it seems at times you both shift your symptoms onto each other. You are not responding to your PTSD triggers, but slave is, and vice versa.. This makes sense as to part of your DID illness survival tactics to keep functioning...

Charless: like when the man was flashing the light at your eyes.. and could not get the general lightning strike survivor's response... This is partly because you are smart enough to cover your face and turn away or close your eyes and turn ..You always know the strike is about to hit you before it does many do not have this advantage.

Charless: Slave you did not do your job or writing up your help

.. ways to help you.

Do you not want help or are just to afraid to ask?..

Slave: I am afraid of involving other people...

Chaca: slave you are receiving very vivid and strong memories at times from Jones's life. Do not fight these observe them notice and remember this is a sign you are both starting to heal,.

Charless: slave your response to the passing train tonight was a track energy current reset.... you will leave those controls alone and not alter those. That is for the Tracks and Ogun to set, and shift. You had some work going on is why you felt so numb. The currents were all set to very low.... Then as the train passed the currents jolted up high and then balanced out as a surge... You are also feeling a sensation you are not used to being able to sense.. the snow and ice....of the local tracks.. but this is fun.. isn't it..  you will get used it.

Charless: I need to be able to do activity with you and Jones.. but we need to find out how to keep the train safety running... and to be able to work with you and Jones together off the engine.... I would put the conductor in control but the conductor is also you slave.. so that is not workable...  is there a way we can put the engine into idle, and still work with you both?...

Chaca: if in idle you can only do things in a very close to sleeping or trance state with slave. but slave can snore and be fully alert and doing activity...

Charless: We need to be able to work them both to get them feeling and thinking as one, but also separate....They need to both be able to tap into each others memories, talents, strengths at will.... And to stand against these PTSD symptoms. But I am noticing that Slaves symptoms is falling on Jones ....Jones's on slave... We need to try to recondition these bad anchored triggered responce out of them. The worker did not think exposure therapy would work as well with Jones.. But it has before... We need to make this clear .. the Train wreck is painful, and strong.. but the train wreck itself is not what is causing the harm here.. it is the abuse that has been done to both of them over the wreck that is.. it is the wreck symbolism used to Shatter and void them.

Charless: I am seeing many reactions to hypnosis cues that i never seen before it is like they reopened many he never responded to, at least since he was 13....

Charless: sleep with no music or train playing tonight.. give your mind a subliminals... See if this helps.. if after a couple hours you can not rest then turn one on...


System 382,

turn on synching program,

Activate feelings of Jones and Dna's to feel each others feelings,

and know of each others thoughts in sync....

Both however is to be avoid knowing each others personal or private thoughts,

and when Jones is off duty for Dna to know what is going on unless Jones and Dna agree to share with each other these things.

The synching program is to be set in balance so not to overwhelm

either of them

it should turn down...


or shift into balance in a way to not interfere or impair their functioning...

Activate these orders now.

Slave: 382 system orders activated.

Charless: Go rest. adjust, and you both are going to start being more aware of your merging with the railroad system symptoms as expect some unexpected energy surges, and visions with this.

Charless: you are dismissed.

and forget that help file...

More work for me...

It is 2:42!

Your dismissed.





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