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by vx34

Chapter 1

Weiss was not impressed.

"Give it up, Ruby. It's not going to happen." Weiss said dismissively, Ruby had seen a hypnosis act on TV and felt like trying it out for herself...clearly with no success.

"Aaargh, they made this so easy on tv!" Ruby pouted, feeling defeated. She set down the pocket watch she was waving in front of Weiss's face wondering what it was she messed up on.

"Weiss is right Ruby" Blake chimed in "that kind of thing is usually fake." Blake didn't want to crush Ruby's fun, but felt like it was necessary to show her reality.

"What's up, guys?" said Yang walking into the room.

"Ruby's trying to do this stupid magic trick she saw on TV" Weiss replied.

"It's not magic, it's hypnosis!" Ruby quickly defended herself. Yang took the pocket watch and looked at it, not entirely sure what to make of it.

"Okay, how does it work?" she asked her sister.

"Well you're supposed to wave it in front of someone and go all "you are getting sleepy, you are getting, sleepy!" and then they'll do whatever you say." Ruby told her. Yang shrugged, but felt like seeing if it actually worked and began to swing the watch back and forth.

"Like this?" she asked.

"Yeah, like that." Ruby told her.

"Right then, you're getting sleepy, you're getting sleeeepy." Yang said swing it back and forth. Ruby watched closely as she did and at first Weiss and Blake only did to humor her but soon it became harder and harder for the three to keep their eyes open.

"I don't know, I don't think this is working" Yang said, but not even a second later she found that all three of her friends had fallen fast asleep. 

Taru: Well, if this isn’t our dear little Kobi~

Kobi: Taru! You will pay for making me become your subby-subby and submit that journal!

Taru: Come on, I'm sure you had plenty of fun!

2 by Tfgame

Taru: You naughty little butt lover!

Kobi: L-Leave me alone! 

3 by Tfgame

Kobi: Enough! I'm going to be the domie-domie and change you, right now!

Taru: Oh? But what about all the triggers I gave you, my dear little big and naughty friend?


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