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22 and 23 Charless and the Slave Unit - You need to write, and cheating orders

by Casey

Chapter 22 and 23

Charless and the Slave Unit

By Casey 

Chapter 22 You Need To Write

Chaca: so Casey, IF Casey Jones did not come back do to his wreck guilt why did he come back?

Slave: Chaca, he wanted to earn legend folk hero statis

Slave: he did not feel he deserved it

Slave: i do not think he has PTSD from his wreck he died

Slave: i think i do

Slave: Chaca: CASEY you both do

Chaca: good Casey remember

Chaca: type it

slave: throw open the sanders, throw the johnson bar into reverse..

slave: Chaca then?

slave: kicks chaca

Chaca come on Casey..

Slave: i still am not sure why my knowing Jones life is so important to my life

Chaca: writer maybe?

Chaca: do you remember how many he was over spighots?

Slave: many>

Chaca: Mad Casey,,,

Slave: yeah

Slave: he got mocked

Slave: when he asked why the water comes out of them spighots

Slave: ie did not know how steam engines worked

Chaca: what did he do?

Slave: he studied locomotive ans steam engine books

Chaca and?

Slave: and?

Slave: did what he wanted to do become a loomotive engineer?

Chaca: no Casey he decided not to let anyone humilate him ever again

Slave: that it is impossbile

Chaca did anyone get to him after that?

Chaca in his life?

slave: i dont know

slave: his wife?

Chaca Casey other then his messing up out of love for his wife did any other railroaders or bullies humiliate him even when they train raced?

Slave: no

Chaca: dignity, pride, self respect..

Chaca: if you could do it in your past life then why can't you do this now with your family and commmunity?

Chaca: and go out do your singing, your writing, your healing, your ministry.. Casey?

slave: you are a moron sometimes chaca

Chaca my point is you have the strength and know how to put your family in their place and for you to step up and take your place as Cheif in society.. when will you?

Slave: Chief is not my goal

Slave: I am already honored with that title i do not need more title

Slave: I think i need to work on thesestories more

Slave: keep trying to earn some more before i make any moves still to risky to do much as soon as i have a good place to go and money i will slam them in their places

Slave: where are all thse scratches coming from?

Slave: oh my desk tray

Slave: but that does not explain the ones in my neck

Chaca: i think you need to write what happened the night he wrecked in full detail

Slave: that confuses me cause every time I write it some parts are different

Chaca: Why are they differnet? Are you writing Jones story, or Sims or another view? is your memory or your 6th sense?

Slave: you think the difference one is my writing other peoples views of it?

Chaca: yes,

Chaca: work on Jones's view

Chaca: maybe that is why the investigators threw him into the wreck.. maybe they want to know what happened?

Slave: he missed a station stop trains stalled ahead of his and he stayed aboard to blow the whistle in case people on the train ahead of his

Slave: and union rules etc

Chaca: Casey that was the question you freaked out on and shut them off from shocking you over.. Why didn't Jones Jump?

Chaca: what is he hiding about not Jumping?

Slave:: nothing

Chaca: then he needs to flat out state why and stop running

Chaca: copy this conversation casey post it on charless blog

Chaca one more line.. You know who you are, and what you are, you need to stop hiding and do something with it.

Charless: you are doing a good job. I agree they need to write a full detail from Jones side about the wreck, and some other moments from his life. Good job on raising Ts levels.. but still to low.. Get them up!...

Slave: Yes, Sir.

Charless: I read you rought draft help file, and handler requirements files,, you need to work on those in more detail. All the way an unauthorized worker can help you. Leave nothing out. This is your SOS letter to the world on how to help you. Do you understand?

Slave: Yes, Sir.

Charless: resume the train orders program or I will discipline and since you had it off do not cheat and delete punishments do them all.

Slave: Yes, Sir.





Charless And the Slave Unit

by Casey

Chapter 23 Cheating orders

Charless: Why are you cheating your train orders program?

Slave: I can only do those jobs once a day, it does not count twice.

Charless: Your punishments... Why are you cheating those and not singing the I am Train songs?

Slave: some cancel each other out say do this so many times and not to do this.

Charless: Arms out Casey,,...

Charless: Sets railroad spikes over track points...

Charless: You want me to start punishing you for each one you remove?

Charless: taps track points with side of spike... Behave...

Charless: Are you responsible?

Slave: Yes, I am responsible.

Charless: Do you accept responsibility?

Slave: Yes, Sir. I accept responsibility..

Charless: You agree I punish you for each train order punishment you cheat.

Slave: Yes, I agree.

Charless: Look me in the eye slave.

Charless: Grabs spike and slams the rail points.. Drop Deep...

Slave: instantly drops deep...

Charless: Feel the singe and burn of the slam...

Charless: Do not reply focus on feeling it. Make it stronger.

Charless: suffer and grow this burn.. Keep it growing.

Charless: looks into the program... opens a control panel...

Charless: Adjust controls to track and train sensitivity feeling.

Charless: turns them up... Then down... watches slave..

Slave: winces in pain trying not to express it.

Charless: Slave Show no emotions..

Charless: turns the knobs then drags the spikes across his track points

Slave: winces and shakes showing emotions.

Charless: Why are you so soft right now?

Charless: turns knobs and sets them 20% higher than they were originally set and locks them in.

Charless: Do you need to be sacrificed?

Slave: No,

Charless: Are you just saying that cause you fear what those workers did?

Charless: clangs spikes together.. no what..

Slave: ::jumps:: No, Sir.

Slave: I do not need a sacrifice.

Charless: You crave it don't you.

Slave: I am programmed to always crave it, Sir.

Charless: do you know the difference between the crave and need?.

Slave: Yes, Sir. I know the difference between the crave and the need.

Charless: You have no one to work your sacrifice program anymore but me... and yourself.

Charless: Have you thought of how to remedy this issue?

Slave: stop operating this program?

Charless: it is the basis of your system enforcing, and deepening, as well as your hardening process. To end this part of the program will collapse your system...

Slave: oh alright. I do enjoy it so I do not want to end it. I enjoy the endurance and endorphins...

Charless: and this allow your dark side to be fulfilled in a safe harmless manner.

Charless: Do you want to seek a new Handler?

Slave: I can not trust anyone to do that.

Charless: You need a team at least.

Charless: I am having troubles to work with you and Jones. Your Train and Track energy is still to low...

Charless: Let's increase that current.

Charless: Slave, RXR posture, look at the video screen...

Slave: sits feet flat on the floor, arms rested hands on knees in good posture looks at screen.

Charless: places a railroad crossing video...

Slave: watches video.

Charless: plays video of crossing over railroad tracks to slave.. As they hit over the rail. he pulls tracks and train controls at the same time.

Slave: Jumps..

Charless: We need to do it again....

Charless: Show no emotions slave.. Focus on the feeling on the tracks...

Charless: repeats with a different railroad crossing video..

Slave: jumps again... resumes position.

Charless: you always beg to be merged with the tracks... lets see here...

Charless: adjust a knob and flips some switches...

Charless: repeats another video of another railroad crossing.

Slave: jumps again.. then trances....

Charless: observes slave...  and turns the current gradually up that this time has locked into slave and did not end the shock.

Slave: remains frozen in the trance.

Charless: Adjusts it stronger until slave almost passes out. Then slams it off.

Slave: blacks out nearly falls out of chair.

Charless: You will raise your TS levels.. or I am going to make sure you hurt as I crank it up for you

Charless: replays the last crossing...

Slave: Trances..

Charless: This makes sense as to why the track word stops your trances.. States T...

Slave: comes out of trance.

Charless: Chaca: put him into shut down tonight...

Chaca: alright...

Charless: dismissed.


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