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24 and 25 Charless and the Slave Unit Progress, and Interview with Charless

by Casey

Chapter 24 and 25

Charless and the Slave Unit

by Casey

2018 all rights reserved

Chapter 24 Progress

Charless: Come here slave, Sit next to me on this park bench. Let us look up and down the railline together.

Slave: sits there looking at the railroad tracks ahead.

Charless: look back towards the station.

Slave: does as asks,

Charless: You have back slid a little on progress, but you are still more ahead than you were.

Charless: Now look down the line and look ahead. If you keep working hard you will be going places. I know you are cheating your trainorders program still, you and Jones are still do for punishment.... You however are making progress.. So I will delay the timing or your deserving for this. You are working your own programming well as you design programs for others based on it.

I am pleased with your new programs and progress.I am also pleased to see you wrote in safeties for others. Safeties you did not get to have in your own.

You Exist to Suffer conditioning file


Arousal no release loop


Craving no arousal loop


ETS advanced induction file


The empress and the stranger


You are a Train loop


I really love this one...

This a good punishment correctional file..

ETS punishing pet


The rest are you average hypnosis files you share on your other accounts. These could take you places are they are in high demand...

You can do your exist to suffer series, I am a train,  your psychic shamanic ones, as well as your values enforcement, encouragement...

Slave look at me.

Charless: Much of what was said to you last september was wrong. You however do have talent in this area. You will succeed. The worker stated your controversial material may even earn you more than those two abusers combined.. I think this is where it would.

Keep looking ahead down the tracks. Do not forget to balance your dark and like work.

You are dismissed....


I am Charless

I am Master Charless Stain X

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I am Master Charless X. Stain in your land you call it. 

In my land  it is said as Master Charless Stain X.

My Specialties is Burning through imagination and hell fire, and railroad symbolism.

All Fantasy mind control hypnosis. 

As one should never damage the sacred flesh of another.

Or cause irrepairable damage to one's mind.

A Master has great responsibility to push their slaves to be all they can be.

Not to Break them to the point, they are no longer worth more than a drooling Yes, and are a.. drone.

That is not a slave. That is a drone.

Even then it takes so much work to make a drone you would not want to waste breaking such a wonderful machine to the point of deactivation and dismantling.

Charless and the Slave Unit

25 interview with Charless

by Casey.

(c)2018 all rights reserved


Interview HOST: Hello Charless nice to meet you.

Interview HOST: Would you like to participate in this interview?

Charless: Greetings, 

Charless: Yes, Sir.

Interview HOST: First off many wonder what exactly is your religion.

Charless: I am actually a eclectic.

Interview HOST: eclectic?

Charless: Yes. Many misunderstand from my roleplays, story and media that I am a Devil Worshipper and Satanic. That is actually just a fun roleplay story line that was wrote to confront fears through imagination to make myself and those I work with stronger, and to take away that fear.

Charless: That character is called. "The Stranger".. from the Empress and the Stranger Stories.

Interview HOST: So your Devil and Satanic theme content is all an imaginary act?

Charless: Yes, Sir. All just an act all part of a mind game and an interesting twist on therapy.

Interview HOST: How can this content be therapeutic?

Charless: it allows me and other alts to express their hurt, anger, pain and negativity in a safe imaginative creative way that causes no harm to us, ourselves, our system or anyone else.

Interview HOST: I understand a creative outlet to suppress anger, depressions, and fear...

Interview HOST: How does "dark roleplay" bring in healing, other than emotional release?

Charless: Emotional release is the main way of healing with this. Also when one imagines going through this dark roleplay scenarios it caused the mind to experience process and confront fear, it triggers the body to produce endorphins which in turn make the person feel better, more balanced and calm, and cleansed afterwards..

If this sort of therapy is meant to be for them. This is not for everyone. This will usually help the bdsm type of people, and those who feel the need for pain.

Interview HOST: This is for the kink crowd and for those who desire pain?

Charless: Yes, for the kink crowd and those who desire pain to get their pain desiring needs met in a perfectly safe non damaging manner if the program is done correctly and right. This program is also for behavioral correction, transformation and change.

Charless: As with one of my clients of the "I am a Train" program, We have discovered that certain types of abuse and torture that happens to a person can take a perfectly safe NLP and hypnosis program and turn it into something deadly. 

When a client says, 

"No, do not do something to me or I will die." 

It is very important to understand that working with hypnosis and mind over matter does change and alter blood flow and heart rate and if someone is scared of something strong enough, or believed something will kill them. If this is done to them while under hypnosis it can and will kill them, sometimes not in session but hours after the session.

My job when working with people is to promote and trigger healing, strength, and cleansing through pain. My job is not to bring harm, or damage to a person. The ones I work with agree to what they are subjected to....

Interview HOST: So what is the main goal of your most popular program?

Charless: Exist to Suffer program is to make a person stronger by tricking their mind into accepting the suffering and pain that comes to them through events they can not change. 

Interview HOST: Do you or any of clients believe you are the anti christ

Charless: Hell No, that is absolutely ludacris... 

That again is a misunderstanding out of the story... 

And one line in the this is what you choose chapter...

As part of the negative reinforcment programming.

The Empress and the Stranger.

The character called the 

"The Stranger" 

Is a psychopath.. that believes he is an anti christ... and The Empress is trying to convert him to Christianity but he refused and he is tortured and crucified.. 

...then the same thing repeats with his sons and descendants and the Empress descendants..

It is a symbolic story about how Christians are still doing this demonic behavior or torturing the Devil Worshippers which is provoking the would be otherwise peaceful devil worshippers into attacking them. These other stories were lost to history, but maybe rewritten eventually.

Interview HOST: So when you call yourself Satanic you are not refering to religion?

Charless: I am not referring to my religion. I am referring to Satanic themed media content I write and release for the purposes of cleansing, growth, and entertainment and therapy. I usually do not mention my religion, as religion is personal. I also do not want people to look on the religion in a negative light many would not understand.

Interview HOST: Are you trained as a therapist?

Charless: No, I am not trained as a therapist or councilor. 

This is not to replace medical, clinical, or spiritual, therapy or otherwise. 

My use of the word therapy is refering to to the fact that my clients, find this healing is why they come to me do this.

This is not counselor therapy sessions. 

This is friends having healing fun through dark roleplay, with some hypnosis thrown in. This is nothing more.

Interview HOST: You call the Exist to suffer a mind control program.

How does it control your mind?

Charless: Exist to suffer forces the mind to look hard at right and wrong, good and bad, forces a person to look deep into themselves and seek out what they want and need and to confront fears. 

This program uses imaginary pain to induce endorphins to kill real pain. 

This program works to desensitize from negative emotional attacks like name calling. 

This program uses reverse psychology to make a person serve their G-d better.

Inteview HOST: How can this trick a mind into serving better?

Charless: Phrases like this... Satan is G-d 

G-d is Satan.

Satan owns you ... 

you serve him. 

You are not good.. 

you are evil.,, 

The Subconscious hears this... 

as You are good, 

You are Evil. 

You are owned by G-d... 

and Satan the mind choses which... 

Then you paint the Satan and Devils real bad then the mind will by default choose to serve G-d. 

This is reverse psychology as well as negative reinforcement applied in a different manner.

So many who just graduate the Exist to Suffer program go through a period of acting like an ultra fundamental christian... 

And then they go through a seeking period to find out what they are, and many have gone into the healing profession as nurses, doctors, ministers, and alternative energy healing.....

At first when the program was attempted there were a few mistakes that would cause people that only read up to chapter three to have a negative reaction to the story.

But this is where we discovered it is important that as one subjects themselves to this type of roleplay and story they need to be sure they are totally free of mind altering substances, (drugs and alcohol) and know the difference between reality and fantasy. 

This is very important, or it can and will push people over the edge.

Interview HOST: So you changed the original Exist to Suffer program to make it safer?

Charless: Yes, I added in the safety to make the subconscious mind pull a person out if the fantasy becomes to strong and frightening, or against what they need. 

I made sure the stories and content are only available to paying clients as an extra step to verify they are indeed an adult. 

I also added the extra protection... 

To have the client float out of their own body into a meat suit designed to withstand the torture and pain so the individual can be perfectly relaxed and safe in their own physical body and their meat suit clone is being damaged and torn up... 

instead of them being directly damaged so this can help a person dissociate enough from the stories and fantasy yet get the full experience in safe non damaging manner.

Interview HOST: What went wrong with your famous client "382"?

Charless: What went wrong was nothing to do with what "382" and I had done together. 

What went wrong is "382" was targetted by some really bad individuals that abused his trust and harmed him, and experimented on him, for whatever reason targetted his railroad alter, Jones. 

This has caused many issues with Jones and we are still working on correcting and balancing these issues.

Interview HOST: Does "382" believe he is Satanic, or anti Christ?

Charless: Laughs no... Mr. 382 believes he is normal person with extra ordinary experiences and the world's strangest luck. 

"382" is not out for power and control. 

"382" is about pulling people together in peace and unity, singing, dancing, and just having fun in life. 

My job is through imagination and play to test and strengthen him, his alts, and his system.

Interview HOST: Is "The Stranger" an alter formed partially or fully in "382" system?

Charless: No, "The Stranger" is a purely fictional character no existence, no fragment, no alter or partially formed alt. 

Just a story character. 382's other alts formed out of long term abuse and severe trauma while playing characters...For years.. during times he was abused. 

He can act out many characters and have no worry of any alters forming from them, the only time this is a worry is during times of abuse and trauma, why playing the character.

Interview HOST: "382" did not hide your existence from his original therapist?

Charless: No, "382" trusted her enough he told her everything even the most craziest of things, as he wanted to make sure he got the help and treatment he needed. 

His original therapist encouraged us to write dark stories, and do this roleplay.

To help him release this negative emotions as well as explore his creative talent

Interview HOST: Thank You for the interview.

Charless: You are most welcome. Maybe this will help people understand more of what this dark roleplay "382" had done really is about. 

As Slave 382 keeps stating, 

"It is very sad how the ones that accuse him of not knowing the difference between reality and fantasy, are the ones looking at him, claiming his fantasy is his reality and what he believes and coming to so many false conclusions and wrong assumptions about such."

Charless: He is right you know. People do not give him a chance to get to know of him, and are always judging and coming to conclusions. 382 maybe tough.. but he never could stand people doing this to him, or lying or accusing him of lying.

Charless: Nods, and walked off....

Interview HOST: stands there surprised he walked off...

Interview HOST: Well, I guess that wraps it up....


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