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Plush Zorua

by riolu123

Chapter 1

“Hello,” said a young adult girl named Angelica, walking into the Wierd Shack. “Is anybody here? Because, if not, then I can come back later.” She looked around, seeing alot of toys, costumes, tools, furniture, you name it. She went up to the counter to spot a small pinkish purple riolu sitting there.

“Oh. Hello. Is your trainer here? I was hoping to get a plush toy for my younger cousin.” She said. Without a word, the riolu got done from the chair and went to the back aisle. She waited for 10 minutes before browsing the shop a little more. One aisle held some of the most amazing toys she had ever seen, including a small doll that seemed to move on its own, and looked so lifelike to the point where the plastic looked like skin. A noise behind her made her turn around.

“Hello, I hope that you are enjoying my shop” said the riolu from before. “My name is Luke, and I hope that this is what you are looking for.” presenting a rather ordinary plush zorua doll. It looked like it had lied down forgotten for years. “If your cousin takes care of it, it will grow into a beautiful toy.”

She stared. It looked plain, and compared to what she had been looking for, didn't seem like much. “How much is it worth? I don't think my cousin would like it very much.”

“It is free, but only if you take good care of it” Luke replied. He seemed somewhat happy to be seeing it gone. With a wave of her hand, she left.

When she got home, she threw the plush onto the couch. She figured that she could probably find a better toy online. She got on her computer, and began browsing. Hours later, she got onto the couch, and fell asleep. As she slept, her body began to turn a dark purple and dark grey. Her legs and arms began to shrink as her body reshaped to be be on all fours. Her nose poped into a muzzle, as her hair shrank, to become a small puff of fur. As a tail began to grow, her breasts flattend, till there was nothing there. Her body grew small layer of fur, before her body became soft linen. Her eyes dissapeared becoming buttons, as her mind faded out of existence.

In the meantime, the plush had quickly turned from a zorua plush, to a small doll version of Angelica. The doll the began growing, the fabric becoming skin, as the new Angelica opened her eyes. “Oh, I think my cousin will like this a whole lot,” said the new Angelica, looking at the small plush zorua. “It will be perfect.”

A couple weeks later, at the birthday party, the zorua was opened up. The small girl in the small pile of presents smiled the most as the zorua was spotted. “Thank you! I think I will call Angel, and I will keep her forever!” As both the zorua plush and Angelica seemed to smile.

“I know you will.”


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