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latex symbiosis

by grayfox22

Chapter 1

Nick was running through the woods on a cold October morning, dodging the occational passerby when he heard a large crash comming from the forrest. he slowed down to a stop and looked around seeing that there was no one around him. he figured that he should check out whatever made that sound as someone could be hurt.
He ran towards the source of the noise and soon he was deep in the forrest. Alone.
Nick figured that he had to be running for at least five minuetes before he stopped to a strong sweet smell coming from a crater. He was confused at the smell but slowly edged his way to the crater where he saw a black goo? it was shimmering against the morning sun's rays and constantly moving. Nick wondered what it would feel like against his skin...that wasn't him. He looked around slowly - scanning for anyone else but there was nothing. not a person or bird near him. He chewed on his lower lip on what to do. Shoud he poke it with a stick?Before he had the chance the latex jumped out at him and landed on his chest, making him fall backwards.
The latex was still before it started to spread across his chest. his sweat stained T-shirt started to turn in to more latex. he tried to rip it off but it wouldn't move and the latex went on to his hand. it slowly started to spread across his hand , sealing his fingers in the nice smooth latex - No he couldn't think like that! even if it did make him feel horny.
His shorts started to tent and the latex wated no time crawling to it. First it sourronded his erect penis before a small tentacle emerged from the latex and slithered down his uretha, making him wwant to cum but he couldn't yet. the latex wasn't finnished with him yet. Nick felt the latex reach around to his buttox and another tentacle formed and penatrated his anus, making him moan from the sexy latex. Surely he wouldn't mind being made out of it?
Nick sceamed in pleasure as the latex kept mesagging his prostate making him turn over to his hands and knees, making him thrust into his hands so he can cum. He looked down and he saw that the latex had made a phallic tentacle for him to suckle on. With lustful eyes and a gaping maw Nick gladley accepted the tentacle cock, sealing his fate. he felt the latex spread across his head and enter it through his ears, making him feel more and more pleasure.
He was thrusting so fast now and for him to feel the best pleasure he only had to surrender to the latex. there wasn't any point in remaining human was there. Humans can't make him feel like the latex can. he wanted to give in, needed to give in. it was then when he came that Nick ceased. the bosy the latex now inhabitated was smooth and featurless but not finished. not yet. the latex curled up into fetal position and more latex covered it in a cocoon. to mature. to develop. to infect.


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