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by lycanpampsfiller

Chapter 1

Becky was your average 'popular' girl in college. She was smart, well-liked, and had an amazing body. The vixen was everything girls wanted to be and guys wanted to be with. Unfortunately, her amazing looks were met with a surprising lack of personality. Those who got to know Becky thought she was rude, standoffish, and even child-like at times. She was known to throw fits for not getting what she wanted, she lied a lot, and she often demanded things with a sense of entitlement.

The vixen paid her way through college by doing babysitting jobs on the weekends, usually for the Thompson family. They were a sweet couple with a 7 year old wolf girl named Sally. Becky was always sweet to Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, she'd put on her beautiful smiling face and treat them like gold before they left and after they got home; however, to Sally she was a bitch with a capitol 'B'. It's not that she didn't like the little girl, she just had no patience for children and their inane questions and silly antics. Becky would find ways to punish her just so she wouldn't have to see her for the rest of the night. She'd send the little girl to her room for the most ridiculous things: coughing too loud, taking too long to finish her dinner, or leaving a toy out by mistake.

Still, Sally looked up to Becky. But the wolf girl also saw her more of a demanding sister, almost like a loud toddler at times. In fact, Sally always wanted a little sister, but as much as she begged her parents, they would never bring one home. She decided that she wanted Becky to be her little sister and concocted a plan to make it happen. Sally was told by a schoolyard friend one day that "TV rots your brain and makes you stupid", and although this frightened the little girl, it also gave her an idea...

It was Friday night, and the Thompson family had asked Becky to babysit for the weekend. The vixen couldn't pass up on the offer, the Thompsons were loaded and they were sure to pay her a lot for looking after their kid for 2 days. They said their farewells, Becky holding Sally in her arms as they said goodbye:
"Have a good trip, bye Mr. and Mrs. Thompson!" Becky said smiling in the preppy way she always does. As soon as the couple were out of the driveway, the vixen set Sally down on the floor and let out a heavy sigh.
"Alright, dinner time. We're having mac and cheese." She didn't even wait for Sally to follow her to the kitchen, she just padded off and began fixing the meal. The wolf girl sat quietly at the kitchen table, just staring at the vixen as she worked. There was a goofy smile on her face, and every so often she would stifle a giggle. Becky raised an eyebrow and shook her head, just passing off the bizarre behaviour as a regular thing kids did. She had no patience that night, after having a bad date with some cheap guy she met. "Who goes to McDonald's for a first date?" She kept thinking to herself, still fuming internally.

She finished making the pasta and set out a bowl for each of them. Sally ate small bites, and kept looking up at the vixen.
"What?" Becky said, shrugging her shoulders and popping her eyebrows in frustration, "You're being weird tonight, kid."
"Becky, can we watch one of my favorite shows tonight before I go to bed? Pleeeeeeassseee?" Sally asked, her eyes bright and he hands folded in a begging posture.
Becky sighed and rolled her eyes, "I guess so, but only one episode and you're going to bed. I've got school work I need to do, and I don't want to hear a single peep from you once you're upstairs."
Sally bounced in her seat, nodding happily and quickly finishing her pasta. "Yay!"

The two sat down on the love seat in the living room and turned on the TV. Sally handled the remote and deftly navigated through a series of menus to a weird looking show. There was no real imagery, save for a swirl of green and purple colours with some cutesy music in the background. A voice would periodically chime in with things like:
"You're a baby!"
"You're not grown up yet!"
"It's okay to wet yourself!"
"Go on, make poopy!"
Becky looked down at Sally who wasn't even watching the TV, she was just staring up at the vixen like she did at the dinner table. "What is this crap? Isn't this a show for babies?"
Sally giggled and nodded, "Yes, keep watching!"
The vixen groaned, rolling both her eyes and her head in an exaggerated fashion before staring back at the TV. Her eyes fixated on the center of the swirling colours and slowly her mind started to drift off. She started thinking about her childhood, about how she was ridiculed for being a bed wetter until she was 10, how she would frequently have accidents when she was in grade school, and how she didn't have any siblings growing up, how lonely it all was.
"You're a baby!"
The TV spoke, the vixen giving a subtle nod to the screen.
"You're not grown up yet!"
She shook her head.
"It's okay to wet yourself!"
The vixen's nodded again, this time more noticeably. She slowly got down off the couch, crawling towards the screen and getting into a squatting position before it. Sally watched in shock as a dark spot began forming on the inside creases of the 20 year old's jeans. It was paired with a loud hissing noise, and slowly the dark stain grew down across her crotch, down her legs, and to her rump. Becky's mouth hung agape, a bit of drool dripping down her lips. "I a baby..." she said, trailing after each word. "me wet..." Her voice, while still that of an adult, sounded higher. The way she spoke was similar to that of a young toddler. The words weren't quite as clear, and they almost seemed to be babbled rather than spoke.
Sally clapped excitedly, "Yay! Becky, you're going to be my little sister!"
The fox girl looked back briefly and smiled slightly. Inside her head she was screaming out, trying to fight back the urge to act this way, but the more she watched the screen, the more her mind sank back to her childhood. For a brief moment she was able to snap out of it, and even reached for the remote. But as she held it in her paw, she realized she had no clue how it worked. Her fingers couldn't seem to manipulate the buttons properly, she was telling them to press the off switch, but she would just randomly mash the raised plastic. She dropped the remote and turned back to the TV.
"You're a baby!" It called out to her. She nodded again, this time more focused on the words. Her head started feeling fuzzy, as if she was in a dream, or incredibly drunk. Things started slipping from her mind, her class mates, her teachers, and even that tall handsome guy from Psych. All those years of schooling were being chipped away. Calculus...could she even count to 10 anymore? Literature: 'A...B...C...U?...t?' Science: 'What...sci-dens?' As it all drained away, it was replaced with thoughts of simple things like toys, big picture books, and of course...
"Go on, make poopy!"
The vixen lowered her centre of gravity, bending her knees and clenching her fists. "Poo...poopy!" She yelled out, releasing a series a small farts before a large mass began to form in her cotton panties. FFRTTTTTTSsssppplurccchhh Another large load dropped into her pants, causing the back of her jeans to sag down and expand comically. More drool pooled in her mouth, all of her focus on pooping herself. PPPLLLLUURRBBB The whole room started to fill up with the nasty stench of the vixen's messy backside. But Sally didn't seem to care. She happily jumped around the regressed vixen, almost dancing. "Yay! A new baby sister!" The wolf leaned in and gave Becky a hug before padding off to an adjacent room. "Looks like I need to change you though, I think we should have some diapers from when nanny lived with us." Becky didn't hear a word of what Sally said, nor could she even comprehend most of it. The fox just remained squatted, pissing and crapping herself absentmindedly staring at the purple and green colours on the screen.

Sally sighed and slumped back into the love seat, watching Becky switch between slamming blocks together, and tearing pages out of her colouring book. The vixen's diaper sagged heavily with her waste and there didn't seem to be much sense in changing her again. It was just too much work. "You will hafta be in those diapers until Mommy and Daddy get home, you're just too big for me to change." Sally huffed, the drooling vixen ignoring everything she said. "Me make pee-pee!" Becky sputtered, some drool flying out onto her bib. "Yeah, I know..." Sally sighed, laying down, completely exhausted from looking after a 5'7'' baby for 2 days.

Her first attempt at changing Becky went well, but she couldn't bring herself to do it again. The smell was just too bad, and the vixen was twice her height. Even meal time was difficult, Becky barely knew how to chew and would often make a mess off whatever food Sally chose to serve, which was usually just mashed vegetables or left over pasta. The poor 7 year old always wanted a baby sister, but never wanted to be a baby sitter. Luckily, as long as she continued to fill the vixen's bottle with formula, Becky fed herself, albeit with milky drool dripping onto her bib. The only problem with that was the product must have been expired, because it just increased the frequency of Becky's bowel movements. The whole ordeal left the former babysitter a stinky, drooling, babbling child trapped in an adult body.

Headlights beamed on the wall behind Sally, who instantly shot up and looked out the window to see her parent's car pulling into the driveway. "Uh-oh, come on Becky! We gotta get you normal again." She said, tugging uselessly at the vixen's arm. "TB! Me wad tb!" She said smiling, not even looking at the distressed 7 year old. "Come on! Snap out of it!" She yelled, trying desperately to find the TV remote. Just then, the front door swung open and her parents stepped into view. "We're ho-why does the babysitter need her diapers changed!? We were only gone 2 days!" Becky didn't even look up from the television, "Pooped my diaper! Me baby!" She yelled to the parents. Sally looked up at her Mom and Dad, and shrugged smiling uneasily. "At least now you want need to give me a baby sister..."


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