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Getting Anthony

by lance017

Chapter 1

Chapter 1You stayed late at the office with Anthony, a hot and muscular formermarine.  "OK, I think I got it all", you said, "Fuck, it's so late, so muchfor the Friday night fun.""Yeaaaah...", Anthony agreed in a weird voice the moment he heard the threelast words. He then stood before you and ripped his shirt open. You staredawestruck looking as your ripped coworker began to dance before you as ifhe were a Chippendale. He took off his trousers and pulled down the back ofhis briefs, exposing his muscular ass."Fuck, Anthony, what are you doing?""Ain't you horny, babe? How about a lap dance?", your normally tough andmasculine coworker spoke in a slutty voice and behaved as a slut, touchingover his body. Before you managed to protest, Anthony was giving you a lapdance and rubbed his awesome ass on your crotch. Only then you rememberedthat hypnosis seance you were to last Tuesday. Anthony got hypnotized andthere was a lot of laugh. And apparently some of that hypnotic programmingstuck.You were torn. On one side you were extremely horny, having the manlyco-worker you lusted after rub his muscular body all over you. But it feltjust weird."Anthony, please stop, I'm a bottom...", you said truthfully. Yourhypnotized coworker swiftly changed his game. He stood before you, get hisrock hard cock out and began to stroke it. His cock was huge, it felt likea dream come true."You want some of that?", Anthony slapped his huge cock on his hand. Hethen moved you from the chair onto the floor, pulled your trousers down andstarted to expertly tongue your hole, while also lubing his cock with hisspit.And when he pushed his cock in, he was surprisingly gentle, watching yourreaction, trying to make it as smooth as possible. You never had a top sogood with that. Then Anthony began to fuck you. He kept asking how you likeit. With a mechanical precision, he reacted to your wishes, slowing down orgetting faster, being more delicate or going rough. Your muscular and toughco-worker came at the same time as you.  Anthony collapsed at you, layinghis head on your torso and licking off the drops of your cum. And thenthere was a change in him."Fuck, what the hell? Where I am?", Anthony woke up from the trance, "Wow,sorry, dude. Fucking hell, what did I do? I'm sorry, I always had hots foryou, did I do something bad? I didn't want to harm you... I just... reallylike you..." Anthony was visibly scared and confused. And so were you -Anthony always had hots for you?"I'm sorry, Anthony, you were like in a kind of trance. But it's all okay,you were amazing. The best fuck of my life.""Fuck, so we just had sex and I don't remember any of that? Fuck... couldwe... could we go for round two?", your sexy coworker looked at you withhope in his eyes. You felt as if you won the jackpot."Hell yeah, we can!"At your answer Anthony kissed you passionately, and you felt both yourcocks stirring. "Want to go to my place? I live closer than you." You werea bit surprised Anthony knew that."Yeah." You answer, and he kisses you again.The next morning you wake up, your head on his chest. His place. You almostthink it's a dream, but then you remember what happened after you agreed tocome here."Come on, let's go." He helped you up and began to throw his clothes on,not to hide, but in obvious excitement for round two. He'd ripped thebuttons off his shirt, so all he could do was tuck it in his waist band,which displayed his abs and chest and the hair that covered them. Saying hewas too pumped up to drive, you took your car. Just out of the parking lot,he took your hand and held it his, bringing it up for a kiss that echoedthrough your body. At his apartment, he fumbled a bit with the keys, and asyou entered he kicked the door closed and wrapped you in a strong embracekissing you again. "Fuck, I've wanted you for so long..." he moaned. Hepulled off your shirt then took you in his arms and literally carried youinto the bedroom. His muscles felt great as you kissed him during the trip,causing him to ver into the wall a few times. One he had you on the bed, hestripped quickly, than again wrapped you in his strong arms and you bothenjoyed a deep, long kiss.Breaking it, he began to kiss down your chest, finally reaching yourcock. Where not as endowed as him, it was respectable, and he kissed up theshaft to the head. At the top he began to push it into his mouth, one slowengulfment as he dove for the root. His tongue moving inside his mouth asyou gasped and arched your back. You could not believe Anthony sucked dickso well. He deepthroated it and moved up and down whilst you writhed on hisbed. He sucked you for some time, and when he slowed you could see hisathletic body and hard cock. All those months of him starring in yourfantasies were coming true. Anthony looked up into your eyes, as he flickedhis tongue on the crown of your cock, he smiled at you - this was a fantasyfor him as well. He came up for another kiss.You hadn't gotten to suck him yet, and you really wanted his huge cock inyour mouth, so you returned the favour he had just given you. His cockjerked under your ministrations, and he groaned. You couldn't deepthoat himlike he had you, there was just too much, but you did your best and fromthe sound of it he was enjoying it. Always having a thing for balls, youlapped at them, rolling them round on your tongue, only able to get oneentirely in your mouth at at time. "Argghh," he said "I have to fuck you."He half lifted you, positioning you at the head of the bed and lifted yourlegs, repeating his earlier act of licking your ass while he lubed hisdick.You wondered for a moment if his earlier gentleness was all due to thetrance, but no, he eased in, still looking that you and keeping yourpleasure forefront of his mind. It was easier the second time, and thefeeling of his big cock in you was indescribably great. Once he as all theway in, he looked down and smiled, reaching down for a kiss that youhappily returned. He began slowly, moving his hips forward and back inlong, sensual strokes, filling you up and leaving you empty and wantingmore. And more came, his cock pushing back deep into your ass beforewithdrawing again. He was enjoying this as much as you were, it seems, andhe took his time, only after a while did he begin to speed up, causing thewaves of pleasure he was sending through your body to accelerate. "Yes,yes, faster, faster..." you could almost not speak you felt so good. Andfaster he went, finally bringing you both to another simultaneousclimax. He collapsed next to you on the bed, breathing deep.Catching his breath, he drew you close for another kiss, snugglingclose. You soon ended up in a spooning position, his cock half hard againstyour butt. "I wish I could remember the first time, but that wasfantastic." He nibbled your ear a bit."You are the best fuck of my life." you replied."Good, I want to fuck you a lot." You felt his cock hardening at thethought, yours did as well. Anthony held you close, and you could feel hiswarm breath, and the hair on his magnificent chest. After some time, youcould really feel his cock harden, and it made its way back into your ass,and he fucked you on your side. Still gentle, still filling. After that,you both fell asleep.Awakening the second time that morning, you found yourself alone in thebed, but still in his apartment. You lay listening for a moment, and couldhear sounds in the other room. Slipping on your pants, you followed them tofind Anthony in the kitchen, wearing only a pair of boxers. He heard youand turned. "Damn, I was going to make you breakfast in bed, but you'vegotten out of it." He said mischievously."I can go back." You reply."Yeah, I'm almost done. Be there in a second." He kissed you on the cheek.Your pants came off again as you slipped under the sheets. A minute laterAnthony arrived with breakfast, scrambled eggs, bacon and fruit. He didkeep himself in great shape, so you didn't expect pastries. He put theplate next to you, removed his pants and climbed in. Eating off the sameplate seemed as sexy to you as the fuckings you had gotten the day before.As you both finished, he moved the plate aside. "I fucking wish I knew whatgot into me last night, but I'm glad it did. You're sure I didn't hurtyou?""Not at all, you just surprised me. I'm pretty sure you giving me a lapdance has been in several of my dreams.""I gave you a fucking lap dance?!""Yeah, you were pretty good, actually, were you ever a Chippendale?""Fuck no. Fuck, I can't believe that. Not that I'm complaining, but I don'tknow what got into me.""Um... so you enjoyed that lap dance?", Anthony finally asked you."Yeah, you were pretty good at that. It really turned me on.""I'll do it again for you", Anthony said eagerly and began to give you alap dance, except now you were both naked and all that separated you was athin sheet. You felt your hot co-worker's muscled butt grind on your cockwhich was getting harder with every second. Meanwhile, you watched Anthony,who was sensually flexing and touching his ripped body. He finally pulledout the sheet and was rubbing his naked ass on your hard cock. Your handswere feeling up his amazing torso. Anthony started to play with your balls,which made you let out a moan of pleasure."Mmmm, I love how you do my balls.""Oh, yeah? Let me work on them!", Anthony exclaimed with excitement. Heknelt on the floor by the bed and pulled you so that your crotch was infront of his face. Anthony began to suck on your sack while slowly jerkingyour cock. He kissed your balls, gave them long licks, he rubbed his facein them. He switched for a while to deepthroat your cock - and even then,he managed to lick your balls with the tip of his tongue, while your cockwas stuffed in his mouth. And while doing that he looked up at you withadmiration. He then got back to worshipping your balls. He placed big slowkisses on them and on the underside of your crotch. He rubbed them againall over his face and then bowed down his whole head, rubbing your cock andballs on the back of his neck. He returned slowly, making your balls ruball over his hair. He gave the root of your cock one more kiss. He thentook out his tongue and began jerking you off energetically, so that yourballs bounced on it."Am I doing good?", Anthony asked finally."Oh, yeah, you're doing great!""I want a big load from you! Will you feed me a big load?", your rippedco-worker asked enthusiastically, slapping himself on the face with yourcock."Yeah, I'm quite close.""Oh, yeah, I love jizz, cum all over my face, please!", Anthony said andgot back to sucking you. When he licked your cock, he slid down and beganto lick and suck on your balls. Anthony grabbed your hand and placed it onyour cock. You began to jerk off, while he worshipped your sack."Mmmm, go faster", Anthony told you, "just pull me back when you're readyand shoot on my face, please.""And don't worry about me", he added commenting on how you watched out notto hit him while jerking off next to his face, "I was a marine, go rough onme"And to give you confidence, he again grabbed you by the hand and guided youto wank fast and in wide motions, hitting him hard in the face as you moveddown. You trusted him and started to jerk off furiously as if he weren'tthere. And Anthony didn't mind, he was wholly focused on sucking andlicking your balls.It didn't last long till you came. You pulled out Anthony by his hair andshot all over him. You blew load after load, you never came as much as thatmoment.Anthony's face and muscular body were covered in your cum. He enjoyed thesplash that landed on his tongue. He soon swallowed and thanked you."That was awesome! You cum like a champ. Mmm, let me lick it all off.",there was a genuine gratitude in Anthony's voice.You laid back and enjoyed the bliss, while Anthony began to slowly lick thecum off you and off his body, usually rubbing it on your leg and licking itoff that, or wiping the cum with your cock and then slowly cleaning yourcock with kisses.Once Anthony had finished licking your cum off you he wrapped you back inhis arms. You both enjoyed the contact for a while before you began talkingabout various things. The conversation ranged easily across topics as youdiscovered more about your new lover. At one point you used your head toindicate the pull up bar he had mounted on his bedroom door-frame "Can youdo a lot of pull-ups?""Yeah, want to watch me?" Anthony answered."Fuck yeah." Anthony got out of bed with you following and reached up andbegan his pull-ups. You looked over his fit body, the biceps bulging, theshoulders straining. The perfect six-pack with its covering of manlyhair. And his cock and balls swinging back and forth. You loved the sizeand the weight you knew they had, you just had to touch them. `Ughhh...."he shuddered as you gently fondled his cock and balls "Fuck, that feelsgreat.""Do them good for me, man." You encouraged him. And it worked, his form gotbetter, not that he had been lagging, and you got to watch the traces ofsweat break out on him. "Keep going, you can do it." He had cranked out agood set, but you wanted more."Arrghh.." Anthony groaned as he kept going. You could tell he was gettingto his limit, and he really had done a lot of them."One more..." you said as he took a quick breather at the bottom of apull-up. He twisted up his face and gave you one more. "Another one, comeon." Anthony pulled himself up again, his face and perfect muscles showingthe strain. "And another, you can do it man." He did, working hard toimpress you. "One more, I know you've got it in you.""Fuck yeah..." Anthony whispered. You could tell he was trying hard. And hedid it.  Thinking he still had another one in him "Do it again you stud."Anthony's face showed intense determination as he pulled himself upagain. You were thinking he really was done when he started up again, andagain after that one, but this was all he had, his hands slipped. His legsweren't far from the floor, so he got them under him but still collapsed inthe door jam breathing deep. You could tell he was totally spent, you kneltdown and wrapped your arms around him "That was so great man, you areawesome." You kissed Anthony on his check in pride.It took him a moment to get his breath back "You liked that?""I did, a fucking lot. I can't believe you could so many." You replied."I lost count, but it's a new fucking record for me. I couldn't have doneit without you." Anthony looked at you in admiration."We need to get you showered up, you're all sweaty." You said."Take it with me? Please?" Anthony looked at you in hopes you would joinhim."Sure." You smiled, like you would turn down a chance to spend more timewith his naked body. You both got up and went to his shower. In the showeryou go to soap him up, feeling his body all over again. You couldn't getenough of it, it was so perfect. He took control and washed you as well,and it felt great feeling him all over you. Anthony turned you around towash your back, and you could feel him kneeling down to get the back ofyour legs. Once he finished that you felt his hand spreading your assfollowed a second later by his face pressing and his togue teasing yourhole. You pressed your hands against the tile walls to hold yourself up, ashe went deeper and deeper in your hole, and it felt so good. "Oh fuck..."escaped your mouth. As Anthony continued to deeply rim you your addledbrain realized he was working very hard to do everything he could tomaximize your pleasure. From how he fucked you to really working your ballsto the puppy-like faces he gave you when you indicated you wantedanything. How far could you push this? How much would he do on his own justto please you?Anthony kept at it for a while, before finally coming out and rising,running his hands up your chest from behind. "Did you like that?" he said,nibbling on your ear."Fuck yeah." You were almost out of breath. He turned the water off andtook your hand, leading you out of the shower where he grabbed a towel todry you off. When he crouched down to do your legs he kissed you cock. Youturned the towel on him, finally wrapping both of your up in in as youfinished drying his back as you stood face to face. He smiled at you,tugged the towel to the floor and led you back to bed.You lay entwined with each other, talking more. Just the contact kept yourdick semi-hard. Finally Anthony said "I need to make us lunch. Stay here,I'll get us something.""OK, man." Anthony got up and reached for his boxers, starting to lift aleg to put them on. "You don't need those." You said, watching him."You're right." He dropped them, give you a quick kiss on the check andheaded to the kitchen. You loved how his naked ass looked. Lunch washealthy, and afterwards you held each other again. "Want to try something?"You asked looking him in the eye with a bit of a mischievous grin."Sure. What do you have in mind?" Anthony seemed enthused."You have some great stamina. Think you could keep you cock up my ass for afull hour? Just fill me up, no need to fuck me, but don't cum. Just see ifwe can go that long.""That's a fucking long time, but I'll give it a go. Do I get a prize if Ican do it?" Anthony seemed completely willing."Sure, decide what you want. If you can't I get to chose something and youhave to agree.""You're on!" Anthony looked so happy, and pulled on his dick to make itharder than it already was. You moved his hand away and replaced it withyour own, making him groan in excitement. He quickly got a good boner upand moved to line up with your ass. Just like before he entered carefully,letting you not only get used to his significant cock, but to really enjoyit going in. You were laying flat on the bed and Anthony was perpendicularto the bed. Anthony moved every so often to keep his dick hard as you bothenjoyed the sensations. As great as Anthony's fucks were, this wasunbelievable - his big hard dick resting in your ass really made you feelfull, like that one moment when the top is all the way in just before hefucks out.You could reach up and feel his body, and his hands felt over yours. Thefeelings became unimaginable as time went on. Finally his phonebeeped. Anthony got a huge grin on his face "I did it!" He bent down andkissed you hard, his hips moving slightly in and out like he was fuckingyou a bit. But rather than throw another fuck into you, he pulled out,gently. Even that was charged. Anthony wrapped you in his arms. "I knowwhat I want.""Yeah, and I have to give it to you." You answered. After that performance,you wouldn't deny him."I want to give you an hour long blow-job." Anthony smiled at you. "An hourfor an hour.""That's what you want? Not that I mind, your mouth is a fucking dream, butit's more work for you." You reply a bit shocked."That's what I want. I love your cock, and the chance to have it in mymouth for a full hour is too good to pass by. You will let me, won't you? Imean you did sort of promise." Anthony had the puppy look again."Of course, I'll let you." At your words pure joy spread over Anthony'sface. He helped arrange you comfortably on the bed leaning partially on theheadboard and got between your legs. He kissed and licked your hard cockthen took it in his mouth, starting the timer.Anthony had some mad cocksucking skills. His lips massaged your shaft andhis tongue moved around, making your eyes roll back. After a quick bit toget you into it, he slowed down, really drawing the pleasure out. At notime over the next hour did you cock come out of his mouth, warm andpleasing you lay back watching this stud orally pleasure you. When thetimer went off, you couldn't tell if it took forever or no time atall. Anthony came up and smiled at you. "Now I want to make you cum." Hedove back in and really worked your cock over. After edging for so long,you couldn't grab his hair to pull his head back to shoot over his face, sohe got it right down his throat. Not that he seemed to mind. He took youhuge load and swallowed with a look of satisfaction. "That was fuckingawesome." Anthony said as he came up to hold you again."You better fucking believe it." You replied. Now it was your turn to beout of breath. You spent the rest of a the afternoon holding each other andtalking. You realized the last few times had been you cumming and nothim. He had worked, worked hard actually, to get you off without so much astouching his dick. That added to your theory that he was all about youenjoying yourself and would do whatever he could to make it happen. Asevening fell, he suggested going out to dinner."I need fresh clothes. Let's go to my place so I can change." You said andhe agreed.Since you were at his place, he was able to dress in something he hadn'tworn the day before. Dressed, he was incredibly hot. Slacks, and abutton-down shirt made him so handsome. You noticed again, like you had somany times, that a button-down shirt on him had a small gap between hispecs. His broad chest pulled at the fabric and really filled itout. Subtle, but deeply sexy. You drove to your place. Entering Anthonysaid "I always wondered what you place would look like." He seemed a bitawestruck. You kissed him quickly and went to change clothes.You decided on a quick rinse off in the shower before getting dressed youpopped in. Almost expecting him to be there to dry you off when you gotout, but he wasn't. It didn't take you long to get dressed."You did my dishes?" You said as you found him in your kitchen, finishingup a chore you didn't like so left longer than you should have."Yeah, hope you don't mind." Anthony had the puppy look again. "I justwanted to help out.""Of course I don't mind. You're going to spoil me."  You took him in yourarms and kissed him again. A thought went through you mind: Anthony naked,cleaning your house, cooking your meals, and ever ready for sex.We had a great dinner, and Anthony paid. He asked for the check before youcould and looked at you with a smile. You went back to his place and hefucked you again. This time you didn't make it back to his bedroom, but hiscoach was there and we didn't have to wait the few seconds to get to hisbed.Sunday morning, you both woke up and held each other, talking a bit decidedto go on a hike. You put on shorts and you drove to an out of the way trailyou knew. You took a moment as you both got out of the car and you pulledhis shirt off "You don't need this." You smiled wickedly at him."I guess you're right, it does feel good out here." Anthony stretched hisarms out. Damn, he looked good. You gave him a deep kiss and he wrapped hisarms around you. Still in the kiss, you began to push his shortsdown. After I got them past his bubble butt, he pulled back "What are youdoing?""It's a great day, you won't need those shorts. It will be sexy."Anthony looked at you for a second, like he was trying to decide. "Sure,for you." A thrill coursed through you. Having this stud do whatever youwanted, and so easily as well. He looked so hot, kicking his shorts off andtossing them in the car. He gave you a mischievous smile. "The things I dofor you. But this will be fucking hot.""It sure will, you look so great like that." Anthony did. His muscles wereperfectly formed. His dark chest hair covered a broad chest and perfectpecs narrowed down to a slim waist. A good bush over a massive cock andbuoyant balls. Seeing him in the sun, surrounded by trees and all of natureturned you on and your cock got even harder.He hugged you and you felt the warmth of his body. A quick kiss and westarted. Anthony was wearing only his hiking shoes and every move wasperfection. The wind rustled his chest hair, and took your hand in his. Wewalked that way for a while, looking at the birds and other wildlife.The best wildlife was his swinging cock and balls, the massive equipmentwas free to the air and the world. You reflected again that he seemed toobey anything you asked, even finding things to do for you. If he hadsuggested you go nude, you would have balked, but it never seemed to crosshis mind to ask you for anything. Were there limits on what you could gethim to do? We set out.We walked a good way, and you really enjoyed being able to see his hotbody, with his cock and balls swinging, his ass moving. You would reachover and touch him every so often, feeling his ass, fondling his balls,stroking his cock, or running your hands over his chest and abs. You loveto hike, and having him naked and beside you made the best hike you hadever had.After almost two hours we stopped on a bit of grass and you pulled him downbetween your legs, his back against your chest. You felt him up. You wereboth a bit sweaty, but his body was so amazing. He started to get hard andyou jerked him off a bit. "Want a challange, marine?" You ask."Sure, what you got?" Anthony asked."Stay hard for a while, we'll get back to hiking, keep you dick up. Letssee you get excited." You said."Fuck man, that's going to hard to do."You nibble his ear. "You can do it marine."Anthony took a deep breath. "Yeah, I can do it. You want to help me out?""Sure." You agree. You pull off your shirt. "I'll grab your cock sometoo. Give you some encouragement.""Fuck that will be great." Anthony jumped up and helped you to your feet.You set off.You both hiked on, you made sure to touch him more than you had before, andAnthony did keep his dick hard. It wasn't the rock-hard boner he had whenhe was fucking you, but it was an erect dick. As great as he looked hikingnaked, he looked even better doing it hard, and you were excited that hewas again doing exactly what you wanted by you just telling him too.After a good while, you came to a meadow with a great view. You bothstopped and looked around. Standing there, you reached and jerked hiscock. "You need to fuck me." You said."Damn straight." Anthony smiled and helped you out of your shorts beforestarting to do one of his expert rim jobs on your ass. He lined his dick upto your ass and gently slid it in. You looked up at him and smiled. Anthonysmiled back, and you could see his face concentrating on your pleasure ashe moved his massive cock in and out of you.Anthony was fucking you slowly for a while before you began to urge him tospeed up, and he did exactly as you encouraged. His big dick going deep inyou. Again, your climax triggered his, like seeing you shoot was the thingthat really got him off. Anthony licked your cum off your chest, than heldyou in his arms.You enjoyed the afterglow for a while, and when you were both rested,suggested you head back. You didn't make him keep a hard-on on the returntrip, but you were sure he would have if you suggested it.You got food and headed back to his apartment. Inside you sat on a chair inthe living room. Anthony suggested you find something on TV while he got acouple of beers. You did and he brought you a good craft beer.After serving you the beer, Anthony sat down on the floor between your legsand began to massage your feet. "What are you doing?" You asked."Long hike, I thought you'd like a foot rub." Anthony looked up at you withthe puppy expression that told you he was trying so hard to make you happy."Fuck yeah." You leaned back and closed your eyes. His hands felt good,rubbing the stress away. You just enjoyed his work.With you eyes closed, you didn't see him bend down, but you sure felt histongue beging to lick your foot. You let out a sigh."I thought you'd like that." Anthony said. Anthony moved around, keepinghis hands and mouth working on your feet, covering every inch with hisstrong massage and his silky tongue. Getting deep between your toes,sucking each one, one after another. You were in heaven, this hot andmuscular man who you had dreamed about for so long, who had such a bigcock, who fucked you so well, who did everything you wanted, wasworshipping your feet just to make you happy. Heaven didn't begin toexplain the feelings.After Anthony had massaged and licked your feet for a while he moved up toyour cock. He dropped the whole thing into his mouth in one go,deepthroating you and then getting his tongue to reach your balls abit. You were already so turned on it didn't take you long to blow. He waslearning and pulled out so you shot over his face. You looked at Anthony ashe used his fingers to take your jizz to his mouth. He smiled at you.After cleaning his face, Anthony took you into his arms. You loved it whenhe held you. You talked and decided you needed to get his car, and that hewould take clothes to your place, so he could stay over. Your place wasbigger anyway. Anthony got a suitcase out and you helped him get thingstogether. In his closet you discovered his marine dress uniform andfatigues. You got him to pack them, as you had an idea for when you gotback to your place.Once you made it to your place you ask Anthony "Ready for your nextchallenge, marine?""Sure." Anthony his face lighting up.You show him his dress uniform. "Put this on. Then we'll see how long youcan stand at attention. It will be so hot.""Do I get something if I win?" Anthony asked, and you knew it would be funfor you as well."Fuck yeah." You agree. "Meet me in the living room when you're dressed."Anthony didn't take long, and when he appeared, he was drop-dead hot. Helooked great in the deep blue, his shoes perfectly shined, and he waswearing the hat. You deeply inhaled. "Damn, you look good." Anthony smiled,happy to please you. "Stand here, marine. Let's see how long you can go."Anthony stood at attention while you watched TV. He was perfectly still,and you were impressed with him. Plus he looked so good. You let him standthere for a while, then decided to take the next step. You went up to him,and got his shirt off of him. You could see he was turned on by it, and youfelt up his pecs. "Very sexy." You tell him. You leave him to stand atattention again for a while. After this period, you get up and remove hispants. "It turns me on so much to see you in costume." You saw a glint inAnthony's eyes. Now he was in shorts, tee, hat, socks and shoes. Standingat attention, he was super sexy.Again you left him for a while, then removed his tee. You loved his chest,and felt him up, biting his nipples a bit. All the time, he stood at rigidattention. You backed up, watching him almost naked at attention. After abit, you got his boxers off. That left him in hat and shoes. Anthony keepstanding at attention. More time, just getting to watch him standthere. Finally you got up and fondled his big cock. "Something's notstanding at attention, maine." You tease him. It was at attentionsoon. "Good marine, keep that cock at attention." You leave him for awhile, and you are overwhelmed at how perfect he looked, how turned on youwere with him and his dick at attention. Finally, you couldn't take itanymore, and you went to him, got on your knees and started sucking hismassive cock.Anthony's cock was big, and it had been standing at attention with him fora while, but it was turning you on so much, you couldn't take itanymore. Plus you loved having his dick in your mouth. It filled you up,and as you looked up at Anthony's face, you saw he was still staying atperfect attention. You moved to his giant balls, rolling them around withyour tongue. You went back to his cock, moving faster and deeper, gettinghis cock even harder.Pushing his cock as deep as you could into your throat, you pulled off andlooked at him "You have to fuck me.""Hell yeah." Anthony pulled you up and pushed you so you were on thesofa. He kissed you as he gently moved his cock into your ass. After a fewminutes, Anthony reached under you knees, grabbed your back and pulled youup, supporting you as he moved you and down on his dick. You held onto himas his cock slid in and out of you. You felt his muscles as he supportedyou giving you another of the fucks of your life. You came, letting out agroan. Your cumming sent Anthony over the edge, and he shot deep intoyou. You both collapsed into each other's arms.The next day at work (you could almost not believe how great the weekendwas, and how often you had gotten fucked, and how wonderful it was), youwere glad Antony seemed like he had before. In the afternoon, when you metin the hall, he leaned over to you and whispered in your ear "Let's skipworking out today, I need to fuck you so bad.""You're on, stud." You whispered back.Making it to your place, you just got in the door when Anthony opened hispants and fucked you with both of your clothes mostly on. You had reallyneeded that fuck. You helped him strip down "You don't need clothes inhere."Anthony looked at you, "Gets you off, does it?""It sure does, I love looking at you naked." You say.Anthony stayed naked all evening, and you knew he'd stay that way. It wasgreat seeing his big cock and balls swing around. He did some cleaning,made and served dinner. You watched some TV together as you played with hisequipment, and in the bedroom he fucked you long and hard. The next morninghe woke you up with a blowjob, deepthroating you and getting you to cum allover his face.Morning blowjobs, afternoon fucks, naked Anthony handling all thechores. It was a dream. You did decide you each needed to get back on yourworkout schedules, so you split as you belonged to different gyms. You werea bit selfishly motivated with that. You wanted Anthony to keep thatfantastic body of his.Friday came, and you arrived home before Anthony. When he came in, he cameup to you and kissed you. "I got a surprise for you." His face was lit up,he was so excited."Yeah?""Yeah. Go in the living room, sit on the couch and close your eyes."Anthony said."OK." You did. You could hear Anthony moving about some. You heard himenter the room, and get up on the coffee table? That was weird."Open them man." Anthony said."Holy fuck!" You said. Anthony was standing on the coffee table, wearingonly a loincloth. When you opened your eyes, he beat his chest and gave outa Tarzan yell. Your eyes widened. He was so sexy dressed up likethat. Anthony started to poise, showing off his magnificent muscles. Yourdick got hard, and you could tell his was as well, it lifted the loincloth,revealing it was just a cloth, no pouch."Do you like my Tarzan impression?" Anthony looked at you eagerly."Fuck yeah." You could almost not talk.Anthony began to sway back and forth, each movement accentuating his strongbody, the curves of his muscles, all accented by the dark hair that soturned you on. After a few minutes, he got down, sat on your lap facing youand kissing you, opening your shirt. He kept grinding his bubble butt andlicked over your chest. You groaned in pleasure.Anthony removed your shirt and started on your pants, taking your cock intohis velvet mouth. Feeling up your legs, your chest, your arms. You writhedin ecstasy. Anthony flicked his tongue on the head of your dick, sucked thewhole thing down, licked your balls, kissed your thighs. Moving down, hestarted to rim you and you knew he would be fucking you soon. And youalmost couldn't wait. Anthony lined his cock up to your hole. He alwaysstarted so good, letting his massive cock fill you up and obeying yourinstructions to go fast or slow, hard or soft. His face concentrating onyour pleasure. Deep in you, filling you up like no one ever had before.Pulling back, almost out, but plunging back in, driving you to heights younever thought were even possible. You came, and he did at the same time,and Anthony licked you cum off you, finally coming up for a kiss.


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