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Weight gain hypno

by blubberluvah

Chapter 1

Sara was a single, bold 40-year old mother who worked from home....and harbored a deep secret. For the longest time, she'd fantasized about gaining. For 20 years, in fact. She blamed the fact so many of her friends and relatives growing up had been fat. But she could never overcome her various reservations in spite of herself. Now, however, she felt the pressure of time. She had aged quite slowly so far, but would it last? When she heard about a certain hypno-therapist by the name of Jessica, she had been intrigued. This hypno-therapist had apparently developed a program to overcome hesitancy about weight gain. So Sara had called her and asked for some supplementary materials on the program. The more she read, the more she was intrigued.  She contacted her on the phone again and they discussed things further. One fateful day months later, she went to see Jessica herself at her office.

To Sara's surprise, Jessica didn't seem like the stereotypical image of a hypno-therapist. The 30-year old woman had a shy, intellectual demeanor suggesting she was more comfortable reading books than interacting with people. Her attire drove home this image. She wore her black hair back in a ponytail, clad in a white blouse (with an expensive black vest on top of it) and black pants. The latex gloves on her hands screamed massive fear of germs. In spite of being relatively petite and scrawny-looking, she had quite the pot belly. Likely from avoiding social activity and being sedentary. 

On Jessica's end, she sensed in Sara an aggressive vixen who got what she wanted.  Everything about her struck her as dominant, barely restrained by her outward professionalism and polite upbringing. Her exaggerated feminine attributes seemed to be fighting to break out of her too-small clothing.Sara was definitely a not-so-uptight woman who did a good job feigning suburban modesty. But Jessica could feel the raw sexuality hiding behind Sara's false image of respectability. Jessica thought to herself, "This must be how a fish feels around a shark who isn't hungry. She might actually be able to lift me with one arm." It didn't help that Sara was far stronger, much fuller in figure, and a full foot taller than Jessica. All that on top of one hell of a sensual voice. "Dear God, what have I gotten myself into?", Jessica thought to herself, struggling to control her anxiety. 

Although Sara did not consider herself a lesbian, bi-curious at best, there was a definite allure to Jessica. It was probably how cute and shy she was. "Hello. So you're the renegade in your profession huh?", Sara mused to her, towering over Jessica. For a moment, Jessica was genuinely intimidated. "Stay clam," she told herself. The hypnotist regained her composure. Jessica smirked behind a pair of narrow rectangle-shaped glasses, "Well, fattening women up for a living isn't exactly approved conduct for a hypnotist. But you'd be surprised what inherited money can buy you in terms of resources. Not to mention efforts to prove I'm a hack have failed. For obvious reasons, the effectiveness of weight gain hypnosis is easy to gauge." She successfully hid her nervousness behind a subtle bravado. Sara teased her, "Is that why your rates are so steep?"

Jessica replied, "My pricing revolves around duration. The longer you work with me, the longer you get charged. You can handle a small monthly rate. I'm not a student loan. Word about me spread me fast, so it goes without saying I get a lot of money collectively from a bunch of small payments monthly." Then Jessica inquired, "How did you hear about me? One of my advertisements?" Sara answered, "Actually it was from one of your former clients. She's a neighbor of mine down the street. She spoke highly of you. Thanks to you, she gained 75 pounds." Jessica nodded curtly, "I remember you now. We spoke on the phone a few months ago. I sent you a flier and we discussed what kind of hypnosis program you wanted." Sara asked, "Did you write it all down?" Jessica smiled, "I did indeed. Did you wish to start today?" Sara nodded. Jessica replied, "I have some paperwork to you to fill out, but we can fit you right after." Then she added, "And remember, hypnosis is consensual. As long as you want it, the trances will hold."

Soon, the two were in Sara's back office on the couch. "I want you to relax, as much as you can. Let your breathing become as relaxed as possible, make it regular. Remove the tension from your body, one section at a time. Close your eyes," Jessica said to Sara. Jessica got off the couch, smiling. The towering and powerful Sara immediately picked up on the change in the hypnotist's voice. It was strong and composed now. Her personality was also much more disciplined and yet casual. No doubt the result of years of training to overcome her various social disorders. The hypnotist was no longer wearing gloves. Sara slowly relaxed one targeted area of her body after another. This lasted for a number of minutes. Then Jessica finally smiled. Sara's head was subtly moving back and forth on its own, like a dashboard toy going side-to-side. She was ready. "I'm going to count down from 20. When it is complete, you will enter a nice, deep trance," Jessica said. It seemed to take an eternity to Sara, as the anticipation built within her in spite of herself.

The first trance hit her, making her mind feel quite foggy and strange. Jessica looked at Sara carefully, then began. "You are fascinated by watches. You can't keep your eyes off them," Jessica said. "The color pink makes you ravenously hungry, and whenever you look at objects....you will rely mainly on your left eye," she also stated. Sara, knowing not a single object or light in the room was pink, went along with the suggestion fully. She figured Jessica was trying out a starter command on her, testing her responsiveness. She also had no issue with using her left eye more than her right. "Open your eyes," Jessica said. Then Sara opened her eyes, feeling quite surreal. Herself, yet not herself.

"I don't feel....too much different. I feel rather drunk, truthfully. Like my mind is in a gravitational pull of some kind," Sara said. She had a silly smile on her face that seemed to appear whenever she relaxed enough. Jessica smiled, "It's not a particularly strong state, yet. Right now your mind is in the equivalent of a weak current of water. You have to just let yourself be carried by the water." Jessica believed in the concept of layering, adding additional stages of hypnosis on top of each other like something out of "Inception".

Then suddenly a pocket-watch was dropped in front of Sara's face, swinging back and forth. Without even thinking, Sara's eyes tracked it with a surprising intensity. Jessica smiled to herself. Thanks to the initial trance, Sara's natural skepticism towards the use of the watch was very weak. Her mind was open to its usage. "I see you are not balking at my utilizing a watch. There are so many misconceptions about it. Hacks using it as a parlor trick. But....I like a challenge," the veteran hypnotist said. She stood sharply to Sara's left, to the point Sara's right eye barely could focus on the watch. "Track the watch, but keep your head in that position," Jessica instructed her. Sara did her best, however her left eye did the majority of the work.

Sara continued for many minutes, but eventually her eyes started to show the signs of a hypnotic state. They were becoming bleary and dull, losing their intense focus. "That's it. Listen. Relax. Feel your trance coming. Just let yourself slip in. Embrace it," Jessica spoke to her. The increasingly affected woman was losing her stance, her motions becoming more relaxed. Finally, Sara's eyes lost their focus entirely. They weren't tracking the watch at all, instead staring blankly forward. She wasn't moving that much anymore and her posture was quite relaxed. "Tired? Well then, perhaps you should just close your eyes and let my voice in,"Jessica cooed, deliberately changing her voice's accent and slowing down her speed on the last four words. All the better for her to process the words. Sara's eyes immediately closed.

"Perhaps, you are wondering how my previous clients have done. I knew this one woman, and she would regularly feel more and more gluttonous as the treatment progressed. And she often seems to believe she's not in fact a thin woman anymore, in fact. That regularly happens to many a woman who comes in. They often crave to overeat when they come here. Like this one woman named Samantha. She frequently needs to get fatter," Jessica smiled, imperfectly using a form of indirect suggestion.

Jessica then switched to visualization. "You want to see this particular fat woman, don't you? Open your eyes." Sara managed to wordlessly nod as she obeyed, but her gaze was empty. "Imagine her, her body hundreds of pounds overweight. The shape, the softness, the heft of her. Living for gluttony, and reveling in it. She feels she is beautiful in her fat state. You want to become this person so badly. You want to be an obese glutton. You desire to binge so often and not care what others think. You need to be fat." Even under all that hypnosis, Sara couldn't help but actually moan with need to be that person.

Jessica could see how badly Sara wanted to become Samantha. "But you forgot...you can be Samantha, of course. Whenever I say "Johnny Hates Jazz", that will be your identity. You will feel yourself become this person, and believe it completely. The moment it hits, you will stiffen for a moment. Any state of hypnosis above that will be canceled out. Of course, all you or I have to say or hear is "Revert to normal" and you will become Sara again." Then she leaned in and whispered into Sara's ear, "Johnny Hates Jazz." Sara's gut suddenly gurgled with sudden and intense hunger. Instinctively, she stiffened for a second and a half. "How does it feel to be fat, Samantha?", Jessica asked. "Wonderful. But I don't feel obese. I feel thin," Sara replied, fully in touch with the Samantha persona she had assumed. "That is because you have been on the wrong path. You must return to the correct course," Jessica answered. "I will return to the correct course," Sara thoughtlessly replied, her voice monotone.

"The watch is no longer necessary. I am the Mistress of the watch, and so by extension I now control you with its power. All you have to do now is visualize the watch in your mind, perfectly," Jessica said to Sara. "I obey, Mistress," Sara said, tracking the invisible watch with her eyes.  The hypnotist looked at Sara closely, and still caught a flicker of discomfort. It was critical to a hypnotist to be able to read people with just their body language alone. "What troubles you, Samantha?", Jessica asked. "I still have memories that conflict with my enjoyment of gluttony," Sara said. "You are confusing Sara's memories with yours, Samantha. It will take time to sort them out, to fully embrace the change," Jessica replied.

"I know part of you is still hesitant about truly submitting. You are new to this," Jessica stated. Sara nodded politely. "May I hypnotize you deeper? Would you be interested, Samantha? Negative memories will impair the finalization of your true self," Jessica asked. "I have come this far, Mistress. I wish to complete the transformation," Sara answered. "I am putting the watch away. Now listen to my words," Jessica said, over-emphasizing the last word. "Yes Mistress," Sara said. It was time for a small bit of visualization, followed by serious pace and lead.

"Those past memories that impair you from following the correct path shall melt from your mind, Samantha. They will be gone like snow melted from heat," Jessica stated. Then she switched her technique, "You have prepared yourself thoroughly, which means you desire to continue, and to continue means to understand how to obey. Obedience is vital, and submission comes naturally to you. Your mind is ready to receive input, and thus you visualize your mind as a computer ready for programming. You see the machine in front of you. When you see the lights and the colors, you will fall into them. The empty mind will bring about change, and change is what you desire. You want and desire to let the words that are coming transform you. Are you ready to receive input?," Jessica cooed to her. 

"I am ready, Mistress," Sara said. The hypnotist extended her hand, offering to shake Sara's hand. Instinctively, Sara reached for the offered hand on thoughtless reflex. Jessica instead abruptly and sharply pulled Sara forward, the resulting adrenaline surge sending Sara into an even deeper trance. She could only gasp for a moment in surprise, before the force of the trance locked her body in place. Her expression went back to completely blank. Jessica's face remained composed, but she couldn't help but pat her shoulder sweetly. "Trust me," she thought kindly. In spite of her professionalism (and how imposing Sara was), she couldn't help but admit Sara was absurdly cute. She recomposed herself. 

"Walk with me," Jessica whispered into Sara's ear. Mindlessly, the hypnotized woman advanced forward...until she was right next to a chair. Jessica got her into position, before commanding her as she held her tight. "Now let your muscles completely relax," she said to Sara. Then carefully, Jessica let her fall gently back into the heavily cushioned chair. The effect of the fall strengthened Sara's hypnosis even more. Before the two women was what looked like a simple feeding machine, consisting of a tank and a tube mainly. Simple, but effective. But what was more interesting was the device mounted on top on the tank. It looked like a series of lights combined with a viewscreen. Because Jessica had been told about all of this well in advance, the hypnosis easily held firm. There was a mere flicker of hesitation, visible in the eyes, that just evaporated.

"Fall so deep. Let everything melt. Become the void, nothing. Your mind is a blank template, to be sculpted. Your consciousness is the camera merely viewing the empty. Aware but nothing more," Jessica told her. Sara concentrated, relaxing in the impossibly soft chair. She felt like she was sinking endlessly into it. It seemed to just go on into infinity. Slowly, she sensed her thoughts slowly melting away. It took an eternity to Sara, but finally she truly felt like a blank slate. For a few minutes, Jessica allowed Sara to experience the bliss of true nothingness. The experience was beyond comprehension to an outsider. She couldn't even sense her own body anymore, so strong was the hypnotic state. She floated in the void. Then finally, Jessica said, "State what you are. Declare. Be creative." The room was completely silent, thanks to perfect soundproofing. There was nothing to Sara but Jessica's voice.

"I am hollow. I am the shell, the empty vessel to be filled," Sara mindlessly intoned. "Become gluttony itself. Become the act, become the purpose, become its meaning, the means and the ends," Jessica whispered into Sara's ear. "I am Gluttony itself," Sara said, her face without expression. Her eyes stared blankly forward, gazing at nothing. "Now embrace this state. And unfasten your belt," Jessica cooed. Sara did so, mechanically. The hypno-therapist knew from experience Sara's belt would become too tight if it was left buckled. Then she covered up Sara's right eye with a simple eye-patch. "I don't want anything to distract from my messages," Jessica thought to herself. The machine bombarded Sara's left eye with intense colors and flashes of light, alternating with rapid-fire displays of words. She could barely make out what they said....except on a subconscious level. 

"Open your mind to the input," Jessica casually told Sara. The hypnotized woman's face visibly strained, seeking to let the messaging enter her. At first, Sara couldn't comprehend what was being said. The visual input were just patterns and other nonsense. But the enthralling quality of the flashing lights held her gaze firm and kept her from even balking. She had to know what the messages meant! She needed to know! If she just held her position, it would make sense. Yes, it was becoming clear to her now. A pattern was forming. Her mind was adjusting now. Sara robotically recognized her brain was being trained how to accept increasingly complex subliminal signals, directly into it. 

She intensified her focus, attempting to decipher it all. How long did she look? Time had no meaning for her. As the messaging strengthened its power over her, Sara felt her body tense. Now it became clearer. There were actual words buried among the shapes. The training was working. The hypnosis was so strong Sara couldn't even smile at her own triumph. Sara absorbed the information being beamed into her brain, even as she couldn't consciously make out what the words said. But her mind had long since been conditioned for this. The rapid-fire messages abruptly became clear, all ones reinforcing her gluttony.  Sara made a silly smile as the text began to reshape her brain. "Yes, I will feed," she said, opening her mouth. She was so fixated on the sensory overload, she failed to notice the earphones being fitted over her ears. Nor did she respond at all when the feeding tube was inserted into her mouth. Jessica securely fastened it, before she resumed speaking.

"That's it, feast like the glutton you know you are....and revel in it. Discard shame, or doubt, or fear. They are just like empty food containers, to be cast aside. Just enjoy yourself fully," Jessica said, the voice so clear in her ears. The superior auditory quality of the headphones focused her Mistress's words even more sharply. "Breath and swallow as you would regularly," she told her. Then Jessica turned the machine on. The device hummed to life, but the hypnotized woman didn't even flinch. 

The substance Sara was ravenously feeding on wasn't particularly fattening. It was a custom formula of hers, designed for trial hypnosis. More than anything, it was meant to ease Sara into getting used to pigging out. The lights slowly dimmed, till Sara was in near-complete darkness. And the area around herself had no light at all. She could no longer see her own body. But there was enough light to still see her distant surroundings, however faintly. All Sara noticed, albeit on a subconscious level, was that the lighting had turned intense pink. For some reason she could not recall, her hunger was dramatically increasing. She had to eat! "Eat piggy, eat. Obey," Jessica's voice echoed in her headphones. Obeying came so naturally to Sara now. It felt right. "After all, you are morbidly obese," she said confidently.

Although Sara's body was pretty much locked into hypnosis, her mind was quite responsive. With Sara unable to even see her own body in the dim light, it was easy for her to believe it. The mere act of hearing the words made her feel like she was several hundred pounds. Her Mistress had told her she was fat, and thus it was true. "I am obese," she thought. She basked in the purity of her hedonism, allowing her gluttonous impulses to utterly consume and drive her. Sara had no concept of time as she feasted on the tube, relentlessly pumping the heavy substance into her. She reveled in the hedonism of it all. "The more you eat, the deeper into gluttony you will fall. With every swallow, the trance will strengthen. Gluttony is beauty, and you desire to become that." 

Then Jessica got a silent text on her phone. The message was from Sara's 25-year old daughter, "How is my mom doing? Is the procedure working?" Jessica smiled. Sara's daughter genuinely cared about her mom, and was naturally concerned this all might go wrong. Jessica texted her back, "She is doing well. The session will be done soon." A condition of Sara undergoing the procedure was letting her daughter know what was going on fully. And Jessica had no intention of breaking her word. "Empty your mind of your remaining thoughts, and feed," Jessica commanded Sara. For what felt like hours, Jessica let Sara indulge herself while carefully watching Sara's belly. She did not want her to eat too much. She tested Sara quite a few times, waving her hand in front of her. 

Sara's gaze was completely blank, as her sole exposed eye was glazed over. Jessica had no doubt Sara was in a truly mindless state of eating, allowing the visual input being beamed into her left eye to reinforce her hypnosis endlessly. All Sara's worries, concerns, doubts had long since melted away. Jessica checked the clock on her cellphone, and pressed a button on the machine. The formula being pumped into Jessica now changed. Instead of a light substance, it was a hyper-concentrated mixture designed for perfect weight gain. It was heavy like pure fat, but it was absorbed even slower than starch. The stuff was expensive and hard to acquire, being a relatively new niche product....but Jessica had the money. 

Jessica then changed the visual input being beamed into Sara's brain. Instead of text and flashes, it was now one continuous spiral of intense pink. With all the existing hypnotic conditioning Sara had already, that sunk her into the deepest void of hypnosis possible. Sara had wanted this completely, and now it happened. She actually slumped forward, her arms hanging down lazily. Although Sara was in theory wide-awake, her one open eye was moving rapidly in movement about like a machine. But alas, all good things though had to end sooner or later. Jessica soon guessed Sara had fed enough. The once skinny and imposing woman wasn't so skinny anymore. Her body had consumed a ton of the compound being pumped by the machine. Her formerly flat belly was now an absurdly engorged sphere, tight to the point it looked like it could pop. Sara's shirt had rode up on her and her pants' fly had opened fully, doubly exposing her swollen belly. 

Jessica shut off the machine, removed the headphones as well as the eye cover, and told Sara, "Stop feeding. Stand." Mindlessly, Sara did so. Her eyes stopped moving rapidly, but their gaze remained empty. "Turn around. Move past the chair, then walk forward," Jessica said. Thoughtlessly, Sara complied. The hypnotized woman's engorged, bloated belly bounced subtly in front of her. It sagged forward with its weight. Her unfastened belt swung and clinked freely. Having gained a considerable amount of weight, Sara's heavily faded pants stretched with her strained movements. They'd even ripped a bit in places. But Jessica had advised her before they'd even met to wear clothing she didn't value. There was no question Sara wasn't thin anymore, and that she accumulated weight mainly like a pear. Only the sheer force of the hypnosis kept the engorged woman from going into a food coma.

Suddenly, Jessica stated, "Hold your position. Johnny Hates Jazz." Sara's eyes blinked a few times, as she snapped out of this layer of hypnosis. But she was still Samantha, not Sara. Jessica knew this, and adjusted her approach to compensate. "I speak to Sara now, not Samantha," Jessica said as she stepped confidently into the room. "I hear and obey, Mistress," Sara mechanically stated. "We near the end of this session, and I give you your final commands. If you, Sara, so desire to continue your transformation; you will carry out self-hypnosis sessions on a regular basis from now on. Ideally, every night. But you must do this only if you wish to continue. Your heart and mind must be in it. And from this point on, the persona of Samantha only submits to those she wishes to submit to. I am only your Mistress if you ever choose me to be," Jessica instructed. Sara nodded her understanding. 

"Revert to normal," Jessica then declared. Sara fully snapped out of her many layers of hypnosis, and looked down at her engorged belly in surprise. "I must admit, I did not expect to binge quite so much," Sara said, her eyebrow raised as she instinctively tried to fasten her belt. She couldn't. Sara's belly was too big now. She grinned when it hit her. "That was completely incredible!", she exclaimed, thrilled that things had turned out better than she hoped. Then she suddenly yawned as a wave of exhaustion hit her. "That's just a side-effect of consuming all those calories. This will help counter that," Jessica smiled, handing Sara a strong cup of tea. Then Jessica added, "You don't have to worry. I created a separate identity for you, compartmentalizing your new gluttonous impulses away from your default personality. You will be Sara, as long as you do not summon the Samantha persona via hypnosis. And aside from the gluttony and submissiveness, Samantha is identical to you as a persona." Sara asked, "And how exactly do I summon Samantha?" 

Jessica said, "If you so desire, and I mean truly desire to, you can summon this alternate persona using an electronically prepared audio file. I made it specifically for you, well in advance of anything else. With practice, you will become quite good at assuming this persona....should you choose to continue. But again, I emphasize, only continue if you wish to." Sara smirked, "And who exactly does Samantha submit to?" Jessica blushed, just a bit. "Sara, I'm just a professional hypnotist...albeit a partly self-taught one and not exactly the best. Samantha will only submit to someone she wishes to," the hypnotist said, her expression shy. For all her outward confidence, Jessica was in truth a rather modest and bookish woman. Sara chuckled, "And if she decides to submit to you?" The 40-year old woman could be quite direct when she wanted to be.

The hypnotist was caught off guard and struggled to regain her composure. Jessica raised her hand, "Don't rush things. Come back to the office at regular intervals. We don't even know if the therapy is working for you yet. There should be decent gaps between sessions, so we can get an accurate sense of just how much of a feedee you are. Also, I would like some additional feedback on the self-hypnosis file so I can adjust it." Sara laughed, "You concerned things will get out of hand?" Jessica swallowed, "Well, I just think we should remain objective about this. You know, not let our emotions drive us." Sara teased her a bit, "You don't think I'm attractive?" Jessica laughed, "It's not that. It's just.....there's quite a few in the hypnotist profession who would love to see me out of a job. I'm the outcast on multiple levels. Not to mention there's a stereotype that hypnotists just use hypnosis to have sex with people. So I feel it is not appropriate in this time and place to pursue anything....intimate."

Sara nodded, "There is no doubt you are correct." Then she paused. "What is the secret of the watch?", Sara asked. "It's not the watch that hypnotizes you. It was the opening of your subconscious mind, as your conscious mind was distracted by the watch. Also it's naturally exhausting to your eyes to move them that much. That's also why I had your left eye do so much of your viewing, as well as why I covered up your right eye later. The left eye is tied to the subconscious mind," Jessica said. 

"There's one other thing I'd like to know. Why did you become a hypno-therapist?", Sara asked her. Jessica signed, "Well, I took this particular subset of hypno-therapy because I got a monopoly on it. I'm the only hypno-therapist who does this kind of work. That, and I grew up in one of the most obese areas in America. It left a lasting impression on my interests. But as to why, it's a long story. Basically, I was born with a severe anxiety disorder and various other disorders on that level. My parents refused to buy me medications for it, being such sweet people and I say that sarcastically. Dad was a nutritionist, my mother a diet expert. Rich, but not as decent as they pretended to be. Read into that what you will, considering what my main profession and primary fetish ended up respectively."

She continued, "I was forced to develop a strong mental discipline, simply to make it all bearable. And yes, later in life I did try actual medications but they never seemed to work for me. I had to fight tooth and nail for the discipline just to function in society. All I had was sheer force of will, not the pills society hands out like candy these days. It was hard, but I pulled it off. It made me fascinated with how the mind could overcome limits, which got me eventually interested in hypnosis. And finally I made a career of it. The irony is not lost on me. In spite of my skill at hypnosis, I am the polar opposite of the stereotypical practitioner  of it." 

Sara nodded, processing what Jessica said for a few moments. Then Sara smiled, "Are you hiring staff right now? An assistant, perhaps?" Jessica chuckled, "You are rushing again. Look, I know you're very excited and eager to take things further. But like I said, let us wait and see what happens for a while. Same time, next week?" Sara eagerly nodded, and left. Jessica waited a few moments, then swallowed hard. She thought to herself, "Yeah. There is no way things are going to stay professional between us forever. Not with her raw sexuality. She's aggressive, to the point she tends to get what she wants. Doesn't help I want her back. Damn it."


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