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Hands off orgasm Chapter 2

by hypnosislover1995

Chapter 1

Hello dear one
We are going to go on a journey. A journey of hypnosis.
That's what's going to happen because that's what you want.
Breath in and out. Feel the relaxation fill your body.

Sucking in air and holding it, Amy could feel the tension leaving her body. 'This is nice', she thought, 'I may have to try hypnosis again, even if its only for relaxation. 

She dosed off for a while, and came back to find herself dripping wet.

Im going to count to three, and when I reach three, you will orgasm.
Feel the arousal swell in your core. Let it envelope your entire being.

Amy felt her nipples pebble under her shirt, her skin tingling in anticipation. 

It's getting closer. Can you feel it? Let it take over your mind.

Her breaths came out in short pants. Her mind consumed by pleasure. 

Almost there. 
Just at the peak almost going over.

The orgasm crashed upon her, leaving her to gasp in air. Did that just happen, she thought.




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