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First Gen. Flood-n'-Fill

by williysimmons

     It was a bright and sunny day on the outskirts of Cerulean City. Mew was visiting her friend, Mewtwo, to invite him to Lugia's birthday/hatchday party in the Whirl Islands. All the guests had to bring something (other than cake) to share with the others to consume. It was a strict Legendaries-only party, and if they were part of a group, only one thing had to be brought. The Bird Trio brought in macaroons, the Kami Trio went with Sweet Hearts, the Golems took Lava Cookies... It was a grand time in the future... All except for one obstinate engineered Psychic-type. You all know who I mean - Mewtwo. He hated celebrating others' birthdays, especially since he was artificial and incomplete, so he technically had no birthdate of his own. The one time Mew asked when the experiment halted, he said he couldn't remember. So it was difficult for him to appreciate others' dates of birth. He usually never attended these types of parties in the first place. But that wouldn't be the only thing that would soon change.

     So Mew finally arrived at the Cerulean Cave. Entering the deepest reaches of the cave, there sat Mewtwo in a sort of meditative position. (It was a thing he preferred to do to strengthen his skills. Or so he says...) "Hiya, Mewtwo!" chirped Mew. Nearly leaping out of his skin, Mewtwo regained composure within 5 seconds. "How many times have I told you to stop doing that?" he grumbled. "Oh, don't be such a grouch! And you should know exactly why I'm super excited today!" Mew retorted. Mewtwo immediately groaned upon hearing the word "today". He knew very well what day it was. "Can you please just try to leave me out of this?" He looked at Mew. "I-... I... Whuh..." He never finished his thought. Mew was using a special combination she made from a Hypno's hypnotic power and the move Embargo. "Lugia's party isn't the ONLY reason I was excited for today..." Mew said rather sinisterly. "Today is also the day... that you become a better friend to everyone. A more... childish being. I've always wanted that..."

     Mewtwo had no idea what she was about to do. He immediately wanted to use Shadow Ball, but came up short of doing literally anything at all. In fact, he couldn't even move! Mew knew that he was beginning to panic a little. "Hee hee hee... There's no use in fighting me... You don't want to fight..." Mewtwo put a hand (or whatever it's called) to his head. "I... don't... want to... fight..." he mumbled, dazed. Mew grinned and made a content "hmph" noise. "You know you don't have a true birthday... But you don't let that in the way of your feelings of someone else's. You love celebrating others' birthdays." Mewtwo repeated the last line. "I love... celebrating other... birthdays..." Mew grinned again. She then went to the bag that came with her and pulled out (You guessed it!) a diaper, big enough to fit the artificial Pokemon. Mew wafted back and told him to put it on. Mewtwo followed the instructions to the letter. Within about a minute, he had the diaper on - snugly, securely, and no chance of ANY leaks.

     Mew was up to her ears in glee and just nearly squealed. But she managed to keep her composure and instead said, "From now on, you will love diapers. You will want, love, and most of all NEED to wear them at all times. You are incontinent like a baby, and don't want anything more or less. You want to stay incontinent..." Mewtwo's eyes glazed over and became a medium shade of gray. "I am... incontinent... I want to... stay that way..." He smiled a little as he put his hand(?) down from his head. Mew continued. "You had a lot to eat and drink earlier today. You remember, right? Of course you do. But now you're full. VERY full." Immediately Mewtwo felt enormous pressure in both his bladder and bowels. But not three seconds later, he no longer felt it. He sighed in relief, little realizing that he was heavily soiling his diaper. Mew again nearly squealed in ecstasy. Never in or on her life did she expect her hypnotic power to go through to the tough-as-nails artificial Psychic-type THIS easily.

     After a while, Mewtwo's soiling ended. Mew called him a "good baby", then gave him a new command. "Squish your diaper, and squish it over 50 times. When you're done, tell me honestly how it feels to do it. How it feels to squish used diapers..." Mewtwo showed zero resistance into doing as he was told, and squished his diaper a good seventy times or so. "It feels... good..." he finally said. Mew could still hardly contain her joy. "I'm so glad you think so! All of this baby side of you will only enter your heart and mind whenever someone calls you a 'hatchie'. And it's reversed when someone tells you to 'grow up'. You can't just hear them, someone has to make it a command to you. And there's no trigger to enjoy others' birthdays. That won't go away, ever. You'll always think that diapers can never be taken off or changed by you. Finally, when someone commands you to soil yourself, triggered or not, you will instantly do so, without hesitation, question, resistance or doubt. Do you understand?"

     A simple "yes" came from the cloned Pokemon's maw, in a super-dazed tone. Mew finally squealed. "Perfect! One last thing - when you wake up from trance, you will be in the 'hatchie' trigger mode. Now, on the count of 5, you will come out of trance." After reaching 5, Mewtwo's eyes reverted to a shade of purple. He looked around, before his eyes landed on Mew. "Oh, uh, what were we doing?" he asked. Mew snickered. "Oh, nothing, I was just going to change your diaper for you before we headed to Lugia's party," she replied as if nothing happened. That's when Mewtwo's heart for birthdays turned on. "GAH! THE PARTY! I completely forgot - we have nothing to bring!" Mewtwo started to panic, but Mew consoled him. "It's fine, ya big diaper filler. I brought it in my bag." She took out some soup made from extremely rare Berries. "Oh, okay. Well, in that case, change me! You know I can't do it myself..." replied the flawed clone. Mew did so, and did it effectively. And after that, they were off to the party.

     While on their way, Mew made a telepathic "phone call" to the birthday boy. "...Hello, Lugia? It's Mew. I've got something extra special you need to know... Yes. It's him. He totally submitted to it... I know! I didn't expect that either! ...Yep, the triggers set in without a hitch, and he enjoys birthdays now... He is indeed coming. His first party in AGES, can you believe it? ...No problem... Oh, I'll give them to all of you later, as soon as he leaves... Yes, I'll tell him that. Hold on..." Mew lied to Mewtwo, saying that the party would now be ending at 4:00, an hour early, because of Lugia having an obligation elsewhere. "OK, I told him... OH! No, you won't have to deal with it. I'LL take care of that. By the way, he does have a trigger to soil himself whenever someone tells him to, whether he's in "hatchie mode" or not. Just something I came up with... Thank you... See you in a bit." The two ended the conversation there as the duo finally was about to step inside Lugia's chamber.







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