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Chapter 1

The Sovereign Coalescence, the hyper strict government that controls most of the human inhabited worlds after the collapse of Earth, aka the Darkening, that was destroyed in a migration of Krut, an arrogent and agressive alien race. After the collapse we spread out searching for any places to call home, eventually creating an alliance of 13 planets which over time has grown to over a thousand, since the Darkening 200 years have passed, there are a few planets that have suceeded from the alliance, usually being destroyed in the process, but over time some fringe planets that don't contain large mineable mineral deposits ended up being planitary prisions, which housed generations of other planitary criminals, some being human, others being sentient races that have grown accustom to our contact and have created a single basic trade language. Some of the fringe planets have started calling themselves the Pheonix, following a cult leader who is said to have lived sense the Darkening, leaving on one of the crudely built spacecrafts that let humanity survive. 

Serelli, A lonely planet with a desolate surface, rough weather patterns and impecciably pristene landscape. Far from the edge of the SC it was a forgotten about planet, the eye of the SC was on other more important matters and it had been over a decade sense any supplies, people, or aliens had landed. It had 3 cities, the origional spaceport was called Landin, shortened overtime from landing zone, was a military base, small compact and to the point, everything was kept operational and was occupied by barily 100 men. The second was called Whiteridge, it sprawled across a plateo overlooking a huge waterfall that fell 100 feet down to a large lake, lake Nietru, and around its embankment, It was a large trading city where when times were good it was bussling around the clock even at night, the large city being lit with the large red glowing moon at night making it easy to see, and the two revolving suns during the day. When bustling it could have up to 1000 people, but usually it was closer to 5-800. And the final city, Rackfeild, A dark insideous place crawling with religious cults, dark alley trading, drugs, and many of the prisioners of the planet that have spent out their sentence but had been cast away from Whiteridge. Filled with 200 outcasts, robbers, thugs, and the poor, lost, and forgotten. There were a few towns slowly spreading across the landscape but they were more outposts then towns barily fitting 200 people.

Jessica awoke, her heart pounding from the intense dream she was just having, she lay back against her bed, it was in the atic she had been living with her friend Katie ever sense her dad passed away in the mines. Her mother dying in childbirth, she never really knew her, but her father passing hurt more than she thought anyone could know. She was used to living in Whitefall, but she and her friend couldn't afford it doing the odd jobs that came up so they moved to Artinal, a small town a couple days walk from Whitefall. The first few months was a lot of hard work, getting enough help from the few people they could that seemed kind, and it had been rough, they got played like a fiddle by some of the tricksters, but they ended up with a small two story cottage on the forests edge using almost all the money they had. Jessica stirring as she remembered her dream had been been about riding a boat off the edge of Whiteridge's Falls when she looked down noticing the blankets and straw were wet. Shocked she shot up, peeling off her nightclothes and pushing the blankets into a pile, she went down the ladder to the kitchen, glad when she saw it was still before dawn, she made a small fire in the cooking pit washed herself off with some of the water and got into her daytime clothes. She started a pot of water to make coffee and tea and got to work setting the blankets and clothes to dry on the line outside. As she came back inside Katie was up and came from her side of the loft (the house was two rooms on the bottom, one being the kitchen and the other being the workshop with an attic that was split down the center and had two ladders, one climbing to each side) Katie eyeing the wet blankets in the dawn light poked a little fun saying, "Man Jess I see you haven't grown up all the way." She said it with a knowing smile and when she saw Jessica start to tear up she quickly said, "oh don't worry now I was just playing, we will go talk to the lady we saw the other day for herbs, she seemed to know a lot." Jessica nodded just wishing it hadn't happened. 


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