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fighting your instincts


Chapter 1

Fen was a unique type of dragon, instead of scales he had feathers as white as snow, and about as soft too. He was pretty shy, but made up for it in personality. But he also had a bit of a secret, a love for something some people would imagine strange, diapers. They brought him comfort and a feeling of safety, even the idea did, and today was the day, today he would obtain some and give his dreams a shot!
Now if only he could convince himself to head out the door… He lived in a small apartment complex, it wasn’t far from a local drug store, which, just so happened, to have just what he wanted. Diapers, they wouldn’t be the best from a drug store, truth be told, but it would be a start, and until he got his computer up and running being as he had just moved in, he had no other options. The greatest battle he felt was taking the first step out the door, why, it was almost as if there was some invisible wall stopping him! That wall was his own embarrassment, but after a good bit of thinking of the reward of defeating it, he finally made it out the front door.
The door had been defeated! Such a noble battle it put up; however, now there was the stairs… the walk to the store… the store itself… paying for the diapers… then the trip back home… Fen gulped, it would be a battle of the life time! He had no other choice though, his curiosity was high, which was common for him, and this was something he really wanted, he wasn’t about to let something stop him, let alone himself! He headed down the stairs, almost seeming to pause at each step, had anyone else seen such a thing they might assume he had twisted his ankle sometime recently and was taking it slowly. But this was not the case; the only thing twisted was his feelings on what he was attempting to do. He finally reached the bottom of the stairs; the second challenge had been fought back!
He looked over to the side walk, it wasn’t the prettiest, trash from passing vehicles and the trash from residents of the apartment had turned it into a trash walk instead of a side walk. His face soured a bit at the sight, there were far better places to live, that’s for sure, but for now, it would have to do, and besides, he was about to take his mind off of it by following his dreams! He shook his head, stood up tall, maybe even fluffed out his feathers a bit as he prepared to face the last challenge keeping him from the store. In his confidence he took the first step, then the second, and third, and so on and so on until he reached the store.
The walk had been uneventful really, cars passed by as he walked, though nothing noteworthy about them. He paused at the sliding doors of the store, maybe a bit closer than he wanted, for the door ended up detecting him and opening. He froze a bit, this was it, and he was so close to his goal. Soon, very soon he’d have what he wanted! His thoughts were cut short by the checkout clerk, “You can come in you know…” said an orange tabby-cat behind the counter. Fen blushed when he was addressed by the man, but stepped in as to not draw any more attention. He looked around at the various signs that stated what was where. Finally he spotted one that read “Incontinence supplies.” He blushed even more when reading the sign, all he could do was hope no one was watching. Quickly he headed over in the direction of the sign, tip-toeing as he went, obviously that would make him harder to notice! He stopped when he reached the shelves, so many various types, he didn’t imagine there’d be so many choices!
Thin ones, ones with no tapes, ones with tapes, thicker ones, and so much more; all of them promising a certain comfort! He rubbed the back of his neck as he looked over the shelves, unsure of which would be best for him. Finally he decided on one, thick to be more absorbent, but he mainly planned on those just for comfort. Had tapes instead of slide up as well, not that he minded!
Finally he faced the worst battle of them all… He approached the counter, the cashier simply watched him as he approached, which only served to make Fen even more uncomfortable. Fen set the package of diapers on the counter and the cashier scanned them, no questions asked, Fen was sure there would be some type of comment, but in truth, he was glad there wasn’t a word said. Fen removed the money he’d need to pay for them, it wasn’t the best price he was hoping for, but for something so meaningful to him, he happily paid for them. Once done he took the package, set it in a plastic bag to help hide them, then headed off. The walk back felt even longer, and this time it felt like the drivers of every car that passed him were watching him. Of course, this wasn’t the case, but the thought still made him blush. He reached the apartment complex once again, headed up the stairs to his room, and headed inside.
The click of the door was like the finally victory cry at the end of a battle, he let out a soft sigh of relief once he heard it. Wasting no more time, he headed into his bedroom. Carefully and slowly he cut the packaging to reveal what he had fought so hard for. Right here before him was his greatest dream! Well, close to it anyways, but it was a good jump towards it! He smiled softly and removed one of the diapers, lay down on his bed, and removed the rest of his clothing to replace it with the diaper. After a good bit of fighting with it, he finished, finally he was living part of his dream, he was wearing a diaper. He sighed happily, it was worthwhile to him, and that’s what mattered most. But his dreams were cut short, he had closed his eyes and relaxed a bit too much, suddenly he felt himself wet the diaper a tiny bit… He gasped when he felt his bladder suddenly give way into his diaper. In his panic he jumped out of bed and began to waddle towards his bathroom, still wetting the diaper as he went. By the time he finally reached the bathroom his diaper was soaked and his bladder was empty. He blushed even more and frowned softly when he realized what he had done. He didn’t like the feeling of the diaper between his legs anymore; he much preferred it when it was clean and poufy! Now it was damp and soggy… He made his way back to his room, walking a bit funny from the new weight of his diaper. Once he reached his room he changed out of the soggy diaper and was about to put on a pair of boxers, but paused before he did. I already went to the bathroom technically… I can wear one without fear now! He smiled softly and picked out a new clean diaper from the package. He laid back down on the bed and changed into it, once again happy and in a clean diaper! Now he’d have to find a way to hide the used one… But that was for a later date! Today he was going to enjoy his victory over himself even despite his lose against the bathroom!
The End


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