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A Girl's Story of Change

by loony28

A Girl's Story of Change

My name is Allison and I'm eight years old. I wasn't always this way though. Once I was a thirty-five year old man named Rick. You may think I'm crazy but what I'm about to tell you is the truth. I need to tell my story before I forget it completely.

It started on a miserable day for me. I had lost my job and someone had broken into my apartment. They had ransacked it and had taken nearly everything that I had, even my food. It didn't end there though. My landlord, upon seeing the state my apartment was in, gave me two days to find another place. The police had said it looked like someone was sending me a message and my landlord didn't want this kind of trouble. I couldn't blame him but it did put me in an awkward spot. With no job I wouldn't be able to afford another apartment. At least I was able to get my security deposit back and I had some money in the bank. That is until I found out that my account was closed. It had been an awful day and so I found myself at the bar with my best friend Nathan. We had been friends since preschool and we listened to each other's problems.

I looked at my Coke and sighed. I didn't drink but this day had started to make me think that I might start. "I don't know what I'm going to do" I had said.

"It's a real bummer alright" Nate said. "Though I think I can help you."

"How?" I asked.

"Me and Shar would love to have you stay with us" Nate said. "We have the room and it wouldn't be any trouble. We even have a bed that you'll be able to use seeing as how you don't have one anymore."

"Thank you Nate" I said truly grateful for the offer. Nathan was a very good friend and Sharlene was just as good a friend. I moved in that night but little did I know Nate's true motive.

I brought all that I had left, which was mostly clothes, over to Nate and Shar's house. Shar greeted me with a hug and told me that she indeed was happy to have me here. After settling in a bit I went to bed. That night I had the most vivid dream I had ever had. I was back in the bar and three women picked me up and took me to their hotel room. Each one had sex with me and at the end they tied me down and injected something into me.

Nate and Shar were really interested in my dream and asked me to tell them all I could remember. I remembered it all and I told them every detail. They listened with rapt attention which should have given me my first clue that something was wrong. Nate never did have much interest in dreams. After I finished they both said that it was an interesting dream but they had to go to work. Before they left however they told me that the only payment they wanted was for me do some light cleaning, cooking, and shopping. I agreed to that as I needed to save as much money as I could until I found another job.

As soon as they left I felt an urge to go take a shower. Taking a shower was a little different than I was used to. Instead of soap and my regular shampoo I used Shar's body wash which smelled like strawberries and her shampoo and conditioner which also smelled like strawberries. At the time I didn't notice what I was doing.

Three months later and I noticed that I was no longer getting hard but I didn't tell Nate. I didn't think he would understand so I told Shar instead while Nate was at work and Shar had the day off. She smiled and said that Nate had the same problem at one point. The doctor he had seen couldn't find anything physically wrong and said that it was probably due to stress. She figured that I was suffering the same problem since I had been unable to find a job and I was denied unemployment benefits. The thing that helped Nate was hypnosis and she suggested that I give it a try. They still had the cds Nate had used and that I could use them. I didn't think anything was wrong with her offer so I put on the headphones and listened to the cd.

I know that I had heard every word that was on that cd but I couldn't remember them. The effect was striking though as when I came out of the trance I was sporting a very noticeable boner. Shar suggested that I go take a shower and take care of it which I did. It took me a good hour to finally cum and once I did I became soft and limp in seconds. I finished and got out though I put the towel around me like a woman does though like with the body wash, shampoo, and conditioner I didn't notice it. I also didn't notice that my hair was past the point where I normally get it cut and that my body hair was falling out. I hadn't even noticed that I hadn't shaved for the past three weeks though my face had no trace of facial hair except of course for my eyebrows and eyelashes.

Going back to my room I passed Shar still with the towel wrapped around me like a woman. She never said a word about it but asked if I had taken care of my problem. I told her that I had and that I thought the cd was fantastic. She said that she was glad it worked and that she was going to go get her nails done. I decided to go with her since I needed to go shopping and the nail salon was right in the store. In my room I opened my underwear drawer and found that all of my underwear wear worn out. I selected the best pair and threw the rest away. I would need to get some more at the store.

While Shar was getting her nails done I was doing the shopping. After I had the food in the cart I got what I had thought was soap and shampoo but were actually feminine body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. I had been buying these without knowing it for the past two months. I didn't know it but I was about to add a couple more things to that list. I went over to the clothing department and picked four packs of underwear and a few shirts on a whim. The checker gave me a bit of a funny look when I checked out but she didn't say anything except "thank you" and "have a good day" after I had paid.

Back home I put the groceries away and then my shower supplies and my new underwear and shirt. As I was putting my underwear in the drawer I saw them for what they really were, women's cotton panties. They were all pastel colors and were Hi cut according to the packages. This didn't make sense to me. I then saw the shirts that I had bought on top of the dresser. They were not the shirts that I had thought I had bought. Instead they were women's night shirts. Shar came into my room at that moment and I said "There's something wrong here."

"What is it?" Shar asked.

"I thought I was buying my underwear but I bought women's underwear instead" I said showing her a pair of panties.

Shar looked at them and said with a confused look on her face "Those are men's underwear. Are you ok?"

I looked at the pair in my hand and saw that they indeed were men's underwear. I was confused about this and I shook my head. "I could swear that they were panties" I said.

"Perhaps the stress is making you see things" Shar said. "Why don't you listen to the cd again. It should help."

"I think I will" I said putting my underwear back into the drawer.

I listened to the cd again with the same results. After my shower I didn't notice it but my penis and balls had pulled up into my body. My penis didn't come out unless I listened to the cd and each time I did it shrunk some. I never noticed this and I didn't notice that I was sitting down to pee like a woman.

Six months passed and I was still listening to the cd though my penis had shrunk so much that it barely poked out now. I was starting to think that I didn't need to use the cd anymore. I also noticed that my clothes didn't fit anymore and Shar took my measurements. I was a little embarrassed about it but it wasn't as bad as I had thought. As she was measuring me I confided in her that I didn't think that I needed to listen to the cd anymore. She smiled at me and told me that I was ready for the next cd. I asked her what the next cd was and she said that it would enable me to get hard without the cd. I was of course excited about this and agreed to listen to the cd while she went and bought me some new clothes. Listening to this cd was about the same as the first in that I couldn't remember what was said. It didn't give me a boner but that was ok. I was surprised to see that Shar was back when I came out of the trance. Unknown to me she had set the player on repeat so I would be under for the whole time she was shopping.

I put my new clothes away never suspecting that they were women's clothes. The next day Shar said she was opening up her own beauty salon in the basement. She looked at me and said that I would be her first haircut in her own business. I couldn't remember the last time I had a haircut and I figured that I needed one.

A couple weeks went by with Shar setting up her beauty salon and telling me that I should stay home unless she was with me. I shrugged and said ok. I didn't have a job and I was enjoying the new cd. Finally Shar had her beauty salon ready and she gave me my haircut. She went beyond just a haircut and styled my now long hair though I didn't notice this.

There was something else that I didn't notice. I was losing weight and height which is why my old clothes didn't fit. Of course my new clothes didn't fit after about a month and Shar took my measurements again and bought me new clothes. This kept going on until I woke up one day about two years after I had moved in.

On that day I woke up and noticed all of the changes that had happened. I had gone from five foot eight inches one hundred fifty pound to four foot two inches fifty-six pounds. My hair had grown down to my mid back and was in ringlets. My bed was smaller than what I had thought it was and had Disney Princesses on the cover. I was wearing a nightgown that was white with pink sleeves and trim and a picture of Barbie on it. I was also wearing a pair of pink little girl panties. My genitals had switched from male to female.

Shar came in and said "I see you've noticed your new body."

"How?" was all I could ask.

"The mind is very powerful" Shar said. "It took awhile but it was worth it."

"Why?" I asked.

"Nate and I wanted a child" Shar said. "As fate would have it you dropped into our laps."

"But I don't understand" I said. "Why couldn't you have a child of your own?"

"I'm barren" Shar said. "We can't have children of our own. We're going to adopt you as our own. We have things set up for it. The only thing left is to give you your name."

"I don't want to have a new name" I said whining. "I want to be my old self."

"Don't be silly Allison" Shar said. At the mention of my new name my old memories were blocked out and new memories arose. "It was just a dream" she continued. "Now get ready to go to the pool. You've been begging me all week."

My memories told me that I had and I quickly put on my one piece swimming suit eager to go to the pool on a bright Saturday in Summer.

It is now approaching Christmas and I have had moments where I remember my old life. This is just one of those times. I haven't tried telling anyone about this or about it since I fear what Nate and Shar would do if I did. I was able to convince them to let me have a computer and to let me have this account. I don't care if you believe me or not. I have told you my story and it is in the public eye now. I don't know if I'll remember this or not come tomorrow but I remember now. If you don't hear from me again I will probably have forgotten this or I've been made even younger. In case this is my first and last post I'll wish you all good luck.

Allison posted her story, signed out, and closed the window. Once that was done the memories that had come bubbling up to the surface were again blocked. She didn't know it but what she had just posted she had posted a few times before. Her memories kept bubbling up at times and this was a trigger to block them again. The website she was on wasn't on the web but exclusively on her computer. Each time the post was deleted when she signed out.

The day after she had "posted" her story she was in a nice red dress and getting her picture taken with her new mommy and daddy. The picture showed a smiling eight year old girl with her family.


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