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Going back to the sissy hospital

by sissyheather124

Chapter 1

Clive Huffington stood whingeing with self pity as his wife Isabel fitted his nipple sucking cups onto his well developed breasts. "But I don't want to go back to the sissification hospital," he mewled, the saliva dribbling from his crimson lips and his mascara blotching in tear tracks on his cheeks. He yelped as his wife gave each cup a final twist, to double the pleasure he was feeling in his mammaries. Her mother sat beside her, holding her son-in-law's penis, and straightened her back with satisfaction at the shameful stiffening she felt in his erection.

  "You need to be further feminised," she said in a voice of self evident fact. "If you think my daughter and I have finished with your re-training, you can think again." She worked her finger tips in little ripples around his knob, producing further noticeable lengthening of his unsexed genital.

  Denise Draper was in her element. She had already sent three divorced husbands to Sissy Sweetlands, the home for helplessly unsexed males in rear of the dressmaking manufactory, and now she would flex her female domination on her daughter's first husband. He was making good progress and would be declared completely sexless in the course of the next three months.

  "You've got far too much self will for my liking. Husbands need to follow their female superiors around on their knees, and beg to be humiliated, instead of all this 'I don't want to go back to the hospital' nonsense. You'll damned well do as you are told!"

  Isabel held his corrugated silk pantalettes ready for her husband to step into and drew the elastic waist up his silk stockings, so that her mother could hold his organ through the white silk.

  "Every last male hormone has to be replaced with sissy hormones," she told him as she dropped the first of his chiffon petticoats over his head. "Completely replaced, so that everything you do is a girlish, babyish act, and everything you say is in helpless baby talk and lisping. You're nothing like ready for Sweetlands yet."

  Sweetlands? His heart shrank at the sound of the word. He had only been there once, to visit his fathers-in-law - or rather, his sissies-in-law - and the experience had made him wee down his pantyhose. Those poor, mincing pansies, more feminine in their bodies than their former wives, and hopelessly scrambled into babyish desires in their poor heads. Pettipanty Pamela, who had been Denise's first husband, wanted nothing more than the frilliest of baby bonnets, and to have his sissy anus plugged with a big dildo. In fact he was at his happiest when real men were plugging him with their hard cocks in a constant rhythm of desexing humiliation. It hadn't escaped Clive Huffington that his own future could include these and other alarming developments.

  "B-But I'm a m-m-man, Isabel. Don't you rem-m-member? I w-w-want to be m-masculine and...strong."

  "Ha!" snorted Denise as his second petticoat dropped over him, deeply ruffled with lace all round its skirt. "I think it's you who needs to remember how pathetic this penis was when it tried to satisfy your wife. No, it's a female penis all right, and it needs to be dressed in pretty panties and bloomers, like they'll be using on it in the hospital."

  "Hands in!" ordered Isabel, holding his white satin blouse for him. "Nurse Silkwell and Nurse Hyde will be here for you in a few minutes, and they don't want to hear stupid male ideas about not going to hospital." She drew his blouse together and buttoned him into it down his back. The pretty collar stood up round his face, reminding him of how sweet he would be for his hospital nurses.

  "Any sissy whose penis loves his blouses as much as you do needs to have a lot more sissy treatment," declared his mother-in-law, whose fingers were now drawing the silk of his pantalettes up and down the length of his rigid cock. The wretched patient moaned with the pleasure she was bringing out in him, which doubled as his wife unhooked his satin pinafore dress from its hanger and opened it wide for him to thread his blouse sleeves throught its shoulder frills. The sizzling of dress fabrics almost drowned out the sound of the door bell, and Denise released her son-in-law's penis to let the nurses in.

  "The clown is objecting to going to hospital for his treatment," she said to the crisply uniformed women as they gathered round his gleaming dress in powder blue satin. "He seems to think you've taken him far enough in his feminisation!"

  "Ha-ha-haaa!" laughed Nurse Starch, her chubby face glowing at the delicious prospect of getting Ckive Huffington back into the sissification unit. "But Chloe darling - we all call him Chloe in Sissification - as soon as we get you into the ward, we'll have you fastened into deep pantyhose and a satin petticoat bag, so that your legs will want to be completely feminine."

  "And you'll be smothered with pretty girls panties, hon," added Nurse Hyde, who was tall and thin with her nursing cap fastened over a bun at the back of her hair, "so that we slowly desex your genital and anal parts." She held his penis the way Denise had been doing, and gave it a slow, professional massage in her clenched hand.

  "Not forgetting the lovely feelings we are going to work on in your new breasts, darling," said Nurse Starch as he bleated with helplessness. "We're going to make them ever so feminine, so that your mistresses can milk them whenever they want to make you orgasm through your clitoris."

  Everyone giggled at the expression of helplessness on his face as Isabel spread his satin and lace bonnet round his hair and Denise prettied his blouse collar round his burning cheeks. They knew his former male nature was collapsing with sissy weakness thanks to their plans, and as their laughing faces watched his misery, his penis surrendered repeated squirts of cream into Nurse Hyde's massages of his silk pantalettes .

  "There we are, Nurse Starch," said Denise, her lips curled with triumph. "Chloe is ready now for the full treatment at the sissification hospital."


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