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Vas pt 2

by vx45

Chapter 1

through comments on his DeviantArt page. Praise, praise, comparisons to Steven Universe, praise, offer to transform...

He blinked at that last one, scrolling back down to it with a curious look on his face. "Dana-The-Hypnotist is a woman who knows all men are animals deep in their hearts, and she wishes them to be free of their civilized constraints. Simply follow this link to unleash your inner animal!"

Well, he'd clicked on sketchier links before... Elam chuckled anxiously and glanced towards his door, making sure it was closed and that he had his privacy. Then he clicked the hyperlinked text with a grin, expecting the usual amateur hypnotist routine.

Instead, he was greeted with an impossible geometry, a shape that defied every law of mathematics. Though the image was static, it constantly seemed to be in motion; having too many corners and yet not enough edges.

It hurt his brain a little to reason with, and he considered clicking from the window. But, much to his surprise, he couldn't move; it was like he was frozen in this position, staring at the shape he could not fathom.

"Hello, beast." A voice slipped straight from the image into Elam's mind, and the dark-haired man slumped in his chair. It was like his every muscle had relaxed from the dulcet feminine tones, and he continued to watch the shifting-yet-still image before himself.

"I see you've already slipped into the first level of trance. Very good, very good indeed."

Elam's heartbeat began to quicken in his chest as he heard the words, a smile sluggishly playing across his features. He was good; he wanted to be good. He loved when this voice praised him; when it spoke so well of him.

The image on-screen began to coalesce into a slowly turning spiral, and the young man's eyes tracked it as his mind was left blank, as though the first picture had frozen it, and the spiral was wiping everything away; leaving his brain empty and smooth.

"You're so good, aren't you? You're just the kind of man who's better off as a pet."

Elam nodded vacantly, his eyes glazed as he stared into his monitor. He could feel his body begin to itch, but he paid it no heed, too focused on the gently turning spiral. All resistance had crumbled from his mind, leaving only a vapid content.

"You're a dog deep down, aren't you? Bark for me, puppy. Beg me to make you what you really are."

Elam obeyed without hesistation. "Arf!" He yelped, his tongue lolling from his mouth as he began to pant. He looked deeper into the turning spiral, wiggling his bottom as the words began to affect his body.

The itching worsened as it heralded the growth of lush fur, but again Elam paid it no heed. He was too entranced by this mysterious voice; by this spiral. He had to hear more! "Yip!" He added, panting even more.

"Good boy, good dog. But those aren't the cries of a big dog; are they? No, these are the sounds of something smaller. You're not a man; you're just a small Corgi."

Elam nodded dumbly, bringing his hands up under his chin in a mimcry of a dog's begging. He could feel his arms and legs beginning to ache, and he squirmed in his seat as they shrank on his form, pulling back towards his shoulders and hips.

By now the fur had covered him from head to toe, his human hair falling out at the roots and leaving him with a coat of white and golden brown. It was a little uncomfortable under his clothes, feeling oddly tight. And yet his clothes were beginning to loosen on him, getting larger as he began to shrink.

"You want this. You want to be a Corgi because you are one, deep down. You have soft, triangular ears. You have a dark, black nose. And you have a long, long tongue. A dog tongue."

Every word became fact as Elam obeyed, his whole form obedient to the feminine tones. His ears tingled as they drew higher on his head, lush fur carpeting them as they twitched and flicked gently. His nose became hot and damp, darkening into the spongy snout of a dog.

And his tongue... He panted hotly as it grew longer and longer, slipping past his chin. He waggled his bottom harder and bobbed his head, flopping the long tongue with a contented huff.

"Good, good boy. I know what you are. You're a dumb and lusty animal."

At the word lusty, a shudder ran through the young man's body, and he stiffened in more ways than one. He could feel his cock growing hard, tenting the fabric of his pants. He wanted so badly to touch it; to feel it; to hold it in his hands.

"You're a lusty, lusty Corgi; one who can't help but pleasure himself at being called what he is. But you don't have the hands to touch yourself with."

Elam flinched as he brought his hands towards his dick, his arms pulling away from it by an unseen force. His hands twisted and reformed into canine paws, bringing his feet along for the change for good measure. Just like that, he was left with nothing more than dog paws, attached to limbs that were unsuited for touching himself down there.

"Feel yourself grow harder, you lusty Corgi. Feel your cock form its sheath, and beg me to let you pleasure yourself."

Elam whimpered and panted hotly, his face stretching out into a muzzle as he writhed in trapped ecstasy. His ever-harder member pulled towards his belly, foreskin thickening into a thick and furry canine sheath.

He hardly noticed as his balls swelled, or as a tail slowly made its way from his spine. It waggled from side to side as he whimpered, trying to let the woman know that he wanted to be-that he needed to be pleasured.

It came out from his throat as the high-pitched whimper of a dog, his vocal chords now fully canine; and it brought a laugh from his computer. "Very good, very good. Now, you lusty, hard, erect Corgi... Sate yourself as only a dog can. Fall from your chair, strip naked, and release your inner animal."

Elam did as asked, falling onto all fours and shrinking as he hit the floor. His clothes were large and baggy around him, and he had to squirm out from their confines, panting madly as he realized he was free. He didn't so much as notice that he was now completely an animal; the only thing that mattered to him was sating the burning passion he felt.

Elam bent over with a spine that was much more flexible now than it had been moments before, taking his cock past his dark lips and sucking on it hard. Rich, hot bliss shot through his body, and he let out a choked whimper as his hips began to thrust instinctively, so that he was fucking his own mouth.

"You like that, don't you? You like this feeling? Good. Because the more you feel of it, the more humanity you lose. The more you taste of your own cock, the dumber you become. And by the time you climax, you'll have nothing left of who you are."

Elam didn't care about the words, though they tattooed their effect on his brain nonetheless. All he cared about was feeling more pleasure, and he wagged his tail as he thrusted harder into his own mouth, sloppily licking at his red cock.

The young man's long tongue felt so good on his tip; so good caressing his shaft as it swirled around his foreskin. He wanted, needed to cum! He was a good dog, a good boy, a good animal!

Human memories slipped from his head like water through a sieve, and soon the Corgi even forgot his own name. He didn't care. All he wanted was to pleasure himself more; all he wanted was to suck himself off and come in his mouth and feel so good!

His knot swelled larger and larger, and the Corgi let out a frenetic whine of passion, trying to spur himself over the edge; to experience the sweet bliss of release.


The word was as simple as it was powerful, and the Corgi forever erased a young man named Elam from existence as hot, salty dog cum filled his mouth, spilling past his lips and over his tongue. He panted for breath and slumped onto the floor, his tail wagging slower and slower as he began to drift off into a pleasurable post-coital slumber.

"Don't worry pet. I'll be there soon."

The Corgi closed his eyes as the computer went dark, basking in pleasure.


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