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Twleve days of diapers by the unthinker

by dank_m3m3

Chapter 1

It’s not that I wasn’t ever happy or anything before I started getting the gifts. I was. I lived in a good sized apartment with multiple rooms. I had a steady job that let me work from home most of the time. I had Gabby, the smartest girl I knew and the love of my life. We’d had a serious relationship for almost three years and it was still going strong. We were planning on getting married as soon as she was done with college, which was supposed to be the next June. It was currently Christmas time, so even though it seemed trivial given how serious we were I was expecting her to officially propose either on Christmas or New Years and we’d start planning our wedding.


Oh, I should mention. I’m a girl too. Yes, we were a lesbian couple, big deal. Anyways I guess I just never really felt content. Like I didn’t feel like my life was moving in the direction I wanted it to. I would have said I wanted a do-over except I never could have given up Gabby. She meant everything to me. But then strange things started happening. It all began on December thirteenth, exactly twelve days before Christmas when Gabby discovered something outside our door when she woke up to go buy us some more eggs.


“Hey Zoe?” She asked, poking her head into our bedroom


“Yeah?” I asked. I’d just gotten up and was still in just my panties.


“This was sitting outside our door.” She said, holding up a plastic package. There was a picture on the front that looked kind of like underwear but I was having a hard time identifying it.


“They’re pull-ups.” Gabby said in complete confusion “And in our size too.”


“Pull-ups?” I asked “Do you think someone delivered them to the wrong address? Or it’s a prank?”


“I don’t know, it’s strange but-” Gabby came to a dead halt, her eyes looking straight at my crotch.


“What?” I asked, looking down. I didn’t believe what I saw. A dark spot was growing on my panties. I reached down and touched it. It was warm. 


“Am I… peeing?” I asked slowly.


Suddenly what I was doing clicked and I sprang into action, running straight to our bathroom and getting on the toilet.


“This… this can’t be happening…” I muttered to myself, listening to the soft patter of pee hit the water. How had I just started wetting myself? And it had happened the instant I had looked at the pull-ups too.


“Zoe? Are you all right?” Gabby called through the door “I can call the doctor if you need it.”


“It’s fine!” I said, hurrying past her to our room to change my pants.



Except it wasn’t fine. An hour later I wet again. It was almost the exact same scenario, I was just casually drinking coffee when I suddenly noticed that I had a growing dark spot on my lap.  


“No!” I said, running to the bathroom while I fumbled with my zipper. I was trying as hard as I could to stem the flow, but it just kept dribbling out into my panties. By the time I got onto the toilet my pants were wet and only about half of it made it into the toilet. Gabby appeared at the door. I hadn’t closed it in my haste to try to make it.




“Sorry. This is pathetic right? I’m about as potty trained as a toddler today.” I said, inspecting the damage on my pants. They were damp, but not quite soaked. I wondered if it was even worth changing out of them given that I was probably going to wet again in an hour or two at this rate.


“Zoe… I think it’s probably for the best if you wear one of the pull-ups.” Gabby said “I don’t know what’s going on but… well… we can’t afford to have pee stains on everything.”


“What? Oh.” I’d completely forgotten the pull-ups. And now that I thought about it, it seemed extremely unlikely that my sudden incontinence as soon as the pull-ups showed up was a complete coincidence.


“I know somebody might be playing a prank.” Gabby said, reading my mind “But… do you really want to pee yourself again?”


“Fine.” I conceded



I emerged from my room ten minutes later in dry pants and a pull-up. It actually wasn’t too much thicker than the panties I was used to wearing, though there was a distinct crinkle every time I moved. Gabby assured me that no one would notice under my jeans, but I wasn’t about to go outside wearing what was basically a diaper.


The rest of the day passed normally. Gabby and I made dinner together and then watched a movie together on our couch. I did end up running to the bathroom a few more times, but my pull-up kept my accidents contained so I didn’t have to deal with any more wet spots. We went to bed together.



The next morning I woke up after Gabby. I yawned and stood up. There was a weight around my waist.


“Huh?” I muttered, looking down to see my pull-up, now very wet and yellowed. The previous day came rushing back to me.


“Morning Zoe.” Gabby said, poking her head out of the bathroom. Her eyes darted to my pull-up.


“Yeah, I wet in my sleep.” I said “Where’d you leave the pull-ups?”


“I put them on the kitchen table.” Gabby said. She seemed like she wanted to add something else, but she just retreated back into the bathroom. I walked to the kitchen in just my saggy pull-up. The pull-ups were on the table as Gabby had said, but there was something else sitting next to them. Two bright pink pacifiers. Confused, I picked one up and stuck it in my mouth experimentally. It felt kind of good so I left it there for the moment.


“Hey Gabby, what’s with the pacifiers?” I asked as soon as I got back to our room


“Pacifiers?” Gabby asked, walking out of the bathroom. She stopped as soon as she saw me.


“Zoe don’t tell me…”


I didn’t see the problem until Gabby took two steps and pulled the pacifier out of my mouth. In the two minutes I’d already forgotten I had it in.


“Oh, um, I was just seeing what it felt like?” I tried. Gabby shook her head. 


“Zoe, listen, you… Zoe what are you doing now?”


“What?” I asked when I realized something else was in my mouth. I spat it out and found my hand, my thumb wet with my saliva. I’d just put it in without even thinking about it!


“Zoe… can you even control it?” Gabby asked, glancing from my wet thumb to my wet diaper. I couldn’t tell which she was talking about.


“Yes! Of course I can!” I said, pushing past her to get myself into the dry pull-up and some clothes.



That was my most pathetic lie yet. For the rest of the day my thumb seemed to just make its way to my mouth. Gabby pointed it out to me a couple times until finally she stopped, apparently deciding that it was best if she just let me suck. Despite my thumb sucking and pull-up wetting, the day passed relatively normally. I was able to get my work done on my computer, though the space bar had a spot of saliva on it from all the times I’d put my wet thumb there. Gabby came back from her classes and we made dinner and talked for a few hours before going to bed. It was when I was changing myself into a dry pull-up before bed that we even mentioned them again.


“Hey Gabby?” I said, walking into our bedroom




“I’m almost out. Of pull-ups I mean.”


Gabby looked up from her book.


“Has the wetting stopped?”


I blushed and shook my head “It’s gotten worse. I’m getting even less warning before I pee. It’s hard to make it to the potty at all so I, um… well I’ve just been using the pull-ups.”


“Well I guess we’re going to need to get you more then, at least until you get better. I can pick some up on my way back from lab tomorrow.”


I nodded “Thanks.”


I wanted to say something more, but I was too tired. I crawled into the bed, my pull-up crinkling softly, and fell asleep.



I woke up with my thumb in my mouth and my pull-up as wet as ever. Gabby was up before me. I walked into the kitchen and saw three rubber ducks sitting at my place on the table.


“They were right there when I woke up this morning.” Gabby said from her place, as though she was reading my mind


“Yeah, so I wonder if I’ll turn into a rubber duck today.” I said jokingly. Suddenly I realized something.


“Zoe, there are three rubber ducks!” I exclaimed


Zoe looked at me “So?”


“On the first day of Christmas there was one package of pull-ups, on the second day there were two pacifiers, today there are three rubber ducks.” I said “Don’t you know about the twelve days of Christmas? Like the song, on the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…”


“What, do you give someone gifts every day leading up to Christmas? Like Hanukkah?”


“I don’t know if there are rules but...” I trailed off as I looked at the rubber ducks “I’m pretty sure this is a twelve day thing.”


“So someone’s just giving us twelve days of gifts? The number of gifts is the same as the day? That doesn’t seem like that bad.” Gabby said, turning one of the ducks over in her hand “Just so long as these aren’t poisoned or anything.”


“Yeah. Not that bad.” I said, trying to convince myself as much as her while I felt my pull-up grow heavy 



Nothing odd happened that day aside from my pull-up wetting and thumb sucking until after dinner. Gabby walked out of the bathroom and looked over to where I was typing on my computer.


“The rubber ducks gave me an idea. I got a bubble bath ready for you.” Gabby said “I thought it would be nice for you to, you know, relax a little given how the last couple days have been.”


“Huh? Oh, thanks.” I said


I wondered how long it had been since I’d had a bubble bath, but I wasn’t about to complain. I went to the bathroom, peeled off my clothes, and got in the tub. Bubbles clung to my skin.


“Hee hee.” I giggled softly, feeling the bubbles running against my shoulders. I churned the water a little bit to create more bubbles and popped them as quickly as I could.


I giggled and slapped the water a little more, making more bubbles before scooping them into my hands and beginning to work to cover myself completely in bubbles. I was in the tub so long engrossed in my task that Gabby called through the door to ask if I was all right. I blushed, said I was fine, and quickly stepped out of the tub and dried myself off. I only wore my pull-up out of the bathroom. Nudity didn’t bother me at all and I knew Gabby had seen me naked countless times. Still, she gave me a weird look for some reason when I casually thanked her for the bath. She didn’t say anything as usual though so I brushed it off and went to bed.



The fourth day I got four rolls of toilet paper. It seemed like a harmless gift until I went to the bathroom that morning.


I pooped like I normally did, but when I was done my mind suddenly blanked. I don’t know how to describe it but, after pooping I just didn’t know how to wipe myself clean. I thought Gabby might know how so without thinking I stood up, opened the bathroom door and walked to where she was in the kitchen.


“Gabby, I need help wiping!” I announced


Gabby looked at me blankly.


“Come on, in here!” I said, gesturing towards the bathroom


“Hang on a second.” Gabby said, shaking her head and looking at me again “You want me to help you wipe. As in, wipe your butt with toilet paper.”


“I don’t know how…” I admitted


“So you’re…” Gabby looked down at my butt and then around the room. It suddenly occurred to me that I was standing stark naked in the kitchen after not having wiped. There were windows all over the place too.


“Oh, sorry.” I said, quickly ducking back into the bathroom. Gabby walked in.


“So you want me to wipe you?” She asked and I nodded. I’m pretty sure we were both thinking the same thing; that this entire situation should have been a lot more awkward, but it really didn’t seem that unnatural. Gabby paused a moment and then took a wad of toilet paper and wiped my butt while I stood there. She dropped it in the open toilet.


“You, um, didn’t flush either.” Gabby commented


“The noise kind of scares me.” I said “You can do that, right?”


“Um, sure.” Gabby said, putting her hand on the lever. I quickly walked out of the bathroom, in just my pull-up so I didn’t need to hear the gurgling noise.



Gabby had another bubble bath ready for me that night. Except this time instead of leaving me alone to take a bath by myself, she went into the bathroom with me.


“I don’t need help with this, honest.” I said to her “It’s not like when I go to the potty.”


Gabby kissed me on the head and pulled my pull up down and then helped me out of my shirt. I didn’t resist, I actually really didn’t mind her helping me but I wanted to make it seem like I was independent.


“All right, watch your step as you get into the tub.” Gabby said, holding my hand “It’s slippery you know.”


“I know, I- whoa!”


My foot slipped out from under me as I stepped into the tub. Gabby caught me.


“Easy there.” She said, gently lowering me into my bathwater. She gave me a quick peck of a kiss on the forehead. I frowned, something seemed off about her kisses but before I could think about it Gabby was scrubbing my ears with a washcloth. 


“Ah! Oh!” I said, jerking my head away. Gabby followed with her hand until I was cornered


“Come on, you always miss this spot!” She said. When she was done with the washcloth she moved onto shampooing my hair. It wasn’t fun having her wash me but I tolerated it since I mostly forgot about her once I started playing with the bubbles again. 


After she was done bathing me, Gabby kissed me on the forehead again. This time I realized what was off about the kiss.


We were a young couple living together. Of course we kissed romantically all the time and spontaneous make out sessions weren’t uncommon. But Gabby wasn’t kissing me romantically, her kisses were more tender and affectionate now. It wasn’t as though they were devoid of love, just of passion. I couldn’t understand it, but I got the feeling that she was more of a mother taking care of me than a girlfriend. Of course she was acting rather mother-ish with me needing pull-ups and all but… well I really didn’t want to believe that I was becoming a baby.


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