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Don't Talk To Strangers

by candi

Don't Talk To Strangers

Steve, a young boy, all of twenty years sat down at his computer late one night. He logged into internet relay chat, and entered his favourite room - Looking4love. That described him, well, almost perfectly. More than love, he was looking for hot young woman who he could fuck. He scrolled down the list of logged users, and paused at one he hadn't seen before - KatieKat32. After a moment's musing, he messaged her.

"Hi, looking for love?" he asked.

He waited, but no reply came.

"Bitch," he muttered, and began to look for someone else to chat with.

A message window opened, KatieKat32 had replied.

: Maybe. Maybe more.
: I'm Steve, 20/m/Rowen City. You?
: Katie, 32/f/Piute. Interested in a slightly older woman?
: Of course!

That was the beginning. They continued chatting till quite late that night.

: Married?
: I wouldn't be here if I was, would I?
: lol. Maybe. Maybe not.
: Live with parents?
: Haven't got any.
: I'm sorry.
: Only family I got is a sister. Married, lives five hundred miles away.
: She never did like me, though... nope.. no family.
: Me neither. You work?
: From home. I'm a web designer. Also study. Distance learning from phoenix.
: Cool. I work too. Tied up with a nightclub. Also provide rich men with different tastes whatever they look for. For a price though.
: Well, I'm not rich. I'm sorry to disappoint you, if you were hoping.
: lol. I'm not disappointed. I'm looking for love, maybe more, remeber?
: Describe yourself.
: You want an internet description, or the real thing?
: Whatever you want to give me darling.
: Alright, here's how I actually look. I'm 5 feet 3 inches tall, brown hair,brown eyes, slim, (about 30" waist), and (you asked for the real thing) a 5 inch penis. Hardly muscular. What do you look like?
: Take a look. I'll send you a pic. Got one of yourself? You sound cute.

//Katie1.zip transfer started.//
Steve wondered, as he waited for the picture to arrive. It seemed to be a pretty big file for a picture. Finally it arrived. He eagerly clicked on it, and as he did, the computer screen seemed to freeze.

"Shit! She's sent me a virus. Fuck! I should have known" he muttered.
Almost as if by magic, it unfroze, and worked smoothly, as if nothing had happened, and the picture opened.

He gazed at the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen. She was dressed in tight black leather tights, with a black leather halter, her blonde hair tied back in a ponytail, bright red lipstick, and black knee high boots, with a mean heel. She looked like the perfect domina.

Meanwhile, the file Katie had sent had a virus installed on it. Nothing dangerous. It just gave her complete access to his computer. She could operate it sitting at her computer. It had become her tool.

: Still gonna send me your pic?
: God! you're gorgeous!
: Thank you darling. Now... I can't wait to see what my boy looks like.

He sent her his most recent picture.

: I was right, you are really cute.
: Thanks.
: Well, you dont live too far away. I mean could we meet weekends, its only an hours drive to piute.
: Go slow darling! You don't even know what I like. Maybe my kinks are too much for you.
: God! You're so beautiful, I don't care about your kinks. I'd do anything to be with you.
: Really?

Katie had been leading him into this. This sealed Steve's fate for him. He was the perfect candidate for Katie's project. No family, well, only a sister who probably wouldn't care what happened to him. Boyish, not manly, young impressionable mind to work on, a supple pliable body that could be given any shape... He was perfect. And as for Steve, he was doomed.

Katie didn't just want to change Steve. She had an idea, that she could make a lot of money by recording every aspect of his change, and selling it over the internet. For that, she would need him to move into another apartment. Her apartment. She wouldn't live with him, just have the place rigged with so many cameras that he wouldn't be able to dream, without it being recorded, figuratively. But she couldnt move too fast.

: So where do you live? your own place?
: No. Rent it out. Small place, but enough for me.
: Cool. Um.. Take a look at this video. Tell me what you think.

//Vid01.mgp transfer started//
It arrived in due time, and Steve opened it.
It began to play. A small woman, petite, with dark flowing hair, small breasts, and distinctly noticable tan lines, probably of brazilian origin, was lying on a beach mat naked but for a yellow thong, tanning herself, when a man walked up to her. She got up, and they began to kiss passionately. She put one hand into his shorts and began to play with his penis. Steve was already hard, watching the video so far. The man began to play with her breast. He kissed her nipple, and started nibbling on it. She moaned, and increased the energy with which she was stroking his cock. She got on her knees and began to suck him off. As her cock swallowed the cock, and released it, over and over again, the camera angle changed, and focussed on her crotch. With her free hand she pulled the cloth of her thong aside, and out popped a tiny shrivelled penis!

: Fuck! That was disgusting! Fucking gay shit!
: Hmm... did you think she was pretty?
: She? That was a fucking homo. Man with boobs. Fuck!
: But did you think she was pretty?

Steve was disgusted. Not because he discovered 'she' was actually a 'he', or at least was a 'he' at some point of time, but because before he discovered her cock, she was actually turning him on. He was jacking off to what he thought was a woman sucking a man.

: That's gay! I'm not gay.
: You know, you will think differently about it. I promise...
: What do you mean?
: Goodnight love. Its late. Go to bed. I'll be back tomorrow night.
has signed off.

The next morning, as Steve sat at down at his computer, he noticed a folder on his desktop labelled "Katie's Fav Music". He looked at it confused for a moment, not sure of how that got there. He assumed he must have received it the previous night. He opened the folder, and saw just one file in it. The file was titled Step 1.

He played the file and began to work. It was a fast track, with nice music, he thought. Voices kept talking in the background. He tried hard to focus on what they were saying, but he couldn't. All he could catch was "...love doing anything for her." Little did he know that that was the first hypnotic suggestion file, of many more to come. The file looped itself over and over again, and as he worked, hours passed, and he listened to the file. By the end of the day, he was humming the tune to himself, and, he didn't realise it, was humming the words also - "I will do anything she asks me to, I will obey her, I will give myself to her, I will not question her"

That night they chatted again.

: Did you listen to Step 1?
: Yes, it's quite a catchy tune. Its been playing since the morning. I can't seem to turn it off.
: Hmmm...

She wanted to see if it had the kind of effect she had hoped it would.

: Will you do something for me?
: Anything.
:Anything? Thats cute. I need you to go see a Darius. He'll give you a package for me. Go to 'Pink Piranha'. Know where it is?
: I think so. Isn't it in the... you know.. queer area of my town?
:Lol. A little longer, and you won't think it queer...
: What do you mean?
: I need you to go tonight. It's important. Go to the bartender, and ask him for Darius. The code you must tell only Darius is "I'm the new girl. Katie sent me."
: New girl? Shouldn't you be sending a girl for this?
: I am, silly! (giggle)
: I don't understand.
: Don't worry about it. It's just a secret codephrase. You know codephrases don't mean anything. Haven't you seen any spy movies?
: Will it be open now? It's almost 2am.
: This is their busiest hour. Go now, hurry. We'll talk again tomorrow.
KatieKat32 has signed off.

Katie could see that the file had been working. Although he was resisting her, trying to impose his will. Another day or two of listening to the file, and he would be putty in her hands, she thought. He wouldn't have a will worth mentioning. She smiled, as she pictured him, as he would be after she was done with him.

Meanwhile, Steve headed out to the club, in the notoriously gay section of his city. It wasn't too far and he got there quite soon. The taxi driver gave him a disgusted look, and drove off, after pocketing a huge tip.

Steve entered the club. Inside, although it was barely lit, save for flashing lights, despite the smoke that rose from the stage, he could see male strippers at work, and what looked like women, poledancing. Then he remembered the video he had seen the previous day. He looked around, and saw men kissing each other, and one man under a table, pleasuring another with his mouth. He felt sick. He wanted to turn and run. He wanted to get out of there, but somehow, he couldn't. His legs seemed to be leaden, with a will of their own, taking him towards the bar.

"Is Darius here?" Steve asked the bartender.

"Maybe. What you want with him." he returned.

"A common friend sent me. Private business. Where is he?"

"You got a fine ass. Do some private business with me too, honeyboy," the bartender leered.

"Just tell me where I can find him."

"Alright, don't get touchy. He's at the corner table, with that big busted blond tranny. The one in a nurse's getup."

Steve walked to the table, and tried to attract Darius' attention. Darius was preoccupied with his blond companion, and didn't notice Steve for a while.

"Mr.Darius?" Steve asked cautiously. He didn't want to upset the man. He was a big black man, well built, muscular. He looked capable of mashing little Steve to pulp with just one blow, if he wanted to. He didn't look the type to get on the wrong side of.

"Yes? Who are you?" Darius wasn't too happy at being disturbed.

"I'm the new girl. Katie sent me."

Suddenly Darius broke into a wide grin. "Yeah. She told me she'd be sending you. It's in the back." He got up and led the way. Steve looked at the blond, who was glaring at him for interrupting her while she was at play. Steve followed, wondering how a man could become as hot as that blond. In the back room, Darius pulled out a suitcase from a closet, and gave it to Steve.

"This is it. She'll know what to do. You're not to open it, understand?"

"Yes sir."

"Good. Now, you wanna play with me and Anna?"

"No sir. I'm not..." Steve didn't know how to say he wasn't gay without offending the big man. "... not intersted in men."

"Not yet... Well anytime you change your mind, you know where to find me." Darius winked at him, and left.

Steve returned home , his head swimming with all the sights and sounds of the night. He felt disgusted at being made a pass at by a man, but he had a strange sense of accomplishment for having served Katie.


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Pretty entertaining story. I look forward to more of it.

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this is great, wish it had happened to me. cant wait to read the rest.

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Not bad :) I really love your writing style!

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This is awesome. Can't wait for part 2

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