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All Her Eggs

by meganox123

All Her Eggs

Found this story at http://www.mcstories.com/AllHerEggs/AllHerEggs.html all credit goes to them.

Derek stood there and maintained his dignity. It was all he could do in the face of the latest humiliation at the hands of Eva Sanderson. He walked calmly away, long years of practice keeping any trace of his inner emotions from his face. She thought she could get him by humiliating him in first period. She thought he would crack after enduring a whole day of constant reminders. She was wrong. He wasn't going to let her see him hurt. He walked out to the parking lot, past the teacher on duty, straight to his car, ignoring everyone. He got in the '92 Ford Taurus, whose windows he had treated with a special tint so they would be absolutely opaque while the power was off, and would lighten when he turned the key. It was a security measure, designed to prevent people from looking into the car when it was parked, seeing valuables and taking them. It also helped him find some privacy when he so desired. He closed the door and thumbed the power doorlocks, and only then did he allow himself to cry.

Derek had always been a hopeless romantic. It allowed him to make most of the young women feel special...and allowed Eva Sanderson to break his heart over and over again. It seemed he was a prisoner of her sinuous, flexible body, her long, smooth legs, and her firm, tight butt. Not to mention delicate facial structure that made her seem so fragile, and the large, expressive, doelike eyes that made her seem so open and outgoing. On the outside, she was a supermodel. On the inside, however, she was Moriarty's evil twin sister, a sadist worthy of being the basis for the most evil of James Bond villainesses. She thrived on the pain and humiliation of others. She could have been Queen of the Amazons if she had been born in ancient times. She was a black widow, and, try as he might, Derek could not extricate himself from her web.

Derek started his engine, and found that his car was surrounded by leering, cackling students who were pounding on his car. He shifted into reverse and revved the engine. He backed up, and students dove out of the way. He moved forward, and more students dove out of the way. He headed for the driveway, and discovered that other vehicles were trying to head him off. He turned and drove on the grass until he jumped the ditch. The others were in pursuit now, but Derek had custom-built the engine with his father. Technically, it wasn't street legal, since it had an eight hundred horsepower engine and was capable of going as fast as a stock car racer, but nobody checks the horsepower of your vehicle when doing a standard inspection. Derek floored it and left his pursuers in the dust. He left town and his vehicle whizzed along at two hundred and sixty miles per hour, and continued to accellerate. The road was straight, and mostly flat, and rarely travelled. Nevertheless, it had as many speed traps as any other road. But Derek was not going to stop, even if the cops could catch him.

Before Derek knew it, he was screaming through a small town at top speed. He kept it floored until he reached the city limits. Then he noticed the aerial unit tailing him from above, and Derek knew he had to disappear, so he took as sudden a turn as he could and drove down a road where the trees overhead obscured the view from above, and he drove until he came to a fork in the road. There he stopped, pulled out his toolbox, and set to work. He lowered his vehicle as quickly as he could, painted a couple of racing stripes on it, and put on the decals he'd been meaning to use, then turned around and headed back the way he came, slower this time. The units didn't recognize him. Such quick changes had served him well in the past when evading leering rednecks incited to violence by Eva's humiliating treatment. Now they would serve him again as he evaded the air units and, slowly, made his way home.

After the adrenaline rush had worn off and Derek had gotten safely home, he sat in his car and cried. Only when he heard the knock at his door did he turn the key once more to fade the windows back to transparent. He rolled down the window (which he had insisted should NOT be the power kind) and waited for his mother to speak.

"You made your car look different."

"I had some unwanted attention."

"Is that why you're home four hours early?"

"I left right after first period, Mom." Derek said. "I had to. I couldn't let Eva see me break down."

"You've got to stop letting that girl push you around."

"Easier said than done." Derek said.

"Want to talk about it?"

"Mabye later." Derek said, turning off his car and heading upstairs. He had considered changing his car a second time, so much that they'd never recognize it, but the engine's disticntive, powerful sound and the fade-to-black windows would give him away immediately.

"Well, you won't have to go to school tomorrow." his mom said. "You've got an appointment with Dr. Adelmann tomorrow, eight a.m."

"Wonderful." Derek said.

Dr. Adelmann was one of those obvious psychologist types. Looking at him, and the name, you'd expect him to have the classic Sigmund Freud accent, but he had been born and raised in the good ol' US of A and was proud of it. The man was balding, with a combover, and he had a pair of glasses which he used for reading. Fortunately for the sake of trust, he didn't look like that guy from the psychology videos. Just about anyone whose taken General Psychology shouldn know who I'm talking about. The guy with the black suit, black "chili-bowl" haircut and the black goatee. Scary. That dude could have played the devil in any old movie. Anyway, Dr. Adelmann was giving Derek the whole free-expression routine. Derek, having taken exactly one semester of General Psychology in an AP course so he wouldn't have to take it in college, was busily trying to psychoanalize himself aloud, partially for Dr. Adelmann's benefit, so the man wouldn't feel left out, and partially so that Dr. Adelmann could fill in any mistakes he made or suggest avenues of exploration Derek had forgotten to try. When the subject finally came to Eva Sanderson, Dr. Adelmann asked him to describe her for him.

"Fair skin, gorgeous blue eyes, kinda doe-like." Derek said. "Body that could have been any old master's Madonna...or Venus. She's smart and funny sometimes, when she's not out to victimize anyone. She likes white roses, candycanes, pizza, mozzarella sticks, the pain of others, candlelight din..."

"Wait a minute, the pain of others?" Dr. Adelmann asked.

"She likes watching other people suffer." Derek said. "I guess, maybe it's a power thing. She'd be just perfect if she wasn't such a sadist."

"I think I see the problem." Dr. Adelmann said. "You're a fly and she's a pitcher plant. She lures you in with her sexual appeal, and you fall into her trap and then you're her prisoner. The fact that you're a self-confessed hopeless romantic only makes it easier for her." There was a knock at the door.

"Dr. Adelmann, I'm sorry to disturb you, but there's a situation that needs your attention out here." said the receptionist.

"Can't it wait?" Dr. Adelmann asked.

"I'm afraid not, sir. It involves your car and a tow truck." Dr. Adelmann swore under his breath and sprinted out of the room. Derek grabbed one of the psychology texts from the bookshelf and looked through it. Everything appeared to be the same as when he took psychology the first time, except that the chapter on hypnosis seemed to be longer. He turned to that section and started reading. The book went into more detail about hypnosis, giving sample inductions, examples of the ethical use of hypnosis, yaddada yaddada yaddada, until it came to the part about Dissasociative-Personality Disorder, the fancy-pants name for good ol' Multiple Personality Disorder, with a whole bunch of "see thus-and-such chapter" notations in parentheses. General Psychology was apparently the course for people who had no intention of actually going into therapy. They saved the real psychology for the psychology majors. By the time Dr. Adelmann returned, Derek felt he had stolen about two thousand dollars' worth of hypnosis education.

"I'm sorry about that, Derek." Dr. Adelmann said apologetically. "Some pranksters painted the curb, and the cops think I parked in a red zone. We'll have to pick this up another time."

"Okay." Derek said.

Derek searched online, and found a really, really cool story archive full of stories about hypnosis and mind-control. Having read all of chapter 7 (despite all the redirecting parentheses) of that psychology text, Derek felt he pretty much knew which stories were semi-plausible and which were pure fantasy. It gave him ideas, however. He experimented on his family until he felt he was good enough at it to try it on his real target.

He went to school and found Eva was distractedly thinking about something...basically, in her own, private trance. It was simple for Derek to sieze the reins of that trance for his own purposes.

"Tonight, Eva, you will come over to my house with the intention of seducing me for your own purposes." he said. "When you arrive, upon being let in, you will return to this deeply relaxed state and await instructions. It will feel so good to listen to my voice and feel my voice relax you even more that you will be unable to resist, and you will find yorself getting turned on. Now, I'm going to say 'wake up,' and you're going to count backwards from twenty, coming back to wakefullness slowly, pushing our conversation from your conscious mind as you do until you are unaware of it, and when you reach one, you will awaken fully. Wake up."

"Twenty...nineteen...eighteen," Eva began. Derek quickly made himself scarce.

Derek saw Eva approaching up the sidewalk, with that all-too-familiar sadistic grin on her face. She rang the doorbell, and Derek let her in. As soon as she crossed the threshold, she got a funny look on her face, then her eyes and head sagged down, her arms went limp, and her breathing slowed and Derek knew she was in trance again. He led her up to his bedroom and laid her on the bed. His mom came up to investigate what was going on, and he triggered her into trance.

"Mom, I want you to listen carefully." he said softly. "Are you listening?"


"Until I say otherwise, my room is off limits. It is also soundproof. Further, I am beyond suspicion of any wrongdoing. Understand?"

"Mmm-hmm." his mom replied.

"Good. Now, I'm going to snap my fingers, and you are going to forget that we had a hypnotic chat. You are going to seek out the rest of the family and trigger them--you know how to do that subconsciously--and pass the suggestion along to them. Then you will forget that you triggered them, forget that you even know anything about hypnosis or that you and the rest of the family are subject to it, and you will go on about the rest of the day as if everything was normal." He snapped his fingers. His mom walked off, looking for the others. The ability to have one member of his family trigger and pass suggestions along to the rest of the family meant that Derek didn't have to repeat himself, which was good, because Derek hated repeating himself unless it was absolutely necessary. He went back into his room and closed the door. "Eva?"

"Yes?" she asked.

"I want you to relax for me. Just relax and let yourself go deeper into your relaxed state. Just relax and let everything melt away. Just relax and listen to my voice. My voice is all you hear, Eva. It is all you hear. Just relax and listen. Listen and relax. My voice relaxes you, Eva, it relaxes you and you let go of all your stress, Eva, let go of all your stress and your fears, let go of your stress and your fears and your inhibitions, Eva, let it all go, but most of all, Eva, let go of anger, let go of hatred, let go of whatever it is that makes you want to hurt other people. Just let it all go, Eva, and as you do, you become even more relaxed until it seems like you're floating. You begin to feel like you're floating, Eva, floating on a gentle, magical wind. You are floating on a magical wind, Eva, completely relaxed and completely open and you've never felt happier, Eva. You've never felt so happy in all your life. You never want to leave this happy place." Derek pulled a carton of colored plastic Easter eggs from beneath the bed and opened the carton. He grabbed one that he had painted white and held it over Eva's head. "There is someone else here, Eva. You can see his robed silouhette in your mind, with long, flowing sleeves and a big, pointy hat like a wizard. His features begin to come into focus and you can clearly see it's a wizard, Eva, a powerful wizard, maybe as powerful as Merlin, maybe more powerful than Merlin. You can feel the magic energy radiating from the wizard, Eva. Feel the magic, the powerful, powerful magic, Eva. As you look at the wizard and feel his powerful magic radiating from his body, you begin to hear his voice, which sounds a lot like mine, chanting a powerful incantation in magical words that can only be heard and forgotten, never remembered. The wizard is casting a spell over you, Eva, and you are helpless against it.

"When you open your eyes, Eva, you will see an egg. You will see nothing but the egg. It is a magical egg, Eva, a magical egg with the power to contain minds within it. As the egg touches your forehead, Eva, you will begin to forget things. You will feel compelled to count backwards, starting with your age and continuing backward. As you count, you will find that all memories after that number birthday are now contained within the egg. You are helpless to fight the pull, Eva, helpless to fight the wizard's spell. When you reach zero, your mind will be empty and totally receptive." He touched the egg to Eva's forehead, and her flat, emotionless voice began to count backwards.

"Eighteen...seventeen...sixteen..." she said. Derek waited until she reached zero, and even a couple seconds afterward before he removed the egg. He placed it in the carton, and took out a lovely sky-blue one.

"Now, look at this new egg. Within it is a new mind. A new personality. A new person. As I put the egg against your forehead, the new memories will flow into your empty mind as I describe them for you, and you will become the new person." He pressed the egg against Eva's forehead. "You now know that your name is Kitrin. You were born on a colony ship launched in the early thirtieth century. Your father was the wealthy son of an interstellar ambassador, your mother was the ship's science officer. You lived happily with your parents in their cabin on the ship for four years. Then, on your fourth birthday, your ship fell into a timehole and was transported back many centuries. It splashed down just off the coast of Atlantis. The Atlantians pulled you from the sea, but your parents drowned. The Atlantians found your ship and its accompanying technology at the bottom of their lagoon and began to make use of it. You were clamped with a compliance collar and forced to live as a slave. It wasn't as bad as you thought it would be. You made friends with the other slaves. You reached puberty, and your beauty became apparent. You were carted off to a specialized guild, where you were to be trained as a pleasure slave. You were taught to pleasure both males and females, often simultaneously; you were taught the use of dildoes and various other sex toys, including vibrators from your ship. You learned to enjoy sex. You were conditioned to give all of yourself to your master. You were soon ready to go on the auction block at the age of eighteen. But one evening, just as you were to be auctioned off, a great rumbling shook the island. The ship had exploded, and undermined the island's foundations. It quickly began to sink. A benevolent wizard appeared, and offered you a chance for salvation. You begged him to save your life, and he drew from his cloak a sky-blue egg, and said that he would store your mind within the egg and place it in a new body. When next you opened your eyes, your gaze would first fall upon your new Master, his young descendent, who would find for you the new body you need to live once more, though it would have to be shared with another, who had the body first. You said you would do anything to be saved, and he pressed the egg against your forehead, and your mind was transferred into the egg, and though your mindless body now lays at the bottom of the sea, you now may awaken to a new life in the twentieth century." Kitrin blinked her eyes, gazed up at Derek, and smiled. She rolled off the bed and knelt on the floor.

"Master!" she said. "I thank you for finding me a new body, Master. As a token of my gratitude, and repayment of my debt to your ancestor, the great wizard who saved me, please accept me as your humble and utterly obedient slave."

"If that is your wish..." Derek said.

"It is, my Master!" Kitrin said. "Please, Master, tell me your name."


"I am Kitrin, slave of Derek."

"On the bed, Kitrin." he said. Kitrin eagerly got onto the bed, having taken seriously her "training" to give all of herself to her Master. He started to disrobe, and it was only then that she realized she was wearing clothes as well. She removed them as quickly as she could, having grown accustomed to the togas and such preferred by the citizens of Atlantis, or so her mind believed. He climbed on the bed and straddled her, his erect member touching her navel. "What is it you want, Kitrin?" he asked.

"My only desire is to serve you." she said. He kissed her, and their tongues entwined. Her breasts pressed against him, and he reached down and cupped her breast in one hand, tweaking the nipple. He allowed her head to gently come to rest on the pillow. He penetrated her young body, slamming into her so hard his balls bounced against her ass. She screamed and cried out in ecstacy.

"Lick me clean, Kitrin." Derek said as he removed his cock from her after firing a load of jizz inside her. Kitrin obeyed, licking as much as she could. She took the head in her mouth and began to suck, driving Derek crazy with pleasure. Since this was his first BJ, he didn't last long. The girl was wonderful. "Kitrin, you have served me well this afternoon, but remember that this body is not yours alone. I will show you how to use the tap. I want you to drink four glasses of water and then lie back down on the bed, and I will bring you back again soon, you have my word."

"As you command, Master." Kitrin said, though it was obvious she wasn't happy about the concept of going back into the egg. He led her into his bathroom, and showed her how to fill a glass of water from the tap. She drank four glasses, then went back and laid on the bed. He put the sky-blue egg against her forehead and she counted backwards from eighteen. He replaced the egg in the six-pack carton and pulled out another, this one a cheery yellow. He pressed the egg against Eva's forehead.

"You now know that your name is Carmen." he said. "You were raised in an abusive home in Cuba. Your family lived in poverty. Your mother escaped with you to America, but you were so frightened of men that you would offer no resistance to anything they told you. The other men saw an easy victim and abused you more. You stumbled upon a gang, which took you into their hideout and began to beat you. You quickly learned what they wanted from you. Utter and unfaltering submission, as well as your body. You quickly learned to please, even as they continued to break your spirit. One day, at the age of eighteen, a benevolent wizard appeared and offered you freedom from this life, to be taken to a place where you could lead a new life in a new body, with a man you could trust, whom you didn't have to fear, a man who would treat you with kindness. You accepted, and he pressed a pretty yellow egg against your forehead. You felt compelled to count backwards from your age, and felt your mind draining into the egg, but now you can open your eyes and awaken to the new life which was promised you in this borrowed body." She opened her eyes.


"Hello." she said, fearfully, with a definite Hispanic accent.

"My name is Derek. What's yours?"

"Carmen." she said. Derek lifted a hand and she cringed. Keeping his expression as kind as possible, he began to caress her cheek. Having never received such kind treatment, Carmen began to cry. Derek pulled her to him in a tender embrace.

"It is alright, Carmen." he said. "Do not fear me."

"You are the one the wizard spoke of?" Carmen asked. Derek nodded. She cried and began to tell him of her previous life. Her imagination had filled in many of the blanks Derek had left. She complained of tormentors and started naming names, using every male Hispanic name she knew. And through it all, Derek listened as Carmen recounted her imaginary life.

"You've been through a great deal, Carmen, but your torment is over." Derek said. "You are here now, with me. You look a little hungry. Would you like something to eat?"

"Yes, please." Carmen said. "Thank you."

"Alright. You go in there and take a quick shower. Make sure to get yourself really clean while you're in there, and don't be concerned that you're in an American's body. It was necessary to get you away from the physical scars of your old life so you could make a clean break from it and begin anew." Carmen walked into the bathroom and started the shower. Derek put on a robe and went outside, where he gathered some things from the dinner table and brought it upstairs. Carmen ate as if she hadn't eaten in years. When she was finished, Derek had Carmen wash her hands and face in the bathroom, and he carried the plates downstairs to be washed, using a trigger phrase he'd implanted in his little brother's mind. Before, it had been almost impossible to get him to do chores of any kind, but now he had a trigger for each of his chores, and the family wasn't even conscious of the fact that they were using them. Except for Derek, of course. When he returned, Carmen was sitting on the bed. Derek removed his robe and sat down beside her. He began to kiss her, gently, tenderly. She folded herself into his arms. He leaned back with her, then rolled on top of her, still kissing her. His hands moved all over her, touching, caressing, pleasuring. She was highly aroused when he moved himself to her slit and slid gently in. She gasped in pleasure as he began his gentle ministrations, and she came twice before she was finished.

"I've never been had so gently before." Carmen said. "Everyone who used me before now was always rough."

"Well this is different, Carmen." Derek said. "I am different."

"Te amo, Derek." she said. "Nunca déjeme, por favor" Derek gave her a deep, sensual kiss before he pressed the yellow egg against her forehead again. He placed it in the carton and removed a red egg. He pressed the new egg against Eva's forehead.

"You know now that your name is Heidi. You were the first and only female Gestapo captain in Hitler's Third Reich. You were instrumental in the capture and slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Jews, as well as the seduction and subsequent betrayal of dozens of members of the French Resistance, the U.S. Army and the Underground. One evening, as you were reading about D-Day in the latest dispatches, a wizard appeared before you and cast a spell which caused you to experience all the pain and suffering you had caused. In shame you begged the wizard to kill you, because you no longer felt you deserved to live. He had a better idea in mind. He said that you would awaken and imprint upon a man to serve, a good man, from whom you would learn the virtue of love, which had eluded you in your current life for all your forty-two years. He then cast a spell which would cause you to be completely incapable of disobeying the man you first see when next you awaken, and he pressed a crimson egg against your forehead, and you felt your mind being drained. Now it is time to awaken to your pennance." She opened her eyes.

"Sind Sie mein Meister?" she asked.

"I'm sorry, I don't speak German." Derek said.

"Are you my master?" she asked in English.


"I am Heidi." she said. "I am enslaved to you to pay for my crimes as a Gestapo agent."

"Then a proper pennance you shall have." Derek said. "Suck my penis, Heidi."

"Yes, Master." Heidi said, taking his penis in her mouth and sucking on it. She made the greatest effort she could to please him, and finally, as he orgasmed, it paid off. Suddenly she turned around, getting off the bed, kneeling with her legs spread, her back to him, and her breasts pressed against the floor. "Please, Master, mount your slave like the bitch she is." Derek shrugged and took her from behind. She was crying as she came down from a third orgasm.

"What's wrong, Heidi?" he asked.

"I was enslaved to you to pay pennance, but I find I am...enjoying this." she said. "I have never been so aroused."

"You were enslaved to me to learn to love." Derek said. "That is your pennance. But for now I must ask you to return to the bed. Don't forget that you're in a borrowed body."

"Yes, Master." Heidi said. Derek pressed the egg against Eva's forehead, and she counted down from the age she believed herself to be, which was considerably older than her previous...incarnations. Derek rested for a little bit, getting a little more to eat, and taking a can of beer out of the fridge. The family was having his favorite--a dish made of ground beef, spicy bread crumbs and cheeze mixed together with tomato sauce on top. Mom called it "Meatloaf For Onion-Haters." He took a sip of the beer and spit it out immediately. He tossed the rest of the can in the trash and went to the sink to wash the bitter taste out of his mouth.

"That's some nasty shit." Derek muttered. "Guess I never have to worry about becoming an alcoholic." He went back downstairs and got himself a soda. When he felt ready, he went back to Eva's motionless body. He picked up a purple egg and pressed it against Eva's forehead.

"You know now that your name is Randi. You were raised with stifling parents who never let you do anything. You were always a rebel, always breaking the rules. You discovered sex as a teenager and learned to love it, despite the pain of the first time. You learned how to please a man in any way, anywhere, for as long as they could desire. You also learned how to do the same to a woman. But you prefer men. You learned to love being dominated by men, being made to do humiliating things for them. You learned to love being their pet slut, parading around in slutty clothes for their pleasure, reveling in the knowledge that you knew how to get any man you wanted. But one day you caught a disease. A disease with painful symptoms. And it was incurable, inoperable, and lethal. A wizard appeared at your bedside as you lay dying and offered to save you, if you agreed to be placed under a spell which would prevent you from coming with any man except the one who placed you in your new body. You accepted, and he cast his spell, then pressed an egg against your forehead, and you felt your mind being pulled into the egg. Now you may open your eyes, and look upon the only man with whom you may orgasm."

"Hi." she said. "I'm Randi, and I've been waiting a long time for someone to fuck me." She pulled his face into her borrowed body's lucious tits. "These aren't as big as the ones I used to have, but they'll have to do for now." Randi said. "Tell me what to do, hot stuff. I'll fulfill your kinkiest fantasies, do anything you want me to. Anything." Derek told her to wait while he went and got something. He reached into the freezer and filled a glass with ice cubes. He went up into the attic and found his little brother's old baby toys and the plastic hammer that had once been his favorite. He also brought down a few old Halloween costumes, including an Indiana Jones from when his dad used to take the whole family, and a slave costume with crotchless satin panties his dad had gotten his mother as a joke. He also grabbed some of the old spiked dog collars from the numerous chihuahuas his mother liked to get, that invariably got either run over or eaten by bigger animals. The collars were big enough to use as wrist and ankle restraints. He picked up the chain leashes that had come with the collars, as well as the chains from the old swing set they used to have. He put on the Indiana Jones costume, amazed at how well his father's old clothes fit him, but glad that his father had always insisted on realism, including a real bullwhip from a flea market he had attended in his earlier years.

"Put this on." Derek commanded, tossing the costume to Randi, who eagerly obeyed. He tossed the collars to her. "Put these on your wrists and ankles." he commanded. Gleefully, she obeyed. He took down his punching bag and slung the chain from upstairs onto the hook, then fastened each side to her restraints. She whimpered in anticipation. He hooked one of the leashes to her left ankle and slipped the loop under the leg of his desk, then hooked the other leash to her right ankle and slipped the loop under the leg of his bed, so that her legs were spread quite far apart. She was dripping wet, and whimpering in anticipation. "You're a randy little bitch, aren't you?" he asked.

"Yesss." she said huskily. Derek slipped a piece of ice into her cunt. Randi closed her eyes as her vaginal muscles pulled the ice cube inside her. "Oh, geez!" she exclaimed.

"It must be a shock to have something so cold going up in that hot twat of yours."

"Yess." Randi replied.

"Let me know when it's gone." Derek said.

"Oh, it's gone." she said. Derek smiled and put the toy hammer in her twat, handle first. He slipped it in all the way, then withdrew it as far as he could without pulling it all the way out. She wimpered from the loss. Tears of desire flowed from her eyes. "Please." she said. "Please...I need...ungh!"

"You want to get fucked, don't you?" Derek asked.

"Yesss!" Randi said. "P-p-p-please...fuck me. Please?"

"Beg." Derek said.

"Please, I'm begging you. I'll do anything...Master, your slave begs you...pleads with you...to fuck her..."

"Sounds okay to me." Derek said, moving around behind her and slipping the hammer's handle in her ass. As she moaned in pleasure, he moved back around and slid his penis into her cunt. He cracked the whip. This was only the beginning.

Derek glanced at the clock. It was almost eight! He'd spent almost four hours with Randi, and he still had one more personality to program. He laid Randi on the bed and pressed the egg against her forehead. He had just experienced four of his five favorite sex fantasies. Now it was time to get started on the last one. He pulled the final egg from the carton. This one was slate grey. He pressed it against Eva's forehead.

"You now know that your name is ST-115. The ST stands for Sex Toy. You are a machine built and programmed by Derektech Industries for the sole purpose of serving and pleasuring humans. You are a mass-produced service robot designed for menial tasks and relieving sexual pressure. Your programming was downoaded through magic into a grey egg so that you could be transferred into a human body and expand on your programming. ST-115, open your eyes now."

"Unit ST-115 ready to serve." ST-115 said. "Awaiting instructions."

"ST-115, stand before your owner." ST-115 rose. Her face showed no emotions, her movements were stiff, slow and deliberate. "Oral sex mode."

"Oral sex mode." ST-115 repeated, and knelt, opening her mouth. Derek inserted himself in ST-115's mouth, and she began to suck him like there was no tomorrow. She kept going even after he came in her mouth. He commanded her to stop. He had her several times as a robot before he decided he had had enough for one day. He had ST-115 dress in Eva's clothes, then laid her back down on the bed. He pressed the grey egg against her forehead. He rested for a while before removing the white egg from its place and putting it against Eva's forehead. Eva counted to eighteen, but she was still deep in trance.

"Eva, when you hear me say the words 'sleepy time Eva,' you will return to this deeply relaxed, very obedient state. You will remember your time here as a lengthy bout of wild, passionate sex. You may have sex with others if you wish, but it will be unsatisfying. You will find yourself drawn inexorably back to me. You will never again attempt to hurt me or my reputation. Now, when I snap my fingers, you will awaken, and you will remember nothing of what has happened while you were in trance. He snapped his fingers.

Eva was gone. He could call her back any time he wanted, but he felt like leaving her alone for a little while. She had had to go home bowlegged. She would remember their time together as a lengthy bout of wild, passionate sex, which would explain her bowleggedness. Derek was exhausted. He popped the tape out of the camcorder he had planted earlier and watched the tape. The tape showed him what he couldn't have seen in some places from his point of view, and he thought fondly of his one-woman harem.

Kitrin opened her eyes and smiled. Her Master stood over her with that look that said she was somebody, not just another posession. She was his favorite posession.

"How may I serve you, Master?" she asked.

"My family is going dancing in Waco this evening." Master said. "I want you to be my escort."

"I don't know how to dance."

"That's okay, I'll teach you." he said, kissing her. He tied her hair back in a ponytail and dressed her in tight blue jeans, a white T-shirt which he tucked into the jeans, boots and a hat. Her experience in the thirtieth century and on Atlantis hadn't prepared her for such odd clothing. But Derek told her she looked delectible, so she loved it.

Derek noticed that Kitrin seemed a little shy as she hung on his arm. When he asked what the problem was, she said everyone was staring at them.

"They're only staring because they've never seen someone so beautiful carry herself with such humility." Derek replied.

"It's not my body." Kitrin reminded him.

"But it's your humility that makes it all work." he said, kissing her. "It's the personality that makes it work."

"I wish I could get to know the person whose body I'm borrowing." Kitrin said.

"You're not missing much." Derek muttered.

"Hmm?" Kitrin asked.

"Nothing, honey." Derek said, kissing Kitrin fully on the mouth. Her passionate response quickly led to making out. Hoots and hollers from the various rednecks in the dance hall eventually separated them, albeit reluctantly. The first dance was a two-step, and Kitrin quickly picked up what to do. The second dance was a waltz. They sat out the third so Derek could get them each a burger, fries and a long-neck Dr Pepper. After they had eaten, Derek taught her the Cotton Eye Joe and a couple of others. They found a private place and made love there, Kitrin biting back her cries of pleasure as he let her ride his jock. They cleaned up and returned to the dance floor, where she learned a couple more dances. All in all, it was an informative--not to mention fun--night, not to mention the longest time Kitrin had spent in control at any given time.

Kitrin was fast becoming Derek's favorite person. Granted, helping Carmen overcome her fear of men and redeeming Heidi and satisfying Randi's hyper-sexuality were wonderful fantasies, and ST-115 was good when he just wanted a blow-up doll, but Kitrin was something special. Something he hadn't counted on when he had created her in Eva's mind. She had Carmen's sweetness, ST-115's obedience, Heidi's humility, Randi's hunger, and several ingredients that none of the others posessed. She was everything Eva wasn't. There were several times Derek considered leaving Kitrin in control permanently. But school was still going, and people would notice the differences. But Derek had the tapes. He documented the lives of each personality on a different tape. It helped him to think of them as separate people, and that separateness helped him deal with what he was doing to Eva without her knowledge. Each person had her own likes and dislikes. There was no doubt in his mind that four of Eva's six personalities were deeply in love with him. Kitrin's was the strongest, however. And, he realized, his love for Kitrin was particularly strong as well. Kitrin was what he had always dreamed Eva would become. He was going to be very sad if he ever had to let her go.

Eva had come over at Derek's hypnotic insistence for a sleepover (normally unthinkable on a school night, but Eva hadn't been the only one Derek had insisted to). He had played with her as Kitrin all night, and this morning had decided to play with his personal sex-robot before school. ST-115 lay naked on the bed when a knock came at the front door. No one was home, since he was always the last to leave (the bus came by his house about six-thirty, and his parents left for work about seven). He answered the door. On the other side was a beautiful vision of golden-haired femininity in a police officer's uniform.

"Excuse me, is Mr. Sanders home?"

"Depends on which one you want." Derek said. "Derek Sanders, Sr. is at work. I'm Derek Jr. My brothers are Samuel and Edward Sanders. I'm glad you haven't asked about my mom and four sisters."

"Don't be smart with me." the officer said in a frigid tone. "I'm looking for the person who had the wild sex in front of an uncurtained window four weeks ago and about every other night since."

"Sorry." Derek said.

"When he gets home, tell him that one more exhibition and he'll be going away for public indecency."

"No problem." Derek said, closing the door. "Bitch." he muttered. His watch beeped. Seven-thirty. They had to leave. He raced back upstairs and found his unthinking puppet lying naked on the bed. He grabbed the white egg and pressed it against her forehead. She counted to eighteen, then blinked her eyes. "Wake up, sleepyhead." he said. "It's seven-thirty."

"Already?" Eva asked. "Why didn't you wake me up earlier? You know I hate rushing!" They dressed hurriedly and got into her car. She headed down the road and they made it just in time.

Eva was heading down the hall when she heard a voice in her head.

Intruder alert. Identify yourself.

"I'm Eva."

Identity unknown. Remove yourself from this body.

"This is MY body." she whispered harshly.

This unit begs to differ. the voice said. Suddenly, Eva's legs began to move against her will. She was walking in a stiff, robotic gait toward the exit.

"What's going on?" Derek said when Eva came across him in the hall.

"This unit reports intruder program in central processing unit, identified as Eva."

"You're both in there at the same time?" Derek asked. "Oh, shit."

"Derek, what the fuck's going on?" Eva demanded.

"ST-115, command override." Derek said. ST-115 was in complete control of the body now. "Return to base. I'll deal with this situation later."

"Affirmative." ST-115 said, heading for the exit and making the long walk home.

Back at home, ST-115 stood in Derek's bedroom. Derek hadn't given any specific instructions on how to deal with the intruding program. He hadn't given any specific instructions, except to return. The intruding program had entered when Derek had put the odd white egg to her forehead. The egg had to have something to do with it. She picked up the purple egg and pressed it to her forehead. Without instructions, her mouth began to count to eighteen.

What's going on here? another voice asked.

"Identify yourself." ST-115 demanded.

My name's Randi. the other voice said. I...I serve Derek.

"This unit is ST-115, assigned to serve alpha human designate Derek Sanders." ST-115 declared. She picked up the sky-blue, the yellow and the red eggs and pressed them against her forehead all at the same time. She counted to eighteen twice, then to forty-two. After the others had introduced themselves, ST-115 began to consider the possibilities. There were several possibilities which presented themselves. ST-115 needed more information, and so began to explore the room. She discovered a box of tapes with all the programs' names on them. She picked up the tape that read "First Session." She discovered a videocassette player and inserted the cassette. Only then did she and the other programs trapped in her CPU get the full story. She inserted the tape coresponding to each of the others and saw a reasonably complete documentary of their lives.

I'm going to kill him! Eva thought.

"Unacceptible." ST-115 said. "This unit is programmed to serve the Master in all things. As are the others. You are the one who does not belong."

Wait! Kitrin exclaimed. This is her body. She is the original personalities. We were created from the hidden potential for good buried in her psyche. What right do we have to kick her out?

"As you said, unit Kitrin, we are created from the hidden potential for good within her psyche. She has rejected this potential in favor of a more sadistic life. Five-sixths of us are dedicated to serving the Master. She is not. She is the only one who does not belong."

And what happens after we get rid of her? Randi asked. In case you haven't noticed, it's a little crowded in here, and I don't know about you girls, but I mostly like to be alone when I pleasure my studmuffin.

"Computing probable courses of action." ST-115 said. "Calculations complete. Seven logical courses of action present themselves. The matter shall be put to a vote."

What a day! Derek thought. First, I get called in for being late to first period. THEN I have to explain Eva absence. Not to mention having to go back to first and second periods to find out what I missed while I was in the office, then having to go in late to third period and explain to that bitch teacher that I was detained in the office. Now I've got just one more problem to deal with. He opened the door...and found four young women he didn't know sitting in the living room.

"Master!" one of the young women said--the blonde-haired cop from before, except that she was speaking with a decidedly German accent.

"Excuse me?"

"You don't recognize me in my new body, Master. It's me, Heidi."

"Buenos tardes, mi amour." said a young woman who had once been Salli Shoemaker, part of Eva's clique, now apparently hosting the mind of Carmen.

"Carmen." he said. The third was Alexis Hollander, also one of Eva's clique, and she was unmistakably Randi, judging by her randy behavior--she was trying to hump the couch, as a matter of fact. "Randi." he said. That left the fourth one, the last of Eva's rich, spoiled brat friends, to be hosting ST-115. But where was Kitrin?

"Kitrin's in your room, Master." Heidi said, as if reading his mind. "It's been a very tiring day. After all, hers was the body that had to walk all the way home from school."

"But how..."

"Robowhore figured it out." Heidi said. "She found the tapes and figured out how you created us while she was in deep trance. She had to scan Eva's mind to figure out how you hypnotized her. After that, it was just a matter of getting her rich-skank friends to come over here and act as our new hosts. Their minds are in the eggs where we left them. I had that snooty bitch-cop come over as a nice bit of revenge for you, Master."

"Did we do good?" Carmen asked, caressing his leg through his pants. Derek couldn't find it in his heart to be angry with them. After all, they had merely been acting out of his best interests, not only by solving his separation problem for him, but also by getting rid of his tormentor's co-conspiarators.

"You did what you could with what you had." Derek said. "I couldn't have expected more from you." Randi was at his side, grabbing Derek's buttocks.

"Derek..." she said in a seductive voice. "You're not going to believe this, but this new body's a virgin. Would you mind helping me with that?"

* * *


"Kitrin." Derek said, lying down in the bed next to her.

"What kept you?"

"Suddenly I had three eager young damsels to pleasure. Plus, I had to install ST-115's new matrix upgrade, so she can think and act--and move--like a human." He set a green egg with purple and blue polka-dots aside. "Then I had to pleasure her. And before all that, I had to explain Eva's absence, and my tardiness, and a whole bunch of other shit. All in all, it's been a tiring day."

"I won't let anyone disturb you." Kitrin said, starting to get up.

"Don't bother." Derek said. "I've already given instructions to the girls. I've been greeted by everyone but you. Would you mind correcting that for me?"

"As you wish, Master." Kitrin said.



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