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Chapter 1

Storm heard his heart pound against his chest as the words of the computer entered his ears. He immediately tried to leap off of the bed to be greeted by baby blue wood surrounding him. He tried to stand up and clamber over the cage, but was stopped by a soft felt tendril coming from the bottom of the machine. “Ah-ah-ah!” The computer spoke again “No climbing out! Naughty puppies don’t get treats.” Storm fell against the soft mattress, unable to resist the computer’s soft appendages wrapping around his legs and starting to slide off his soaking jeans. “I’m probably safe” the wolf panicked “If this is some kind of death robot, they’ve done a pretty bad job decorating it”. Storm saw the hand-like-piece pull his sopping pants underneath his cage. They took a moment, before reemerging with a small, pastel coloured bag. Storm hoped the machine would stop there.

Storm was wrong. A second felt laden tendril emerged from the machine, working in tandem with its peer to fish several items out of the bag: A small cylindrical bottle, several pieces of clothing looking far too small for the anxious wolf, and finally a folded fluffy package, which Storm did his best to discern the contents of. The machine placed it’s tools on the table next to the bed and began to get to work on Storm. It spoke again as it wrapped one of its lengths around the canine’s torso, flipping him onto his stomach. “Detecting one messy puppy!” Storm figured the machine had a series of pre-recorded lines, as he wasn’t exactly messy. “Let’s get you all cleaned up and ready for bed!” The machine chirped as more tendrils emerged, pulling the remainder of the wolf’s soaked clothing from his body. Although he was terrified, he was thankful to be out of his clothes. One of the tentacles slid slowly up the mattress, rubbing across his underwear, brushing against his sheath sending a tingling through the canine’s body. It wrapped around his waist, lifting him up slightly before tucking underneath his briefs and sliding them slowly down his legs and into the chamber below him.

The naked wolf saw the tentacles sliding underneath the base of his crib and took this opportunity to attempt escape. Storm turned himself over onto his back before sitting up and jumping over the side of the cage, seeing a whizzing box underneath, addled with several shiny buttons and lights. “Time to put all this video game time to work” the wolf thought before attempting to shut off the machine. His paw smacked against the plastic, an audible click hitting the machine as it stopped whirring. “Phew” Storm sighed, happy for the situation to be behind him. He turned around to attempt to find his clothes when the computerized voice spoke again, this time with a somewhat deeper tone and more seductive cadence “Experimental adult mode activated: Re-obtaining subject for testing.” 

Before the canine had time to react, the tendrils shot from the machine, wrapping around his arms and legs, and stuffing his naked body back into the crib. “In you go, pup. This is your escape attempt, adjusting punishment parameters” The tentacles wrapped around him, the wolf letting out a small gasp as his chest was fastened to the bed. The soft coating of his robotic captor keeping him surprisingly comfortable. “HEY! Power off! Cancel! Emergency Shutdown!” Storm shouted at the machine. The machine responded “Punishment engaged, run diagnostic code NOISEY-PUPPY” Storm gasped, interrupted by a purple pacifier stuffing his mouth. “Mmph! Mp-pheth- Hey!” The canine immediately spit out the pacifier, causing the machine to stop for a moment, as if staring at him disapprovingly. “BAD PUPPY” His captor caught the spat-out-pacifier and brought it under the crib for a moment, before re-emerging with it again, this time equipped with a strap around the back of it. Storm tried to shake his head, but was restrained as the pacifier was re-inserted and attached to his mouth. “No crying, be a good boy.” The machine’s voice gradually became deeper and more sinister as it continued. The menacing tone of the voice caused Storm to instinctively suck on the end of the pacifier. 

Storm was so entranced by the rhythmic sucking of the pacifier in his mouth he hardly noticed the tendrils in front of him move to grab the package it had placed on the mattress. It wasn’t until it was unwrapped that the wolf had found out what was next in store for him, the machine waved two diapers above his head “Please choose your design for today - safari or dinosaur” The machine’s voice was notable more chipper - Storm attempted his response “Mmph!!!!!!”. The machine paused “No response detected, defaulting to dinosaurs.”. Storm smiled for just a moment, he liked dinosaurs. The wolf shook his head as he heard a crinkling noise slide up his leg, unable to see the diaper due to his restraints. His fluffy behind was lifted by the tendrils as the diaper was slid on, snapping around his waist and crinkling as he wriggled himself into a comfortable position. Despite how humiliated Storm felt, there was something comforting about the position he was in, he turned his head and tried to fall asleep, suckling on his pacifier. He was interrupted by a loud noise coming from the machine, followed by a deep, slow voice.

“You’re not getting any rest yet pup” the machine sounded notably less robotic. “You seem to forget your prior” it took a beat before saying the next word “disobedience.” Immediately the canine’s relaxation ceased and his heart began to pound again. The felt restraints around his arms began to extend, the soft fabric feeling around his body with considerably more force than earlier. Two of the tentacles entered his diaper, sliding down and caressing his thighs for a moment, before one of them moved up to his groin. The fabric tendril wrapped and poked at Storm’s emerging member. The other offender was at work on the canine’s rear, teasing around his tight hole. Storm let out a muffled moan through his pacifier, his anxiety being replaced with pure pleasure. Now calm, and submitting himself completely to the will of the machine he felt himself bite down on the pacifier as the teasing tendril penetrated his rear with force. He twitched and convulsed in his fluffy restraints, his diaper crinkling with every movement, pre dripping out of his teased cock into the fabric.

The rain tapped against the roof loudly, although it did not even come close to drowning out the pacified moans coming from the enraptured canine. The machine continued to penetrate Storm, while simultaneously stroking up and down his length, filling his diaper with more pre as his cock was now twitching, ever closer to release. The machine quickened its movements, slamming in and out of Storm’s tight ass, stroking his cock faster now, leaving small strands of it’s own fur in the wolf’s fluffy sheath. Storm felt his entire body shake as his cock was grasped by the tendrils, this final act of pleasure causing the entire crib to wobble. He felt himself orgasm, cum covering the inside of his diaper, and dripping down his shaft and onto his crotch. The sticky tentacles pulled themselves out of his diaper before wiping their mess on Storm’s face, the wolf leaning into it as the cum stuck to his fur. 

Storm felt himself curl up, a tentacle moving to pull a blanket out from under the crib and beginning to tuck him in as it spoke “Thank you for testing Science Co’s latest technology, a collection agent will be by at their earliest convenience to collect you for a satisfaction survey” Storm heard the nourishing voice of his caretaker as the restraints cuddled into him, keeping him comfortable and safe in his new bed.


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