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A sexy woman plans a birthday party for her boyfriend

by usuario

Chapter 1

“Miranda, please don’t spend any money on me. I don’t
need a gift.” Tom argued with me.

“But Tom, I want to make your birthday extra special.
This is the first time you’ve had a birthday since we
started dating.”

“Miranda, I’m serious. Don’t waste any money on me. My
dream birthday is just having over three or four
friends, watching the Heat play basketball, playing
poker, and drinking beer.”

“That’s it?” I asked him. “You can’t think of a single
book, CD, or video game you would like?”

“Miranda, I have all the material stuff I need. I don’t
need anything. Please, I know you sometimes have
trouble saving money, and I really don’t want you to
spend a cent on my birthday. If you really must, you
can make me a cake and we’ll have it when my friends
come over next week.”

“That’s it Tom? Your dream birthday party is Beer,
Basketball, Poker, and a homemade birthday cake?” I

“That’s it. That would make me so happy.”

“I’ll bet I can make your birthday party more special
than that, Tom.” I said with a wicked gleam in my eye.
I was already planning and plotting a very sexy
surprise for him.

“O.K., whatever, just don’t waste your hard earned cash
on me please.” Tom insisted.

“Oh I won’t Tom. I promise I won’t spend one penny on
your party.”

“Good, thanks. I love you.”

“I love you too, Tom.” I replied, and I gave him a long
lingering kiss on his lips.

His birthday was on Saturday night, so I had four days
to prepare. I called my friend Julie the next day, and
asked if she would be interested in coming over to
Tom’s birthday party.

“Sure, what time, Miranda?” Julie said over the phone.
I told her to come around 5:00 to help me prepare. She
happened to be a pastry chef at a good Miami Beach
restaurant, and I knew she would be able to make a much
better cake than I would. She also had three other
qualities I especially was looking for; she was
incredibly attractive, she was very out going, and she
was also very kinky. I had heard her tell me many tales
of her sexual exploits, and I barely believed them all.

Tom was sitting on the black leather sofa when I
arrived at his apartment at 4:00 on his birthday. He
was drinking a bottle of Corona with a lime in it. I
opened my purse and pulled out four cards.

“What are those, honey?” Tom asked me, probably
surprised to see four birthday cards instead of just

“The top one is your birthday card, and the next three
are your birthday gifts. Open up the cards, Tom.” I
told him.

“Miranda, I told you not to get me gifts. What are
those, gift cards for stores?”

“Tom, I kept my promise, the gifts didn’t cost a thing.
O.K., I spent $1.00 on a few envelopes, sorry.”

He had a puzzled expression on his face. He picked up
the top envelope, which was white. He ripped it open,
and there was a simple hand-written note from me that
read “Dear Tom. Happy birthday, lover. I want to make
it very special. There are three envelopes on the
table. Don’t open them yet; I will tell you when to
open them. Love, Miranda.” It was written in red ink.

He gave me a kiss on the lips and thanked me for the

At 5:00 the doorbell rang. It was my friend Julie. I
opened the door to a tall stunning blonde with
extremely large natural breasts. Her long blonde wavy
hair cascaded down her shoulders, and she had on dark
red lipstick and light blue eyeliner. She was wearing a
red short sleeve button down blouse and a medium length
black skirt, along with black high heels. Her legs were
bare with no pantyhose on.

I gave her a hug and invited her into the living room.
Tom greeted her, and stared at her figure for a second.
I’m sure he would have liked to look at her even
longer, but he was no doubt afraid that I would get
upset. Unlike many women, I do not get jealous when my
boyfriend appreciates other female bodies; in fact, I
strongly encourage it. Tom had a hard time believing
this, because his previous girlfriend had not approved
of this at all.

I led her upstairs into Tom’s den, and we sat down on
wicker chairs and started to go over the details of the
party. We had sketched out our plan over the phone, but
now that we were in person we were able to really fine
tune the strategy to make his birthday party

I asked her what she was wearing under her red blouse.
“Nothing!” she said while giggling. This was off to a
great start, I thought.

I had on a very sexy white lacy bra under my plain
black t-shirt, but I liked her way of thinking, so I
removed my shirt and bra, and then put the shirt back
on over my bare breasts.

I had remembered seeing an advertisement in the local
alternative newspaper for topless bartenders. They were
available for bachelor parties, frat parties, or
whatever other occasions there were for men to gather
and have topless women serve them alcohol all night.
The price was pretty steep, though, and I knew I
couldn’t buy that for Tom. So Julie and I were going to
provide that service for free. This was Tom’s first

I heard the door downstairs open and close a few times.
Tom had invited five of his friends over; Robert,
Patrick, Carry, Joe and Hiroshi. I had a little history
with the first four; on Super-Bowl Sunday this year I
played a little game with them. To make a long story
short, I derailed there plans to watch the game by
offering them a strip show, lap-dances, and hand-jobs.
I had only met Hiroshi a few times, and didn’t know him
very well.

Joe was a tall blonde with a crew-cut. He was the most
annoying of Tom’s friends; always quoting stupid lines
from movies, giving people high fives, and getting
extremely wasted. Carry was a heavy-set guy with long
brown hair who was generally pleasant to be around.
Robert was the classic tall dark handsome stranger, a
six foot tall well groomed gentleman. He was from
Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, he was usually obnoxious; I
couldn’t decide who bothered me more between him and

Patrick was O.K. He was shorter than average, with
short brown hair. He was really into sports, and always
talking about them. Hiroshi was also on the short side,
with short dark hair and Asian features. He was a
Japanese American, born and raised in Miami. He seemed
pretty friendly, but I barely knew him.

I came downstairs to greet the guys and take the cake
out of the oven. It looked great; it was chocolate cake
with a thick butter-cream frosting. The guys were all
deeply engrossed in the Miami Heat game. They were
playing some team with blue uniforms, I had absolutely
no idea who, and I didn’t really care either. Everyone
said a friendly “Hello” to me. The guys were eating a
bunch of junk food; Doritos, beef jerky, Oreos, and
pretzel sticks. Everyone was drinking beer. I saw Tom
start to go to the fridge for another beer, and I told
him to sit down.

“I’m just getting a beer, Miranda.”

“Tom, sit down and open your first gift. You won’t have
to get up to get a beer, trust me. The rest of the
night the beer will come to you and your friends.” I
told him while I held his hand.

Puzzled, he sat back down on the sofa and opened the
first envelope.

Inside there was a piece of paper that said “I want
this to be a very special birthday, so I have arranged
a treat for you and your buddies. I know everyone will
appreciate this gift. I have arranged for a topless
bartending service to wait on the six of you all night.
All you have to do is sit down and relax as attractive
women bring you beer on demand all night, along with
anything else you might want from the refrigerator or
bar. If anyone wants absolutely anything to eat or
drink, they can just relax and order the bare-chested
waitresses to get it, as long as it is something you
have in the kitchen.”

I savored the surprised look on my boyfriend’s face as
he read my note.

“What did she give you?” Robert asked.

“Miranda, that costs a lot of money, I thought I told
you not to spend anything on my birthday!” Tom reacted.

“What is it, dude?” Joe asked Tom.

“Umm�Miranda hired some umm�topless waitress service, I

“Fuckin’ A!” Joe said loudly.

The faces of all the guys lit up when they heard about
Tom’s birthday gift.

“Miranda, how much was that? I really appreciate the
thought, believe me, but I’ll pay you back for it.”

“Tom, I kept my promise.”

“But how did you keep your promise unless�NO WAY! You
can’t be serious.”

Most of the guys put two and two together and realized
what was about to happen. I’m not sure if Joe was
bright enough to figure it out, though. Robert yelled
out “Dude, she’s the topless waitress! All right! Fuck
yeah! But she said ‘waitresses’ plural. Who else is
going to serve us?”

Julie must have been listening to the conversation from
upstairs, because she descended the steps right at that
moment and said “Hello, boys!”

The men stared right at her chest, unable to believe
there good fortune. Her breasts were much larger than
mine, and I felt a twinge of jealousy when I realized
that she was probably going to get more stares than I
was. We had planned out the timing of the shirt removal
part of this gift, and we stood side by side in front
of the teak wood coffee table.

The six guys just stared at us in disbelief as we
quickly shed our shirts. Mine was off first, since it
was just a t-shirt that I had to remove over my head.
Julie took a few seconds longer since she had to
unbutton her red blouse. We both stood still for a
minute, letting the men get their first good look of
our bare breasts. I absolutely loved the attention, and
I know that Julie loved it too.

“Well, men, what do you all want to drink?” I asked the
group of six.

“Miranda, you are crazy!” Tom said.

I knew he wouldn’t be upset with me, since he loves
showing off my body to his friends. Our relationship is
open enough that he knew all about my Super-Bowl Sunday
with some of his friends, and he approved of it.

Joe immediately took us up on our offer. “I’ll take a
Bud, some wine cheese and crackers, and a bowl of
popcorn.” He knew full well that we hadn’t made any
popcorn yet, so he was obviously testing us.

“Just a Corona, honey. Wow, thank you! I love you,
Miranda.” Tom said.

“Stop getting all mushy in front of us!” Joe shouted to

“May I please have a Bud too?” Carry asked politely.

“Sure. Anything to eat?” Julie asked our third

“I’ll just have what everyone else is having.”

“C’mon, dude, get whatever you want, that’s what
waitresses are for!” Robert informed Carry.

“O.K. I don’t know what you have in the refrigerator,

“I’ll go look!” Julie replied.

Patrick asked for a Rum and Coke, which was not a
problem with Tom’s well stocked bar. Hiroshi asked for
a Corona with Lime.

We walked back to the kitchen to prepare the food and
drinks. Julie made the Rum and Coke and opened the
beers, and I made the popcorn and cheese and cracker
platter. I put a few beers in the freezer to make them
extra cold for the next round.

We walked back to the men and served them. Julie made
sure to get extra close to their faces as she bent down
and served them what they had ordered. I placed the
bowl of popcorn in the middle of the table, and made a
show of shaking my tits as I walked back to the kitchen
to get the birthday cake.

Julie was giggling hysterically as we sliced the cake.
She placed candle in the cake and spoke to me in a
quiet voice, “Wait till he gets his second gift! Or
should I say wait till they all get THEIR second gift!
They’re gonna flip out when that happens.”

I asked her what she was wearing under her black skirt.

“A pink thong.” She let me know. “And what is under
your shorts, Miranda?”

“A pair of white lacy panties from Victoria’s Secret.
Tom bought it for me as a Valentine’s Day gift. They
are really soft.”

“I brought a toy, too.” Julie told me as she reached
into her purse which was sitting on the bar. She
surprised me when she pulled out a long slim pink
vibrator. She turned it on to demonstrate the power of
the toy, and I felt its strong vibrations in my hand.

We grabbed the next round of beers from the freezer and
served the men. When they were not placing orders for
food or drinks we sat down on the love seat and let the
men look at our bodies. They did this quite often;
although I’m sure they looked at Julie more than they
looked at me. They had no idea what was coming next.

About an hour later the men where sitting at the dining
room table, engrossed in a game of poker. Joe ordered a
Long Island, which I didn’t know how to make, but
fortunately Tom had a bartending manual in his kitchen,
and I was soon all the different shots and lemon juice
and Coke together. I found a straw and a nice tall
glass to serve the drink in. Julie smiled at me and
said “I think it’s time for Tom to open his next
present!” in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear.

I dropped the second envelope next to Tom’s pile of
chips. He opened it up.

It read “Tom, I know you often fantasize about my
bisexual side, but you have never had a chance to see
it. Julie has agreed to help in this, as I offer you
your second birthday gift. You and your friends will
witness us having sex. No rush, just whenever you are
ready for it.”

Hiroshi was getting pretty toasted, and he looked down
to read the note.

“Hey, don’t look at my cards!” Tom said.

“I’m not, dude, I just want to see you present!”
Hiroshi responded.

“I can’t believe our luck, gentlemen, but my lovely
girlfriend has offered to put on a lesbian sex show for

“Holy fucking shit!” Robert yelled.

“Fuck yeah!” was Joe’s clever response.

“You crazy girl.” Tom called out, as he dropped his
cards to the table face up.

“Game over, men!” was Tom’s next statement.

The other guys nodded as they dropped there cards, not
caring who had been winning or losing. I knew how
powerful this gift was, because they normally play very
competitively, and had to have been very distracted to
drop there cards in the middle of a hand of poker.

Julie and I moved the coffee table over to give us room
on the floor. She ran upstairs to get a sheet to put on
the floor. The six men stared it me in shock as I
dropped my tan shorts to the floor and stood in just my
panties. I gave them all a huge grin as I yanked my
panties off and stood there completely nude. I twirled
around and let them admire my bare ass before sitting
down on the floor as I waited for Julie to return.

Julie came down stairs with a queen sized red sheet,
and laid it on the white carpet. The men all turned
their chairs around to face us. Julie lifted her skirt
up over her waist to give the guys a quick flash of her
bare pussy. Hiroshi said “Whoa, she’s not wearing any

“Brilliant observation, Einstein.” Patrick teased him.

She wasted no time in removing her skirt, and the men
now had two naked females to look at. She took my hand
and sat down next to me on the sheet. We had
choreographed every move of the show beforehand. Still
sitting down, she faced me and wrapped her legs around
mine. She pressed her huge breasts against my own and
we eagerly started to make out. I closed my eyes and
felt her tongue enter my mouth and French kiss me. I
kissed her back passionately, while I started to play
with her breasts.

We kissed loudly, making sure the men could hear all
the wet noises we were making as I kissed her mouth
deeply. I wanted them to all know that this was the
real thing; I wanted them to know that saliva was being
exchanged and tongues were touching. I ran my fingers
through her long blonde hair as she started to play
with my bare breasts. She tweaked my nipples, getting
them nice and hard. I have large areolas, and they get
all puffy and red when I’m turned on. I looked down and
saw that my pussy lips were glistening.

We tumbled to the sheet, lying down next to each other
face to face. I wrapped my legs around her ass, feeling
her blonde bush rubbing up against my short red bush.
Her kisses and touches were getting me really horny,
and I couldn’t wait to taste her pussy. She caressed my
back and shoulders as I squeezed her ass in my hands.

I looked up to see how the men were enjoying this show.
The six of them were all silent, which is unusual when
the group includes Joe and Robert in it. I noticed
bulges in all of their pants. I returned my attention
to Julie. Although this was a show to entertain the six
guys, I fully intended to give her real pleasure and
sexual fulfillment that evening. I broke our embrace so
I could start kissing her skin.

I started with her neck, and kissed my way down to her
cleavage. I cupped as much of her tits into my hands as
I possibly could, and started to caress them while
still kissing the area between them. I licked her skin
and blew hot air onto it. I started kissing lower and
lower as I felt her fingers caress my long red hair. I
stopped when I got to her pussy; I intended to get to
that later. I kissed her toes, sucking each one of
them. Then I started to work my kisses up her legs,
stopping at her knees.

I put my hands onto the soft fleshy skin behind her
knees to give her a sensual treat as I continued to
kiss my way up to her thighs. I got my fingers wet and
rubbed that area behind her knees again as I kissed the
salty tasting flesh of her inner thighs. She was
starting to sweat, and I heard her heavy breathing. My
mouth had finally reached the soft area of skin right
by her pussy lips, and I brought my hands up to open up
her folds.

She moaned when I parted her pink lips with my fingers,
feeling her thick blonde pubic hair tickle my nose. I
planted a few soft light kisses on her outer lips, and
stuck my index finger inside her pussy to reach her G-
spot. I wiggled my finger inside her, and licked her
pussy lips up and down. I used my other hand to spread
her pussy lips open even more, finally finding her
engorged red clit. I teased the area right by the clit
with my fingers, watching it swell even more. She was
rocking her hips up and down, urging me to finally eat
her out.

I licked her thighs in big sweeping circles, then I let
the circles get smaller and smaller as I zoned in to
her clit. My tongue increased the pressure, and finally
hit her spot. She let out a very loud groan when she
felt my tongue hit her clit. I kept up the pressure,
and increased the motion of my index finger inside her
cunt. I felt the rough spot inside her slippery hole
and knew I was in the right place.

I made out with her pussy like I was French kissing her
mouth. I tasted her salty juices and made loud slurping
and sucking sounds for the men to hear. While I had
been eating Julie out the men had gotten out of there
chairs and gathered in a circle around our sheet. They
were all kneeling on the floor, and some of them were
within two feet of the action. I knew that they were
close enough to smell our arousal, adding another sense
to the sights and sounds they were experiencing as I
pleasured Julie’s hot cunt.

Julie was making the funniest sounds while I ate her
out. Sometimes she would purr like a kitten, and
sometimes she would giggle. Although I knew she was
bisexual, I had never been with her before, and I was
surprised at how strange she acted while receiving oral
sex. She could not sit still at all; she was squirming
so much I could barely keep my mouth on her pussy.

Just when I was beginning to wonder if she was actually
receiving any sexual pleasure out of this experience,
she grabbed my face and positioned it so that my nose
was pressed about an inch above her clit, buried in her
blonde bush. I have never experienced a woman so wet,
and her juices were soaking my mouth and chin. She
suddenly got really quiet and focused, and I suspected
that she was about to come.

All of a sudden I felt her legs clamp around my ears,
and she screamed bloody murder as she started to have
her orgasm. Her long red fingernails began to dig into
my shoulders as she gripped me tightly. I kept the
pressure on her with my tongue, licking her clit
relentlessly as she let out juices on my face.

My finger was still buried deep inside her hole, and I
could feel her muscles clamping down on my finger as
she contracted. She thrashed her hips up into the air,
forcing my face up as well. I sensed that she was
reaching the stage of her orgasm where her clit would
get too sensitive for firm pressure, so I relaxed my
mouth and tongue. I let her ride out her orgasm while
gently caressing her thighs with my free hand.

After she had a moment to come back to earth, I lay
down beside her again and cuddled with her, giving her
some soft light kisses on the mouth.

“I taste myself on your lips!” Julie let everyone know.

“You tasted good.” I replied to her.

The men went nuts after watching the first half of the
lesbian sex show. Joe was unusually silent, and Carry
was unusually vocal.

“Holy shit that was hot!” Carry yelled out.

Then Robert acted like a total asshole, and hollered
“Get me a Jack and Coke, waitress!” to me.

This pissed Tom off. He said “Shut the fuck up, the
bartending is over. Can’t you appreciate the show?”

I ignored this exchange and kept my focus on Julie, who
needed attention after her orgasm. I flipped her over
and started to give her a nice ass massage. I was
patiently waiting for my turn. I didn’t have to wait
long at all; Julie turned over and sat up, and told me
“I’m ready to eat out your cute little red bush right
now, hon! First I need to get my toy, though.”

She asked me what position I wanted to be in while
receiving my pussy licking, and I told her I wanted to
sit on the sofa with her kneeling on the floor. I
positioned myself right in the middle of the black
leather sofa, feeling it stick to my ass. I put the
sheet under my ass, and spread my legs wide open,
giving the guys a good shot of my dripping pussy.

Julie walked towards the kitchen. I invited the guys to
come closer to see the action better. Tom sat to my
right, with his legs touching mine. Robert sat on my
left, with his legs also touching mine. Hiroshi, Carry,
Joe and Patrick all sat on the floor near Julie. Julie
assumed the kneeling position between my legs. I closed
my eyes and relaxed, ready to experience her mouth on
my pussy.

“Hey, Tom, can I play with her tits during the show?”
Robert asked.

“Umm�you’d have to ask her, I guess.”

“Hey Miranda, can I play with your tits?”

I hadn’t really planned on having any of the guys
touching me that night, but I was so turned on I said
yes. Robert immediately started fondling my left
breast. I expected him to be rude and play rough with
it, but he was surprisingly gentle, and he rubbed my
breast very softly and nicely. Tom joined in and rubbed
my right breast. He gave me a deep lingering kiss on
the lips. I heard Julie walking back to the living
room, and knew I was in for a treat. While my eyes
where still closed, I felt Julie began to eat me out.

All I can say is�WOW! She was a pro. Her mouth teased
and caressed my pussy lips just right. She made cute
slurping and smacking sounds as she got saliva all over
my lap. I felt her long blonde hair brushing up against
my thighs. I put my hands on her shoulders. I heard the
buzzing noise of the vibrator, and couldn’t wait to
feel it inside me.

She used the vibrator to massage my legs at first. She
turned the intensity up, and it was so strong I didn’t
know if my pussy could handle the strong vibrations. I
have many vibrators of my own, but none of them are as
strong as this one was. The buzzing was pretty intense
just on my skin.

Her tongue started to explore the folds of my
incredibly aroused pussy, and she even stuck the tip of
her tongue inside my hole and wiggled it around for a
minute. Then she started to get serious, circling her
tongue closer and closer to my clit. I felt the hard
plastic toy start to penetrate my pussy, and felt it
buzzing inside me.

Fortunately she had turned down the intensity to give
my pussy time to get used to it. I felt it go deeper
and deeper. It was slim, but very long, and it went in
deeper than I thought possible. I felt it tingle
incredibly deep inside my most private parts.

She began to flick her tongue against my clit instead
of circling it to provide variety. I felt the intensity
of the long vibrator kick up a notch inside me, and it
felt very erotic. I knew everyone was watching. I
wondered if they were noticing the expression on my
face as I soaked in the sensations, or if they were
just looking at my lap.

Robert and Tom started to squeeze my tits harder, and I
felt a light pinch as Tom started to play with my right
nipple. Julie made really loud slurping sounds as my
hot female juices mixed with her saliva. She alternated
the flicking and circling my clit with the tip of her
tongue, and occasionally gave the whole length of my
pussy long sweeping licks.

I felt the vibrator get even more powerful as she
cranked it up to full strength. It was almost more than
I could handle. I wondered how many batteries it took
to power that sucker. I felt the tingling sensations so
deep inside my pussy that I was probably getting my
cervix massaged. I let out a cry as she kicked it up
even higher. Once I got used to it the stimulation felt
incredible. She gave my pussy lips a few deep French
kisses and then started to slide the vibrator in and
out of me like it was a cock.

I decided to start talking dirty to excite the guys
even more. “Oh�Julie! Stick that fucking thing deep
into my cunt. Fuck me with it! Damn�you are a great
pussy licker; I’ll bet you’ve licked hundreds of
pussies. Lick my cunt, you lesbo slut!” This got a lot
of laughs from the guys.

Robert gave me another deep kiss on the lips, and then
started to kiss me neck. I suddenly felt a hand on my
ass. It felt too big to be Julie’s, and when I opened
my eyes for a second I saw that Hiroshi had grabbed my
ass. Between Tom kissing and fondling my right breast,
Robert fondling my left breast, Hiroshi squeezing my
butt, and Julie eating out my pussy, I had four people
giving me pleasure with their hands or mouths. I
decided to take advantage of the fact that there were
three other people, and I asked the other three guys to
touch me as well.

“Patrick, Carry, and Joe! Come and join the party.” I

They wasted no time. Joe squeezed the other side of my
butt, Carry touched the part of my thigh that wasn’t
covered with Julie’s face, and Joe played with my feet.
I felt him start to kiss my feet as well, which started
to send me over the edge. I had seven people touching
or kissing me, along with Julie’s monster vibrator
sending shock waves deep inside me, and the orgasm came
out of nowhere.

“Oh…FUCK! Holy shit, this feels good.”

My hips rocketed up above the sofa, almost knocking out
the vibrator. Julie flicked my clit as I came, and the
men kept on fondling me. The orgasm coursed through my
whole body, and I shook and shuddered. This was just
the first wave; the second and third waves of the
orgasm were increasingly harder. It was one of those
rare orgasms I get sometimes that make me almost black
out. My mind just felt like pure pleasure personified.
I was seeing little colored stars in my eyelids like
the kind people get when they rub their eyes hard.

I was breathing and panting hard, and I felt sweat drip
down my chest. Someone sucked on one of my nipples
while I was coming which felt really intense. The
buzzing inside my pussy was insistent, and it caused so
many little aftershocks I lost track of them. A whole
minute after the orgasm hit, I thought I was done, and
I felt one little last involuntary quiver inside my
pussy. I collapsed on Tom’s lap.

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