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He Wants To Show You How He Wets Himself

by sissyheather124

Chapter 1

Edward Whitely couldn't help his cock feeling warmer and more rosy as it slid across the skirt of Wanda's taffeta frock. His excitement was only partly due to lying face down across his Mother-In-Law's knee; perhaps even more telling was the little romper of primrose yellow crushed silk that she was buttoning him into down his back. How humiliating, to be dressed as her baby. Her sissy baby, as she never tired of reminding him. Her daughter came in and closed the door with its sounds of female fun disappearing behind her. Wanda pulled her son-in-law up and turned him round so that he lay back in the crook of her arm.


  "The girls are getting excited," said Violet, passing the bottle of warm milk to her mother. "They're looking forward to seeing how pathetic our baby is."

  Wanda pushed the teat into her baby's mouth, her acid face warning him to open and accept it, even though it was his third large bottle in a row. "I can understand them getting worked up. He's going to give them a whole afternoon of fun, right up to when he's put to bed in his silky little crib." She held the bottle at a high angle so that Edward had to swallow and swallow. He would be spanked if he allowed any of it to spill onto his wide plastic covered drinking bib. As always, on visitors' days, when he had extra drinks forced on him, he found himself gazing at Mommy's lovely make up and her auburn hair and large earrings, and dreading the mockery and scorn he would suffer at the hands of the women once they took him through into the sitting room. Mercifully he felt the draining of the bottle and his drinkies were set aside. Wanda sat him up and began patting his back for his burps.

  "Marsha Watkins and Amy can't wait to see you in your romper and bonnet, Teddy," said his wife, threading him into one of his satin mittens as her mother held his hand out. It clenched all his fingers together and buttoned shut up the inside of his wrist. Once she had done the other one, his hands were helpless, not that he would dare try to undo the bottom of his romper. That would draw down their wrath like a hurricane. But at least he could try to save himself from the shame that lay in front of him.

  "Please don't show me to them like this," he whimpered, looking at how long and bare his legs looked. "Oh no, Mommy – please don't put me in your stockings and your high heels. I will look so silly."

  "So sissy, you mean," said Wanda with a chuckle as a big burp of wind burst from his throat.

  "B-But I'll feel so... humiliated," he pleaded, turning a hopeful look towards Violet as she opened out his enormous bonnet of satin and nylon strawcloth.

  "We haven't invited six guests just to be told they will be disappointed," she snapped, sitting beside her mother and spreading the bonnet so as to draw it onto his head from the back. She pulled the long, satin lined sides round his cheeks so that his face disappeared in its infantilising pink depths.

  Edward's shame doubled in a single moment. He was bonneted like a little girl and was being fastened in satin ribbons under his chin. Even worse, he needed a wee, but was scared that if he told them, they would have the excuse to make him use his potty... in front of six women. His fright began to pour out of him.

  "But Violet... darling... I don't want them to see me as a little baby. I feel so silly... and so sissy...when you dress me as... a little baby girly, in a little primrose romper dress. At least please put me in my little blue bonnet. It's quite pretty. They don't need to see me in this big girly bonnet...Pleeeeeease!"

  Violet and her mother exchanged looks. "If he tells the girls this," whispered Violet, "they'll love it."

  "You can ask me to change your bonnet when we're with the visitors," she said, but for now you stay the way you are."

  Edward cringed with shame, aware that his bonnet was prettied around its rim with lots of girls' dress buttons. He squeezed his legs together on Wanda's lap. That extra drink was making him desperate. He couldn't last any longer and had to tell them. "M-Mommy..." and he squeezed his whole abdomen to hold it in, please take me to the loo, before the ladies see me."

  Wanda lifted her nose and prettied the wide brim of his bonnet for him. "You're going to wet yourself for the visitors, Teddy. That's what baby girlies do."

  "Oh no... pleeeease. Everyone will laugh at me."

  "Maybe they will," said Violet, getting up to fetch his pacifier. She reached inside his bonnet and obliged him to open and accept it. "But you will do as you are told, and you will perform, or else Mommy and I will make sure you are even more exposed and humiliated --- by spanking and wanking."

  Edward shook with sobs and had to suck hard to prevent his weeping from showing.

  "When I take your pacifier off you," said Violet, looking in at him, "you will talk nicely to the ladies and tell them that you want to wet yourself in front of them."

  He knew how weak he was and how his wife and her mother had him totally under their control. His cock reacted to their power over him, not helped by Wanda's busy fingers. As she stood him up from her lap, her fingers closed round the stiffness that was forcing his romper out in a point of cream silk. Violet opened the door, and he was pushed forward by his Mother-In-Law. Six women turned to see him, and erupted in a burst of hilarity. It was because there were so many women laughing at him that Edward burst into helpless crying, pacifier or not.

  "Look how stiff he is!" cried one girl, and "It's trying to push its way out of his pretty romper," cried another. Violet asked for quiet and the grinning faces fell silent.

  "Teddy has something to say, ladies," she said, and reached into his bonnet to deprive him of his pacifier.

  His moment had come. His bonnet turned as he looked in horror round the semi circle of faces and he pressed his legs together. He felt the squeeze of Violet's hands on his arm, telling him to speak, but he had to concentrate on stopping his wee. He was so conscious of his cock, stiff and pointing at the women in front of him. Wanda squeezed him too, and he knew he had to speak. He held his breath and then:

 "I... I want to show you how I wet myself, l-ladies."

  Eager faces greeted him with sympathy and understanding, looking from his face to the point in his romper and back again.

  "He can't make it come," said someone.

  "Let's wait a minute," said someone else.

  "We'll watch you trying, darling."

  Their sympathy was the last thing he needed. His wee began to force itself and he couldn't use his hands to cover it, until he lost control of a few drops. They forced their way through his silk and dribbled down his erected romper, dropping to the latex covered floor. Faces watched him with grins of delight. He lost a bit more, then a gush as he tried to hold on."

  Wanda squeezed his arm. "Tell the ladies you’re wetting yourself for them," she ordered, and he had to speak again, losing control more and more, until he had to let most of it go...spluttering through his wet romper and running down his legs as the room erupted into gales of laughter.

“I’m – I’m we-e-etting myself for you, L-Ladies,” he whinged, his tears welling in his eyes, filling his vision, then bursting down his cheeks.

  Edward's pride was trampled underfoot. He didn't know at what point it happened, but his wee suddenly changed, into splutters of sissy cream, and as they all watched and laughed, he filled the front of his pretty romper with pulsing squirts, so that soon it was dangles of jism that hung from his cock and dropped in front of him in the utter humiliation of a sissy baby girl.


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