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Cursed boxer shorts

by Deskan

Chapter 1

Today is a perfect day to empty the attic.

I recently inherited this house is why there is a lot of storage to do. That house belonged to a distant uncle who recently passed away. I never knew him. He decided to leave me his home for some reason. In any case, he kept many useless objects.
I wonder why. I guess it must be a habit of the elderly. I found old equipment in the cellar.Of course, I had to get rid of it. I barely stepped into the attic as the situation seemed to be exactly the same.
Finally, I will not complain. I got this house for free, a few weeks after finishing my studies. I am only 22 years old and already have a home and soon maybe a job. What does the near future hold for me? I can not wait to find out. It's like I suddenly have a lot of luck.
Well, it's true that it's sad for my uncle. If my ex-girlfriend was here, she would say that I am a selfish heartless person. Always to complain that one. "You forgot my birthday, you're not caring enough". Always the same with that one. Glad to have got rid of her.
The other easy girls I went out with did not ask me too much trouble. Well, I treated them all in the same way, but I had a lot of fun.
Now it's time to put some order into this old moldy attic. This lamp is to throw. A broken mirror? To throw too. An old leather jacket? Why not ? I will put it with the other clothes I found.
Half of the room is finally cleared. I can now tidy the corners of the room. I push the big cabinet in ebony when an object falls. I catch him just before he touches the ground. It was placed on the furniture. This is a boxer shorts. It is written "not to put on" on it. What is it doing here? This is really disgusting. How long has this piece of cloth been there?
The strangest thing is that it is yet impeccable. It's like I can wear it right away. I feel chills just thinking about the idea of putting on it. Wait, what? What is happening to me ? Am I losing my mind? It must be fatigue. I  think I'll stop tidying this attic up for today. I am visibly exhausted. I will put this boxer shorts with the old clothes and then go to rest.

After a shower, I directly go to bed. Man, I have felt some strange feelings like that in the past. But only after drinking too much. I try to sleep butI can't for some reason.
 My mind always comes back to this boxer shorts. "Do not wear it". Otherwise what ? It's too tight? It smells bad ? It is filled with pests? It is new. Nothing to worry about. I just think the old uncle did not know how to be fashionable. I get up from bed in the middle of the night. "I'm going to show who the real man is here, he was afraid for no reason, that's just that."
I put on the boxer shorts directly with a feeling of victory. I look at myself in the mirror for several minutes."This weekend is going to be great". Don't know why I am saying this out loud, but it was almost automatic. I go back to sleep to get up the next morning. It's Saturday. I only have vague memories of what happened the day before. That's when I realize that my boxer shorts are wet. I had a wet dream last night. And I do not remember anything. My testicles are bigger and are vibrating. I try to remove the boxer shorts, to no avail.
It's like he's merging with my body. I feel aroused. And I feel a constant pressure inside my belly. I feel like I'm in a nightmare. And I have the impression that it has only just started.



Keep it going - delcogy

keep this story going, it sounds like it\'s gonna be really good

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