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Girl of my dreams

by senkohei

Chapter 1

After a night of some debauchery, it was always walk home that troubled me, as I would always drink too much basically be a zombie on the walk of shame back home. I don't understand, not one taxi out on the road, oddly enough there were no cars on the road."How wasted am I?" that came out a lot louder than I'd hoped. I could already hear Keith's voice in my head "Jared why not stay the night, you won't have to walk and we can party longer. the night is still young!" he's a great friend for a good time but I'm not about to ride his path in life. I've got Finals and all sorts of stuff to deal with alongside an early shift at work tomorrow, I'm not willing to put my entire future into jeopardy for the stuff Keith is into. As I stumble along the road home guided by the moon's light on this cool night, I can't help but feel a bit bad for Keith. It's not his fault that he met that dealer, it's not his fault his parents were both druggies, but, I can only ride it out with him for so much longer. Damn, am I that wasted, I'm sure I only did like four or five shots and this frigid weather doesn't help out either, at this rate I'm going to end up collapsing on the the street. It's only getting colder and I'm only getting dizzier, I need to get back to keith's. My head is spinning, what the hell was in the drink, how am I getting to work, how far am I from his house, why is it so cold, why is it getting colder, why am I getting dizzier, I'm so confused, where was I going, where am I, who am I. Suddenly, stillness, the cold is gone the dizziness has stopped, I feel normal, if not a bit foggy, all there is is Keith waiting for me at the doorway, that's right I was on my way to Keith's house for a night of partying, what was that whole episode, weird. although not as weird as the woman standing next to him, Keith and a girl, I nearly laugh out loud at the sight of it as a step in. As I walk inside I can hear them talking about something but I don't really care to listen, but, I don't mind getting a better view at the girl his standing next to. Her breasts just barely visible in her oversized green hoodie which rolls over some deliciously tight black leggings. I wouldn't mind the bonus of getting into bed with her tonight, but I dismiss the thought, not really feeling to up to it. Keith calls me over and I walk right over to the two of them just in time to see Keith hand the girl $100 in cash, seem normal to me. Apparently I'm to go downstairs alone with the girl, I mean I have no reason to deny. Her voice is cute but no too high. she mentions she is 22, and that keith hired her get him a girlfriend. I tell her that it would be great of her to help a friend of mine like that but I ask what that has to do with me. She knows I'm basically Keiths only friend, apparently keith really opened up about his homelife and was lucky he even got to book her. book her? But I thought nothing of it and listened in how I could help my friend out, I haven't thought about his homelife in a while. Apparently, Keith drugged my drink to make the process easier for her, I don't really know how. *Snap* the girl's powerful radiates through the room. She tells me to imagine the sexiest woman I can while she says some random stuff, something about "relaxing" and "breathing", I'll do everything she says, there's no reason not to. The woman commands "Take the syringe off the table and become the girl, it will be permanent and you have no choice become her" I grab the syringe but right be before I take the syringe I feel like something inside me is hesitating, something is pleading with me to stop, begging even. That's odd why would I not listen to the women, but this is hesitation. Something is wrong, why am I sweating, why am I not listening to mistress, my name is Jared, and this is my bod... Suddenly, stillness, all it took was a single, powerful snap from mistress and my mind is clear, numb almost. The only thing I feel as plunge the needle through my skin is a warm tear rolling down my face...

To be continued...


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