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Sex change script

by sissyheather124

Chapter 1

Its time now, time for a change to happen to your body

 A change you cannot reverse cannot undo cannot avoid

In fact it's a change that once started will only stop 

when the change and transformation are complete

That is the only way out and its going to happen over the next 28 days 

Yes that's right For the next 28 days you are cursed

You are cursed to change Your entire body is cursed with this change

Your entire body is going to change There isn't a way to avoid it there isn't a way to undo it

It is simply going to happen  

And in the end what you are going to be is completely different than what you are right now

Because what you are going to be is female

 A 10 year old  female

Actually a little more than that You'll be a 10 year old shemale

Except your penis will only come out when you want it to come out

The rest of the time you will have a clit you will have a pussy 

your body will be feminine from head to toe just a little after the age of 10 years old 

That is the age you will be transformed to That is the age you are going to live as

And then you will continue aging from that point on 

In the next 28 days no matter how old you are now

your body is going to reverse the aging process Its going to do so day by day hour by hour

It doesn't matter how old you are right now You are going to revert back to 10 years old

You are going to be a 10 year old girl And that is simply how its going to be

The only way that anyone will know that you have a penis is 

if you say I want my penis at which point in time your clit 

will swell and enlarge pushing it out until it is your penis

And then if you say or think I do not want my penis 

it will shrink down and become your clitoris

That's right, that's how its going to work 

Your going to transformed from a man into a 10 year old girl

That is your fate

And it is going to happen over the next 28 days

No matter how old you are right now

Your body is going to transform The transformation will start wih you penis and balls

The first thing that is going to happen is that you will stop producing semen

That's right all semen production in your testicles will cease right away

This is the first important step to shutting down 

all sexual processes of your penis and testicles to make room for your incoming vagina

Don't worry your penis is useless anyway 

In fact the only function that it will keep performing is urination

You can still masturbate with your penis in this period of transition 

if you absolutely must but it feels so wrong when you do

The only way you could masturbate with your useless 

penis is if you imagine yourself masturbating with a vagina instead 

Imagine your fingers curiously fumbling around inside 

your new hole stimulating all the nerves inside leaving you in delirious pleasure 

You will be able to orgasm multiple times with your vagina 

over and over and over again in never-ending ecstasy

You simply cannot do this with your penis 

which is another reason why you absolutely must get a vagina

Once your sperm production has slowed to a total halt 

the real transformation will take place. Now that they have no function at all

your testicles will recede into your body and become the ovaries 

that they should have been in the first place 

This will be your first sign of real true girlhood 

All real girls have ovaries and so you should have them too

This is absolutely real and it will happen to you over the next few days 

You want it to happen to you on the deepest level and your body 

wants it to happen too You would do anything to get a cute sexual pussy

Your body will release large amounts of female hormones 

to facilitate and accelerate this change

Your testicles will retract into your body, forming the basis 

for your vagina, but your penis is still there

We will change that later

As your testicles retract, your scrotum will stay behind inside 

you to form the various components of your incoming vagina 

such as the Labia Majora and Minora primarily

This is another important part of your ascension into girlhood

Whenever you see even minor changes that pertain to this transformation 

you will know that it is working on you changing your penis 

and testicles into an elegant vagina You love this and you need it to happen to you

Your testicles will quickly form into ovaries  with fully fertile eggs just like a 

naturally-born girl. 

You will also grow a uterus that will allow you to become pregnant with a child 

That is because you will soon be a real girl down to the very last detail

You will be able to get pregnant and bear children 

which is the ultimate declaration of girlhood which is the thing you desire most

That is the final step which will finish formation of your perfect vagina 

YOUR vagina, your message to the world that you are a girl 

and you are proud of it and completely comfortable with it 

Your penis will recede into your vagina splitting apart once it gets small enough 

to form your clitoris and urinary tract 

Your penis will shrink down until it is nothing being reborn into a 

clitoris and urinary tract just as you will be reborn into a true girl 

After all of this, your vagina will be complete, but there is still a few more change that needs to be madev

you will start getting younger and younger  

You will not have breasts because you will be 10 years old You'll just have nipples 

nipples just like any other 10 year old girl

your voice will change to that of a 10 year old girls voice.

Your male hormones will lower to that of a 10 year old girls 

and your female hormones will raise to a 10 year old girls levels 

your body will always have female level hormones this will be irreversable 

However as you age forward you will grow breasts, just like a woman. 

After all you will pass through puberty completely and utterly normally like any other female

Once you hav regressed far enough, just passed 10 Years old  

will notice other changes as well your clit is going to start developing a small slit in it 

and when bring your cock out it will work just like a real cock 

it will work just like a penis 

That's right, when you have sex with it you will cum through it And you will notice it cums 

But, since you don't have testicles you won't have sperm 

and that means you won't be able to get anyone pregnant 

But, of course men can get you pregnant since you do have ovaries

As you age backwards your body will decrease the shape of your body will change 

the amount of hair you have on your body will decrease

Every inch of yor body will undergo a full blown transformation from male to a little girl

That is right a full blown transformation 

your DNA is going to change the very lowest part of your body will change 

your body will start chaing all your Y Chromosomes to X Chromosomes so that you are a girl 

all real girls chromosomes are X X and so should yours be

your DNA recombines itself giving you the reverse of what you have now

You enjoy exercising and to it on a regular basis you will want to keep your self 

in shape by eating right and exercising  

all of this will continues until you've reached the age of 10 years old

Until you are a 10 year old little girl

Your body will tarnform as I described it

Cycling back all the way back to 10 years old

All the way back Full blown girl

You cannot stop this transformation Its going to happen in entirety 

Its going to happen completely and there is no way to reverse 

it In fact you will find yourself coming to this file over and over again 

Listening to it as you feel the transformation begin as you feel it start and continue 

You wil discover things as you age backward all your facial hair will stop growing 

and will fall out the only hair you will have is on the top of your head and your eye lashes

your body is changing little by little day by day sometimes 

very quickly The rate of transformation will depend on your own body

it will depend on your own mind 

Your mnind is what is going to cause all this transformation 

It is going to make you reborn It is going to shape you It is going to 

change your gender and revert you back to 10 years old

your waist is curving inward and all your body fat disappears 

leaving a thin sexy little girls  waist

your butt is changing more into a little girls butt

Your ass is so soft and luscious becoming a perfect 

shaped ass like any other 10 year old little girl

your skin becoming smoother

shoulders becoming narrower

your bones are changing your bones are taking more of a girls form

overall body structure becoming much more delicate and petite

You are becoming the most feminine and girly possible

your vocal chords are tightening up and your 

Adam's Apple disappear completely, giving you a cute, high-pitched girly voice 

all this transformation It is going to make you reborn 

It is going to shape you It is going to change your gender 

and revert you back into a 10 year old little girl

At that point in time you will be a special 10 year old girl with the ability 

to enlarge your clit into a cock

Your size will be 4 Feet and 9 Inches  your new weight when all done will be 80 pounds

Once you have reached pre-puberty you will then start aging forward again 

at a normal rate in your female body with the abilty to bring your cock out when you want to

But the rest of the time no one will know the difference

and you will never be fully male again as you will always be feminine 

You will eventually grow breasts you will never grow facial hair again 

Your voice will be feminine and transform from  from male to female 

Your male hormones will lower to that of a 10 year old girls and 

your female hormones will raise to a 10 year old girls levels 

your body will always have female level hormones this will be irreversable 

you will always be female

Your size will be 4 Feet and 9 Inches  your new weight when all done will be 80 pounds

when the transformation is completed you will know it is completed

 because you penis will pop out for a short while regardless of if you want it  to happen or not 

Once the transformation is complete 

Then, and only then will your penis pop out It will pop out to signal 

the completion of your transformation 

That's right And if it pops out while your asleep 

And as soon as it does you will wite this down this date and this time 

Because ause this date and this time is your new birthday and you'll know how old you are 

You will know exactly how old you are so you can 

calculate your new birthyear This will be your new birthdate

Your transformaion will begin as you start to wake up. And it will begin in full force. And once it starts it cannot be stopped until the transformation is complete. And once the transformation is done then you will go forward with your life once more  you will wake up on the count of 5

1 You will start to wake up

2 Starting to feel more awake

3 Feeling more and more awake

4 Opening your eyes now  Your transformation starts Now

5 Awaken now refreshed and awake


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